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The Extreme Games

Hello everyone, I have decided to make a games, I havent been in this wiki long but im enjoying it. These games are called the Extreme Games. There will be 26 tributes, from districts 1-13. You can have 2 tributes maximum. I should atleast update these games every 2 or 3 days. There will be no chariot rides or interviews sorry! Training scores will be added tho.

The Arena

This games arena will be rougly oval in shape. The cornucupia will be in the centre of the arena. To the north will be a forest, containing some dangerous plants. To the east is a barren wasteland, right at the edge of the arena to the east is a waterfall, this is a great water supply. To the south is a is a huge lake. And finally to the west is a jumble of mountains. If you manage to get over this on the other side is a haven of food.


District Name Age Sex User
1 Pearson Woods 13 M Clove1001
1 Colbie Cain-WINNER 13 F Clove1001
2 Stuart Hummes 14 M Prezziesnow
2 Geneive Terrion F Prezziesnow
3 Ian Volt 14 M nate777
3 Lindsay Shock 17 F Tommyboy97
4 Trout Gar 15 M Necterine411
4 Michelle Beach 17 F Necterine411
5 Neon Nightshade 14 M Jabberjay78
5 Jupiter Dorthog 17 F Rockman117
6 Chill Bone 13 M MockingjaySong
6 Amethyst Rose 16 F MockingjaySong
7 Sharpe Swifts 15 M CresentHeart
7 Zoe Harrison 13 F Anon...

Nick Gradi

14 M MoviePopcorn123
8 Lily Streak 16 F Tommyboy97
9 Karli Tweed 14 M EffieLuna
9 Glitter Sparkle 14 F Jabberjay78
10 Blue Sky 15 M Moviepopcorn123
10 Estelle Mar 14 F Tomgurl22
11 Max Summers 17 M Rockman117
11 Jay Sparrow 15 F Anon...
12 Aaron Winters 17 M Rockman117
12 Crem Stellar 14 F CresentHeart
13 Venom Strike-WINNER 17 M nate777
13 Taylor Heartstock 13 F Anna-athena

Training Scores

District 1-



District 2-



District 3-



District 4-



District 5-



District 6-



District 7-






District 9-



District 10-



District 11-



District 12-



District 13-




Monkeys- Capable of eating flesh off the bone.

Bears- Huge animals with massive razor sharp claws.

Hawks- These circle around and prey on tributes.

Wolves- Eat you.


You may give your tribute one item or a backpack containing food or small items each day. These add up to every day missed.


26th- Nick Gradi

25th- Zoe Harrison

24th- Estelle Mar

23rd- Aaron Winters

22nd- Max Summers

21st- Crem Stellar

20th- Ian Volt

19th- Neon Nightshade

18th- Trout Gar

17th- Lily Streak

16th- Amethyst Rose

15th- Blue Sky

14th- Pearson Woods

13th- Genieve Terrion

12th- Michelle Beach

11th- Sharpe Swiftz

10th- Taylor Heartstock

9th- Karli Tweed

8th- Chill Bone

7th- Lindsay Shock

6th- Jay Sparrow

5th- Glitter Sparkle

4th- Stuart Hummes

3rd- Jupiter Dorthog

Equal 1st- Venom Strike

Equal 1st- Colbie Cain

Day One

Venom's POV-

As i was rising into the arena, i was going over what i was going to do in my head. When it reached the top, i did a 360 turn and looked around me. I see a forest, this is were i am going. I look around for the other tributes, i see a couple i know, some i dont even know there name. The gong sounds and i run towards the cornucopia.

Pearson's POV-

I'm running as fast as i can to get something good from the cornucopia, in my vision i see colbie and aaron running aswell, i dont have time to see what happens because i've reached the cornucopia, i see a sword a bit up, grab it and take off to find colbie.

Aaron's POV-

I was running to the cornucopia with this chick, we both got there and she grabs a dagger thing and lunges at me. I dodge her lunge easily and grab a small edged knife and a few throwing knifes. Shes back on me in an instant. Shes distracted for a second by something happening behind us. I dont hesitate, i throw the knife.

Max's POV-

As soon as that gong went i ran swiftly to the forest, i had a look back and saw that a few people were fighting and that atleast 1 person lay dead or injured. I get to the edge of the forest and take a quick look, there are some plants that look edible and maybe some poisonous ones too. I hear a cannon shot and look quickly around, theres nick from 8 getting eaten by monkeys. I dont stay to see if they look at me, i run as fast as i can into the woods.

Trout's POV-

About 2 metres in front of me was a net i grabbed it and started slowing towards the forest, this would be a great place to hide i thought to myself. As i get close to the edge i see someone getting eaten by monkeys, he dosen't have time to scream as he his dead. His cannon sounds and i run back towards the cornucopia, bad move as someone crashes into me and i black out.

Zoe's POV-

I'm fighting blue and amethyst with this knife i found, im okay with it, but its only a matter of time before they get a good shot in, Blue has his spear and is making havoc with it. He has already injured Amethyst so maybe i can kill her. I lunge at Blue he parries it easily, i try to get around behind him, but Amethyst tries to get me. I hear someone screaming, and then Blue's spear enters my head.

Chill's POV-

I'm at the cornucopia looking for victims and i spot Amethyst in a 3-way battle involving her, Blue and Zoe. I charge into the battle hoping to save Amethyst. I have to get around the cornucopia, to get there and right now it blocks my view. BOOM, goes a cannon, im hoping its not Amethyst.

Pearson's POV-

I've found Colbie and shes in trouble, shes taken a knife to the shoulder and is still fighting but shes loosing alot of blood. I'm sprinting as hard as i can, but shes down on the ground and the boy is about to go for the kill, i crash into him at full pelt and get ready to fight.

He turns to me, and i recognize him as Aaron, he's got a bow and some arrows and im 3 meters away from him. To run to him means certain death and killing Colbie. running away means Colbie dies. We stand there for what seems like ages. I then hear a growl then a returning growl. I look to the left and see two big bears with massive razor sharp claws run onto the cornucopia plain. All the tributes stare, some scream others run away in terror, one of the bears run towards 2 fighters. The other comes straight towards me.

Blue's POV-

What is that thing? Its a huge animal with claws that looks like could rip your body into pieces. Amethyst is injured but i dont have time to kill her because the mutt is onto me. Its has a swipe but i dodge it and slide under its legs. I stab it in the back with my spear and it crumbles to the ground, dead. I face Amethyst then i spot Chill coming, i know what i have to do. I look towards him and charge.

Max's POV-

I've teamed up with Estelle, and we see her district partner battling one of those bear mutts that came. She runs towards him and all i can do is follow. I'm a few paces behind her, i see someone coming at her with a bow and arrow at the ready. I try to yell to her to move, but she dosent. The girl with the bow and arrow i see now more clearly is Jupiter, she lets the arrow go, as if in slow motion it descends. It hits her right in the temple, i can see that im Jupiter's next victim, i run as fast as i can towards other tributes hopefully to save me.

I see Aaron and Pearson having a stand off, i look at both of them. Then charge at Aaron. Too late, the mutt gets there first.

Michelle's POV-

Crash! Straight into my district partner Trout, he looks alert but when he sees its me he looks calm. "Theres monkeys in these forests" he says. I hear grunting of animals and we both look around to see tributes battling 2 beasts, 1 goes down but the other still remains. "Alliance" i ask, "yeah okay" he replies. And we head off into the woods feeling better about our hopes.

Aaron's POV-

I feel like ive been hit by a freight train, the mutt barreled into my at a fast speed, probally breaking a few bones and cracking a few ribs. Before i can standup Pearson is onto me and he stabs his sword right into my stomach. I'm not dead yet, but its only a matter of time....

Colbie's POV-

BOOM, the sound of a cannon wakes me. I standup, my shoulder is bleeding but other than that im okay, i see Pearson battling a mutt that looks like a bear, i also see another tribute standing to the side, watching us intently, i dont hesitate i charge and decapitate him. BOOM another cannon. I look to the ground to see another tribute dead, Aaron i think his name was. I hear a cry of pain and see that Pearson's in trouble, i rush to his aid.

Chill's POV-

Me and Blue are fighting like mad, trading blow for blow. After a couple minutes. I ask "wanna call it even"?, he replies yes and he runs away to the mountains while i tends to Amethyst.

Stuart's POV-

We've set up camp, me and the fellow careers, the group consists of me, Geneive, Ian and Lindsay. We've been going up the mountains for a while after collecting most of the supplies at the cornucopia. I'm surveying the area and i can tell you, theres not much out there. If theres any tributes we can kill them, any mutts we can kill them. I am going to win these games!


The tributes have stopped fighting and both of the bear mutts are dead. The careers are in the mountains. Michelle and trout are in the forest. Colbie and pearson are both okay, but have injuries and are also in the forest. Amethyst and Blue are also in the forest. Chill is in the mountains. The rest of the tributes are spread out between the forest and the mountains.

-After This Point You May Sponsor-

-Bloodbath Over-

Deaths On Day One:

Nick- Eaten by monkeys

Zoe- Blues knife

Estelle- Arrow to the temple

Aaron- Pearsons sword

Max- Colbies sword

Day Two

Jupiter's POV-

The sun is rising and its a brand new day! I'm feeling good, i might even go get in an alliance. Maybe the careers, maybe with Chill. I spot glitter below walking up the mountains being cautious were she stands, she makes it into a ridge and stays there.

Glitter's POV-

I've made it into a ridge in the mountain and i've found some nice stuff in here; a backpack containing a water bottle, some dry fruit and some night vision glasses. I also got a small dagger. I look to the sky to see if my sponsers have anything for me, not yet. I hear footsteps and look outside to see Crem from 12 walking towards the ridge but hes taking a different path. He keeps on walking and looks down. He starts to run but the mine explodes him and some mountain around it. Its a colosal explosion that shook my ridge. BOOM the cannon fires signalling his death. Another tribute down i think, hoping my death isn't that gruesome.

Jupiter's POV-

I hear an explosion followed by the BOOM of a cannon. It sounded near so i look out my cave to see the remains of a tribute raining down on the mountain. A leg crashes down near me and i run away towards the forest. Hoping there are less traps there.

Trout's POV-

I've found a blowgun and some darts, dipped them in poision and im ready to go. Michelle's been gathering food, while i look for some camps of tributes. I finally come across a camp containing Neon and Karli. I go back to our camp and tell Michelle. We gather all our stuff together in a backpack and head out to kill some people.

Karli's POV-

Monkeys. Flesh eating monkeys. Flesh eating brain devouring monkeys. There in the trees, watching over our camp, Neon's gone to find some food and im alone here having a staring contest with these monkeys. I hear a rustle to my right, its Neon coming back. Then i hear running and more rustles. Thats when the monkeys pounce.

Jay's POV-

I'm hiding in a tree. I've been counting the cannon shots and 5 tributes are dead. I saw the mutts on day one, and wonder what else lies in these trees, i dont have time to think because a silver parachute comes down. Hooray! A sponsor gift, its a snake. I can control snakes ad other animals, so this will come in very handy. Snake, gather some food. The snake goes away for about 10 minutes and comes back with some rabbit meat. Oh yeah i've got these games in the bag.

Genieve' POV-

Wow, these wolf mutts are tough. I've got my mace and i've been hacking at them for ages. Lindsay is down with a injured leg from a lucky bite and Ian's tiring out. It started out with 4 of them, running at us. We've killed 2 of them but the other 2 are ready to kill. I hear a cry of pain to see Ian's been bit on the face. The next bit happens so fast. Stuart stabs a wolf, Chill runs into our camp stabs his sword into Ian and quickly runs off. The last mutt runs right at me and Stuart puts his sword through it. The cannon fires and me and Stuart look down and go tell Lindsay what happened.

We tell Lindsay whats happened and she pretty cut. All 3 of us wants revenge, but we cant just yet we've got to tend to our wounds.

Taylor's POV-

The sound of a cannon brings me to a halt. I've been trekking up and down these mountains for hours. Hoping for a supply of food or water but nothing yet. The death of another tribute is good, 1 more less to worry about, i look up to see Chill running, theres blood on his sword. I dont wait to find out if its a mutts or a tributes. I run back towards the forest.

Neon's POV-

Me and Karli, face the sound of the rustling. Trout comes limping in and blows into his blowgun, the dart is going straight for me. A monkey drops down and there goes the monkey. Michelle comes running into the camp and starts fighting Karli. Trout is struggling to fight off monkeys, and so am i. Those little buggers are everywhere. I take down monkey after monkey. Just then Jay comes into the clearing, she has some sort of animal, she lets it go and tells it to kill. Whats it gonna do? Obey her... hahahahah. The snake then lunges at me.

Jay's POV-

I ask the snake to kill and yes it does. It lunges at Neon and sticks its fangs into his neck. He isnt dead yet but he will be soon. I grab some supplies from the camp and get out of there. i can hear the cannon as im running BOOM.

Michelle's POV-

BOOM. A tribute dead, theres Neon on the ground with a neck wound. I see trout is still trying to fight off the monkeys, its too late for me to save him. He falls to the ground and the monkeys start to have a nice feast. BOOM, the cannon fires and i head in the opposite way Jay did. Never wanting to see that snake again.

Karli's POV-

I look at what remains of my supplies. Not much, the hovercraft picks up Neon and Trout and i sit and sob. My only alliance member is dead, and i've hardly got any supplies. I think i need a way to get some more. Time to raid the careers camp.

I've been walking through the mountains for a while and i come across a ridge, inside i find Glitter, i shake her awake and ask her if she wants to alliance, she responds with yes and shares me her food.

Taylor's POV-

I'm walking through the jungle, looking for some animals to catch and eat or maybe just some food left on the ground. I come across what looks like a tribute camp. Theres alot of blood on the ground, i kick around some dirt to find something but nothing.

I then see a silver parachute coming down, i quickly open it. Inside is a bow an arrow! The joy. I then hear a announcement over the speaker


Hello final 16, as a bit of a twist this year. We have put some more esential items in the cornocopia for you to get. This will help ur survival alot. Remember though, watch out for traps! Goodbye and may the odds be ever in your favour.

Venom's POV-

I heard the annoucement i am going there to get some more supplies, i need them dearly. And sure ill kill some tributes along the way. I get down off my tree and start walking cautiously to the cornucopia plain.

Genieve's POV-

Me and the rest of the careers are continuing up the mountain. We're sure theres something on the other side. Going back would just make the time we spent climbing a waste. We'll let the other tributes fight it out while we get stocked up.

Chill's POV-

I'm going there, hopefully to kill some tributes, get some supplies and find Amethyst. If i can find her we can team up.


The careers are staying in the mountains the same with Glitter, Karli, and Sharpe. Other tributes are staying in the forest. Chill, Amethyst, Venom, Jay, Blue, Jupiter, Colbie, and Pearson are all going.

Lily's POV-

I heard it. Im not going, ive got no weapon and hardly any food. So how am i going to fight my way to the cornucopia. I see hawks above me circling, i move deeper into my tree and relise my mistake. The long beaks of the birds skewer me through the stomach and i fall out of my tree, blood gushing out of my wound. I try to stand but i cant. The hawks fly down and start feasting off me. I scream and keep screaming until im dead. BOOM the cannon signals my death.

Michelle's POV-

I've been searching around the forest for about 20 minutes to find food. When i spot a rabbit. How am i meant to catch it i thought to myself, as if right on cue a silver parachute drops down and in it is a spear. I see a button on the side and i click it. The head goes flying into a tree. I click the button again and it retracts. I say thanks to my sponsors and go to kill the rabbit.

After about an hour. I have 3 rabbits and a bird. I gorge myself on 1 and a half rabbits. Then put the rest in a small bag i found. Feeling better about my day i go and have a quiet snooze in a tree. That is until i hear the sound of fighting near the cornucopia.

Colbie's POV-

Me and Pearson have decided to go, were closest to the cornucopia, Pearson is scouting around for tributes while i run in and get the stuff then run back out. Its a deadly plan but if it works one of us might win this.

I spot Chill, Amethyst and Venom. But cant see any other tributes. I think the careers have not come, not surprising they've got enough food. I'm thinking at least one tribute will die in this 2nd bloodbath.

There has been alot of mutts, theres been bears, monkeys. And im sure theres more. The cornucopia goes into the ground, and a couple minutes later comes back up supplies inside. I run straight for it.

Jay's POV-

I'm poised around the plain, i just let my snake do its work. I can faintly hear the hissing of it. I look to the sky to see hawks circling around. This 2nd bloodbath just got a whole lot more interesting.

Chill's POV-

I've found Amethyst and we're teaming up to get some supplies and see whats over the other side of the barren part to the east. We're both running there but Colbie gets there first, she grabs a backpack and runs off almost instantly. Thats when a snake arrives on the scene. Its a 2 metre thick thing. It starts to wrap its self around Amethyst and wont let go, i put my pack on my back and start to hack at it. It turns onto me and we start fighting. Its quick ill give it that. I hear footsteps and i see Blue and Venom, running to the cornucopia, they both grab supplies and head off in different directions.

Jay's POV-

I can see someone is fighting my snake and i call it back, but something that i didnt plan that it was going to sink its fangs into Amethyst then head off again. The cannon goes BOOM and another tributes live is over.

Pearson's POV-

I'm fighting Blue. With his spear he is good. He gets in a strike and it spears through my foot, i lunge my sword deep into his upper leg. He's got his spear at the ready and we both lunge at the same time. My sword goes into his upper arm, while his spear goes into my stomach. Im on the ground bleedly heavily. While he grins, hes about to grab his spear when Colbies sword stabs him in the back. His cannon fires and mine will go shortly.

Jupiter's POV-

I've got the supplies that were left over and i've made temporary camp in a tree. I might actually win these games i think to myself as i sleep til the sun rises.

Venom's POV-

I can hear 3 cannons fire. I dont have time to wonder who they are as night is coming and i have to make it back to the woods. I rush back to my tree, look at my supplies and have a nightmare of the mutts in these games.


Colbie is shocked by Pearson's death and she goes up to the mountains. Chill has also gone back to the mountains. Venom is in the forest and, Jay is back in the forest. Jupiter is in the forest. And the other tributes are in the same spot as before the 2nd bloodbath.

Deaths On Day 2:

Crem Stellar- A hidden mine

Ian Volt- Chill's sword

Neon Nightshade- Jay's snake

Trout Gar- Monkeys

Lily Streak- Hwks

Amethyst Rose- Jay's snake

Blue Sky- Colbie's sword

Pearson Woods- Blue's spear

Day Three

Sharpe's POV-

I wake up to find a silver parachute coming down. It contains some pills. I nibble the end of one to find it soothes my mind of the distress of the hunger games. I finish off one pill and leave the rest. In the night i saw the deaths of 7 tributes. Only 13 of us left. Im hoping today wont be as bloody.

Lindsay's POV-

Were still trekking up these mountains, after the death of Ian, ive been looking for Chill, i want vengeance on him for killing my district partner. We heard 3 cannons for the 2nd bloodbath, and 7 tributes died for the day. Pearson from 1 is dead and so is Trout from 4, 2 more tough tributes out of the way. Even with Trout's legs he's a good fighter but hes gone now and thats all that matters. Chill, Venom, Colbie and Michelle are our biggest opponents. Chill went to the 2nd bloodbath so hes probally ready to fight. But so are we, Stuart is sure there is something on the other side of these mountains, i guess only time will tell. Just then i hear Stuart gasp. We've reached the top of the mountain and we can see down the other side. A sign is stuck into the mountain, the type you see in minefields. On the otherside of the minefield is a haven. I see a small wooden shelter. If we can get through the minefield we will be in the best position.

Stuart's POV-

I'm asking Genieve and Lindsay what they want to do. Im secretly wondering if i should just kill Lindsay. Then it will just be me and Genieve, as im thinking. Genieve pulls me aside. "Stuart, i dont want to cross that minefield.' "But Gen, if we get through we will win these games easily" i tell her. "i'll stay here she tells me and Lindsay". We tell her not to, but we cant change her mind. We give her some food and me and Lindsay enter the minefield.

Colbie's POV-

I'm alone in these mountains, the careers and Chill are around somewhere and im sure other tributes aswell. I had a good chance when Pearson was alive, now no-one has my back. I killed Blue out of vengeance, hes gone now thats good. Theres 13 of us left. I'm sure no-one has gone to the lake or the barren land. We're all spread out in the forest and the mountains.

Glitter's POV-

So Karli comes into my ridge and asks to alliance, i said yes because its very lonely here. I watched the 2nd bloodbath from my ridge, i saw that Jay was controlling a snake, that snake needs to be killed. I've told Karli this and shes not worried. Told me someone else will kill it. Most of us are in the mountains, i've been keeping an eye out but haven't seen any tributes yet.

Lindsay's POV-

We've made it about halfway across in an hour and a half. Its slow work and tiring work. But it will be worth it once we get across. Stuart nearly trips over his own feet. But he manages to steady and we continue forward. About half an hour later thats when disaster happens. We've made it into a little cave to the side, and we look back to Genieve to see her at the mercy of Chill, he has his sword to her throat. She trys to shake him off but he slices his sword, the cannon fires and Genieve is no more.

Chill's POV-

Another one down! These games are too easy. I wonder were Lindsay and Stuart are. Ahwell, better get out of here before they come back. Only 12 tributes left!

Stuart's POV-

We were helpless to stop it. And im really sad, all ive got for company is Lindsay. i'll kill her when were top 5. We continue making our way through the minefield, we get to the end and look at what we've found. As soon as we get out of the minefield, all the mines blow up behind us. Basically sending a signal "Were here come and get us". It makes a collosal sound and we run to the safety of the paradise.

Karli's POV-

Me and glitter are on the move, up the mountain. We heard a sound from here and maybe a tribute died to another mine and we can get there supplies. We reach the top and we look down. The devastation, a whole portion of mountain has been destroyed. On the otherside is an oasis as i call it. Me and glitter look at each other then race to it.

Chill's POV-

I'm in the paradise, waiting for victims. And along comes Karli and Glitter from 9. I jump down and say "Hello lovely", Glitter tells Karli to run while she holds me off. Karli runs and i duel with Glitter. Before we can start, Colbie runs by us as though shes being chased, following her are Stuart and Lindsay. I dont hesitate i charge Lindsay.

Colbie's POV-

Its turned into a 4 way fight involing me, Stuart, Lindsay and Chill. Then it turns into a 5 way fight when Michelle comes running in. All of us are exhausted but we battle on. Michelle disarms Chill, but before she can kill him. An arrow lodges itself in Michelles stomach. We see Jupiter running away from the paradise. After this, i run away too. Chill grabs his sword and takes off towards the paradise. Leaving the careers there. The cannon fires and 11 tributes remain.

Deaths On Day 3:

Genieve- Chill's sword

Michelle- Jupiters arrow

Day Four

Venom's POV-

I've been in the forest gathering food, spying on other tributes and generally having a bad time. Its the final 11. 5 more and the feast comes. If i survive that long im thinking if i should go. I guess i'll come to that bridge when i get there. Right now i need more food. I'm thinking of the mountains. I've been slowly edging there. I smell smoke.... and i look around to see the trees ablaze. There moving us towards the cornucopia plain. To kill eachother. I can't do anything but run.

Sharpe's POV-

I'm running for my life from this fire that has started in the forest. Atleast 4 tributes are here, i hope i dont see any of them. In front of me a tree catches on fire and it crashes down onto me, im pinned under a burning tree and its not killing me. Im going to die a horrible death. I hear coughing and i see Jay running, she looks at me and continues on. My cannon sounds.

Jay's POV-

My snake is dead, it couldnt handle the fire and it went up in flames. I saw Sharpe trapped under a tree then the BOOM of a cannon. 10 tributes left and its only day four. I finally reach the cornucopia plain and the fire stops suddenly. I start trekking up the mountain.

Taylor's POV-

Im hiding in the cornucopia. Thats when i hear another bear mutt coming towards it. I jump out just it time because it barrels into the cornucopia. It's knocked out or atleast a bit dazed. I start to run for it until i crash right into Venom.

Venom's POV-

I help her up and we start to fight the bear mutt, she sends an arrow flying into its arm but it keeps coming. It goes straight for Taylor and smashes her to the ground. The bear mutt then rips off her arm and starts eating it. I stab the bear mutt in the back of the head and it goes down. I look to Taylor, shes badly injured. The mutt at some of her torso. I cry, because now no-one has their district partner left. I will win these games for Taylor! Her cannon sounds and i start climbing the mountain.

Glitter's POV-

We heard the cannon sound, 9 tributes left. Im counting them off on my fingers. Colbie,Stuart,Genieve, Lindsay, Jupiter,Chill, Karli, Me and two others. Oh of course Venom. But whos the last one.... my train of thought leaves me as Karli enters our ridge. We've got to go back up the mountain she says. She tells me theres a paradise there and we've got to get there. I mumble alright but after a good nights rest.

Chill's POV-

I'm sort of hiding from and trying to kill the careers. Im still wondering why they didnt let Colbie and Pearson in. I get that they didnt wanna let Trout in, that leg would slow them down. So they got district 3. Man, they're fail. I did hear the cannon, 9 tributes left. I've killed 3 or 4 tributes already. So im going to win this easilyyy.

Stuart's POV-

Me and Lindsay are searching for Chill, but we cant find him. Hes killed both our district partners and hes gotta go. After searching for an hour, its starting to get dark. But we spot him up a tree. We'll get him tomorrow we promise ourselves. And we go back to our camp.


All of the tributes are now in the mountains. Stuart, Lindsay, Chill and Jupiter are in the paradise. 9 tributes remain, but tomorrow could mean a feast. Read on and find out!

Deaths On Day Four:

Sharpe- Falling burning tree

Taylor- Bear mutt

Day Five

Colbie's POV-

I've got my throwing knifes and bow at the ready. I'm searching the mountain for victims, when i spot Glitter and Karli making there way up the mountain. I notch an arrow and let it fly into Karli's arm, then throw a knife and lodges its self into Karli's stomach. Glitter looks down then runs for her life. I walk over to Karli, look at her body. I take out my knife and arrow and leave her there to die. But not before i grab her pack and take off back towards the paradise.

Lindsay's POV-

We're hunting Chill, i've got a whip. Its not like my electricity one at home, but its something. Stuart has his sword. Once we kill Chill, nothing can stop me from winning. Theres 8 tributes remaining, I saw Sharpe's and Taylor's faces in the sky last night and i heard a cannon this morning. They've moved all the tributes to the mountains for bloodshed. I spot Chill and whisper to Stuart. He nods and we attack.

Jupiter's POV-

8 tributes, yay im still alive. My biggest competitors are probally Stuart,Chill and Lindsay. I saw her yesterday with a whip, that could do some serious damage. I havent seen many tributes as i've been hunting with my bow and arrow. I spot Glitter running away without Karli. That must who the cannon have been for. We'll shes lost her ally and shes about to loose her life. I go in for the kill.

Stuart's POV-

We must of made some noise, because Chill turns on us. Sword in hand ready to fight to the death. I pull out my sword and Lindsay pulls out her whip. Lindsay slashes at Chill but he deflects, i go in for a stroke and he parries it. He is an amazing fighter. Lindsay slashes at him again and gets his shoulder. I am about to slice him when he turns on me and stabs me in the leg. The pain is unbearable, Lindsay cant fight him alone, these words are going through my head. When Lindsay's whip lashes across Chill's face. She dosent give in, she continiously lashes him. The face,the torso, the legs and the arms. He's begging for mercy but she dosent stop. I manage to stand up and contiously hit him over the end with my sword. After about 15 minutes hes a bloody pulp, we leave him there to suffer.

Jupiter's POV-

I've tripped over, and Glitter's got away. I painfully stand and stalk walking towards the paradise. I then see Chill on the ground moaning. Hes a bloody pulp with whip lashes and sword strokes all over him. I look down at him with pity. I notch an arrow and send it flying into his skull. His cannon fires and i run to the safety of the paradise.

Glitter's POV-

I've just made it to the top of the mountain when i hear a rumbling. Behind me the rocks begin to shake then fall towards the paradise. I run as fast as i can to get away from it. The rocks are flying everywhere. One hits my arm and i groan in pain but continue forward.

Jay's POV-

Okay there's a landslide. Great, all the tributes will now be fighting throughout the paradise. 7 left, soon to be 6 because im tiring out. A tree gets crushed beside me and nearly falls on me but i dodge out of the way. I see Stuart and Lindsay in front of me running aswell. To my left is Venom hes surging forward. So whoever died is Glitter,Jupiter,Chill or Colbie. I don't have time because the rocks are surging forward and i've overtaken Lindsay and Stuart who are out of breath, on my way through i push Lindsay and she gets crushed by boulders, i continue running and so does everyone else into the paradise.

Stuart's POV-

I had to leave Lindsay back there trapped under the rocks. That will leave 6 tributes. The feast will be on soon. Probally in the paradise, We wont all make it back over the mountains. I hear Lindsay's cannon finally sound, and all my allies are dead.


All the tributes are resting in the paradise. No-one is fighting anymore as they are all tired out. Tomorrow or the day after will be the feast. The final 6 are: Stuart,Jay,Glitter,Colbie,Venom and Jupiter!

Deaths On Day Five:

Karli- Colbie's knife

Chill- Jupiter's arrow

Lindsay- Crushed by a boulder

Day Six

Venom's POV-

I've been wondering more about if i should go to the feast. It's now final 6, and im deciding to go. Thats when i hear the announcement


Congratulations final 6! The feast will be tomorrow! So get ready. You can fight each other still but you should get rested for a very interesting feast! Goodbye and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Jupiter's POV-

I'm filling my water bottles at the stream when i notice a sort of water bird there. I shoot an arrow at it and it goes down, this will make a nice lunch i think to myself. I head back to my hidden spot and eat it. It's alright but not the best i've tasted.

Venom's POV-

I'm too heavy to climb up one of those paradise trees. Oh i've tried but the branches always break. So i'm in a spot i just found next to the mountain. I look to my left and see the flatland there. Could that be the place for the feast?

Colbie's POV-

I'm having a feast. A rabbit, some berries i found in a bush and a nice spring water source. I'm actually thinking i have a chance of winning these games now. Only me and Stuart are the careers left. But we havent been in an alliance since the games started. Once Stuart's out i can easily defeat the other guys. Night is falling and i must get back to my tree.

Jay's POV-

I've been lonely these games and since my snakes gone i've had no-one to talk to. Yes i'm going to the feast. I need food, i havent been able to get any, in threat of other tributes killing me.

Glitter's POV-

Night is falling. The plan is to run in as fast as i can and get the pack. I would of hidden in the cornucopia- this worked well for someone a few years back. But it's not near the cornucopia, its in this paradise somewhere or over on the flatland.


All tributes are in the paradise and are awaiting the feast. The feast will take place in the paradise.

Deaths On Day Six:


Day Seven


Hello final 6! Today is the day of the feast. The feast will take place in 1 hour on the east side of the paradise in a small open plain. May the odds be ever in your favour!

-1 Hour Later-


All the tributes are around the plain, ready to get there bags.

Jupiter's POV-

I'm a fast runner so i should get my bag easily. I've got my bow and arrow ready. A table rises up from the ground and i can see 6 bags on each bag is the district number, i see the bag labeled 5. Most of the tributes are still waiting, then i see Jay running towards her bag. I shoot an arrow, and so does Glitter at the same time. They hit her in the upper chest and she goes down. Then its mayhem as all the tributes start rushing in. I'm the fastest runner so i get there first, grab my bag and Jays and head off. Jay's cannon fires as im running back towards the paradise.

Colbie's POV-

Me, Venom and Stuart all get there at the same time. I start running and send 2 knives in rapid sucession at them. One misses completely but the other hits Stuart in the thigh. Venom looks at me then rushes off. Stuart is up and ready to fight again. So i get out of there as fast as i can.

Stuart's POV-

Blasted Colbie, a throwing knife right to the thigh. I've taken the knife out and assesed the damage. It's gone in deep. I found some leaves and dab them on the wound. Then wrap a bandage around it from my bag. In the bag i got from the feast contains some more food and a mysterious small bottle that looks like poison. I smile to myself, grab my sword and go hunting.

Jupiter's POV-

In my bag was some food and a knife. In Jay's bag was some throwing knives, this will come in handy. It's the final 5. Just me,Stuart,Colbie,Venom and Glitter left.

Stuart's POV-

I've found Glitter's camp, and i put my plan into action by putting the poison onto some of her food and water. I grin to myself, once she drinks or eats 4 tributes will remain and i will win the 86th hunger games!!

Glitter's POV-

I've hunted and got two more rabbits. I eat half of one and then take a drink of water. But it just comes back up. I start retching, my stomach is burning and my ears are ringing. I fall out of my tree and my cannon sounds.


Congratulations final 4! As an extra twist this year, One boy and One girl tribute may live! Goodluck final 4 and may the odd.... im sick of saying this. BYE!


All 4 tributes are resting in the paradise and are having a good nights sleep. The final 4 are: Venom,Colbie,Stuart and Jupiter.

Deaths On Day Seven:

Jay- Glitters or Jupiters arrow

Glitter- Poisoned by Stuart

Day Eight

Colbie's POV-

A boy AND a girl tribute may life. 2 girls and 2 boys are alive, so if jupiters die i live! Will they take me and wait for the boys to kill each other or what. I'm not sure.... my skin is prickling and i look behind me to see fog coming. Fog just like this was used in the 3rd Quarter Quell- The 75th hunger games. I was young then but i still remember it. I look around me and realise. Its in a circle, there driving us to the centre of the paradise. For the final stand in these games. I arm myself and get ready to fight for freedom.

Stuart's POV-

Do they want to end the games quickly? There pushing us all towards one place to fight til only 2 remains. Im running and running, everyone will be stuffed by the time we get there. The fog finally stops and all 4 remaining tributes look at each other then charge. Colbie throws a knife and i deflect it. But Venoms onto me and he stabs me in the shoulder. In my vision i see someone behind me and stab behind. I hear a cry of surprise. I see Jupiter on the ground bleeding. Venom and Colbie are fighting. I must kill Venom to win.

Colbie's POV-

Why am i fighting Venom i should be fighting Glitter, but shes on the ground hopefully soon to be dead. Stuart's been injured by Venom. Jupiters been injured but me and Venom are still in good conditon that is until Venom stabs me in the shoulder and i too go down. I blank out for about 15 seconds and wake up to find Venom standing over Stuart triumphtly. He stabs down the sword. 2 cannons fire and im not sure if its mine or Jupiters.

The Victors

Congratulations to the victors of the 86th hunger games- Colbie Cain and Venom Strike!

The Other Side Of The Dawn


I wake up to find myself in a hospital. I look over my bed to see Venom smiling at me. I'm a victor. The truth sinks in to those 24 tributes who didn't make it. Once i'm all healed up. We watch a 3 hour recap of the games. For the first hour, it shows the reapings,the chariot rides,the interviews and training. I watch as me and Pearson are first on screen for the district 1 reaping. I sob at the sight of him. He lost his life, but mine was spared. If we only stuck together through the 2nd bloodbath we both could have been winners. For the next 2 hours we watch the games. For each death they show the face of the tribute,the name,the age and the district. They then show how they died. I find out that the person who came 26th was named Nick and his death was horrible. I look shocked when we get to 21st place- Crem Stellar. His death was probally the worst of the games. His body blown into a million pieces by a land mine. Then we get to the 2nd bloodbath and i have to watch Pearsons death again. I watch as Blue stabs him in the stomach and i then stab Blue in the back. It's horrible to watch but i cant tear my eyes away from the screen. I see his face for the last time as the recap continues.

It's down to the final 4 fight and i can see more clearly what happened. Stuart stabbing Jupiter, Jupiter falling to the ground helpless as her life seeps out of her. Me getting stabbed by Venom and going down. Then Stuart and Venom fighting until Stuart is just overpowed. I see again what i saw in the arena, Venom stabbing down his sword onto Stuart for the final kill of the games.

The games may be over, but the nightmares will never cease. Every night i wake up sweating soothing Pearson and telling him it's going to be alright. But it is never is. In 6 months we do the victory tour and i have to see the faces of all the dead tributes family. I personally killed Karlie,Blue and Max. How will i face thier familys? But then i realise as the train approaches District 1, im home and i will see my family again. The train slows and the door opens and i see my family. My mum, Talon, Forest, L'Anne,Year and Esper are all there waiting. They congratulate me. The games may have changed me but i will never forget Pearson. I hate the capitol for doing this to us. I say one last bye to Pearson and go to join the celebrations.


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