Hey my name is Movie. Some of the newer people to this site might not know me, but for all of you who remember me, I'm glad to see you again! I only plan on staying here for a month or two, before leaving again. While I'm here I'll be writing this story, about a 15 year old boy in the 70th hunger games. While I was away I was practicing my writing so hopefully this will be my best story yet.


Crispin Roth Morrison

District: 7

Age: 16

Family: Gillian Parks Morrison, Mother, age 39; Zander Walter Morrison, Father, age 41; Bay Brick Morrison, brother, age 18; Kirsten Cara Morrison, Sister, age 12

History: Crispin, as in the patron saint of shoemakers. When his father and mother stumbled upon the name they knew immediately that was the name of their future son. They knew that their son would be their patron saint. A poor family of shoemakers, the Morrison's struggled along, keeping alive through the monthly rations given out by the tesserae.

Crispin quickly adapted to the district 7 way of life, he became fond of nature. He would stare out at the wistling branches and dream of a life where the sharp pangs of hunger were uncommon. When he was young he enjoyed listening to the fairy tales his mother would wisper to his sister. He learned quickly that these dreams  were just that, dreams.His father reached through the sky and yanked Crispin from his haven above the clouds with one sharp slap to the face and a few harsh words.

By 12 Crispin began to underestand the life he was borned into, he knew that his place in the world was to work hard and help his family, becuase Kirsten's bright blue eyes often forced him to forget about himself and work to help others. He learned the ins and outs of shoe making, the tiresome task of glueing and sowing soles to shoes. He work those long and hard hours to keep his fathers business alive, as his father sat behind him and drank from a bottemless vodka bottle and his brother snuck cigarrettes. He saw his mother ice down her cheek as she fed his sister a measly serving of oatmeal. And he took these images and used them as motivation to continue.

The harsh up bringing left little room for socialization, and soon he found him self isolated, alone and shy. However, he did not let this bring him down, he continued with his hard work to prove to himself that he was not a waste, and to  protect over his little family of shoemakers.

Personality: Once a dreamer, Crispin has learned the hard way that dreams do not take you anywhere, work does. He is a workaholic, and will do anything to improve on himself. He care about few people in this world, mainly his mother and his sister. Brave, yet in a quiet manner, he does not go for physical attack, rather he attempts to put the situation out with words. He only wishes the best for everybody, and wishes for no one to get hurt. When faced with danger, he is unsure how he will react.

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Token: His sister's hair ribbon


District Partner (Open)


  • Female
  • District 7
  • Any age

Careers (2 openings)


  • From districts 1, 2 or 4
  • 2 males and 2 females
  • Must be older than 14
  • Proper Career

Other Tributes (1 opening)


  • Any district aside from 1, 2, 4, or 7
  • Male or female
  • Any age





History: (please be detailed)

Personality: (only a paragraph)

Appearance: (photo or DETAILED description)

Weaknesses: (2 or 3 please)

Strengths: (2 or 3)

Token: Optional

NOTE: My character will be the victor. However, this is not about the blood and gore of the games, but how the characters react when faced with danger. Do not submit characters who you want to win, submit characters you want to see developed.


The cool breeze wraps around me, I stare out into the vast land infront of me and pull my jacket closer. The sun lazily makes it way above the horizon, spreading its light to cover the whole arena, only two more left. I can do this... for the first time since the beginning of the games I am confident in my ablilities. I will live, I will make it through the games.

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