So hai der, probally none of you know me, but maybe some older users. I joined in October 2011 and was active for about 3 months until i went inactive, now I hope to change that, but before I become active again, I want to ask about my games, I started about 2, which were never finished, so I can finish the games in which none of your tributes are in, or start some new ones.

Now, I have:

Which involved a tournament of tributes and users :).

and also:

Yes, I did notice some people who made The Hogwarts games after me *cough* copycats *cough*.

Now, I also was doing a Game Award thing, so I will start Season 2 soon.

Winners of Season 1 will be posted soon.

Pheraps a kind person would be nice enough to create userboxes for the winners.

Thanks, Mopping.

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