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  • Moviepopcorn123

    Temporary Good-Bye

    January 8, 2013 by Moviepopcorn123

    Hello! It's Movie. Yes...  the oldest user here Woot! Woot! I know that I'm not what you may call the "in" user because I don't use chat or antyhing but a few of you have been reading my games and noticed that I haven't been as active.

    I was on my trip to Florida. But now that I'm back and its a new year I feel that its time for me to move on. I've been on this site for 2 years now... and I think I should take a break from it. I've done this before and I'll most likely be back in a couple of months, but for now... I'm done. I want to thank all of you who noticed me. Hopefully you'll still be here when I come back.

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  • Moviepopcorn123

    Alright! I noticed that there seems to have been a new/old fad going throughout the wiki.


    For any older members they were a big hit in 2011 along with Wiki Games and Question Quells. So I decided that I'll host a lunaii competition and see where it goes.

    There will be 10 competitors and each round we will vote on the winner and the loser. The winner has immunity while the loser is eliminated. If you don't make it into the actual competition feel free to vote any way. The games will begin when all 10 people have joined.

    Nickname Username Round Eliminated
    Vinny ViniciusDeAssis1999

    Lily Lily!

    Will Ninja~Toast

    John ~PopTart~

    Cindy Ms.finnickodair

    Excel EXcellent

    Emily EpicnezzEmily

    Ryan The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo

    Elena Eleni12


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  • Moviepopcorn123

    Hey, Movie here please join up!

    I came up with this idea when I was in science looking at a photo of an owl. Now, some how I came up with this random idea.

    There will be 48 tributes. 4 from each district. After the private training sessions, they will be divided into two teams. The Predators and the Prey. The Predators will have spears, tridents, and all the supplies they could possibly need, while the prey have two choices: fight back, or lie down and die.

    • I'm excepting 4 tributes a user right now, just make sure they are good, well rounded tributes.
    • There will be a certain amount of language, and possibly some sexual references (POSSIBLY)
    • The tributes will be allowed to leave their team if they wish, and may form alliances within the group, b…

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  • Moviepopcorn123

    The 250th Games

    October 24, 2012 by Moviepopcorn123

    Hey everyone, its Movie. I am currently working on I Am Stronger, but I'm having a huge writers block. So in the mean time... the 250TH GAMES!!!!

    This years twist will be... yeah I got nothing... so I'll leave it up to you. There will be 28 tributes, Capitol and 13, so no major TRIPLE THE TRIBUTES things. Feel free to leave an idea in comments if you don't like any of mine.

    I want well thought out tributes. 4 PER PERSON. So here is a basic template, A ^means that it is not required, but will help your tribute last longer


    District: 2 or 3 please

    Appearance: I'll make lunaii's if you want










    District Name Age Weapon Creator
    Cap F Rycca Aureli 17 Saber Claws EvilhariboM…

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  • Moviepopcorn123

    Sup. My idea for the show When To Give Up seems to be very popular, so I have decided to continue the series. It will (hopefully) go on for 5 shows. The winner from the first show will be an important character as they will be the narrator for the reaping. They will refer back to the past contestants many times so I suggest you read the first episode.

    You can post tributes but the show will not start until the winner of When To Give Up is announced.

    • Tributes must be between 16 and 18.
    • They must have at least 2 family members or friends.
    • There will be swearing, they're teenagers!
    • Spam is allowed but only once per user and if you have a contestant
    • There will be 7 girls and 6 boys.
    • I will include train rides and the day of rest. (I'm trying to elaborate…

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