Okay, yes right now I'm doing the First Ever Hogwarts Games, but I couldnt resist making a tournament. 130Tributes, 10 characters and 20 users will go head to head in a full out scale battle in my town! A max of 10 tributes per person. That does not include yourself.


Made Tributes

Name Sex Age User
Anna Marie De Caprio F 17 Necterine411
Levi Stone M 15 Necterine411
Addie Buzz F 16 Necterine411
Alec Powers M 14 Necterine411
Cyprees Beech F 18 Necterine411
Plank Oak M 18 Necterine411
Brittanic De Leon F 17 Anna-athena
Titanic De Leon M 17 Anna-athena
Calla Summers F 15 Anna-athena
Michael Heat M 16 Anna-athena
Evelyn Dreamcatcher F 13 Anna-athena
Benjamin Logan M 14 Anna-athena
Kajama Odair F 13 Anna-athena
Cedar Mellark M 14 Anna-athena
Sunny Blares F 15 Nate777
Venom Strike M 17 Nate777
Shana Buzz F 17 Nate777
Ian Volt M 14 Nate777
Azura Mellark F 16 Nate777
Austin Mellark M 12 Nate777
Mariah Abernathy F 14 QuinnQuinn
Drake Dust M 17 Nate777
Taytum Mason F 17 QuinnQuinn
Reserved M QuinnQuinn
Armania Mackenzie F 15 QuinnQuinn
Reserved M QuinnQuinn
Shania Deary F 12 QuinnQuinn
Reserved M QuinnQuinn
Reserved F QuinnQuinn
Reserved M QuinnQuinn
Reserved F QuinnQuinn
Slither Bueti M 17 Moviepopcorn123
Shine Bright F 16 Moviepopcorn123
Micky Silver M 18 Moviepopcorn123
Minnie Silver F 16 Moviepopcorn123
Cod Netts M 18 Moviepopcorn123
Swell Current F 17 Moviepopcorn123
Miles Graze M 13 Moviepopcorn123
Belle Freeze F 15 Moviepopcorn123
Starry Nite M 13 Moviepopcorn123
Breeze Moon F 14 Moviepopcorn123
Aden Sparks M 16 Everdeen
Demetra Roselle F 16 Everdeen
Scarr Blade M 18 Everdeen
Crystal Glow F 12 Everdeen
Len Grellin M 15 Skybender101
Nila Frost F 14 Skybender101
Nathaniel Jackson M 16 Skybender101
Anya Showers F 15 Skybender101
Markus Brown M 15 Skybender101
Shelia Swift F 17 Skybender101
Malco Crest M 14 Skybender101
Heather Lavender F 18 Skybender101
Cameron Jaque M 13 Skybender101
Lily Sage F 16 Skybender101
Apollo Elto M 16 Rueflower
Artemis Elto F 16 Rueflower
Sam Blah M 17 Rueflower
Blue Ghost F 14 Rueflower
Carpen Shim M 17 Rueflower
Shimmer Goldstone F 17 Rueflower
Jack Dawson M 18 Rueflower
Rose DeWitt Bukater F 17 Rueflower
Jackson Hale M 15 Rueflower
Tristan Take F 17 Rueflower
Ryan Hilford M 16 Iluvgale
Sparkle Rose F 17 Iluvgale
Michael Vermas M 18 Iluvgale
Jily Markes F 13 Iluvgale
Jack Gardes M 15 Iluvgale
Lillian Gardes F 15 Iluvgale
Blair Quagmire M 18 Tacosalad1127
Michelle Nash F 16 Tacosalad1127
Matthew Little M 16 Tacosalad1127
Cleo Jones F 18 Tacosalad1127
Lego Minifigure M 12 Tacosalad1127
Dora The Explorer F 12 Tacosalad1127
Mordecai Bluejay M 15 Tacosalad1127
Mrs.Winkle F 18 Tacosalad1127
John Miller M 17 Tacosalad1127
Jane Timmis F 15 Tacosalad1127
Kratos M ? Skyandbray
Isabelle Trance F ? Skyandbray
Max Vaz M 14 Skyandbray
Keeta Starr F 12 TomGurl22
Wave Oceanus M 13 TomGurl22
Estelle Mar F 14 TomGurl22
Ree Greaser M 18 TomGurl22
Jade Rouge F 18 TomGurl22
River Rhodes M 17 Wolverine1717
Sutton Yates F 16 Wolverine1717
Digit Starr M 17 Anon...
Zoe Harrison F 13 Anon...
Satan Lockwood M 16 Anon...
Sadie Harrison F 12 Anon...
Ethan Gray M 15 Foxface911
Jay Sparrow F 15 Anon...
Max Blonde M ? Foxface911
Wendy Zirbel F 13 Foxface911
Akim Yakovliv M 17 Foxface911
Cherri Blonde F 15 Foxface911
Jasper Perdoct M 15 RuesLullaby
Linda Pierre F 13 Foxface911
Arlen Odair M 17 Clove1999
Azami Rose F 12 RuesLullaby
Cato Mellark M 12 Clove1999
Thailan Colod F 16 RuesLullaby
Pine Ash M 15 Clove1999
Tierra Mason F 15 Clove1999
Willow Clove M Clove1999
Primrose Rue Mellark F 13 Clove1999
Ridge Hillsong M 15 Tiki Tooki
Forrest Wood F 13 Clove1999
Wood Green M 13 Everdeen
Meadow Clove F 15 Clove1999
Flame Fireblaze M 15 Everdeen
Holly Hunter F 18 Everdeen
Alex Xander M 17 Anon...
Sally Satin F 13 Everdeen
Ronald McDonald M 18 Iluvgale
Brunette LaBelle F 17 Everdeen
Flaire Fireblaze F 14 Everdeen
Lillith F 12 Skyandbray

Theres Only 129 In That Table ^ The 130th Is Below

Characters From The Books

Finnick, Cato, Peeta, Katniss, Mags, President Snow, Johanna, Enobaria, Prim, Gale


Name Sex Age
Necterine Female 13
Quinn Female 13
Anna Female 14
Nate Male 14
Movie Male 12
Everdeen Female 15
Rueflower Female 16(12 In RL)
Iluvgale Female 13
Taco Male 13
Rock Male 14
TomGurl Female 12
Wolverine Male 14
Anon Female 15
HGR Male 12
Fox Female 12
Clove1999 Female 13
RuesLullaby Female 12
Skyandbray Male 13
Tiki Tooki Male 13
Finick999 Female Age Plawks

The Arena

Okay... so I think the 50th Hunger Games arena wins.

<poll> What Should The Arena Be? My Town Normal Arena 50th Hunger Games Arena 75th Hunger Games Arena </poll>


These are the alliances between the users,tributes AND characters.

Gale Alliance

Iluvgale, Gale, Pine, Forrest and Rueflower

Finnick Alliance

Necterine, Finnick, Arlen Odair, Anon, Quinn, Shaina Deary, Alec Powers, Arlen, Artemis and Digit Starr

Peeta and Katniss Alliance

Peeta, Cedar Mellar, Kajama Odair, Movie, Everdeen, Jack and Rose

Johanna Alliance

Wolverine, Sutton, River, Johanna, Tierra Mason , Sam, Blue, Tristan, Jackson and Taytum Mason

Cato Alliance

Kratos, Cato, Cato Mellark, Clove1999, Apollo and Carpen

Enobaria Alliance

Enobaria and Crick

President Snow and Mags Alliance

Prim Alliance

Tribute Victor's Alliance

The Tournament

Day One

Everdeen's POV-

I stand on my circular steel tile, shivering to the bone. I look around the arena, beautiful landscapes, with beautiful flowers and a meadow as far as the eye can see. I look at the other tributes, most are transfixed by this arena. Alliances have been made, and I am not in one, just yet. The gong sounds and I run to the golden cornucopia, set on a small lump of ground. Finnick Odair is already there, he grabs a trident from the horn and stabs it into Ian Volt. The cry of Ian as he falls to the ground, clutching his stomach is unbearable, I cant watch as people murder other's without even thinking about it.

Necterine's POV-

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