• Moviepopcorn

    Hey my name is Movie. Some of the newer people to this site might not know me, but for all of you who remember me, I'm glad to see you again! I only plan on staying here for a month or two, before leaving again. While I'm here I'll be writing this story, about a 15 year old boy in the 70th hunger games. While I was away I was practicing my writing so hopefully this will be my best story yet.

    District: 7

    Age: 16

    Family: Gillian Parks Morrison, Mother, age 39; Zander Walter Morrison, Father, age 41; Bay Brick Morrison, brother, age 18; Kirsten Cara Morrison, Sister, age 12

    History: Crispin, as in the patron saint of shoemakers. When his father and mother stumbled upon the name they knew immediately that was the name of their future son. They kneā€¦

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