Okay so I want to do a spoof!! I can't decide of what yet so I'm haveing you decide!!

Reaping Day

I wake up in the morning feeling like Prez Snow. I walk around my excuse of a home. I go into the bathroom and stare at myself. Ugh, a pimple. Besides that I'm gorgeous. I squish the pimple them slap on my clothes. My little sister Prim is with my mom, trying to get on her good side.

I walk through the rotten grass called the medow and under the fence. Gale, Peeta, Rue, and Thresh are already warming up. We are about to preform our latest hit single yet "We're Sexy and we Know it" to our adoring fans. I'm lead, with Gale and Rue as back round singers and Peeta and Thresh as dancers. I grab the mic and pretend to practice. Really I'm watching Male, he is so hot... I'm going to make my move after the reapings.

Peeta then blocks my view, "Hi Katniss," he is staring at me with incredably ugly blue eyes. "Get out of here," I shove him away and laugh when he starts sobbing into Rue. She glares at me because we both want Gale. Anyway, we're on int two seconds so I burst trough the curtain.

I sing in my sexy voice. I'm in a golden bikini, Rue is wearing a Silver bikini, Gale, Thresh, and Peeta are in tiny speedos. I look great, Gale looks great, every one else is just ugly. I continue with the song and afterwards look into the adiunce.why isn't anyone there? No wait there they are, I wave to the squirrels and kill one with my bow. Mmm, meat.

I walk away from the group with Gale and change into my regular clothes. We walk back to the district and go to Madges house. I give her the blue berries, but then I notice that she is making googily eyes at Gale. I grab my nightlocks and slip one onto the group of berries. HA never look at my man like that again.

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