Hello, all you wonderful people, to my first ever gam- SIT BACK DOWN. O_O... Look, I'm no Mysims, but if you just give me a chance, I can guarantee a good show, even if it IS my first time. So, sit back, relax, have some popcorn if you don't mind getting your keyboard dirty, and let's begin:


Several years after the Hunger Games ended, the Capitol has dealt with more and more threats and damage from the fellow districts... I guess they didn't learn the first time. So, the Capitol, wanting to keep the district's armies from growing stronger, started a new games, this time including District 13 and making several changes:

  • 52 tributes shall be included, 4 from each district, 2 females, 2 males.
  • Only 26 tributes will go into the arena. How? Well, the two people from the same district and the same gender will be forced to fight until one dies, the other will go to the arena.
  • The ages, originally ranging from 12-18, now range from 11-19, as the crowd often cheers for the youngest and oldest tributes, so the Capitol wants to extend the chances of getting a younger or older tribute.
  • The rewards for winning will be greater than ever....

The Capitol hopes to host these until the districts are weaker than ever.

Character Submissions

This is the following info you shall include in your comment: P.S. A section with this symbol (*) is optional to include.










If you don't include this section in your comment (Except the optional one, but you can submit that if you want), your tribute won't be included.


District Female Female Male Male
1 Arianne Moonbeam (18) Sparkle Zidaze (17) Diamond Unshatterable (18) James Unshatterable (17)
2 Talia Crossier (18) Brianna Adams (15) Wilson Grove (17) Callok Headlocko (18)
3 Xevia Black (11) Isa Guard (13) Luke Wired (17) Hail Destro (16)
4 Wavabelle Surfsice (18) Luchia Moset (18) Mitchel Normandy (18) Teo Carter (16)
5 Selina Poconti (12) Katriona Greystone (18) Veto Magnete (13) Tensie Oveter (19)
6 Veronica Shuve (15) Eileen Shade (16) Liam Smith (12) Brann Clatch (16)
7 Tidal Flynn (17) Cherry Hollowcreak (15) Warren Davis (14) Pamline Falcone (17)
8 Ava Menino (14) Roxy Clover (17) Flicks Marvel (17) Zaine Tisch (15)
9 Illuminate Sensorium (15) Cordelia Morgius (16) Aldon Diome (16) Lucas Rayden (17)
10 Indigo Cronin (15) Natasha Grey (14) Antero Lisin (17) Allan Raye (13)
11 Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12) Ivy Sunwillow (14) Cricket Crisp (15) Rick Antwhiler (16)
12 Melanoi Jet (16) Echo Lavyathin (16) Pyro Vuldran (12) Nick Walker (14)
13 Vallita Fecil (18) Carmin Dent (18) Josh Eagleye (17) Battleaxe Ridge (14)

If you want to cancel or switch your reservation at any time, just tell me.

One Versus One

Hello, once again, Panem viewer! I am MovieReviews98, and throughout this event, I shall be your host. We have a great show for you, so without any further ado, let's get this show on the road.

The first event we have for you today is the one on one fights between people of the same gender and district. This will help narrow down the strongest of the bunch, to give you the ultimate experience in the arena. The first of many fights is the District 1 Female match up, between Arianne Moonbeam and Sparkle Zidaze. So, I'll shut my annoying mouth, and let you watch for yourself.

Arianne Moonbeam (18) vs. Sparkle Zidaze (17)

The two enter a small room, spikes on the walls, the two girls on a large podium ready to jump off and launch at each other, both slightly cocky, but also trying to find the weaknesses of the other tribute. The countdown clock ends, Arianne leaps off the podium at Sparkle, but it's to far, and she lands on her stomach, quickly getting up. Sparkle climbs down the podium and charges at Arianne. Arianne grabs Sparkles hair and tries throwing her at the wall, but Sparkle steps away from the spikes and kicks Arianne into them. The spikes go through Arianne's back, one of her legs, and slightly stabs her head. She's alive for several more seconds, coughing up blood, but then finally passes on, Sparkle starring blankly, not at Arianne, but at the blood at the spikes, thinking that could have been hers. She's escorted out of the room along with Arianne's corpse.

Winner: Sparkle Zizdaze (17)

Diamond Unshatterable (18) vs. James Unshatterable (17)

The brothers are in a room with a shotgun in the middle, both staring at each other, Diamond obviously not wanting to kill his brother, but staring at the shotgun as well, and James just staring at Diamond, very confused. The countdown clock ends, the bang goes off, and the two brothers charge for the gun. James grabs it first, but Diamond punches him in the stomach and grabs it from his hands.The two wrestle for it until Diamond points it at James. James freezes, not wanting to hurt his brother anymore. Without saying another word, Diamond points the gun at James's head, closes his eyes, and mouths several words that the cameras couldn't pick up. James stares at the ground, knowing his life is over, and he's going to die at the hands of his older brother. Diamond fires, and the bullets mostly hit James's left shoulder, but one hits his heart, killing him. Diamond drops the gun, and doesn't open his eyes until he's taken out of the room.

Winner: Diamond Unshatterable (18)

Talia Crossier (18) vs. Brianna Adams (15)

Talia grins wickedly at the younger opponent, and then turns her attention to the sword in the middle of the room. Brianna is staring at Talia, trying to find a weakness. A gong goes off and Talia grabs the sword and slashes Brianna's leg. Talia smiles as she's about to stab Brianna, but Brianna kicks Talia in the face, causing Talia to fall down, and before she can get up, Brianna stabs her in the chest, killing her instantly. Brianna stands above Talia's corpse until the peacemakers take her away.

Winner: Brianna Adams (15)

Wilson Grove (17) vs. Callok Headlocko (18)

Wilson and Callok stand on the podiums, a hammer in the middle. Both seem confident in their chances of winning. The gong goes off, and Wilson reaches the hammer first, and before Callok can even react, Wilson hits Callok in the head with a hammer. However, Callok isn't dead, so Wilson hits him one more time, killing him. Wilson grins slightly, happy with the win, but turns away at the beaten in skull of Callok. The peacemakers try to grab Wilson, but Wilson says "I got this" and walks out of the room by himself.

Winner: Wilson Grove (17)

Xevia Black (11) vs. Isa Guard (13)

In this room, the floor is replaced with shallow, electrocuted water. The podiums have paintball guns on them, and the goal is shoot the enemy off the podium and into the water. As soon as someone hits the water, a floor will be instantly placed above the water to save the other tribute if she falls off. Xevia lifts the gun and aims it at Isa, and Isa does the same. A gong goes off, and the two start firing. Isa gets hit in the leg and the stomach, but keeps firing, but Xevia gets hit in the head and the foot, knocking her down, but she stays on the podium. She lies down on her stomach and starts firing at Isa again, one round knocks Isa's gun out of her hands, and the next knocks her into the water, electrocuting her to death. Xevia climbs down to the new floor and is brought out of the room.

Winner: Xevia Black (11)

Luke Wired (17) vs. Hail Destro (16)

In this room, there's a small phone booth-like building with a broken mine that takes 10 seconds to go off. The goal is to lock the other tribute in the room, and since there's a window in the booth, you have the option to watc the tribute die or not. Hail seems slightly confident, while Luke seems slightly nervous, but both seem ready. The gong goes off, and both leap at each other. Hail punches Luke in the head 3 times, but Luke tackles Hail on the ground and kicks him multiple times, and then backs up. As soon as Hail stands up, Luke pushes him in the booth and locks the door. Hail tries to open the door, but there's no use. He stares at Luke for several seconds, but Luke doesn't want to see Hail die, so he closes his eyes. Hail finally just accepts his death and leans against the wall as the bomb goes off, killing him. Luke waits for the peacemakers to come, so they can take him out of the room, and as they finally do, he looks at the strong booth one more time, the windows cracked and covered in blood....

Winner: Luke Wired (17)

Wavabelle Surfsice (18) vs. Luchia Moset (18)

In this room, there is an old stove in the corner of the room, with the fire lighted. The tributes goal is to push the opponent in the stove and close the door, leaving the other to burn alive. Wavabelle and Luchia are on the podiums, both looking at each other. The gong goes, and Luchia instantly grabs Wavabelle and shoves her head on the metal part of the stove. Wavabelle runs near her podium and kicks Luchia in the stomach. Luchia backs away from the stove and then pushes Wavabelle towards it. Wavabelle tries to get away from the stove, but Luchia pushes her into the stove and closes the door. Screams are heard from the stove, but they only last a few seconds. Luchia grins as she's taken out of the room.

Winner: Luchia Moset (18)

Mitchel Normandy (18) vs. Teo Carter (16)

This is one of many fights that doesn't take place in a room. This fight shall take place on an helicopter-like aircraft. Nooses shall be tied around both tributes necks, and the goal is to push the other tribute out of the copter, causing them to be hung by the noose. Mitchel is looking very confident, he's one of the toughest and biggest tributes here, but Teo is one of the fastest, so this'll be interesting. A bang is heard, and Mitchel immediatly pushes Teo down and starts punching him. Teo manages to get up and stands next to the opened door. Mitchel tries pushing him, but Teo steps out of the way, causing Mitchel to step inches from his death. Mitchel turns around and gets kicked in the stomach and head, finally causing him to fall out of the aircraft, killing him. The aircraft lands, and Teo leaves the aircraft.

Winner: Teo Carter (16)

Selina Poconti (12) vs. Katriona Greystone (18)

The two stand on their respective podiums, with an axe in the middle of the room. Katriona knows she's gonna win, and actually starts to be proud of herself, Selina on the other hand, is obviously extremely nervous. The gong goes, and Katriona grabs the axe first and starts swinging at Selina. Several hits from the axe knocks Selina's leg off completely. Selina begins yelling and sobbing, and Katriona, seeing Selina, a 12 year old, crying, yelling, and covered in blood, Katriona starts backing away. She can't bring herself to believe she did this to an innocent child. Her mind goes crazy, and then blank. Without a second thought, she sets the axe upright on Selina's remaining leg, and smashes her skull against it, committing suicide. Selina begins crying even more, and the Peacemakers take her away. For the games, she will have an artificial leg.

Winner: Selina Poconti (12)

Veto Magnate (13) vs. Tensie Oveter (19)

The two stand at their podiums, in the room is a hole in the wall. On the other side of the wall, a gunman points a shotgun through the wall. Every 10 seconds, he fires. The tributes goal is to get the other tribute shot. Veto is surprisingly calm, and Tensie is calm too, but for better reason. The first bullet is fired, which sounds the beginning of the fight. Veto pushes Tensie into the wall, but he pulls away before a bullet is fired. Tensie punches and kicks Veto in the direction of the gun, but Veto falls down before the bullet can hit him. Tensie stands over Veto and starts punching him, and then quickly backs away. Veto doesn't think the 10 seconds are up yet, so he stands up... The next bullet fires and hits Veto in the chest, causing him to collapse. Tensie picks up Veto and puts his head against the hole. Tensie closes Veto's eyes for him by pushing his eyelids down, and quickly backs away as Veto gets shot in the head. Tensie looks on at the mess, very disturbed by the whole scene, as he's taken out of the room.

Winner: Tensie Oveter (19)

Veronica Shuve (15) vs. Eileen Shade (16)

In this fight, the floor will have electric wire spread across it. The two tributes have to avoid the wires while fighting. It requires skill and strength, and the goal is to get the other tribute on the wire. Veronica and Eileen plan out there strategy with the wires, and then the gong goes off. The two jump down, making sure they don't step on any wires, and the fight commences. Veronica starts punching Eileen, while Eileen tries to block and avoid the punches. Finally, Veronica starts to get exhausted, and this is Eileen's chance. Eileen pushes Veronica to the ground, However, Eileen falls over as well. She positions herself so her hands and feet wont touch the wires when she falls, and she succeeds. However, Veronica doesn't. She lands on her back, on the wires, electrocuting her to death. As soon as she dies, the electric current in the wires is shut down, and Eileen can walk out safely.

Winner: Eileen Shade (16)

Liam Smith (12) vs. Brann Clatch (16)

In this match, both podiums have a sword on it. Both tributes have to grab the sword and try to kill the opponent with it. Simple as that, it requires skill, strength, and smarts. Liam is obviously thinking very hard, while Brann is more just staring at the sword is his hands. The gong goes off, Liam jumps off, and throws his sword at Brann's head. The sword cuts Brann's face slightly, but the sword lands on Brann's side, so he runs for it. Brann grabs the second sword, but Liam jumps on Brann's back, not ready to give up. Brann jumps and lands on his back, rolls of the ground, and presses both swords in both sides of Liams chest, killing him instantly. Brann doesn't seem happy, nor does he seem distraught by killing Liam. He is then escorted out.

Winner: Brann Clatch (16)

Tidal Flynn (17) vs. Cherry Hollowcreak (15)

The arena for this is similar to the stove room, except this time, it's an electric chair. The goal is to electrocute your opponent, whether or not to watch is up to you. Tidal and Cherry are on their podiums, opposite sides of the room, and then the gong is heard, and the two run out. Tidal immediatly takes control, pushing Cherry to the ground and punching her over and over again. Cherry began bleeding by this point, and while she was fighting back really well, Tidal wouldn't stop punching, kicking, etc. Finally, Tidal threw Cherry in the electric chair, strapped her in, and began putting bandages on her eyes and mouth so she didn't have to see herself die. Cherry was screaming and begging until the bandage went over her face, and then she gave up. Tidal pulled the switch with hesitation, killing Cherry after about 20 seconds. Tidal turned away from the burnt corpse of Cherry Hollowcreak until she left the room, and gave one final glance, and she saw herself in the chair. She blinked several times and finally saw Cherry, and then she turned around and left.

Winner: Tidal Flynn (17)

Warren Davis (14) vs. Pamline Falcone (17)

In this event, the two tributes stand in a plain, with the only items being 2 huge rocks, 2 signs with no words on them, and a very small hill only big enough to hide behind. The two tributes have to run from a sniper, who was told to shoot the people who try the least. The area is fenced off, so anywhere these 2 tributes hide, the sniper can shoot. Pamline stands on the left side of the area, while Warren stands on the right. Then, the sniper fires his first bullet in the middle of the field, which is to signal the beginning of the match. Warren tries running after Pamline, but when he sees a bullet fly only inches from him, he hides behind a rock. Pamline manages to dodge the bullets by side-stepping, ducking, jumping, changing his direction, etc. At one point, Pamline manages to dodge 6 bullets in a row by these same methods. Warren constantly tries to stay as close to Pamline as possible, so he can grab him, but when Pamline is too far away and bullets are heavy, he hides in the best spot. However, at one point, Warren hides behind the sign. However, the sniper knows that the sign is too weak to withstand bullets, so he fires a bullet at the sign, hitting Warrens leg, causing him to fall down, and being under the sign, so the sniper can see him, and finish him off, which is what he does. As soon as Warren dies, Pamline collapses from exhaustion, and he's then woke up to go back to the District 7 hotel room.

Winner: Pamline Falcone (17)

Ava Menino (14) vs. Roxy Clover (17)

This fight will take place on the top of one of the tallest towers in the world. How it will work is you just fight in this slightly large space, and the goal is to push the opponent over the safety rail and to their death below. Ava stands on her podium, looking at the rails, while Roxy is looking at Ava. A crash is heard (A peacemaker one floor below breaking a window) and the two charge at each other. Ava manages to trip Roxy and punch her in the head several times, but Roxy pulls Ava to the ground and does the same thing. At first, the fight seems to be on the ground, but then Ava breaks Roxy's grip and stands up. Roxy starts to stand up, but then Ava pushes her onto the safety rail. Roxy is leaning against the rail, and as she gets back up, Ava kicks her in the head, knocking her over the rail. However, Roxy is now holding on to the rail for dear life, if she lets go, she falls the height of 3 Empire State Buildings. Roxy mutters several words while holding on: "Help...". Ava closes her eyes and says "I'm sorry". Roxy manages to hold on only 3 more seconds until falling a great height to her death. The peacemaker then takes Ava out of the building.

Winner: Ava Menino (14)

Flicks Marvel (17) vs. Zaine Tisch (15)

This fight will take place in a boxing ring. The only equipment used will be the boxing gloves. So, how will a tribute die? The padding is taken out of the gloves and replaced with metal. Flicks seems confident, and Zaine looks nervous, but determined. A bell goes off, and the fight starts! The two fighters exit their ring, and Flicks lays the first punch, completely knocking Zaine to the ground. However, Zaine gets up before Flicks can finish the job. Zaine gets a punch in Flicks's side, causing FLICKS to fall down, and this time, Zaine is punching him while Flicks is on the ground. Flicks punches Zaine so he can get up, although he's bleeding a lot. Zaine goes for one more jab on Flicks before they both dive at each other with hook punches. Both hit each other, and they both fall down. Zaine gets up first and starts beating Flicks to a bloody pulp. Flicks trys to get up, but Zaine is relentless. Finally, Flicks takes to much brain damage and blood loss, and he passes away. Zaine is taken out of the arena.

Winner: Zaine Tisch (15)

Illuminate Sensorium (15) vs. Cordelia Morgius (16)

This fight will take place in a pool. Basically what will happen is off to the side of the pool is a pole, with handcuffs attached to them. The tributes goal is too handcuff the opponent to the pole and let them drown. However, another way to win in just to hold the opponent underwater as long as possible. The podiums are now replaced with diving boards. Illuminate gets ready to jump, and Cordelia is staring at the pole so much, she barely notices the gong, which gives Illuminate a 3 second head start. Illuminate grabs Cordelia by the hair and starts dragging her to the pool, Illuminate coming up for air multiple times before making it to the pole. Illuminate lets go for Cordelia so she can grab the handcuffs, but then Cordelia pushes Illuminate into the pool, and then tries to come up for air, but Illuminate drags her down by the knee and tries to cuff her again, but Cordelia's smarter than that. She grabs onto the pole, kicks Illuminate down further down the pool, waiting for her to come up for air (While sneaking a few breaths herself for a moment), and when Illuminate DOES come up for air, Cordelia cuffs her. Illuminate tries to scream, but water fills her lungs quickly by that point. Cordelia swims up to the edge of the pool and gets lifted out of the pool just as Illuminate drowns.

Winner: Cordelia Morgius (16)

Aldon Diome (16) vs. Lucas Rayden (17)

This fight will be similar to the District 4 male fight between Mitchel Normandy and Teo Carter, except instead of a helicopter, it's a passenger plane, and in one of the seats, there's a parachute. The first person out of the airplane survives. After that, the pilot, who locked the tributes out of the cockpit, has to put the plane on course to a mountain where it can crash, and then jump out of the plane with the only other parachute. The goal is to escape the plane with a parachute, or push the opponent out of the plane, and the pilot will then fly the winner to safety. Aldon stands at the front of the plane, and Lucas stands at the back. A bang is heard, and the two charge through the plane until they see each other. Lucas lands the first punch, but then Aldon throws Lucas into one of the seat rows and begins punching him as hard as possible for a very long time. Lucas is almost about to give up and stop blocking Aldon's punches because of exhaustion, but then he sees a backpack... The Parachute! Lucas grabs the backpack by one strap and hits Aldon over the head with it, knocking him over the seat. Lucas starts running towards the exit door, but Aldon grabs Lucas by the backpack and throws him on the ground, trying to take the backpack, and Lucas kicks Aldon in the face, gets up, and opens the exit door. Aldon tries to grab Lucas again, but Lucas crawls onto the wing, grabbing the handles on the wings to keep himself on, and staying low so the wind doesn't knock him off. Next to the airplane, Lucas sees more than 10 jets flying next to his plane. He's distract by the jets for multiple seconds until something grabs onto his leg. It was Aldon! At this point, the pilot has slowed down a lot, so he doesn't knock the two off the wing. Lucas is trying to escape the clutch of Aldon, but Aldon isn't letting go. Finally, Lucas jumps off the wing, Aldon letting go of his leg. About 5 of the 10 jets follow the plummet of the two tributes. Lucas is trying to slow is fall by spreading his arms and legs out, and Aldon is flailing at the course of the wind. Lucas then finally pulls his parachute, as he watches Aldon fall to his death. Lucas then lands about half a kilometer from the jet airport that the Capitol owns, so he walks back to the airport, and several peacemakers escort him back.

Winner: Lucas Rayden (17)

Indigo Cronin (15) vs. Natasha Grey (14)

The arena here is one 5 km long bridge high up into the sky. The two tributes will stand next to each other, with a small wall dividing the two, however, the wall is short enough that the heads of your opponent can be visible at times. Dynamite is put on the poles holding the bridge up, and each pole will be exploded every couple of seconds, so if the tribute doesn't run fast enough, she's gonna fall off the bridge. Also, every once in a while, a weapon will appear on the bridge. These will be used to try to slow down the opponent. The overall goal is to make the opponent fall off the exploding bride before they do. The two tributes ready themselves at the starting line, both trying to sneak a peak at the other tribute, but they mostly turn their attention to the countdown clock. A bang is heard, and the two begin running faster than they ever did in their life. Indigo has the lead by a short margin at first, but Natasha starts passing her. By the time they get to the first weapons, a smoke bomb, Natasha stops for a moment to grab it, and then throws it over the wall. However, Indigo grabs her bomb while running, so the bomb lands behind her while she's running. Indigo then throws the bomb over the wall at the closely behind Natasha, who trips over the bomb as it's going off. Indigo keeps running, while Natasha quickly gets up, but sadly, it was too late. The bridge collapses under Natasha's feet, and she falls a great height to her death. Indigo refuses to stop running until the peacemakers bring her off the bridge. As she's leaving the bridge, she looks back at the destruction, and just as she notices a small red dot in the edge of the debris, she begins crying.

Winner: Indigo Cronin (15)

Antero Lisin (17) vs. Allan Raye (13)

For this fight, the room will have two podiums, and they have to jump down to a small sliver of floor. The goal is to push the opponent off the sliver of floor. If you fall off the sliver of floor, you will land in shallow acid that will reach up to your legs. You can climb back up to the sliver, but the way to kill the opponent is to make the other tribute pass out in the acid. Antero stands on one podium, smiling at his opponent. Allan stares at Antero, distracted from the countdown clock. A gong is heard, and Antero is the first to climb down, Allan gets down several seconds later. Allan lays the first two punches, but Antero manages to stay on the floor. Antero then pushes Allan, but he manages to stay on the floor as well. Antero backs up, and lands a punch on Allan, which causes Allan to fall off the floor and into the acid. Allan quickly stands up, although his face, hands, and chest are mildly burnt, and his legs and feet are extremely burnt. Antero kicks Allan in the head as he climbs up, knocking Allan out, and into the acid. It takes about 10 seconds for Allan to die, and then he's instantly pulled out to keep his corpse intact. Antero leaves the room, excited to be one step closer to winning.

Winner: Antero Lisin (17)

Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12) vs. Ivy Sunwillow (14)

This fight will begin in a storm shelter, complete with cement walls, a wooden door, and a steel door handle. However, the best way to kill your opponent is outside the shelter. Outside the shelter is a Capitol-made tornado, with debris flying everywhere. The goal of this fight is to either kill your opponent with one of the grounded debris, or hide in the house until they get hit with the debris. Every few minutes, more and more of the house will be ripped apart, and at one point, the door will fly off the shelter. Tan stands near the door of the shelter, and Ivy stands at the dead end. An explosion is heard, and Ivy starts running at Tan, and Tan immediatly opens the door, just as a wooden plank flies by her head. Tan runs into the deafening wind, keeping her eyes half closed as she enters the house. Ivy follows Tan into the house. Tan runs up into the second floor, and Ivy follows her up the stairs closely behind. Tan enters the parents bedroom, and the window is half cracked, so she can't hear Ivy, but she knows Ivy's coming. She looks around for a quick moment, but then realizes the crack in the window is big enough to fit through, so she tries carefully easing her way through the cracked window, but Ivy then enters the room, so she leaps through the window, smashing the rest of it, cutting herself greatly, and she lands on her head, knocking her out. Ivy slowly climbs out of the window, and jumps to the ground, going on all 4's for a moment, cutting her hand, but she doesn't care, she just needs to find a weapon. She looks around for a second, but doesn't find any debris. She finally decides she'll use the glass from the broken window. She grabs one piece of glass before it flies away and walks over to Tan. Ivy begins slitting Tan's throat, and she gets about 3/4's of the way of slitting her throat before Ivy finally sees a weapon, a wooden plank. She looks down at the wooden plank, which is sticking out of her stomach, and she collapses, dead. The tornado instantly stops, and the peacemakers run to Tan, load her up on the helicopter, and bring her back to the hospital. For the games, Tan will have a large scar on her throat, giving her a blatant weak spot.

Winner: Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12)

Cricket Crisp (15) vs. Rick Antwhiler (16)

This fight will take place in a large, fenced off area. The land is flat, except for two ditches, 35 feet apart, facing one another. In these ditches, there is one sniper rifle, ammo, and one grenade. The goal is to hide in the ditch, and either shoot the opponent, or kill him with the grenade. The two tributes stand not to far from their own ditches, wait for a bang to go off. Several seconds go by, and the bang finally goes, and the two rush to their own ditches. Rick makes it first, loads his gun, and tries shooting Cricket, but he's in the ditch right now, loading up his gun. Rick keeps aiming at the opposite ditch, waiting for Cricket to peak out, but he doesn't. Instead, Cricket throws the grenade. The explosion goes off just before the grenade lands, and it knocks Rick down from it's power. Cricket instantly starts firing at Rick, but Rick quickly grabs his gun again, and starts firing at Cricket. Now the two are firing, occasionally ducking, and Rick ends up throwing his grenade, but it misses Cricket. Finally, Rick manages to shoot Cricket in the shoulder, and while he's bleeding, Rick finishes the job by firing a bullet in Cricket's head. The Peacemakers then appear out of nowhere and take Rick back to his hotel. Rick is very tired, and slightly shook up, but he'll be all set for the games.

Winner: Rick Antwhiler (16)

Melanoi Jet (16) vs. Echo Lavyathin (16)

This fight will take place in a room with a syringe filled with a fatal poison. The goal is to insert the syringe in the opponents skin, and push down on the button to insert the poison in the opponent. This poison will kill the opponent in 10-15 seconds. Melanoi and Echo both stand silently and motionless on both sides of the room, both girls are well known in District 12, and this fight is the most betted on by viewers, and both seem like similar fighters. A gong goes off, and the two run off towards the syringe. The two begin tackling, punching, kicking, and scratching at each other, both of them get close to the syringe at times, but not close enough to reach it. For a while, Melanoi seemed to get control over Echo, but Echo always landed as many punches as Melanoi. Finally, Melanoi collapses on the ground, which leads Echo to kick Melanoi in the chest multiple times. Both are extremely tired, and Melanoi begins sobbing when she sees Echo reach for the syringe. "Just kill me now" she says quietly. Echo's mind is racing as she grabs the syringe. She looks at the desperate and exhausted Melanoi, and then Echo's mind goes blank. She leans on the wall, slides down until she's sitting down, stares at the confused but scared Melanoi, closes her own eyes, and then sticks the needle into her neck, causing her to collapse, killing herself. Melanoi is sobbing quietly, but manages to walk by herself to leave the room.

Winner: Melanoi Jet (16)

Pyro Vuldran (12) vs. Nick Walker (14)

This is one of the few matches that really isn't a fight, but if one of the tributes is talented enough, they can land a few blows. Basically, the two tributes have to hold onto rings held up by ropes suspended several hundred feet above water. They have to hold onto these rings as long as possible. The first person to fall, will fall to their death. If the tribute is talented, they can try to kick the opponent. The two tributes walk onto a bridge suspended above water, they grab the rings, and the bridge is then taken away. The two begin holding on, and already, Pyro begins kicking Nick in the legs. Nick attempts to dodge these kicks, but fails. Pyro keeps kicking until he finally loses grip of one of the rings. He holds on with one hand, trying to grasp the other ring, but can't reach. Nick remains calm and doesn't kick at Pyro, knowing he's going to fall, as Nick still has strength in both hands. Pyro begins crying softly, Nick closes his eyes, and Pyro finally decides he has no chance, so he lets go, and falls hundreds of feet to his doom. The bridge is brought back, Nick steps on, and is brought back to the District 12 section of the "Pride Games Hotel". Nick, while getting ready to board the airship to go back to the hotel, he looks at the corpse of Pyro. Pyro's bones were mangled, his face and limbs bloody, his shirt and one of his shoes were completely torn and hanging barely on his body. Nick stares at Pyro's body, almost intrigued by the poor boys death, but he quickly looks away, and boards the airship.

Winner: Nick Walker (14)

Vallita Fecil (18) vs. Carmin Dent (18)

(This fight references one of the best games on the wiki, but with a different perspective. The first person to guess the games correctly gets an imaginary cookie) This is another fight that isn't technically a fight, but it's still very scarring. The two are put in front of a huge crowd of people, most of them fans of the past Hunger Games. They are put in two transparent tubes, and gas fills the tube. This gas will fill the brain with the most awful, scary, and demented things a human can imagine. Each 2 minutes, the tributes get a 10 second break, to give up or keep going. (This isn't copying, it's referencing... Right?) The two tributes seem rather anxious, the sooner they can get out of this stupid tube, the better. They're both being watched closely, so they will both not only have a tough time, but will see the people laughing at them. The two look at the dark green gas as it fills the tube, and then both seem to open their eyes un-human-like, and start screaming, crying, hitting the tube walls, etc. Eventually, Carmin passes out, but blue gas is entered into the tube, and she is jolted awake, only to scream some more. Finally, the two minutes is up, the gas exits the tube, and both don't seem like giving up, even though both are embarrased, exhausted, and horrified. The green gas enters once again, and the two begin freaking out once again. Eventually, Vallita cracks the tube she's concealed in, and the peacemakers have to stop the clock 22 seconds early so while the girls are deciding, they can fix the tube. However, before they even start to fix the tube, Vallita screams at the top of her lungs "NO!!!" and begins sobbing. A peacemaker pushes her to the ground, puts her in a sideways position, whispers something to her, pulls out a gun, and shoots her in the head. Blood goes everywhere, and Carmin, as well as some people in the front row, start freaking out because blood and brain matter had covered them. Carmin is taken out so she could be washed and brought back to the hotel, and 3 of the audience members got hosed down after calming down, while the remaining 5 (4 of which were siblings) were executed, as they wouldn't calm down after being told too. Carmin remained crying the entire way back to the hotel.

Winner (But that's not saying much, I mean, seriously, would you rather die, or be covered with the blood and brains of a person you may have been friends with only several months ago?): Carmin Dent (18)

Josh Eagleye (17) vs. Battleaxe Ridge (14)

This is probably MY personal favorite match, and I saved it for last. It's extremely similar to the fight between Diamond and James Unshatterable. Basically, the two are left in the room for 3 hours, with no items in the room. After the 3 hours are up, a gun will drop into the arena. You can see why I love this fight so much. So, the two fighters enter the arena on the podiums, the gong goes off, and the two instantly start fighting, punching, kicking, elbowing, anything you can think of for about 40 minutes. Eventually, Josh knees Battleaxe in the head, knocking them both down to the ground from exhaustion and pain. Battleaxe begins sobbing, and while Josh plans his next attack, he remembers that they can't fight for a full 3 hours, they'd be dead before the gun even fell! "Tell me about your family..." Josh says between breaths. Battleaxe doesn't understand, but he's too tired to fight, so he starts telling Josh about himself. Josh listens, and when Battleaxe finishes, Josh goes on about his life. Soon, they talk about movies, people in District 13 they both me/sawt at one point (The mayor, a celebrity, etc.), and what they had planned for the future. They were talking so much, they didn't even remember the gun until it fell down. Battleaxe looked at the gun, and began sobbing once again, as he knew he was as good as dead. Josh stood up, grabbed the gun, began sobbing, and pointed it at his mouth. Battleaxe screamed at Josh to stop, and ran towards the gun, but Josh pushed Battleaxe away. "Stand back..." he said between sobs. "This could hurt somebody", and with that, he pulled the trigger, a loud pop was heard, and he was leaning against the wall, blood gushing down his nose and top of his head, and Battleaxe left screaming and sobbing at his corpse. (I referenced Budd Dwyer?... That's the most offensive thing I've read, and I WROTE it!)

Winner: Battleaxe Ridge (14)


District Male Female
1 Diamond Unshatterable (18) Sparkle Zidaze (17)
2 Wilson Grove (17) Brianna Adams (15)
3 Luke Wired (17) Xevia Black (11)
4 Teo Carter (16) Luchia Moset (18)
5 Tensie Oveter (19) Selina Poconti (12)
6 Brann Clatch (16) Eileen Shade (16)
7 Pamline Falcone (17) Tidal Flynn (17)
8 Zaine Tisch (15) Ava Menino (14)
9 Lucas Rayden (17) Cordelia Morgius (16)
10 Antero Lisin (17) Indigo Cronin (15)
11 Rick Antwhiler (16) Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12)
12 Nick Walker (14) Melanoi Jet (16)
13 Battleaxe Ridge (14) Carmin Dent (18)


What happens here is the 26 tributes can make their alliances, practice for the individual training, and show off their skills to other tributes. This is about 1 week after the 1v1's, so most of the tributes are emotionally stable at the moment, except for a select few with the worst experiences of the bunch, such as Diamond or Selina. So, lets get to the action!

The 26 tributes enter the big training room, the rules are read to them, the careers look at each other, as well as some of the better tributes to see who they want for the Careers, a few other tributes seem anxious to get training, and the rest seem like they don't even want to be there. Finally, the peacemaker leans against the wall and tells the tributes they can begin.

The 6 careers meet up, and start discussing their strategy. They name the leaders Diamond and Luchia, as they are the oldest, even though Diamond has been very quiet since the beginning of the training. They then start walking around the room to see who would make a good career.

On the other side of the room, another alliance is starting. Luke Wired is gathering several strong tributes to become allies. He talks to the two tributes from District 13 who seem interested, and then talks to his own district partner, Xevia, who accepts.

The careers aren't interested in much of the talent, except for District 9's Lucas Rayden, who seems promising. They tell Diamond what to do, but he declines, so Sparkle and Teo go instead. They ask Lucas if he wants to join, and he declines, but then they tell him if he declines, he will be their first target, so he nervously accepts. He follows Sparkle and Teo back to the rest of the Careers, and they welcome him with open arms.

Several tributes are training like crazy, such as Indigo and Brann, while others seem to just be resting or in deep thought. The careers are practicing heavily now, except for Diamond, who's watching the others while sitting on one of the benches.

Most of the district partners seem to be allies now, except for Lucas and Cordelia, since Lucas is with the careers now.

Selina tries going on the obstacle course, but she is having trouble because she's still getting used to her new leg, so her district partner, Tensie, helps her out a bit.

Finally, the peacemaker says the tributes have only five minutes to get ready for the individual training, so everyone starts finishing up their training so they can be ready. The two major alliances, plus some of the district partners meet up and leave the training room along with the rest of the tributes. The judges take their seats to get ready and watch the tributes, and the first name is called to enter the room: "Diamond Unshatterable"!


Here, the 26 tributes will show their stuff to the judges, and be given a score out of 12. These scores will help the Capitol decide who they will treat the best in the games.

Diamond Unshatterable (18)

Diamond showed off his strength well, and did well on the obstacle course, but he was distracted, and he didn't do very well during the archery section, missing the target twice, and not getting the bullseye at all.

Sparkle Zidaze (17)

Sparkle did well in the strength portion, well in the obstacle course, but was excellent in the archery section, and the judges seemed impressed.

Wilson Grove (17)

Wilson did good in the obstacle course, okay in the archery section, and showed off his strength amazingly.

Brianna Adams (15)

Brianna showed off her excellent skills in every single category, especially for being younger and smaller than the other careers. The judges were very impressed.

Luke Wired (17)

Luke did alright in archery, and decent in the obstacle course, but excellent in the strength portion. The judges were impressed, but not astounded.

Xevia Black (11)

Xevia was talented with the archery part, but not very good on both the obstacle course or the strength sections. The judges were bored, but slightly surprised at her age.

Teo Carter (16)

Teo did well, but the judges were slightly disappointed because, while he did good in all categories, he didn't do outstanding.

Luchia Moset (18)

Luchia did great in the strength category, but she didn't do well in archery or the obstacle course.

Tensie Oveter (19)

Tensie did good in all categories, but he didn't "Wow" the judges at any point.

Selina Poconti (12)

Selina did alright in the archery category, but because of her leg, she did terrible in the other categories. The judges pitied her slightly for her age and leg, but that won't affect her score much.

Brann Clatch (16)

Brann impressed the judges a lot with his strength, archery skill, and obstacle course. The judges were impressed that he wasn't a career.

Eileen Shade (16)

Eileen did decent in the categories, but the judges were bored with her performance. She seemed to improved her archery during the training, but she never hit the bullseye.

Pamline Falcone (17)

Pamline did outstanding in archery and the obstacle course, and his strength was pretty good, the judges enjoyed his performance.

Tidal Flynn (17)

Tidal did decent in the 3 categories, but the judges were bored and tired at this point, so they weren't too excited.

Zaine Tisch (15)

Zaine, like many of the others, didn't impress the judges a lot, but his strength was good for a 15 year old.

Ava Menino (14)

Ava did surprisingly well for someone who isn't a career, especially in her strength category, and the judges seemed extremely impressed in her skills.

Lucas Rayden (17)

The judges had prior knowledge about Lucas being a career, and from what they saw, they could see why. Lucas has Career-like talent, and the judges were applauding him when he was leaving.

Cordelia Morgius (16)

Cordelia did well on the obstacle course, but in everything else, the judges seemed uninterested in her. Cordelia saw the judges uninterested, so she went to the archery station, fired 3 bullseyes and 1 second ring, and walked out, leaving the judges confused and astounded.

Antero Lisin (17)

Antero impressed the judges in all categories, but he didn't astound them like Lucas or Ava. They were still impressed though.

Indigo Cronin (15)

Indigo definitely impressed the judges as well, but the judges thought she wasn't "Career-Good". Still, she kept them awake with her skills.

Rick Antwhiler (16)

He impressed the judges in the archery category, but everything else bored the judges. Rick seemed disappointed with his result, and the careers snickered (Except for Lucas and Diamond, of course) when they heard the judges.

Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12)

Tan seemed to get tired easily because her breathing was affected by the cut on her throat, but she didn't do that bad on the archery event.

Nick Walker (14)

Nick showed off his intelligence by telling the judges facts about the forrest, and was good in all 3 categories, but the judges were kinda tired at that point, so they weren't very excited by his performance.

Melanoi Jet (16)

Melanoi showed off her skills well, and the judges were definitely interested. She definitely kept the judges awake, and got the attention of the careers.

Battleaxe Ridge (14)

Battleaxe seemed distracted, similar to Diamond, but he managed to show off his skills decent enough, and he kept the judges interested.

Carmin Dent (18)

Carmin had plenty of strength and was okay with archery and the obstacle course. The judges were slightly bored, but they were impressed with Carmin at times.

Training Scores
District Male Score Female Score
1 Diamond Unshatterable (18) 8 Sparkle Zidaze (17) 10
2 Wilson Grove (17) 9 Brianna Adams (15) 12
3 Luke Wired (17) 7 Xevia Black (11) 5
4 Teo Carter (16) 8 Luchia Moset (18) 7
5 Tensie Oveter (19) 6 Selina Poconti (12) 4
6 Brann Clatch (16) 10 Eileen Shade (16) 6
7 Pamline Falcone (17) 9 Tidal Flynn (17) 6
8 Zaine Tisch (15) 7 Ava Menino (14) 10
9 Lucas Rayden (17) 12 Cordelia Morgius (16) 8
10 Antero Lisin (17) 8 Indigo Cronin (15) 9
11 Rick Antwhiler (16) 7 Tangerine "Tan" Linder (12) 5
12 Nick Walker (14) 8 Melanoi Jet (16) 10
13 Battleaxe Ridge (14) 7 Carmin Dent (18) 7


Here, the 26 tributes will be interviewed by Brian Starr, one of the many peacekeepers for the Pride Games. This will help the tributes gain fans and sponsers. So, without any further ado, here's Brian!:

Brian: Thanks Patrick! These interviews are sure to bring excitement, so let's get this started! First up is Diamond Unshatterable!

Diamond: Hey.

Brian: So, Diamond, creative name! How'd you get it?

Diamond: Umm... My mother.

Brian: Yeah... That was kind of a stupid question... But anyways, are you happy with your training score?

Diamond: I think I could have done better, but whatever I guess.

Brian: Ah. So, how do you feel about your competition?

Diamond: They're pretty good, I guess. I think I have some good partners though.

Brian: Alright, final question, how do you feel about having to kill your brother in the 1v1?

Diamond: ...

Brian: Alright... I guess that's it, thanks for coming Diamond.

Diamond: Yup.

Brian: Alright, next up is Sparkle Zidaze!

Sparkle: Hey!

Brian: Another great name! So, Sparkle, great training score! How do you feel about it?

Sparkle: Could have done better, but I still got a good score, so it doesn't matter all that much.

Brian: Guess not! So, what do you think about the careers this year?

Sparkle: Oh, they're great! I'm glad we got some great tributes, and we signed on another great tribute, Lucas Rayden, I'm certain one of us will win!

Brian: Awesome! Now, which tributes will give you guys the hardest time?

Sparkle: Well, we got a few tough tributes, the guy from 6, the girls from 8 and 12, and so on, but no one we can't handle.

Brian: Alright, thanks for coming!

Sparkle: No problem!

Brian: Next up is Wilson Grove!

Wilson: Hey.

Brian: So, Wilson, are you happy with your training score?

Wilson: Not really, I could have done better, honestly.

Brian: Ah. Well, how do you feel about the other tributes?

Wilson: The only really great people are careers, so one of us will win, probably.

Brian: Alright. Final question, what tribute will give you careers the hardest time?

Wilson: Ava. The others, we can kill, but she can escape AND kill.

Brian: Thanks Wilson!

Wilson: Sure.

Brian: Next up is Brianna Adams!

Brianna: Hey!

Brian: So, Brianna, you got a 12, that's pretty rare. How'd you do it?

Brianna: I just worked as hard as possible. Honestly though, I was surprised at my great score.

Brian: I know I wasn't!

.*Laughs heard from audience*

Brianna: *Laughs*

Brian: So, do you think the careers have any tough tributes to go against?

Brianna: Definitely, but I think we can handle them.

Brian: Yup. So, do you like the people in the Careers?

Brianna: Of course! They're tough, smart, and can take on anything.

Brian: Well, alright then! Thanks for coming!

Brianna: Alright.

Brian: Next up is Luke Wired!

Luke: Hey.

Brian: So, Luke, you're the leader of a new formed alliance, do you think you'll do good?

Luke: Of course! We got me, Xevia, Battleaxe, AND Carmin! I think we have a good chance at winning.

Brian: Maybe so! But anyways, what do you think about the careers this year? Are they a threat to your group?

Luke: They could be better honestly. The only one I'm actually afraid of is Brianna, but she'll probably die early anyways. Lucas is not a true career, he'll switch over fast, and the rest don't have a chance.

Brian: Interesting! Final question now, if you could have one more tribute to join your group, who would you pick?

Luke: Cordelia. She basically has no chance now, since she has no allies, so we could give her protection, and in return, she'd be the member with the most points on the team.

Brian: Well, thank you for answering my questions, and I hope to see you after the games.

Luke: Okay.

To Be Continued...

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