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My Tournament

Come and enter in my 150 way free-for-all destruction derby fighting match. Includes 130 tributes and 20 users.


The 200th Hunger Games- the 8th Quarter Quell, will be in the castle "Hogwarts" from the films "Harry Potter"

48 tributes will be locked in Hogwarts and will battle to the death. First tribute to find all 5 keys to unlock the door to the outside wins and all the remaining tributes also win.

I will do reapings, interviews and chariot rides of random tributes, about 2 to 4 per category.

Aim: The Aim is to find all 5 keys to unlock the door to the outside of Hogwarts. Once outside, you must make your way to Hagrid's Hut. There are 5 sets of keys in the castle. The keys are coloured; red, yellow, blue, green, and purple.

Once the first tribute gets to Hagrids Hut, all the remaining tributes are also victors.


You can have up to 4 tributes per person, this may go up.

District Name Age Sex Kills Placing Name Age Sex Kills Placing User Money
1 Venom Strike 17 M Sunny Blares 15 F Nate777 150
1 Orion Nightlock 15 M Cathy Star Galaxy 16 F None 40th JabberJay78 150
2 Brax Hemming 16 M Astrid Vemeyer 14 F Eve Rose Hathaway 130
2 Marcan Collcoin 17 M Uniform Selia Hawthorn 16 F Rueflower 95
3 Joe Grenwism 15 M Anna Grenwism 15 F Rockman117 150
3 Digit Starr 17 M Lilli Wong 15 F Anon... 100
4 Apollo Elto 16 M Excalibur 44th Artemis Elto 16 F Rueflower 90
4 Adrian Christenson 15 M Holly Evelyn Dreamcatcher 13 F None 37th Anna-athena 150
5 Rick Jones 13 M

Cathy James

15 F None 43rd Nate777 90
5 Excalibur Monument 16 M None 45th Nescaliar Bohemia 13 F Prezziesnow9704:)! 45
6 River Rhodes 17 M None 41st Sutton Yates 16 F Wolverine1717 150
6 Jack Dawson 18 M Rose DeWitt Bukater 17 F Rueflower 90
7 Plank Oak 18 M Belle Cypress Beech 18 F Necterine411 130
7 Chaz Dusk 15 M None 47th Phoenix Wraith 14 F MnkyGrlsJ 55
8 Thread Form 17 M Apollo Eve Cotton 13 F None 46th Necterine411 150
8 Vector LeGuardia 18 M Estelle Mar 14 F Damian Tiki Tooki & Tomgurl22 75, 20 or 95
9 Miles Graze 13 M Belle Freeze 15 F None 38th Moviepopcorn123 90
9 Max Blonde 15 M None 39th Cherri Blonde 15 F Foxface911 120
10 Damian Maroon 18 M None 36th Maive Henna 18 F Skybender101 105
10 Blue Sky 15 M Holly Honey 13 F None 48th Moviepopcorn123 100
11 Tommy Yia 14 M Gasha Verda 13 F RuesLullaby 90
11 Uniform Strut 18 M None 42nd Rhea Marine 14 F Effie Luna & Tiki Tooki 65
12 Titanic De Leon 17 M Brittanic De Leon 17 F Anna-athena 50
12 Herflex Nome 13 M Lanila Boress 16 F QuinnQuinn 150

Bold= Career

Crossed Out= Dead

Spots Filled- 48/48

Spots Reserved- 0

Total Spots- 48/48


All pair of tributes start with $150, if all your tributes are dead you can give other tributes items, I will add the list of items closer to the games.


Sword- $50

2 Throwing Axes- $45

10 Throwing Knives- $35

Dagger- $30

Whip- $55

Bow and 12 Arrows- $45

Katana- $40

Trident- $60

BlowGun and 15 Darts- $30

Spear- $55

Awl- $20


Loaf of Bread- $10

Rabbit- $20

Groosling- $25

Collection of Nuts and Berries- $15

Pack of Dried Fruit- $10


Tent- $50

Sleeping Bag- $35


Pain Relief- $25

Sleep Syrup For 1 Day- $50

Small Dose of Morphling- $75


Vial of Posion- $100

Full Body Armour- $130

Helmet- $50

Shield- $75

Snare- $40

Net- $25

If your tributes need anything else- tell me!

Sponsor Gifts(Crossed Out=Given)

Astrid- Bow and 12 Arrows, loaf of bread- $55

Brax- 10 throwing knives, a groosling- $60


Selia- 10 throwing knives- $35

Artemis- $60

Marcan- $50

Jack- $30

Rose- $30


Rhea- Spear and 3 Packets of Dried Fruit- $85


Gasha- Dagger and 10 throwing knives- $65


Nescaliar- Whip and a sword- $105


Cyprees- 2 Throwing axes- $45

Plank- "" ""- $45


Damien- Bow and 12 Arrows- $45


Lilli- Sword- $50


Titanic and Britannic- Vial of Poison- $100


Estelle- Spear- $55


Max- Blowgun and 10 darts- $30


Blue- Dagger and a Rabbit- $50

Miles- Sleepingbag and a collection of nuts and berries- $50

Belle- Loaf of bread- $10


Rick- Groosling and Throwing Knives- $60


Gasha- Rabbit and a Groolsing- $45


Phoenix- Sword and A Bow-$95


If you and another user's tributes want to have an alliance, tell me in comments. Both user's have to agree.


I'll alliance tributes with other tributes myself.

Number of members in brackats

Known Alliances:


Venom, Sunny, Orion, Star, Marcan, Selia, Apollo, Artemis, Adrian, Evelyn, Brax and Astrid

Alliance 1(3)

Rhea, Digit and Sutton

Alliance 2(2)

Herflex and Lanila

Alliance 3(2)

Brittanic and Titanic


As a reminder that your children will never be safe, wizards will be in the castle, preying on innocent victims.

As a reminder that you are totally at the capitols control, every 12 hours, a new horror will be unleashed.


This year the muttations will be animals from the wizarding world, the list includes;

Hippogriffs- Kick you with there hooves

Boggarts- Turn into what you fear most

House Elves- Alot of them together is deadly

Werewolves- Try to bite you and turn you into a werewolf, or just kill you

Dementors- Suck your soul out.

Ghosts- Haunt you


Wizards will be walking around the castle killing, torturing or giving information on the location of keys to the tributes. The list of wizards include;

Albus Dumbledore
  • Harry Potter
  • Ron Weasly
  • Hermione Granger
  • Dumbledore
  • Lord Voldemort

Harry Potter

Ron Weasly

Hermione Granger

Lord Voldemort AKA Tom Riddle

Neville Longbottom

The Hallows

The 3 hallows are the; Stone, Wand and Cloak. Each has a use for a limited time or limited uses. You are lucky if you find one of these hallows.

Stone- Can bring a tribute back from the dead. One use

Wand- Can kill a tribute using it. One use

Cloak- Invisible. 2 Hour use

User Boxes

Bear with me as I am trying to make some user boxes.

Hogwarts This user participated in the First Ever Hogwarts Games.
Hogwarts This user participated in the First Ever Hogwarts Games.


District Three, Digit Starr

I take a peak at my surroundings, my fellow 14 year olds, most are taller then me, but some like me are not very tall. I brush my brown hair out my eyes and continue twiddling my thumbs to pass the time, and well I can't stop.

This year's reaping announcer is Glad Lock. Her bright pink hair (probally a wig), is perched on her tattooed face. A very spooky tattoo, frightens me. Is it a lion or is it another beast? These thought's are broken by the reading of the first female tribute.

"Anna Grenwism" she calls.

A cute long blonde haired girl walks up to the stage, her eyes downcast. The announcer is already picking up the next slip containing the second female. "Lilli Wong".

After Lilli takes her place on the stage, it's time for the males. I'm biting my fingernails in terror. "Malt Easer" she calls, "I VOLUNTEER" comes a shout from the crowd. The announcer asks the boy his name and he mutters a name I dont hear. But the announcer must of heard because she replies "I bet that's you sister?", "yes" he gruffly replies, and he takes his place.

She dig's around in the males bowl until she picks out a slip and reads the name I've been dreading.

"Digit Starr"

District Six, Sutton Yates

I fix the bow to the back of my long braid and sigh. I look into the mirror for maybe the last time here, I have not been reaped for 4 years, but you never know.

I trudge through the dirty streets of district six, my mother following close behind. "Hey Sutton" I hear behind me, and turn to see River running at me. I don't stop to hug him.

We all walk towards the centre of town, on every other day it's a great spot but on the reaping day, its a dreary place. The capitol announcer perky as ever starts to talk in her high pitched voice. The first female tribute is.... "Sutton Yates". I utter a cry of despair as I my legs take me up to the stage.

"Rose DeWitt Bukater", she calls.

Now it's time for the male tributes, that district 6 are sending into slaughter.

"River Rhodes". "NO" I scream, he too walks onto the stage and I cant help but cry, but I must hold my tears, I will not look weak. "Jack Dawson", I look at Rose and her face is as white as a sheet. It turns out that Jack and Rose are also going out, oh capitol what have you done?

District Eleven, Titanic De Leon

I spot Britanic in the bustling crowd and give her a reassuring smile, the odds of us both getting picked is greatly towards us. The first female is called "Mary Poppins", "I Volunteer " comes a frightened shout from the crowd, and I look to see Britanic, walking up to the stage.

I only remember the name of the female tribute because I snapped back into reality then, Lanila Boress, was her name. Then my name is called and im walking up to the stage eyes firmly locked on the steps. "Herflex Nome" is called and I cry, I cry for Britanni and I cry for my mother and father.

Chariot Rides

District One

The tributes ride in a snow white chariot, lined with precious jewels and gems around it. The horses are also snow white. The tributes are all standing apart, not acknowledging each other. The tributes are wearing very elegant clothing, the boys are wearing suits and ties, while the ladies are wearing dresses.

District Seven

The tributes are in tree costumes and do not seem happy about it, there eyes are downcast, not even looking at the crowd. The crowd does not appreciate this, and district seven, dont get a huge round of applause.

District Twelve

The tributes are dressed in coal miners outfits, there costumes are black, and there skin has had charcoal rubbed into it for a better coal effect. Titanic and Brittanic are holding hands, not wanting to let go of each other. The tributes stay stock still, looking into the distance.


District Two, Marcan Collcoin

Marcan starts out by being shy, but by the end of it, hes cracking jokes and having a good time. When the subject gets to Selia, he tells the cameras that he would die to save her life. The crowd sighs. "Well Marcan, maybe you can both make it out alive". "I hope so, I really do" he replies.

District Eight, Thread Form

Thread only answers yes and no, until Ceaser asks what he's going to do in the games. "I am going to kill every single tribute in there, even the careers, no one will be able to stop me!". Ceaser looks a little taken aback but he continues the interview.

District Ten, Blue Sky

Blue is very shy, and does not like all the attention he is getting, Ceaser asks him if he can live up to his dads reputation, and Blue actually quietly replies "I hope so". The rest of the interview is the same with Blue only answering in short sentances.


As soon as training starts, all 12 of the careers go straight to there favoured weapon and start to swing them around. All the sibling's train together, such as; Apollo and Artemis, Titanic and Brittanic and Max and Cherri. At lunch, all the careers sit together and so do the siblings, but all the others sit alone like lost sheep.

A alliance has been made by 3 different districts this alliance includes; Rhea Marine, Sutton Yates and Digit Starr.

The Games

Day One

District One, Sunny Blares

"Welcome contestants to the 8th Quarter Quell!", are we meant to clap or something? "This year, you are trapped in the magical castle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy, find all 5 keys and you can escape to the outside, where you will find the groundskeeper called Hagrid". I soak all this information In and take a look around at the other tributes, we are in a massive hall, it looks like it's been magically bigger from the inside, but not any bigger from the outside.

We are all equi-distance from the golden cornucopia, spilling over with supplies that we need to survive, the horrors that await us. "Now, there are wizards around the castle, some will tell you hints for the keys, others will want to see you dead, goodluck tributes". The gong sounds after 60 seconds and all hell breaks loose.

District Six, Jack Dawson

I take a quick peak at the woman I love then dive straight into the action. I run straight to the cornucopia and grab a backpack about 3 metres from it, I hear a cry of despair to see Adrian from district 4 pulling a sword out of Holly from 10. I run to the door, and find Rose there already, I dont take time to hug her, I pull her arm and run out of there.

We come to stairs going up as far as I can see and stairs going down into the dungeons, we take the latter and descend into the darkness

District Seven, Chaz Dusk

I got out of there as fast as I could and i'm slowly climbing the never ending stairs, when a shadow blocks my way. I slowly look up, and I'm looking into the snake-like eyes of Lord Voldemort.

He whips out his wand and screams at me "Avada Kedvra!!", I'm dead before I hit the floor.

District Eight, Eve Cotton

I grab a pack containing anything and start running away from the carnage at the cornucopia when I run into another tribute. Right onto the sword of Astrid Vemeyer. She steps back a little taken aback, but then gets over it by ripping the backpack off my back and heading back towards the cornucopia, shortly after this, I die.

District Four, Apollo Elto

The boy's life is slowly draining out of him, Excalibur I think his name is. Well that is another tribute gone I think to myself, then there is a massive searing pain through my stomach, I look down to see a sword poking out my stomach. My killer behind me, pulls it out and laughs, then runs towards the exit of the cornucopia hall. I get a look at his face as he leaves, Thread Form the horrible, mean giant of a boy from district 8. Artemis won't even realise i'm dead until the bloodbath is over, these are my last thoughts.

District Twelve, Herflex Nome

"Let's try up a few stairs then through a door" I whisper to Lanila. "Okay" she says, a little too loud for my comfort. "Talk a bit more quietly will you, there could be tributes around here" I snap at her.

We walk up to about the fourth floor, and walk through a corrider until we come to a room. "It look likes a study room or a library" Lanila whispers to me. We walk in and take in our surrondings. Bookshelves and tables, to my left is a bookshelf that is exactly on the wall. "Help me move this" I tell Lanila. We use all our strength and we move the bookshelf, behind it is a secret corridor. "Come on lets go in".

We follow the secret passage until we come to a door of some sort, we push it open and walk through, we look back and see that it is actually a painting. We turn back around and come face to face with a very scary stranger.


The careers stayed at the cornucopia and massacred the oppostion. Orion killed Cathy and Marcan killed Uniform. The careers plucked the cornucopias supplies clean and set up camp in the great hall. The rest of the tributes either went to the dungeons or up the stairs to other parts of the castle.

District Two, Brax Hemming

Me and my fellow careers have set up camp in the great hall, Apollo died in the bloodbath and Artemis is really sad, shes been crying alot, I try to cheer her up by saying we could bring him back if we find the resurrection stone, but she just keeps crying. Only 7 people died in the bloodbath, 41 tributes still in the castle, bloodshed awaits!

Then a whole lot of silver parachutes, come from somewhere and they land in front of; Astrid, Selia, Artemis, Marcan and me. My parachute contains 10 throwing knives and a groosling, yum! I look into Astrid pack and find a bow and 12 arrows, and a loaf of bread. Thankyou sponsors! I think to myself.

District Twelve, Titanic De Leon

We walk into a empty classroom, deep in the dungeons and find vials in shelves on the walls, cauldrons on tables and a cupboard full of supplies and potions book.

Then a man in a dark cloak, long flowing dark hair and a creepy smile walks in. "Hello tributes, I am the potions master, you may call me Professer Snape". "Now, since your here, tomorrow there is a potions test, you two must make a potion together, if it is up to my standards, I will let you both life, but if it isn't, one of you will perish. Have a good night's sleep". He departs leaving us standing in the stone cold room.

We search a small room off to the left and find a blanket and a very dirty pillow, we huddle together and brace for a very sleepless night.

Halfway through the night, a silver parachute floats down and lands on my head, waking me up instantly, I open it up and pull out a small vial of liquid. "Hey Brittanic, whats this?", I ask her. "I think its poision" she says sleepily. This will work very well, we may both survive this potions lesson yet.

District Twelve, Lanila Boress

The stranger's other eye is strapped on and is whizzing around, I murmur a cry of fright. "Stupid eye" he mutters to himself. "You two" he says suddenly, scaring me out of my wits. "Come with me".

We follow this stranger down the hall and into a room on the right. "W...Who... Who are you?" I manage to stammer out, "You may call me Alastor Moody, dark wizard catcher first class". "Now, you two are trying to find some keys, am I correct?"

"Yes, sir", Herflex blurts out. "Well, heres a tip. The treasure you seek, is in a common room in a tower. Goodnight!". He jumps off the stool he was sitting on and limps out.

District Six, River Rhodes

I am walking along the lonely corridor of floor 2, when a ghostly black creature comes out. It has no face and is gliding along. It could be good, It could be evil. I dont stay to find out, I run along the corridor hoping to escape when I trip over and slide into the wall.

The beast approaches me and lower it's face, it sort of kisses me and it sucks my soul out. I am not dead, but I have no soul, therefore I cannot take further part in the games.

District Six, Rose DeWitt Bukater

We eagerly open the silver parachute to find: a blow gun and 10 ammo, and a dagger. I pick up the dagger and test it with a few stabbing motions. We are down in the dungeons, in a deserted room. It's a bit cold and damp, but it will have to do. It's now night time, so the faces of the dead tributes will appear. Where though? There is a roof, no screen.

The roof actually turns out to be a massive screen, and we see the dead tributes of day one. 8 tributes in total died. 40 tributes left, i'm glad i've got Jack.

Deaths On Day One:

District 10, Holly Honey, Position 48th- Stabbed by Adrian

District 7, Chaz Dusk, Position 47th- Hit by the killing curse from Lord Voldemort

District 8, Eve Cotton, Position 46th- Stabbed by Astrid

District 5, Excalibur Monument, Position 45th- Killed by Apollo

District 4, Apollo Elto, Position 44th- Stabbed through the stomach by Thread

District 5, Cathy James, Postion 43rd- Killed by Orion

District 11, Uniform Strut, Position 42nd- Killed by Marcan

Distric 6, River Rhodes, Position 41st- Soul sucked out by a dementor

Keys Found On Day One:


Day Two

District Eleven, Rhea Marine

I wake up to find a small creatue leaning over me looking at me intently. It has huge brown eyes and is wearing a very dirtly cloth. I also find a silver parachute at my feet, containing a spear and 3 packets of dried fruit. I shake awake Sutton, and ask her what the creature is. But before she can answer, the creature talks.

"I am Dobby, Dobby the house elf". "Uhm, hello, my name is Rhea and this is Sutton" I kindly reply. "Could I possibly have your sock?" asks Dobby.

"If you want I guess" I say and hand over one of my socks.

The house elf smile broadens at the sock, "Dobby has been given clothes" he exclaims. "Dobby is free!!". "Free of what?" I ask. "My master" he replies simply.

"Since you helped Dobby, I believe you are looking for some keys", tells Dobby, and he hands over a big red key.

One key down, only four to go. "Thankyou Dobby". The house elf runs off down the corridor skipping.

District One, Venom Strike

Me and the rest of the careers are climbing the moving staircases higher and higher. I loose my footing on a stair and fall down but luckily Sunny catches me and pulls me back up. We spot a painting on a platform and I say this to the careers on the stairs and on the previous landing. "Lets see whats inside there" I tell them.

Our staircase moves towards the landing and I jump onto it. Astrid, Brax , Orion and Artemis makes it from there landing onto the bridge, but Star is a bit too slow and she slips on the landing and falls down the 7 floors we climbed and onto solid concrete. Her neck must of snapped because after about a minute, we hear the cannon signalling her death.

We all go up to the painting and are about to push the door open, when the painting starts to talk

District Twelve, Brittanic De Leon

Professor Snape walks in, his black flowing cape trailing behind him. He walks over to his desk and with a swipe of his wand, a book comes flying towards us and lands next to us.

"Good morning" he says cheerfully. "Please, sit on the bench over here" he indicates the desk right in front of him. "The potion you are making is the draught of living death".

"At the end of the hour, I will come over and test the potion, I have drunken an anti-dote so it will not affect me, but I will start shaking uncontrobaly, so I will know if it is good enough".

"You may start now" commands Professor Snape.

District Ten, Max Blonde

I am on the 5th floor of the castle, I spot a spiral staircase on my left and I start to climb it, up and up and up until I reach the top. In front of me Is a door without a knob or a keyhole, just a knocker. I am about to use the knocker when it starts to speak.

"To enter the room of the brightest, first you must answer a riddle" says the knocker in a husky voice. "Okay" I reply trembling in my shoes. "You have 60 seconds, if you do not answer in the 60 seconds, you will meet your demise". "This is the riddle: I can run, but not walk. Wherever I go, thought follows close behind. What am I?" says the knocker.

I think about this, can run, but not walk. What kind of riddle is this? Is it one with no possible answer. "20 seconds left" says the knocker smoothly. "I dont know..." I whisper softly. "10 seconds...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1". "You have not answered the question, you now have to die". I start to run back down the stairs, but a hooded figure in a cloak blocks my way. A flash of green light and i'm dead.

District Seven, Plank Oak

I rip open the parachute to find 2 throwing axes, I look over to Cypreeses and find the same. Lethal, deadly throwing axes. Just then, a tribute comes around the corner, I dont hesitate. I throw the axe with deadly accuracy into the girl's stomach. I walk over to her as her cannon sounds, and look down into the face of Belle Freeze.

District Eleven, Gasha Verda

Inside the parachute was a dagger and 10 throwing knives. My sponsors haven't forgotten me. At the cornucopia bloodbath, I managed to get away from there with a backpack containing a loaf of bread, a warm jacket and a small bag of dried fruit. I have already eaten the loaf of bread and i'm tempted to eat the dried fruit also.

I'm on the third floor of the castle, I spot a door on the right hand side of the third floor corrider and silently creep over to it. I open the door and step inside to find a three headed dog, slobering all over the floor. When it sees me it bares its teeth and charges at me. The first knife catches it in the throat, the second follows, hitting it in the head.

I walk over to the dead body of the three headed dog. I look at its collar and find a purple key around it. I quickly rip it off and get out of there as fast as I can.

District Twelve, Titanic De Leon

I look inside the book and find the page on the draught of living death potion. I spot the ingredients on the right hand side of the page. Crushed snake fangs, moondew, wormwood, valerian roots, asphodel, sopophoruous beans and sloth brain.

What kind of potion has these ingredients in it? Especially the sloth brain, YUCK! I grab all the ingredients from the wardrobe, dropping the slippery sloth brain on the way. I ask Brittanic to start chopping the wormwood while I get the juice out of the beans.

At first I try chopping the beans, but it's harder then it looks. I mangle the first 1 and manage to get some juice out but on the second one, it shoots across and hits Professor Snape right in the face. He just keeps watching us intently and muttering "death".

We finish the potion and when hes not looking put the vial of poison in the potion, we discard the vial in my jacket pocket. "Times up" he calls, and just in time to. He walks over, the candles lighting up his triumphant face. He thinks that we've failed.

"Let's taste it then" he says to himself, he whips out a very high tech spoon and dips it in. He puts the spoon to his mouth and falls to the ground, as good as dead. His last word is barely audible but I can still hear it "Poison".

District Two, Marcin Collcoin

"What is the password" asks the painting. "We dont have one" I tell it. "Then get one". "Alright here painting, let us in or im going to use you as a chopping board" I tell it fiercly.

"Okay, okay go in" it swings on its hinges and we enter the room beyond it. Inside we find a wranger with some skin ache. At the same time, the wizard raises his wand and Sunny throws a knife. Theres a flash of green light, a scream and a cry of pain.

When my eyes re-adjust I find the wizard dead with a throwing knife lodged in his throat and Evelyn dead on the floor. We take a look around the room, searching for keys. But after about an hour, the prospect looks bleak.

"I've found it" comes a shout from my left, and I see Brax holding a green key. We decide to stay in this room for the rest of the day and sleep here in the night.

District Eight, Estelle Mar

I am hiding under the stairs that go down from the grand staircase to the dungeons. I test the spears weight, perfect. A minute or too later, I hear a scream, following by a wolf call. I peak around my corner to see a tribute lying on the ground with a bite mark to his neck.

I recognize the tribute as Damien. With my heart full of pity, I end his life by sending my spear into his skull. I wait and watch as I see the deaths of day two, the gamemakers will probally pull some prank to bring some tributes together. But hopefully I will get a good nights sleep.

Deaths On Day Two

District 2, Star Galaxy, Position 40th- Fell to her death

District 9, Max Blonde, Position 39th- Failed to answer a riddle

District 9, Belle Freeze, Position 38th- Hit in the stomach by Plank's throwing axe

District 4, Evelyn Dreamcatcher, Position 37th- Hit by the killing curse, cast by Ron Weasly

District 10, Damien Maroon, Position 36th- Bitten by a werewolf, then finished off by Estelle

Keys Found On Day Two

Rhea and Sutton- Red Key

Careers- Green Key

Gasha- Purple Key

Day Three

Lord Voldemort

I tighten my grip on my wand, searching the endless corriders for Albus Dumbledore, there is unfinished buisness to attend to and I do not care who gets in my way.


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