The lonely gamemaker, crosses the room, grabs out a small wooden box. Inside this small wooden boxes are envelopes. He picks the one up that has "175" on the front. He opens it up and reads inside, while reading his smile gets wider and wider. "Goodluck tributes!" he says to no-one.

Let the mutt games begin!

Update- There will be more than 1 winner!

There Are 5 Parts In These Games


Part One: The Fallen

Part Two: The Quake

Part Three: The Invasion

Part Four: Realisation

Part Five: The Battle

The Tributes


Crossed Out= Dead

District Name Age Sex Kills Placing User
1 Kendall Mason 16 M Copper, Estelle 14th Skybender101
1 Jade Sycamore 16 F None 21st Skybender101
2 Slate Obsidian 17 M None 10th Necterine411
2 Amber Quartz- Victor 17 F Kyle 1st Necterine411
3 Jeremiah Heddorian- Victor 17 M Cythnia 1st QuinnQuinn
3 Chelsea Foringheff 17 F None 23rd QuinnQuinn
4 Cedar Mellark- Victor 14 M Britannic 1st Anna-athena
4 Kajama Odair- Victor 13 F None 1st Anna-athena
5 Brendan Downstreet 18 M None 16th QuinnQuinn
5 Cariettum Downstreet 13 F None 7th QuinnQuinn
6 River Rhodes 17 M None 19th wolverine1717
6 Sutton Yates 16 F None 18th wolverine1717
7 Titanic De Leon 17 M None 9th Anna-Athena
7 Britannic De Leon 17 F None 25th Anna-Athena
8 Copper Smith 13 M None 26th Emily Nguyen
8 Cythnia Cross 12 F None 13th Emily Nguyen
9 Damien Tinder 15 M None 6th Clove1001
9 Campbelle Frost 14 F None 20th Clove1001
10 Gavin Octavian 15 M None 12th Tomgurl22
10 Estelle Mar 14 F None 15th Tomgurl22
11 Ramm Lockhart 16 M None 24th Sooperpurple
11 Mara Lockhart 16 F None 17th Sooperpurple
12 Aaron Winters 17 M Jade 11th Rockman117
12 Lilac Coalburner 15 F Ramm,Gavin 8th Rockman117
13 Kyle Sutherland 17 M None 22nd Emily Nguyen
13 Esmeralda- Victor 17 F None 1st Emily Nguyen


District One- Kendall Mason

It's a chilly morning, "Are you ready yet" calls my mother from the other room, "in a min i reply". I just didn't tell her which minute. As soon as im ready we make our way torwards the center of town. I see the two bowls, containing my name in the boys one. 6 slips in there contain "Kendall Mason". The announcer crosses to the girls bowl and picks out a slip. "Jade Sycamore" she calls. I bury my face in my hands, not her... then she crosses to the boys bowl and picks out a slip "Kendall Mason". It takes me a couple seconds to realise thats me.

District Two- Amber Quarts

Me and Slate are racing towards the reaping area, it's not because were late, well maybe we are a bit. But its because i want to beat him again. I'm not sure were we are racing to because we both stop when we get to the reaping area and go to our designated spots. I enter an area with other 17 year old girls. The announcer says what an honour it is and blah blah blah."May the odds be ever in your favour" she calls. She pulls out a girls slip and calls "Suzanne Valves", "I Volunteer!" i shout, and walk up to the podium. She then reaps the boys name. " Chuck Prime" she calls. "I VOLUNTEER" comes a shout from the crowd. I see Slate walking up smiling at me.

District Three- Chelsea Foringheff

I push my blonde hair out of my eyes to see the escort walking onto the stage. It's the day of the reaping, most people dread it. Some people cant wait for it, to have a chance to volunteer. Victors get a wonderful life and loosers die. The escort dosen't look very happy, probally wants to go up to district one and two, to see their victors. But i'll show her, i'll give district three a victor. She walks over to the girls bowl, grabs out a slip and yells "Catherine Males". The small 13 year old girl barely has time to start walking before i scream at the top of my lungs,"I Volunteer" i walk up to the stage and smile. Now time to see what useless boy i will be fighting this year, she walks to the boys bowl, picks up the slip and says the name. "Jeremiah Heddorian" shes calls out, the boy walks up to the stage, his green eyes reflecting off the announcers glasses. We shake hands, he may think were allies, but to me, we are enemies.

The Arena

The arena is a circular shape, grassy wetlands to the north, forest to the south, high crop fields to the east and a snow covered mountain to the west.


I will handle the sponsoring give the tributes something each day!

The Mutts

1. Wolves

2. Evil Hunchback

3. Frogs

4. Hell Hounds

5. Rabbit

More Come As The Days Progress

The Games

Part One - The Fallen

Day I

Kendall's POV-

The wind lashes at my face, im standing on my circular tile. Sweat is pouring down my face, i take a quick peak around me to look at my surrondings. 5 tiles to my left is Jade, her hair is easily recognisable in this beating sun. We have 60 seconds to stand, then we run like hell to the cornucopia. Of course, if you step off before the 60 seconds are up, land mines reduce your body to pieces. Its easier to take your chances in the games.

The gong sounds, and i start swiftly running towards the elusive cornucopia. I'm one of the first to arrive, none of the non-careers have reached it yet. I grab a sword and stab it into the nearest tribute. The male from 8 drops to the ground bleeding heavily through the stomach. 1 down and 22 to go.

Kajama's POV-

I'm at the cornucopia with Cedar, the careers are also here. They haven't attacked us because we haven't told them we are just having an alliance- Me and Cedar. I'm armed with a sword while Cedar has a nice arrary of throwing knives. Just then i see another alliance- the siblings from 7 trying to get away from the action that is unfolding. I nod to Cedar and we run at them like there is no tomorrow. When we are about 5 meters away from them, Cedar throws a knife with deadly accuracy and it hits the girl in the head. She goes down, the boy looks at Cedar with terrible anger then takes off into the woods. We dont pursue as there is more tributes to kill yet.

Slate's POV-

My first thought is betrayal, i can see Kajama and Cedar making there way towards the woods, but infact my second thought is awesomeness. Cedar takes out a tribute then they both start making there way back to the cornucopia fight. They might not have betrayed me after all. Quite shortly after these thoughts the ground under me shakes and a mutt with razor sharp claws enters the cornucopia area. It has a hunched back with claws that could tear you in half in an instant. It kind of looked like an evil Hunchback of Natredam. It starts running at an unhumanly pace, knocking aside a startled tribute and heading straight for the battle centre. It screams a battle cry and is answered by the arrival of a wolf mutt. It's teeth bared in hatred for all tributes. They do call these the mutt games, I yell to the other careers and we charge the wolf.

Damien's POV-

I'm hiding with Campbelle in the marshy swamp lands. We can both hear the croaking of frogs nearby. I got minimal supplies at the cornucopia, i grabbed a small backpack containing a bottle of water, some dried fruit and a small knife that could be used for cutting but probally not good for combat. Campbelle got out of there with only the clothes on her back. The croaking gets louder and before we know it, the peaceful frogs have turned into an army of unstoppable madness.

Mara's POV-

I've grabbed Ramm and we're running towards the safety of the woods, when a tribute crashes into Ramm, knocking him down and pinning him to the ground. It's none other than the crazy girl Lilac, Ramm whispers me to run. Lilac punches him in the stomach winding him and disabling his speech. I cant run thought, im rooted to my spot in shock. Lilac grabs her knife and stabs it into Ramm's windpipe. She throws his body aside and stands up to face me. Her long blonde hair curls around her shoulders, her blue eyes watching me intently. Then as if a miracle happens she spots another tribute a metre or so away and takes off into the woods. I look down at Ramm's liveless body. Lilac will pay for this.

Cedar's POV-

After we had killed the female from 7, we had gone back to the cornucopia only to see the 4 remaining careers taking on a wolf and also another mutt running towards a pack of tributes. I saw Slate eyeing me off, so i took off with Kajama into the marshy swamp land only to find the 2 tributes from 9 in the battle of there life against the merciless frogs. We decide not to help and let them deal with the frogs themselves.

Kendall's POV-

The howls of the wolf exhilirate me as i finish it off with my sword. Slate taps me and the shoulder and tells me Cedar and Kajama have deserted us for there own alliance. I whisper to the other careers; Amber and Jade. Our plan is to find there camp and ambush them later at night or tomorrow. Right now there are more victims out there. I rally the team and head towards a 3 way tribute battle

Chelsea's POV-

I'm in the forest and resting up in a tree when the fireballs start to rain down. I'm running towards, where im hoping is the edge of this horrible firey launcher. Is there some crazy yoghurt eating gamemaker clicking buttons to try to make my life end. As if on cue, a fireball erupts right infront of me, i fall over clutching my leg. I look up into the cloudless sky and realise it might be the last beautiful sight i ever see. The crazy yoghurt eating game maker ends my life by sending a fireball right onto me.

Damien's POV-

The frogs are swarming over me and Campbelle, the knife that i hold wont protect us for long, i slice it down crazily at an object. The croak of a frog death confirms that i hit one, Campbelle is not doing aswell as i am, shes using the backpack to knock them away. Sweat is pouring off both of us, these games are just too much. Not one minute of peace it seems. Then i hear a shriek of terror as Campbelle is over welmed by the frogs. One of them is about to start feeding on her, when an arrow sticks out of its throat. I look up on the rise to see Aaron from 12 standing there, bow and arrow in hand looking menancingly at the frogs.

Lilac's POV-

I'm owning these two kids from 13, Esmerelda and Kyle. Kyle has a small knife and is incompatent with it. Esmerelda has her sword, is good with it but not as good as me. I turn to the sounds of crunching foot steps and larger sounds coming from the opposite direction. I look to the left for a split second to see 4 careers coming towards the fight. On the right is a hunched back mutt with claws. Both Kyle and Esmerelda are too watching the mutt, I stab my sword into Kyle, he falls to the ground. Then the careers arrive at the scene, and shortly after the mutt.

Amber's POV-

The careers and I have rallyed together and are fighting Lilac, Esmerelda and the hunchbacked mutt. I have my trusty sword and i stab it into the mutts shoulder, he roars and slices the closest tribute- Slate. I jump up and stab the tribute on the ground. Kyle i think his name is, Esmerelda starts to cry and run away, into the safety of the woods. Lilac also takes flight leaving the rest of us fighting the mutt. Kendall stabs it in the head and for good measure decapitates it. We head back to the cornucopia and realise the fighting has finished. The cannons start sounding.. One...two...three...four...five. Only five tributes killed, not many at all. We set up camp and get ready for the night.

Campbelle's POV-

Aaron from 12 has allied with us. He helped drive away the frogs. It seems he got a bow at the cornucopia, so hes guarding us. 5 cannons were fired. It's now dark and we will see there pictures in the sky. First to appear is the girl from 3. So districts 1 and 2 made it, no surprise there. The next to appear is the girl from 7 then the male from 8. That means all the careers have made it through the day. The last two to appear are the males from 11 and 13. The capitol seal re-appears and we are plunged back into darkness.

Deaths On Day 1

Chealsea Foringheff

Brittanic De Leon

Cooper Smith

Ramm Lockhart

Kyle Sutherland

Total Dead: 5

Day II

Aaron's POV-

I'm getting shaken awake by Campbelle and Damien, we can hear tributes voices and footsteps coming towards us, i load my bow and aim it directly at the sound. The first career runs into the camp, i recognize him now as Slate, next comes Jade and i bury my arrow in her stomach. Her cannon fires and i aim my bow at Slate. He knocks it away, quickly atfter 2 other careers come into the camp; Amber and Kendall. Kendall is fuming at the death of his district partner. I look to my left and wonder where Damien is. I look up and see him in the tree, knife at the ready to kill. Kendall walks up to me, "Did you kill her" he asks me in his husky voice. I dont reply, i get a punch in the stomach for it. He takes out his sword and is about to deliver the death blow, but Campbelle intervenes.

The sword catches her in the stomach and she goes down like a tonne of bricks, her sacrifice will not be in vain. I run as fast as i can away from there.

Damien's POV-

I jump down from my tree and walk over to Campbelle's body, the huge gash in her stomach in far beyond healing. I hold her hand and cry her to death. I look in the direction Aaron went, i must follow him and continue the alliance.

Cedar's POV-

Two cannons pull me up short, i look at Kajama and she just raises her eyebrows and we continue our work. We are raiding the careers camp. They were dumb enough to leave some of there supplies lying around, probally thought no-one would dare raid them, well there wrong, we are right now. I grab some food, stuff it into my backpack. I take a couple drink bottles and a small knife. Kajama is doing the same, quickly grabbing what she can. I then find a pile of matches, i could have some fun with these. Just then i look up to see the careers coming into the clearing, they shout at us and start running at full pase. I tell Kajama to run, i swiftly light a match and drop it onto the careers bounty, it creates a wall of flames and im grateful for its safety.

Brendan's POV-

The glint of the silver parachute in the sunlight lights my face up with joy. Inside me and Carriettum find; a bow and a sheath of 12 arrows, a small hunting knife and a blowgun with 20 darts. We head out to hunt and in no time Carriettum has killed 2 rabbits with her bow and i find some poisonous plants to dip my blowgun darts in. We head back to our camp among the trees, the sun is slowly dipping behind the hills. A couple hours later we hear the anthem playing. First to appear in the night sky is the girl from district one, wow thats amazing for a career to go out so early in the games. The next to appear is Campbelle from 9. Her face leaves the sky and the seal reapears. Only 2 deaths today, the crowd will be getting restless. The gamemakers are going to have to do something terrible tomorrow.

Slate's POV-

Cedar destroyed our whole camp, it went up in flames into the night sky. We quickly extuingished it with our water and clothes, but the damage was already done. We took off in the direction that Cedar and Kajama took, thirsty for their blood, they will both die a horrible death.

Deaths On Day 2:

Jade Sycamore

Campbelle Frost

Total Dead: 7

Part Two - The Quake


Head Gamemaker's POV-

Sitting at his desk, watching the 2nd day of the games recap. A knock at the door takes his eyes away from the screen. "Come in" he says in his snake-like voice. Another gamemaker enters, only a couple years of being a gamemaker, he was one of the best in the capitol. "What is your reason, to be here" asks the head gamemaker. "The games are getting boring, only two died on day two, we need something big to happen, to kill off a few more tributes" replies the gamemaker. "What do you suggest". "I suggest that we create a massive earthquake, spliting the arena and making a massive ditch in the side, then we wack some bridges over it, and then we can destroy them while tributes are on them if we like". "Are you saying i'm doing a horrible job" screams the head gamemaker at the man. "Oh no sir!" he replies quickly.

The head gamemaker in a fit of rage, picks up a sharp knife off his desk and stabs it into the gamemakers neck. "actually, that isn't a bad idea, thanks". He then walks over to his desk, picks up his phone and telephones the other gamemakers. "It's time for an earthquake" he tells them with a smile.

River's POV-

The hunger is too much for me to bear, the rumble of my stomach almost constantly. I look to the sky for any silver parachutes, but none. I am walking when i come across a tributes burn't out campfire near the cornucopia. I then hear another rumble, not the rumble from my stomach, but a rumble from the earth. Like a piece of paper getting ripped, the arena opens up, splitting it through the side, and i just happen to be standing there, i tumble down into the darkness below.

Kajama's POV-

"Run Cedar!!" i scream at him, behind the pounding of the careers footsteps alert me, then the arena shakes violenty and a massive fissure erupts between us and the careers. We both stand there still looking at each other, "This isn't over" calls Slate, and they return the way they came. The sound of a cannon terrifies me, already one dead and the earthquake just started.

Mara's POV-

I'm sprinting back down the mountain as hard as i can, the snow capped mountain has been split down the middle and it has created an avalanche, that is flowing down the hill faster then i can run. To my left i hear a scream, Sutton Yates from District 6 has fallen over and got overwhelm by the snow and ice mixture. His cannon sounds and the earthquake has its 2nd victim.

Head Gamemaker's POV-

"Ahh very good very good" the head gamemaker mutters to himself. The earthquake has been a sucess, 2 victims already... wait, what is this. A message pops up on the screen, it reads: Mara Lockhart Game Over, Position 17th, Death by Avalanche. "Perfect!" he yells. He then walks over to the control panel and clicks another button, on that button has wording;

Release the Hell Hounds.

To Be Continued....

Gavin's POV-

The whole arena has been split in half by a gamemaker's click of a button. One click and the whole arena is destroyed. About 15 minutes after the earthquake had finished. The looming shadow of a massive shape came over my spot, the hovercrafts came down and attached bridges from one side of the fissure to the other. I walked over to one of the bridge's and put a foot on it, it slayed slightly, but it was probally sturdy enough to cross. I got ready and sprinted across that bridge as fast as i could, not even stopping to look behind me. When i got across, i took no hesitation in running to the woods for safety.

Deaths On Day 3:

River Rhode

Sutton Yates

Mara Lockhart

Total Dead: 10

Part Three - The Invasion

Day IV

Slate's POV-

"They've got to be up ahead somewhere" I shout, urging my fellows careers onwards. We are chasing down Cedar and Kajama, they've deserted the career alliance and destroyed our camp. I see the blonde hair of Kajama ahead, "I can see them" I yell back to the other careers. Up ahead I can see that Kajama and Cedar have stopped. I whisper to the other careers to tread ahead with caution. The sound of fighting and grunts makes me stumble into a run. There were I thought we would find Cedar and Kajama all alone, theres something else here.

The big blood red mutt, turns it's face to me and bares its teeth. "This is not good" I say to myself.

Damien's POV-

I blame Aaron for Campbelle's death, if only she hadn't sacrificed herself for him, well she also sacrificed herself for me, she gave me enough time to get out of there. I found Aaron in a tree, and we continued our alliance. The howl of un-humanly beast makes me shiver with fear, and I know that one thing is true

The mutts are thirsty for blood.

Carrietum's POV-

"Run faster Brendan" I call back to him, we are sprinting away from these hell-houndish beasts, they stalked us for a while until they pounced. I load my bow and send an arrow into the lead hellhound, it goes down but its 4 companions are still chasing, I take another 2 down but they are nearly on us, Bredan looks straight in my eyes and says "I love you Carr", he turns to the mutts and takes out his blowgun. "NO!" I scream at him, he takes down the first mutt with his blowgun, but the second and last one jumps on him and starts feeding.

I'm stuck in shock, I quickly race up a tree and hide myself in our sleeping bag, his cannon still hasent sounded.

About 20 minutes later, his cannon finally sounds. But wheres the hovercraft?, and then i realise, none of the tributes have been taken by hovercraft.

Some other force is here, the arena is being overrun by muttations and the capitol don't want to stop them, Just yet.

Estelle's POV-

"We're going to get you girl, then we're going to destroy your district partner", sneers the career pack as im running running from these horrible beasts, why do they want so much blood shed. The cannon sound im so used to sounds again, im hoping its one of the careers, but no they keep pounding on towards me. No hovercraft appears to pluck the dead tributes body out of the arena for ever.

I look over to my left and to my horror there is the burnt to a crisp body of Chelsea, the trees around her are nice and green but the ground is scorched. So the gamemakers decided to re-grow the trees, smart.

"Good luck Amber" says an unrecognizable careers voice. This brings me to look down, Amber is about to throw, she has throwing knives at the ready. She throws and I try to jump out of the way but it catches me in the shoulder, the pain is unbearable, but I climb higher into the tree, hoping to escape these ruthless people.

Kajama's POV-

As soon as the careers saw the mutts, they ran away as fast as they could. They left me and Cedar fighting for our lives. I killed the mutt but it injured Cedar and hes in a bad way. His leg has been severly torn and he is bleeding rapidly. I look inside the pack to find some bandages and i wrap it around his leg. "That should do for now" I tell him grimancing at his blood on the ground.

Now let's get out of here before those blasted careers come back. "Oh yes please" replies Cedar, smiling.

Random Gamemaker's POV-

"Sir, the mutts are taking over the arena" screeches the gamemaker at the head gamemaker." Yes, it seems they are, keep them there just for now, it is the mutt games after all, George". "Yes, but what if they kill off all the tributes?" replies the man called George. "Then its no loss to us is it".

"What are we going to do about the dead tributes bodys then". "Leave them there, we can collect them at the end of the games". The head gamemaker departs the rooms.

"If the bodys are still in tact, those mutts will probally eat them" mutters George to himself.

Estelle's POV-

Amber has another throw, and this time her aim is true. It catches me in the upper chest and I fall out of the tree, I hit the ground with a "thump". The wind is knocked out of me and im totally at the careers mercy.

"Leave her to suffer?" asks Amber, "no, lets just finish her now and go track down Cedar and Kajama, they have to be injured after the mutt fight" replies Kendall. He stabs the sword into me, but not before I see what is behind him, a great big rabbit that is about to stab him.

Slate's POV-

I stab the sword into the rabbit mutt, but the damage is already done. Kendalls and Estelle's cannons fire, and we go hide in a tree to await what other tributes died tonight. Hoping Cedar or Kajama is among them.

Of course first to appear in the night is Kendall, following Kendall's face is the male from 5, and finally the last face to appear is Estelles. The capitol seal reappears and I hunger for Cedar's blood.

Deaths On Day 4:

Brendan Downstreet

Estelle Mar

Kendall Mason

Total Dead: 13

Day V

Cythnia's POV-

Being the youngest and the only 12 year olds has it's disadvantages, for one, I have not got one single sponser gift, for some hope I look to the sky and faintly see a silver parachute way in the distance, it's not for me I sob to myself. The hunger inside me is burning so much I cant bear it much longer, I need food NOW.

Jeremiah's POV-

I eagerly open the parachute to see whats inside, a blowgun and 5 darts. I search deeper and find some food, and in another little package I find a vial of poision and a small loaf of bread. The smile widens as I spot a tribute in a tree about 100 metres away.

I'm still a bit sad about not meeting up with Chelsea, I saw her face in the sky on the first night, did she have a painless death or a horrible death. I will only know if I win this thing, and im planning to.

I silently walk under the tree the tribute is in, put the bread in the silver parachute and put it on a tree branch near were she is snoozing. When she wakes up, she'll have a nasty surprise.

Amber's POV-

Only me and Slate are left in the career pack, we've been walking through the forest finding bodies of tributes, wondering why the capitol haven't picked them up. I have been wondering why there's been so many mutts, every where we go there are mutts, sure these are the mutt games, but this is ridiculous.

3 more faces appeared in the sky last night, I counted off my fingers, a total of 13 dead tributes. Half of the tributes gone, Slate is really wanting to kill Cedar so bad now, and I cant blame him, deserting the alliance and setting our camp on fire. We haven't heard any cannons today so far and its about noon. Nor have we seen any mutts, so I know, something is going to happen very soon.

Lilac's POV-

I'm searching for innocent victims, it's been so long without any bloodshed near me and I need some. Noone has died today yet and I need to liven things up with a bit of drama. Torture someones district partner or just torture someone. I spot a tribute resting against a tree, and its now or never. I slowly and quietly sneak up behind him and knock him out. Welcome to hell, i think to myself.

Cythnia's POV-

I wake up from my small doze in the trees to find a small loaf of bread there, without even stopping to look at it more closely, I tear into it. Bitting a huge chunk out of it, half way through my 2nd bite, I feel a burning sensation i my stomach. I look more closely at the bread and before I die choke out one last word "poison".

A couple of trees away a boy is smiling with happiness at the sight of my body.

Gavin's POV-

I wake up to find myself strapped against a tree with a tribute standing over me with an evil glint in her eyes. This is none other than the crazy Lilac.

"W...Whh...What are you going to do to me?" I stutter at her. "Make you wish you were dead" she jeers at me.

Then what follows is so excruciating I couldnt put it into words. She jabs her knife into the right side of my body and twists. I scream so loud, put she just puts some rope through my mouth, and continues on with the job.

Damien's POV-

"What was that sound?" I whisper to Aaron. "I..I dont know" he replies looking scared in the little of daylight that is left. I know I heard a tribute screaming, from either a mutt or another tribute, I dont want to find out. It is nearly the end of Day 5 and only 1 cannon has sounded. The sound of growling below startles me, and I look down to spot another Hunchback mutt circling the tree we are strapped into. The mutt tries to climb the tree but fails, and continues to wait under there for us to come down. "This is going to be a fantastic night" I mutter to Aaron.

Lilac's POV-

After about 10 minutes of torture, I finally kill Gavin, his cannon sounds and another tributes life is lost to the horrors of The Hunger Games.

Deaths On Day 5:

Cythnia Cross

Gavin Octavian

Total Dead: 15

Part Four - Realisation

Day VI

Aaron's POV-

The mutt below, still circling, still hungry for our blood, will not be soon. I load my bow and shoot an arrow into its head, another mutt down I think to myself.

We jump down from our tree and head towards the fissure. The game makers put some bridges over it, they look sturdy enough. Damien goes first and makes it over. I follow him, being careful to step on sturdy planks. When im halfway there, the bridge starts to shake violently. It's swaying from side to side, Damien is yelling at me to hurry up. But I never get there, the bridge collapses and I fall down to what is below the arena.

Damien's POV-

"NOOOOO!!" I scream into the darkness. Aaron's cannon fires, and I wait for the hovercraft to appear to take him back.

But it dosen't come, no hovercraft has come to take any tribute.

Realisation hits me, there are too many mutts, the arena is being taken over by mutts, and the tributes are at the capitols mercy.

Cedar's POV-

Another cannon blast, shakes the arena, 10 left to play I think to myself. Just 10 tributes left in the arena, and a whole lot of mutts of course. My shoulder is nearly healed, but it's still hurting a bit.

I look over to Kajama, her hair blowing in the wind, and sigh. She should win these games, I would sacrifice myself for her.

And I know deep down in my heart, the games are going to get ugly, in the very near future.

Cariettum's POV-

I seep further into my tree and keep my eyes locked on the sky for the dead tributes face. The anthem starts and the seal appears, Aaron from District 12's face lights up the sky for about 10 seconds before it dissapars into the night. The seal reappears and the anthem yet again plays. I tuck into my sleeping bag and dream about blood thirsty mutts.

Deaths On Day 6:

Aaron Winters

Part Five - The Battle


Esmerelda's POV-

The arrow pierces the mutts throat, it's body crumbles to the ground and I sigh with relief. The last of the terrible pack of wolf mutts is finally dead and I can rest in peace in this tree. The day so far has been so busy, killing and catching rabbits, driving away mutts and keeping an eye out for tributes.

So many mutts in this arena, every time I want some peace, theres more mutts hungering for blood.

Peacekeeper's POV-

Go Go Go! I scream as I shoot a mutt and it goes down. 1 mutt down, only 100's to go, I reload my gun and head towards the tributes.

Damien's POV-

I'm safe from the muttations for now, I'm hiding in the marshy lands. No mutt would dare come here, hopefully.

The antem plays and the head gamemakers voice rings over the whole arena. "Hello final 10 tributes, muttations are taking over the arena, and would you please exit it via the the hovercrafts at the cornucopia plain, good luck final 10".

I take one last look at the sky then head towards the cornucopia, thats when the frogs decide to come out.

Cedar's POV-

"Come on Kajama, we've got to make it to the hovercrafts!" I yell at her, urging her forward. Then a huge spider mutt, comes crawling at her, it's pincers bared in hatred. It lunges at Kajama and stab's into her leg, I throw a knife and it's the spider in the stomach.

I kneel down to Kajama and asess the damage on her leg, the spider ripped some flesh off and it looks very bad. I help her up and I put her arm round my shoulder and we limp towards our home.

Amber's POV-

"I'm going to beat you" I yell to Slate as we're racing towards the cornucopia plain. More hellhound mutts behind us are chasing, we're about equal as we run over the rickety bridge across the fissure that the earthquake made.

When we're across, Slate trips on a bare root sticking out of the ground. The mutts jump on him and start chewing him to pieces.

In no time, I have killed those horrible beasts, and Slate is in a bad shape. I pluck up my best singing voice, and start to sing him to death.

Terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying
It was a terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying inside
To see you're dying
Won't you come out
I'll play the game with day
Won't you speak out
I'll say the things you say
The lady loved her gold
The lady lost her soul

It was a terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying
It was a terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying inside
To see you're dying
Do you remember the things we used to do
Do you remember the way it was for you
The lady loved her gold
The lady lost her soul

It was a terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying
It was a terrible thing
It was a terrible thing to see you're dying inside
To see you dying

Slate's cannon fires, I wipe away a tear and continue forward, hoping to save my own life in the process.

Titanic's POV-

Multiple thoughts are racing through my head as i'm running, running from these hideous beasts. I must win for Brittanic, for my family and for district 7.

I've made it to the fissure and scout along the edge until I find a bridge, I run out onto it. But I realise my mistake, the bridges aren't made for alot of weight. The mutts behind me jump onto the bridge, the bridge collapses, and me and the mutts tumble into the darkness.

Lilac's POV-

I run at the peacekeeper full pelt and knock the gun out of his hands. I load the gun and shoot the peacekeeper a couple times for good measure. A few more fellow peacekeepers come around look at me for a couple seconds, then let there bullets fly into my chest. Killing me instantly.

Damien's POV-

I escaped to a small bit in the mountains, waiting for the mutts to go away.

The yeti mutt, emerges from the snow, it breathes in deeply and looks at me with loathing. I sliently take a step back and slip on a small patch of ice in the mountains. The yeti takes a step towards me and is about to make the death move, when an arrow sprouts out of its neck, and it falls down, tumbling down the mountain. I look where to arrow come from to see a girl i've never seen before.

Our eyes meet and we smile, but only for a second, the yeti has caused an avalanche.

There's no where to go, the snow races over me, I hear a cannon shot and I know it must be for the girl. Shortly after, my cannon fires too.

Head GameMaker's POV-

"Get them out of there" I scream into the phone and slam it onto the table. A message pops up on the screen and it reads;

Carrietum Downstreet, Game Over, Position 7th, Death by Avalanche

Damien Tinder, Game Over, Position 6th, Death by Avalanche

Amber's POV-

I grab onto the ladder, and slowly climb upwards towards the hovercraft. I get to the top and look to the destruction below, mutts and peacekeepers battling, the whole arena split in half and the snow capped mountain destroyed. I look in the mirror and see how thin I am, but it sinks in I am a victor!


"Hello final tributes of the 175th Hunger Games, as you know we are evacuating the arena, one tribute so far has made it to the hovercraft, congratulations Amber Quartz of District 2! May the odds be ever in your favour".

Victors So Far-

Amber Quartz

Esmerelda's POV-

I grab onto the ladder as a mutt from below bites at me and rips my leg off, the pain is so bad I nearly black out, but I dont. I'm very well alive as the mutt tortures me to death. After a while it get's bored and takes off to find more tributes or peacekeepers and I'm there suffering.

Some peacekeepers find me and take me to the capitols doctors, I black out and when I wake up I scream.

Cedar's POV-

We've made it I tell a weeping Kajama, It's alright we will be home soon, and for once I really know it.


Hello to the final tribute out there, Jeremiah of District 3, you are the last tribute remaining in the arena, the other 4 have made it back to the hovercrafts, make it to the cornucopia plain in 15 minutes, or death shall be swift.

Victors So Far:

Amber Quartz

Cedar Mellark

Kajama Odair


Jeremiah's POV-

"You have 5 minutes" calls the announcer, confirming my worst fears. I wont make it. I'm sprinting as hard as I can, but will it be enough to seal my victory? I come out of the forests clearing "2 minutes" he calls. I get onto the hard packed earth of the cornucopia plain, "1 minute". The hovercraft is about 100 metres away, 75... 40....20...0! I grab onto it as gunshots are heard.

I expect my self to be bleeding, but no, im well and truly alive and I am a victor.


Amber Quartz, District 2

Jeremiah Heddorian, District 3

Cedar Mellark, District 4

Kajama Odair, District 4

Esmerelda, District 13

Congratulations to all!



Anna-Athena (x2)

Emily Nguyen

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