Hello, I'm Morgan Silve, and this is my First Hunger Games! The Arenas and information will be added after all the Tributes have been added.


Almost 10 years after President Paylor was declared ruler of Panem, an assassination plot was carried out by two Capitol citizens. It is successful. A new president comming from District 13 was elected, and announced the continuation of the Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's children are not accounted for Tessera; meaning that they can't enter the Games.

Due to the President's declaration, District 13 must now participate in the Hunger Games. Being the new era of the Games, it is a Quarter Quell. 26 Tributes must now be reaped, and sent to the Capitol to fight in The Hunger Games.

Quarter Quell Twist

It appears that a plan to bring the Capitol back to power was made in its' previous downfall. The President from District 13 was acually from the Capitol. He was a lure to add District 13 to the Games, and bring the Capitol to power.

In order to remind the Districts that not even united they can defeat the Capitol, District 13 was added to the reaping.






Sara Stone

District 1 (Panther12)

14 7 $1000 24th
Will Parsons

District 1 (Panther12)

16 9 $1800 6th
Lucy Dumb Blonde

District 2 (Fidofiderson)

18 8 $1500 11th
Fido Fiderson

District 2 (Fidofiderson)

16 10 $2000 10th
Zirah Black

District 3 (Mywolf~*)

17 6 $950 13th
Kenton Cliff

District 3 (Mywolf~*)

18 9 $1800 14th
Brooke Blue

District 4 (Rueflower)

16 4 $400 17th
Reed Gray

District 4 (Rueflower)

17 5 $450 25th
Kipcha Pryor

District 5 (Firecatcher3)

16 7 $1000 12th
Khaz Syde

District 5 (Firecatcher3)

17 7 $1000 5th
Topaz Cytonn

District 6 (Tiki tooki)

14 8 $1500 7th
Mhoss Fleete

District 6 (Tiki tooki)

16 6 $950 23rd
Carolina Hardock

District 7 (Sparrow Hazelthorn)

13 9 $350 ~ Victor ~
Axon Needbrock

District 7 (Sparrow Hazelthorn)

16 9 $350 ~ Victor ~
Kati jean

District 8 (Hungergames fan girl)

14 4 $400 18th
Rufus mendal

District 8 (Hungergames fan girl)

17 3 $350 ~ Victor ~
Willow Thorne

District 9 (Anon....)

16 2 $300 19th
Elder Thorne

District 9 (Anon....)

16 1 $250 20th
Damon Rapido

District 10

13 3 $350 21st
Evangeline Noval

District 10

15 10 $2000 22nd
Herba Hemway

District 11 (TotalDramaRox97)

17 8 $1500 16th
Ograssu Crasser

District 11 (TotalDramaRox97)

16 9 $1800 15th

Altea Ruin

District 12 (Serpentking999)

17 6 $950 26th

"Dynames" Byst

District 12 (Serpentking999)

15 11 $1900 8th
Lara Bleu

District 13 (Mockingjay5)

15 12 $3000 9th
Hunter Smoke

District 13 (Mockingjay5)

15 3 $350 4th

Please, give me the Tribute's name, history, skills (up to three skills), age, and token. If these requirements are not met, you will not enter the Hunger Games. So...."May the odds be in your favour!"

I'm sorry for the lack of captions....My Computer won't let me put them...


The Cornucopia is quite different this time, being a castle with many rooms. Each room has supplies, but it depends...Will you get to it? As you go up the stairs, there will be weapons on the walls, use them. Once you get to a room, grab your stuff, and run, jump out of the window if you have to!

The "Crystal River" is made with the purest of waters, giving the tributes nutrients. Within the waters are crystals, though they dispitate if it comes into any hard contact.

Next is the Rose Orchards. Within the orchard, there are many other plants (such as edible roots). We do advice you to be carefull, as some of these plants are poisonus. There are also many tracker-jacker pods stationed around the area.

And last but not least, the wheat fields. In here, there are are countless amounts of wheat. Use it to your liking, and if you're desperate, eat it raw. Beware of the wild dogs.

Chariot Rides

District 1's Chariot is made to ressemble a ring. The gem is facing upward, while the Tributes sit on the opposite sides of eachother within the ring's rounded sides. The Capitol is amazed at the creativity.

District 2's Chariot is made to resemble armour. The shoulders have beautiful dragon displays, and the plate body has an exquisite golden trim. The Tributes sit on each shoulder. The Capitol is amazed at the beauty.

District 3's Chariot is made to look like a remote control. Both of the tributes sit inside of the two middle buttons. The remote control is inbroidered with daimonds and shines, giving off a strange glow at the tip of the infrared sensors. The Capitol is in awe, as they don't know whether to stay serious or cheer.

District 4's Chariot is made too look like a Rainbow Fish. Each color lashes out with beauty and show of personality, the light itself having a scale-pattern. The tributes sit on each eye. As the chariot runs down, the Capitol screams with joy.

District 5's Chariot resembles a Golden Wolf Muttation. The Mutt's golden fur shines at the capitol, assuring complete silence. As the chariot runs down, the Capitol People's heads follow. The green eyes glow, adding more awe to the Capitol. The tributes sit next to eachother on its snout.

District 6's Chariot resembles Viagra (as the District's industry is presumed to be medicine). The Capitol women shout with joy and pleasure.

District 7's Chariot is the most beautiful; A Cherry Blossom. Each leaf is covered with pink jewels, and the trunk shines with nature. Both tributes sit on a branch. The Capitol screams with loud cheers and joy.

District 8's Chariot resembles a magic carpet. The Capitol's hovercraft technology allows it to levitate in mid-air. The carpet has "stars" coming from beneath it, which were used to cover the hovercraft technology's sonar-like levitation system. Both tributes stand next to eachother.

District 9's Chariot is a Blimp (I'm asuming that District 9's industry has to do with aircraft; random right?). It floats in mid air (with hovercraft technology). Both tributes sit next to eachother in the Blimp's pilot room, and wave to the capitol from the glassless windows.

District 10's Chariot is an Antique Vintage Car. The fancyness arouses the Capitol's oooo's and ahhh's. Both of the tirbutes sit next to eachother in the passanger and driver's seat. They wave as their Chariot goes down the stage.

District 11's Chariot was a beautiful basket, full of exotic fruits and vegetables (yes they are fake). Leaves are scattered around them, and both tributes sit on each handle. The Capitol screams!

District 12's Chariot is fire itself. Both Tributes walk down the stage, lit on fire (though it is fake, and cannot burn your skin). The Capitol slowly stands up, and claps turn into cheers.

District 13's Chariot....beautiful and magnifecent, the Chariot being the tributes themselves. They are completely covered in feathers, giving the impression of a Mockingjay. Looking like a bird, they both fly across the stage (with hovercraft technology) The Capitol cheers, and ask for more stunts (the tributes did stunts in mid air).

Games & Sponsors


Medicine= $80

Sleeping Bag= $250

Knives & Spears= $350

Swords, Tridents, Bows & Arrows= $600

Blowgun= $650

Other Weapons= $300

Water= $40 per bottle

Rolls, Bread, Meat= $250 (all included)

Capitol Feast= $400

Day 1


60 seconds ticking down the clock. The Careers. The others. Eye signals. Adrenaline. "GOOOONG!!" "Let the 1st Hunger Games.....BEGIN" says Claudius Templesmith. The Gladitorial challenge begins within the Cornucopia. District 2's Fido sprints towards Altea, and unbuckles his belt. Altea quickly retaliates, she grabs a bag and some throwing knives, and quickly sprints out of the Cornucopia. Yet, Fido still shows no sign of tire. She throws a knife at him, though he finds a way to block it with his belt before it stabs his knee. He grabs the knife, and quickly throws it at her head. "BOOM" the first cannon goes off, and Fido grabs Altea's supplies and weapons.

District 6 and 7 work their way through the Careers, killing one tribute from Districts 1 and 4. "Topaz, we have to get moving the Careers will be ma-" she is cut off by the knife sent towards her kidney. "BOOM" Mhoss's cannon signifies the 23rd death. "Mhoss!!" screams out Topaz. He quickly sprints out of the Cornucopia with Carolina Hardock and Axon Needbrock. "I can't believe it....these tributes are insane" says Topaz with a tear.

The Remaining Careers; Will Parsons, Fido Fiderson, Lucy Dumb Blonde, and Brooke Blue kill off the Tributes of District 9, District 10, Mhoss of District 6, and Kati Jean of District 8. Topaz, Axon, and Carolina killed Reed of District 4, and Sara of District 1.

Static fills the air. "Hello, this is the new ruler of Panem speaking, President Sun. I just had to see the bloodbath. Since I have sympathy for all you people, another twist has been added to the Games! Alliances of 3 can now win." The Tributes rouse with excitement. "Don't get too excited. If two from the alliance are left standing, they will have to fight to the death." says Sun. The Career tributes decide to dispose of Brooke, since she had lost her beloved. The Carrer Pack now consists of Will, Fido, and Lucy.

Finding Territory

"Will and Lucy, begin finding Teritory in the Wheat Feilds" says Fido in a comanding way. "There we will lay down our supplies, and come up with a strategy to break alliances." says Fido. "Ok then....but if you think of it, the Capitol is trying to pressure us. In fact, being allowed to stay with eachother to the very end is soo...sadicstic. One death, and we turn on eachother right there." says Will. Lucy and Fido agree. The search for teritory begins.

"Carolina, and Topaz....the Careers are tougher than we thought" says Axon. "Since they raided the Wheat Feilds, we should head to the corners of the rose section" says Axon. They begin to move. Zirah Black, Kenton Cliff, and Rufus Mendal create an alliance. "The Arena is shaped like a circle...just like we expected Kenton. Here's my plan." calmly says Zirah. "We can begin setting traps around the Arena, constantly changing territories to confuse the Careers and other alliances. With the help of Rufus's cloth making skills, he can camoflauge them!" says Zirah. Kenton and Rufus both opinionate, and begin their treturous plan. From the Capitol's cameras, you can see that Districts 12 and 11 have allied, and so have Districts 1 and 2, Districts 6 and 7, 3 and 8, and 13 and 5 (Khaz Syde of 5).

Deaths and Injuries

The faces of the Tributes of District 9, District 10, Mhoss of District 6, and Kati Jean of District 8, Sara Stone of District 1, Brooke Blue of District 4, and Reed Gray of District 4 show up in the sky as the anthem of Panem ends.

No other injuries have occured, though the over exhaustion caused by the bloodbath affected the remaining tributes.....9 deaths on day 1.

Day 2

Now that the tributes have settled, the Gamemakers are put to work. In the wheat fields, a pack of Wild Dog Mutts charge at the tributes. In the roses, Tracker Jackers...spreading pollen and drinking nectar.. and in the Crystal Lake, Pirhanna Mutts. The Tracker Jackers ruin District 3 and 8's plan, causing an explosion that kills one of the tributes from District 11; Herba Hemway. "Oh no!! Herba!" screams out Ograssu. He has no choice, but to fight Dynames to the death. Quickly, they run towards eachother; Ograssu holding a spear.....Dynames holding a short sword. The fight comes to a finish; Dynames has won with a stab on his thigh, causing him to limp as he walks. "Atleast we managed to kill off a few tributes...." says Rufus. Zirah and Kenton are in awe. Suddently, they both fall to the ground and die from the Tracker Jacker stings. Rufus was able to camoflauge with his surroundings. Axon, Carolina, and Topaz were unharmed, as they had hidden within the flowers.

The Careers begin to fight the mutts, and the Tribute from 5; Kipcha dies from extreme bloodloss due to the bites the Wild Dog Mutts inflicted. Lucy, Will, and Fido are left of the floor panting and full of scratches. The Wild Dog Mutts that attacked them lay dead around the Careers.

As for those who've set camp near the lake, none were killed, but all the water supply has been infested with mutts. "It's been two days....and 15 Tributes had died....this might break a record.." says Lara of 13. "I'm with you...barley any deaths were caused by the Gamemakers. The rest of the deaths were by the other Tribute's hands." says Khaz of 5. "I'm already saddened by the fact that my brother, Kipcha, had died." says Khaz with a sad expression on his face. "What we need to focus on is water." says Hunter of District 13. "I saw the tracker jackers at the rose garden...they were drinking nectar from the flowers" says Hunter. "Your eyesight is always key." says Lara. The alliance waits for the roses to clear of tributes.

The Lure

Suddentley, static fills the air, causing Lara, Hunter, and Khaz to stop their "evening plans". Even the Capitol can hear the Gamemaker's laughter. Since the water was infested with Pirhannas, all the Tributes will soon be lured into the rose gardens to gather nectar. "Congratulations to those who had made it pass Day 1" announces Claudius. "But, will you make it pass Day 2 safely? That's all up to you!" says Claudius. "A mandetory FEAST that everyone must attend has been made at the Rose Garden. If you can gather as many roses as possible, thirst wouldn't be a problem! Please come tomorrow!" exclaims Claudius. A feast on Day is a strange Quarter Quell. The Tributes prepare themselves for the upcomming event.

Regaining Strength

"These Gamemakers are smart....waiting until we have settled." says Fido. "We're in a wheat feild, full of crops but no water. I think that is why they are announcing a feast" says Will. "Whatever we're doing, leave the Female of 13 to me, her training score makes me jealous." says Lucy. The Careers gather their supplies together; Fido: Bandages, Skin Ointment, and Fever Pills, Will: One Bottle of Water, Bandages, Sleeping Bag, Needles & Thread, Lucy: Dried Beef and Rice bowl, Blood Poisoning Pills, One Energy Drink, and Burn Cream. We're alright....with this, we can atleast survive one day without hunting" says Will. "Lay down the weapons!" says Lucy. Will: Spear, Shortsword, Fido: Throwing knives, Axe, Lucy: Poison. "We are more than prepared for the Feast" says Fido.

"Lets see what we've got!" says Carolina. Carolina lays down her Burning Cream, Cold Syrup, and Fever Pills. Axon lays down his Sleeping Bag, and Three Rolls of Bandages. Topaz lays down his Roll of Cloth and Alchohol. "Great, now our weapons." The alliance happens to have 5 Throwing Axes, 15 throwing knives, and 4 Spears. All of a sudden, 3 silver parachutes come from the sky. The alliance between 6 and 7 now has 5 spears, and a box of 15 Throwing knives (30 in total). "It's not too bad...for now, get some supplies and stuff it into your bag. Now...who's gonna go to the feast?" says Carolina, who has a big grin on her face. "I'll go!" says Carolina. "This 13 year old girl is going to be feared in the Arena!" Carolina is almost excited.

"Dang....Zirah and Black...dead!" says Rufus. "I'm guessing there are would be other things at the feast. I mean, gathering flowers can be done now." calmly says Rufus. "All I have is a sleeping bag, Fever Pills, and my roll of red cloth." Suddently, Rufus comes up with an idea of completely mumifying himself in the red cloth, in order to mask his presence within the roses. He takes his backpack, heads to the flowers, and puts his plan into action.

"Hunter, for now lets set camp at the River" says Lara. We need to get some rest. "For now, lets gather all of our materials." says Lara with a comanding tone. The alliances has a large array of medication; Burn, Rash, and Skin ointment, Fever Pills & Cough Syrup, Cold Syrup, and Chest Rub. They have no sleeping bags, but don't mind sleeping on the puffy grass. For combat, they have 45 Throwing knives, and 1 set of body armour. "I believe that the honor of wearing the plate of iron should go to Lara, she had the best scores." says Khaz, with a wise tone behind his voice. "Either way, we each get 15 throwing knives....good for team work!" Hunter exclaims.

As for Dynames, a silver parachute comes towards him. He recieves a bow and arrow, bandages, and stab medication. "Oh thank goodness, I thought I was a gonnar!" Dyanmes exclaims. He applies the bandages and medications, and readies himself for the upcoming event.


As the anthem of Panem ends, the following tributes' faces show up in the sky: Herba of 11, Ograssu of 11, Zirah of 3, Kenton of 3, Kipcha of 5,


Dynames: Bow & Arrows leaves him with $1900.

Axon & Carolina: Spears and Knives leave them with $350.

Day 3

The Feast

It is there, within the Rose's center....the Rose Garden. A Golden Table with backpacks you would usually find at the Cornucopia; labled District 8, District 6, District 7 (two packs), District 2 (two packs), District 5, District 13 (two packs), District 1, and District 12. Around the table is an array of beautiful, nectar housing flowers. The cameras zoom in on the tributes around the feasting area. "Dig In!" Claudius exclaims. The tributes watch as a mumified Rufus runs to the table to get his bag, pick some flowers, and quickly leave without hesitation. District 13's Lara decides to go into the feast by herself, leaving the other tributes of her alliance behind.......She is suddently brought down to the floor by Lucy! "Heeeeeey girlfriend!" says Lucy happily. "We're gonna be friends from now on! Is that OK with yoooou?" asks Lucy. Lara tries to get herself out of Lucy's grip, but only ends up being punched across the face. "No, no! You can't move, I want to HUG YOU!" says Lucy. Lucy takes out a Knife, and attempts to stab Lara in the heart, but fails, due to her body armour. "You little!! WE'RE NOT FRIENDS ANYMORE!" Lucy screams out in a fit of rage. As she goes for Lara's head, Lucy is suddently brought down by one of Carolina's throwing axes, which chopped its way through her spine. "BOOM" this marks the 11th place. Both Carolina and Lara run for their bags and flowers, and quickly begin to sprint out of the feasting area. As they leave, Will throws two throwing knives, in attempt to bring Carolina and Lara down. He fails, and quickly flees the area. It is there where Fido barrels towards Carolina and Lara, with an axe in hand. "Pathetic!" Screams out Carolina. Carolina's axe makes it way into Fido's chest as his axe makes its way through Lara's neck. Both axes are thrown with such force, that the axe that was thrown into Fido's chest is dug in so deep, that even the axe's handle went in. As for Lara, she was decapitated. "BOOM, BOOM!" this marks the 10th and 9th places. Khaz runs towards Lara, grabs her bag, runs to the table, and grabs the other bag from 13, then his from 5 along with a few roses. Since there are 2 tributes remaining in his alliance, he runs into the wheat fields...

After everyone leaves, Dynames comes to get his bag. He then runs away.

Settling Down

"That girl from 7 is so troublesome....It's a good thing I got my bag as I escaped." says Will. In his bag, he finds a Gas Mask, and a poison antidote. Due to intuition, he wears it, and drinks the antidote whole.

As for Rufus, he finds Body Armor and 4 Throwing Axes. "Oh thank I thought i wasn't going to have any weapons." says Rufus with a calm tone.

"Topaz! Axon!! Take a look at what I gooooooot!" says Carolina. In her bag are 3 sets of Body Armor. "Woah! Did you kill anyone?" asks Topaz. "You bet....BOTH FROM DISTRICT 2!" Carolina is jumping in the air, proud of herself. " killed two Careers?! Especially from District 2?!" asks Axon with an astonished manner. The alliance settles down, and readies themselves for the next day.

Hunter and Khaz are now far from each other. Khaz uses the supplies he got at the feast; Medication for the skin and fever, and a Gas Mask. "Now that you think of it.....I wasn't hungry since Day 1...." says Khaz. It was part of President Sun's sympathy.....a special chemical put in the Tracking Device that sends neutrients to the body.

As for Dynames, he goes back to his camp. He opens his bag, only to find a Gas Mask and an antidote. He gets mad. "This is all they left for me?!"...... He goes to sleep.

The Attack

A few hours later, those with a gas mask and antidote are attacked by a special poison made by the Gamemakers. The Capitol hears Dyname's screams and squeals, as the poisonous cloud envelopes him. Dynames dies a painful death, green slime oozes from his eyes and from scars made from the poison. "BOOM" this marks the 8th place. Will is completely unharmed from the attack, as he took the antidote and wore the gas mask. As for the alliances with body armor, they have Wolf Mutts attack them.

After the attack, only one died, which was Dynames. The other tributes lay on the floor, exhausted.


As the anthem of Panem ends, Dynames, Lucy, Lara, and Fido's faces are shown up in the night sky.

Day 4

Day 4 has come, and somehow, we are down to the Final Eight. "It's a good thing those Mutts didn't scratch or bite us...." says Carolina. Axon and Topaz nod in agreement. "Well, lets take a rest...." says Topaz. The three take off their body armour.

"What todo....what todo?" says Will. "My alliance was completely were a few others....that leaves 5, 13, 6, 7, 8, and of course, me. "If anything, I'm the main target for the remaining alliance, and if I'm correct, for the others aswell" says Will. He gets a few throwing knives, puts on his gas mask, and goes out hunting for tributes.

"Well...well...if it isn't the one from 5..." says Will. Khaz readies himself for battle. "The other one from 13....he's still OK is he?" asks Will. "Yes...we didn't bother fighting eachother when Lara died. Why do you ask?" calmly says Khaz. "Alliance...together, we can bring down the 6 & 7 alliance....we'll pay District 8 a visit later." says Will, with a somewhat sneaky tone. Khaz catches up with Will's plan, and begins to find Hunter. Finally, after many hours, Hunter is finally found and added to the new 5, 1, & 13 alliance. "Now....let's go see how 6 & 7 are doing..." says Will

"Hear that?" says Topaz. "One.....Three....Three tributes headed this way!" says Topaz with a whisper. Carolina grabs some throwing axes, Topaz grabs a spear, and Axon grabs some throwing knives. Suddently, a battle takes place; Carolina stabbed on the calf, Will's arm impaled by an Axe, Topaz stabbed on the back by a knife, Khaz cut on both arms, and Hunter gasping for air. "Retreat!!" screams out Will. The 5, 1, and 13 alliance moves out. In the end, they couldn't find Rufus.

An Important Farewell: A Life on the Battle Field

"'s been a great time with you all..." says Topaz. "What are you saying...?" asks Axon and Carolina consecutively. "I....*gasp* can't breath...*cough*" hoarsly says Topaz. "No....No.....don't say that! *sniffle*. Carolina begins to cry, Axon is in awe. "His lung is punctured. There's nothing we can do." says Axon. With her mouth open, tears falling down her face, she falls down next to Topaz. "No....don't die!" screams out Carolina. "DOON'T DIE!" she's almost gasping for air. "" faintly says Topaz. "BOOM!" this marks the 7th Place. Carolina is sobbing at Topaz's body, and even Axon begins to cry. Carolina looks at the cameras with a face of fury. "That's it...I can't take these games! WHY WOULDN'T THE CAPITOL PEOPLE TRY THIS?! IT FEELS GREAT, THIS HAPPENING TO US!!" screams out Carolina. "We are announcing a break, please, killing is not permitted. If you are near to a body, step away now." says Claudius. "The cameras are now entering the Final Eight Interviews. Please remain where you are, unless you want the mines to take care of you" says Claudius.


After the anthem of panem ends, and the cameras are programed, Topaz's face shows up in the night sky. This brings great sorrow to Carolina.

Day 5

Finding District 8

Another day....another chance...

"Don't worry, we can't split up yet." says Axon. Carolina begins to wonder. "District 8 has been hiding all this time. There's not a scratch on his head." says Axon. "So think about it....if we find him, we will be evenly matched with the remaining alliance. "That will put an end to the, it's just a deal of odds." says Carolina. They get their gear, and begin searching for Rufus.

"Oh comming!" says Rufus with a whisper. He continues with his plans and switches locations. As he switches locations, he runs into trouble....1, 13, and 5. " prey came to us this time." says Will. "Like all prey, it must be hunted down." says Khaz. A sharp knife is taken out of Will's jacket. As it slowly makes its way towards Rufus, Will is brought down by Axon. Rufus sighs in relief as Axon's axe bashes itself into Will's skull. "BOOM" this marks the 6th place.

The Fight

The fight over Rufus begins. Carolina throws her throwing axe at Khaz, earning her a knife on her arm and thigh. As she falls to the ground, Khaz heads for the kill. Axon sees this, and throws his axe at Khaz's lung. "BOOM" this marks the 5th place. Axon runs to grab his axe from Khaz's back.

Now, the fight against Hunter. "The odds aren't in your favor!" Carolina exclaims, with a hoarse voice. "We of 13 are like Careers. We are trained soldiers.....don't take me....LIGHTLY!!" Hunter barrels towards Carolina and Axon with a Shortsword in hand. Carolina grabs her throwing axe, and throws it at Hunter with the last of her strength. It doesn't kill him, as he has body armor on. "I guess cutting trees is a benefit!" says Hunter. "You're so presistent, fighting with two knives in your body." claims Hunter. He grabs the throwing axe that Carolina threw at him from the ground, and throws it at her. She manages to roll away from the attack, and suprisingly, Hunter falls to the ground.

The Victors

Hunter falls to the ground, face first. "Who...who did this...?" asks Hunter, while gasping for air. "You're too arrogant." says Rufus. The Camera focuses on the axe that is jabbed into the back of Hunter's thigh. "This is it." Rufus grabs another throwing axe, and decapitates Hunter. "BOOM!" this marks the 4th place.

After all the action, all Rufus can say is......"Allies?". Carolina and Axon nod in approval, and static fills the air. "Congratulations to the Victors of the 1st Hunger Games!" Claudius exclaims. A hovercraft comes and drops a ladder. The three grab on, and an electric shock freezes them as they leave the arena.

Final 8 Interviews


Topaz's friends and family walk into the stage, and sit in a big couch infront of Ceaser.

"We are so sorry for your loss." says Ceaser.

"Please, just don't mention that next to the kids." says Ms. Cytonn. Topaz's little brother begins to cry.

"This is one of the interviews that make me sad.." says Ceaser in a nonchalant voice.

"So, how are things back home?" asks Ceaser.

"Different....not the same...without..him." says Ms. Cytonn

"Well, things usually come and go...correct?" asks Ceaser. The Capitol gives him a dumb glare.

"Please...*sniff* just don't say that" says Ms. Cytonn

"My last question, how's the family." asks Ceaser

"We are all sad for Topaz's loss...we acually had hope, now that three tributes can win." says Ms. Cytonn.

"Unfortunatley, that's all the time we have for Ms. Cytonn." says Ceaser.


Carolina's grandmother is the only one at the interviews.

"Hello Miss. Hardock." says Ceaser. "Where's the rest of the family?" asks Ceaser

"There is none. Carolina lives with me." says Miss. Hardock. The Capitol gasps.

"I'm so sorry to hear that.." says Ceaser.

"Oh no, don't worry. Carolina told me to tell you before she entered the Arena." says Miss. Hardock

"So, do you still woodcut?" asks Ceaser

"Why ofcourse...this woman may be old, but it still hasn't left me!" Miss. Hardock exclaims. The Capitol cheers.

"'s life in District 7?" asks Ceaser

" log house is next to a bunch of trees, great for relaxation." says Miss. Hardock.

"My last question, do you think Carolina will make it?" asks Ceaser

"People from District 7 are strongly willed. If someone close dies, we are tought to move on. That's why Carolina wasn't affected by the loss of her mother, father, brother, sister, and cousin." strongly says Miss. Hardock.

"Thank you for your time, mam." says Ceaser.


"Hello, Mr. Parsons, how is everything?" asks Ceaser.

"Great." says Mr. Parsons

"How do you feel about Will being the last District 1 Tribute alive?" asks Ceaser.

"Great." sats Mr. Parsons

"Do you think he will make it?" asks Ceaser.

"Nope." says Mr. Parsons

"Why is that?" Ceaser exclaims.

"Reasons." says Mr. Parsons

"You're not even sad?" asks Ceaser.

"Nope." says Mr. Parsons.

"Well, thank you for your time."


"Mrs. Syde, I see you brought your Husband with you." says Ceaser. The Capitol gives a romantic "ooo".

"Yes, I did." says Mrs. Syde.

"What do you do in District 5?" asks Ceaser.

"We hunt, and turn the animals into Mutts for the Capitol." says Mrs. Syde.

"How nice, so District 5 is a huge benefit to the games!" says Ceaser. The Capitol cheers.

"How thoughtful, that's why we are soo sneaky!" says Mrs. Syde

"How's life in District 5?" asks Ceaser.

"Great, in my house...ordinary." calmly says Ms. Syde. "My last you think Khaz will win?" asks Ceaser.

"I have a few words....May the Odds be in Your Favor!" says Ms. Syde

"Thank you for your time."


"Mr. and Mrs. Mendal, how are you on this fine evening." asks Ceaser.

The couple shows a country acsent. "Great, we are a bit worried though." says Mrs. Mendal

"Why is that?" asks Ceaser.

"In District 8, all we do is work with clothing....what good is that to our tributes?" says Mr. Mendal.

"From what I've seen, Rufus was doing great! He used camoflauge this entire time." says Ceaser.

"He's still alive?!" both of them exclaim. It's obvious that they didn't watch the games.

"Haven't you been watching the games?" asks Ceaser.

"No, we don't have enough time. We are too busy in the factory. Do you know how hard it is to put a loaf of bread on the table?" says Mr. Mendal

"I believe so..." says Ceaser.

"Anyways, do you think Rufus might win?" asks Ceaser.

"Maybe he can hide long enough..." says Mrs. Mendal

"Maybe....Anyways, Thank you for your time!" says Ceaser.


"It's a good thing a fight between Khaz and Hunter was avoided, right Mr. Smoke?" asks Ceaser

"Yes, but it was prevented for a reason." says Mr. Smoke

"Well, if something doesn't happen, then it doesn't happen!" Ceaser exclaims.

"I agree..." says Mr. Smoke.

"Anyways, do you have any hope for Hunter." asks Ceaser.

"What ever comes his way, that is what he shall deal with." says Mr. Smoke

"Great point." says Ceaser

"Since this is 13's first year, we should congratulate Hunter for making it this far." says Ceaser.

"Yes, I didn't expect him to get this far. I simply underestimated him..." says Mr. Smoke.

"Maybe so...anyways, thank you for your time, sir!" says Ceaser.


"Hello!" says Ceaser.

A little boy makes his way up the stage. "Hi" says the lad.

"Where's your family?" asks Ceaser.

"In the Games!" happily says the lad. The Capitol gasps.

"Well, do you think he might win?" asks Ceaser.

"Yes! Big Broder can win anything!!" the lad exclaims. The Capitol laughs.

"We all have hope." says Ceaser.

"Well young lad, how's life in District 7?" asks Ceaser.

"Hard!" says the lad with a mad expression on his face.

"That's what work is! Hard!" Ceaser exclaims.

"Thank you for your time, young sir." says Ceaser.


"We are sorry, for your loss." says Ceaser.

"Oh's ok..." says Ms. Byst.

"He died on the point of the Final Eight....." Ms. Byst begins to cry.

"Don't cry...." Ceaser doesn't know what to say, as nothing is alright.

"I'm sorry...I have to leave." Ms. Byst walks down the stage, full of tears.

The Capitol simply stares.

Victor's Interviews


"Let's give a round of applause to Rufus" Ceaser exclaims. The Capitol Cheers.

"How does it feel to break the record of being un-injured for the whole games?" asks Ceaser.

"It feels great, I really thought life was going to be hell in the arena." says Rufus.

"Yes, It's a good thing the Gamemaker's attacks didn't acually touch you." says Ceaser.

"The mutts couldn't find me, thats why." claims Rufus.

"Well anyways, how's life in District 8?" asks Ceaser.

"Before the Games, there wasn't much food for the Family." sadly says Rufus. "There was food, but most of it was shared around the table soo much, that we would barley eat anything." says Rufus. "Think of sharring half a cake with 4 people. One, just one small slice of meat for every one. With some bread." says Rufus.

"And what do you do in District 8?" asks Ceaser.

"I work as one of the cloth makers in the silk factories."

"Interesting, it sounds fun." says Ceaser.

"Fun, yes, but barely any money is put on the table. That is why everyone in the family works as something in the factories." says Rufus.

"Well, I feel sorry for you. Now as a victor, you're Captiol Rich!" Ceaser exclaims. The Capitol cheers.


"Well, Carolina. Your Grandmother was quite the laugh in the Final 8 interviews." says Ceaser.

"Yeah, she always talks about home." says Carolina.

"What does she like to do?" asks Ceaser.

"Woodcut. That's why we have such a nice house in the woods." says Carolina.

"Cool, how is life in District 7?" asks Ceaser.

"Great. Since it's just Granny and I, we have a good supply of food. I usually help the Cutter Squad bring down trees after school." says Carolina.

"Anything else?" asks Ceaser

"Since my Granny is old.....but umm...young, we get a higher salary." says Carolina.

"As a Victor, that salary will go all the way up!" Ceaser exclaims.

"Yeah, I'll be CAPTIOL RICH!" Carolina exclaims. The Capitol cheers.

"It's been a pleasure." says Ceaser.


"Hello Axon, in otherwords, the leader of the winning alliance!" happily says Ceaser.

"Why, hello to you, Ceaser!" Axon exclaims.

"How's life in District 7?" asks Ceaser.

"Great, I'M SO GLAD I GET TO LIVE WITH JOHANNA MASON!!" Axon exclaims. Johanna steps up from the Victor's seats and waves to the Capitol. The Capitol cheers.

"Now, both of you can share the fame together." says Ceaser

"What do you do in District 7?" asks Ceaser

"I help the sawing squad before school" says Axon.

"Seems like hard work! Harder than that of my own!" Ceaser exclaims.

"Did you have any good moments in the Arena?" asks Ceaser.

"No. Well, the ending does count. Hunter's death was just sooo pathetic." says Axon

"Well, If that's the way you see it!" Ceaser exclaims.

"Anyways, it's been a pleasure to have you!"

The Crowning of the Victors

President Sun comes up to the stage with three Golden Crows. The Capitol Cheers. "Since the three of you followed orders through the arena, and surpassed the odds, I am crowining you.....VICTORS!" President Sun exclaims.

He walks up to the Victors of the 1st Hunger Games, and crowns them.

"Thank you all for watching! Now, stay tuned for next years games!" Ceaser exclaims.

The Victors happily walk down the stage as the Capitol cheers for them.

The End

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