Alright! I noticed that there seems to have been a new/old fad going throughout the wiki.


For any older members they were a big hit in 2011 along with Wiki Games and Question Quells. So I decided that I'll host a lunaii competition and see where it goes.

There will be 10 competitors and each round we will vote on the winner and the loser. The winner has immunity while the loser is eliminated. If you don't make it into the actual competition feel free to vote any way. The games will begin when all 10 people have joined.


Nickname Username Round Eliminated
Vinny ViniciusDeAssis1999
Lily Lily!
Will Ninja~Toast
John ~PopTart~
Cindy Ms.finnickodair
Excel EXcellent
Emily EpicnezzEmily
Ryan The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
Elena Eleni12
Start ShadowStarters

Round 1

Lets start out nice and simple. Make a Lunaii of Foxface. You can edit if you want or you can leave her as she is. Just make sure that she has red hair, thats your only hint.

P.S. The Lunaii's will shift from Hunger Games characters to challenges about half way through.

  • Vinny's Foxface
  • John's Foxface
  • Emily's Foxface

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