Okay, from sooo long ago, here are the winners. Only over a year late, not too bad.

[1] < Number of votes

Funniest Game/Blog Post/User Competitions - Nate777's Murder In The Dark [2]

Most Creative Game - Skybender101's Board Game Games [2]

Best Arena Game - Jabberjay78's Modern Games [1]

Best Idea Game - Mopping's First Ever Hogwarts Games [3] - BOOYAH DID NOT RIG DAT

Scariest Game - Brony12's Horror Games and Hungergamesrock's Neighborhood Games [1]

Favourite Game - Jabberjay78's Modern Games, Emily Nyugen's The 1st and Last Victor Games and Rose Hathaway's Second Hunger Games [2]

Best Gamemaker(User) - Jabberjay78 and Mopping [3]

Congratulations all, Season 2 will be announced in due time.

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