Hey guys! You may not know me, but trust me, I know you (In a non-creepy way). I read a lot of stories on this website, and there has been a lot of unique and creative stories here, so today, I shall count them down from least best to best today. I'll include links to the stories if you want to check them out, and if your popular story is missing, it's probably because I haven't read it. Only one rule: One game/story per author. So, let's begin!:

The List

5. The 1st School Games (! )

These games were so good, they didn't even make it past Day 2, and yet it's still on this list. How? Well, the writing is so brilliant, and the ideas are so clever, it's just an amazing read, and even though they didn't finish, every sentence sucks you in more and more. If these were finished, this story would be MUCH higher on this list.

4. Mentor Games, by Cloveismywife ( )

I know this series is pretty old, but I don't care, I still love reading these. The stories constantly improved with each addition, and if you don't mind diving into some history, check 'em out!

3. When We Stop Believing ( )

How many tributes are in these games?... 13. BUT, this is the reason these games work. You learn about all the characters, and their deaths are quite tragic and sad. Also, these aren't your normal games, they have a different take on the setting of Panem, and it's creative and awesome. Check it out.

2. The Pain Games ( )

I'm not in many of these games, but if there's one series I will stick to forever, it's got to be the Pain Games. While I don't think the 3rd Pain Games are as good (So far) as the first two, the brilliance still shines through. My only huge flaw with the Pain Games is the speed the updates are put out, so if you join the Pain Games, please have patience. It's worth it.

1. The 54th Hunger Games/The Super Games ( )

Oh, VDA99, you never cease to amaze me. You have some of the best writing on this site (That's saying a LOT), and if anyone disagrees... Just click that link up there. These games have so many tributes, and as more and more of them die, you learn more and more about the remaining tributes, therefore making their struggle to survive more interesting and emotional. Out of all the stories I read, this is the one that I'll probably be inspired by the most if I ever write a story.


I will probably make this list again with some of my other favorites, so if you want me to read your story, send it to me! Also, please send this list to the authors of the stories, I'd like them to hear what I said about them. :)

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