Sup. My idea for the show When To Give Up seems to be very popular, so I have decided to continue the series. It will (hopefully) go on for 5 shows. The winner from the first show will be an important character as they will be the narrator for the reaping. They will refer back to the past contestants many times so I suggest you read the first episode.

You can post tributes but the show will not start until the winner of When To Give Up is announced.


  • Tributes must be between 16 and 18.
  • They must have at least 2 family members or friends.
  • There will be swearing, they're teenagers!
  • Spam is allowed but only once per user and if you have a contestant
  • There will be 7 girls and 6 boys.
  • I will include train rides and the day of rest. (I'm trying to elaborate on characters)
  • The more you root the better chance of winning.


I really want to have nice elaborate characters, so I'm going to keep the entries open for a few days. I WILL post the info as soon as it comes in but that doesn't mean the spot is taken so feel free to present a tribute for that district. If there is missing info I will ask you for it. So please look at this form.


Age: (16-18)

Appearance: (Please either greatly describe or provide a lunaii or picture.)




Fears: (1 animal, and 1 person)

Family/Close Friends:



District Name Appearance Height Creator
D1 Danielle Anners (F) Blond/Blue Hair, Blue Eyes 5' 9" Polinarose
D2 Haley Miller (F) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes 5' 6" lily1997
D3 Layla Ross (F) Brown Hair, Green Eyes 5' 6 Cloveismywife
D4 Kailani Kama (F) Black Hair, Brown Eyes 5' 4 Xx-Frozen Fire-xX
D5 Veto Magnate (M) Blue Hair, Green eyes 5' 6 TBWTPT
D6 Harvey Evercombe (M) Blond Hair, Brown eyes 5' 5" Heavyrotation
D7 Thomas Quince (M) Black Hair, Brown Eyes 5' 8 Robin040197
D8 Lance Stitchery (M) White Hair, Grey Eyes 6' Wiki Contributer B
D9 Kala Freemont (F) Blond Hair, Blue eyes 5' 8" Sophiedistrict11
D10 Indigo Cronin (F) Brown Hair, Blue eyes 5' 3" SlappingSquirrels
D11 Tiffany Mclaughin (F) Blond Hair, Green Eyes 5' 7" Eleni12
D12 Xander Harvestmoon (M) Red Hair, Hazel eyes 5' 2" Wiki Contributer A
D13 Kaine Loader (M) Brown Hair, Green Eyes 6' 3" Matia306

Tribute Gallery

  • District 1: Danielle Anners
  • District 2: Haley Miller
  • District 3: Layla Ross
  • District 4, Kailani Kama
  • District 5: Veto Magnet
  • District 6: Harvey Evercombe
  • District 7: Thomas Quince
  • District 8: Lance Stitchery
  • District 9: Kala Freemont
  • District 10: Indigo Cronin
  • District 11: Tiffany McLaughtin
  • District 12: Xander Harvestmoon
  • District 13: Kaine Loader
Sorry if your tribute picture doesn't look like what you invisioned it like, I tried my best.

Auditions (Echo's POV)

I wake up and for a moment, I am calm... then I remember what day it is and I begin to sob. The Auditions is what they are calling it now... like you want to be part of it. I call it Death Sentence Day.

It's a miracle that I survived. I pull myself together and drag myself out of bed. I walk over to my mother's room and shake her awake. My mother explained to me that she was forced to give me away by her parents for having... well they didn't want a grandchild. I have partly forgiven her, but I'm not sure if I can ever completely forget about it. I walk down stairs and turn on the projecture. I am required to watch all the reapings before I go to District 12's. I just want to see these kids sane before they go into the show.

District 1

I watch as all the spoiled rich kids come forth and talk amongst themselves. They want to be picked they want to go into that horror show. I pity them.

There snobby escort comes forth... they think that he will help them before the show. What they don't know is that escorts take a separate train and don't ever talk to you unless you win. In fact I still don't know District 12's escorts name.

He stands there and begins a long speech about the "History" of the show. Its only been a year! Finally he gets around to projecting the picture of the Contestant.

"Danielle Anners!" He calls out... as if they can't read. I see the mayor behind the man sigh as a girl with blond hair and blue eyes steps forward. She seems kind and caring, she doesn't seem as spoiled as the other girls around her. She will be interesting.

The screen suddenly changes as the District 2 reapings are beginning.

District 2

Many people are still angry with me for out lasting Maverick. I think of him every time I go to sleep. I think about how he could have won if he had just lasted two seconds longer. But he is gone. So now I am here... waiting for the next victim of the game we lasted through.

The escort is a new one. She is happy and energetic. I sigh... she goes on about how they came so close, but now they will most certainly have a Champion.

She doesn't waste any time. And soon begins to jump up and down as they wait for the face of the contestant to take shape.

"Haley Miller," She calls out happily. Haley seems almost happy to come forth. Her face is completely blank as she strides forward head high. Many people give her pats on the back which she just nods in response. Is everyone in district 2 so cruel. I thought Maverick was tough... good luck to everyone to try to out last her.

I stare into her eyes, until I turn away... they remind me too much of Maverick.

Luckily the screen changes and the factories of District 3 come into view.

District 3

Many people pour out of the factories surrounding the district square and get into place. I remember Mark, it was obvious he wasn't going far. Too weak. I wonder if this years tribute was going to make an impact.

The escort is bland and just screams boredom. But she is quick to the point and soon everone its waiting for the face of the competitior.

"Layla Ross," the lady murmers, like she could care less. The name does indeed read Layla Ross, so everyone clears a path for her. She stands there just stunned until some one gives her a little shove. She walks forward head held high. She is beautiful, with long brown hair and green eyes.

She will be a contender even if she doesn't know it yet.

As she enters the Justice Building the screen changes to district 4.

District 4

In the distance the gentle lapping sound of water can be heard. The district is very peaceful, with nice quiet huts and docks almost everywhere. Its hard to believe that its a career district.

The crowd assembles, many with hair that is still wet. A few kids seem to have looks of grim determination while others joke around and push each other.

Another boring escort walks out. He just reaks boredom, unlike the other he seems to continue forever taking about a single subject way longer than nessassary. Eventually he gets around to the contestant and everyone begins to stare at the screen.

I look at the screen in amazment. Another girl.

"Kailani Kama," The escort makes even that beautiful name sound boring. The girl walks forward.

She has jet black hair that flows behind her. She is smiling, not a sinister smile, but a playful one. She hasn't realized the seriousness of her situation. She'll learn soon enough.

The screen quickly changes and District 5 comes into view,

District 5

I remember Rose, that strange girl. She was so happy and care free. The show ripped that from her. She became a wreck. Died over some stupid, capitol born fear.

The district seems so normal. And when the teenagers come the only sound is the light breeze. These kids know that one of them is going to die. And all of them are panicking on the inside. No one dares to breath in fear.

The woman who walks out screams capitolite her skin has a strange sparklely look, and her hair is hidden beneith a wig and a hat. She quickly reads the "History" of the show and moves on in excitement.

I stare at the face on the screen, a boy. Of course, there could never be 5 girls in a row. His pale white hair gives him away.

"VETO MAGNATE!" the escort screams. The boy is already walking forward a look of hatred planted on his face. As soon as he gets on stage he yells, "THIS IS RIGGED! IT WAS RI-"

The scene changes in a blink to district 6.

District 6

How could I forget Brann. He was so underestimated. So forgotten that people were in shock when he made it to the end.

His district however, was not remembered. It sat in the corner of Panem, forgotten completely as they cheered for their Contestant. Now here they were. Waiting for another.

The escort prances forward, she is truly beautiful, with long flowing hair and glimmering brown eyes. Half the boys stare at her in awe the other in lust. Most of them don't realize that she is completely blood thirsty. I can see it in her eyes.

The face of another boy appears. "Harvey Evercombe," she says.

The boy seems in shock that he knows his name... before he realizes why she said it. He mutters something that sounded like duck, before he made his way forward. He climbs the stage in fake confidence and stares ahead.

I hope he is another Brann...

The scene shifts again to the lush forest of District 7.

District 7

The forest of District 7 are beautiful. They are lush and green, and then, when there is a breeze, they shake and dance in the air. I can not believe how hard it must be for tributes to leave. Now as they gather they all seem very quiet.

I remember Trent, he seemed so brave, yet he feel when it was least expected.

Now, here I am, one year later waiting for the escort to finish her speech so his replacement can be announced.

The lady introduces the face of the tribute, a boy. His name is Thomas Quince. He reminds me of Trent, as he is tall in build and has a certain confidence in himself. But Trent wasn't this confident. This boy has a certain edge to him. He will be trouble to his fellow contestants.

When he is pushed into the Justice Building I get a moment of relief.

Then the scene changes again, this time to district 8.

District 8

The factories of District 8 pump pollution into the already grey sky. It's not hard to tell that his district is in the dumps. They gather silently, and no one dares make a joke.

I can't remember anything about Russel, only his face as he begged any of us to help him. I wish I had pounded on the glass until it smashed and he was free.

The odd man who escorts is about in his 60's but he acts like a 20 year old. He is energetic and seems eager to get this show on the road. He speeds through everything and quickly turns his head to the screen in eager anticipation.

The face of another boy is almost surprising, but I quickly push it aside as I watch the boy walk forward. His eyes are on the floor, he seems weak. Like he knows his place. Some kid trips him and he stumbles before breaking into tears.

I pity this kid. I can barely look at him as he steps onto the stage. Desperation fills his eyes as he looks around for a friendly face... just like Russel.

I have a breakdown right then and there.... I can't.... I want to rip those memories from my head. I sob softly... crying as the scene shifts yet again.

District 9

District 9. A district that is so often forgotten and left for dead. Dimitrian died on the second round. I never got to know her... and I'm ashamed. How could she die without a friend?

I hope that some one important comes from this dead district. Some one who could help them become an important part of history.

The escort gets right to the point.

"Kala Freemont!"

The shimmering face has beautiful features... blond hair and blue eyes that draw you in. She is no Dimitrian Rye... she is a star.

But for this star she must lose everything to rise. I pray that she has the strength to rise, because if she doesn't she will just be another name in a list of Contestants.

The girl steps on stage, I can see the tears she is holding back. I wish her the best of luck before the scene shifts again to district 10.

District 10

Derpina was one of the most surprizing parts of the show. She seemed like a weakling, but some how she managed to survive. Maybe it was her fear of dying that kept her going... she even killed herself by accident, but it doesn't matter because she did die... now she needs to be replaced.

The children gather, the girls in little groups whispering to each other, and glancing at the boys. The boys push each other around and laugh.

They quickly solemn up when the escort steps forth. He is gorgeous and all the girls know it. They make ga-ga eyes as he talks.

When the face of the lucky Contestant is shown everyone begins to stare intenstly at Indigo Cronin. She is in the corner, by herself... supposedly lost in thought. When some one shoves her forward she realizes that she was the named called, or at least I think she does.

She doesn't react or cry or even twitch. She just steps forward to except her spot... almost exactly like me.

I try to block out the wave of memories as the scene shifts yet again to the next district.

District 11


The girls and boys line up and the escort steps forward. She quickly reads the brief history of the show then announces the Contestant.

The girl is stunned. Her name, Tiffany McLaughin, has escaped from the womans lips. She steps forward in hesitance and then quickly wipes away a tear that is on her cheek. She walks to the stage, head held high although the distrught is cleary killing her.

District 12

The boys line up in solitude... they know that one of them will be called forward. The girls are at ease, they are safe. But then the escort steps forward. She doesn't even look at the history, she just lets them all watch as the face takes shape.

Xander Harvestmoon takes his place on stage without missing a beat. He looks around and stares at a girl in a wheelchair. Then he is taken away.

District 13

The boys are once again sullen and reluctant, but this time the girls are too. The underground district has a stict behavior code. And so the escort is almost stunned when the people demand to know who has been chosen. She stutters before the screen shows the face of the boy.

Kaine Loader, such as strong name, quickly hides his emotions and goes onto the stage without a glance behind him. He barely stops to shake hands with the escort.

Train Rides

Echo's POV

I watch as the tributes make their first introductions. Indigo sits by herself in the corner. Tiffany is sobbing with Kala, both of them are terribley home-sick and can't bear the thought of losing their families. Xander stays by himself, slowly turning a piece of metal. Layla, and Kailani are trying to bond over something, but they don't have common intrests. Danielle seems uncomfortable as Haylee begins to talk about when she thinks everyone will "go down." Harvey and Kaine are trying to talk to each other but Kaine is clearly trying not to kill Harvey as he goes on and on about school. Lance and Thomas seem to be the only ones who are making any progress, they talk to each other kindly and they seem to have the same intrests.

I try to push out memories of my time on the Show and pray that this will be a quick year.


  • Tiffany and Kala have become friends, and rely on each other for suport.
  • Layla and Kailani are friends but they aren't as close as Tiffany and Kala.
  • Danielle and Haylee are enemies.
  • Kaine and Harvey are enemies
  • Lance and Thomas have become close friends.
  • Xander, Indigo and Veto are all loners.


The odds will be updated after every round.

Once again:

Green- Healthy state of mind

Yellow- Poor state of mind

Red- Wrecked state of mind

Black- Insane

Name Odds Creator
Danielle Anners 15-1 Polinarose
Haylee Miller 7-1 lily1997
Layla Ross 11-1 Cloveismywife
Kailani Kama 9-1 Frozen Fire
Veto Magnate 8-1 TBWTPT
Harvey Evercombe 17-1 Heavy Rotation
Thomas Quince 9-1 Robin
Lance Stichery 14-1 Wiki Contributer
Kala Freemont 7-1 Sophiedistrict11
Indigo Cronin 6-1 SlappingSquirrels
Tiffany McLaughin 13-1 Eleni12
Xander Harvestmoon 11-1 Writer46747
Kaine Loader 10-1 Matia306


So I want to spice up the show a little bit and I have come up with a tag team sort of idea. The tributes will be paired up, but since there are 13 contestants, I'm going to have a quick round to get rid of the "extra"

Elimination Round- We Are Alive

Lance's POV

I try to focus on the positives of my situation. I have a friend... finally. Thomas seems to be the only one who understands my pain and suffering. I just want to have a friend for once, and now I have one.

I say good-bye to him as we separate and head in different ways. I'm quickly escorted to another room, where I wait in fear of what is to come. I just want to keep my sanity until the end. I don't want to end up like Trent from last year.

Just then a voice soothingly tells me to step up the the door. I pause for a moment trying to figure out why before I stand up. A second later the door swings open and I step forward into the room where I will most likely die.

Kaine's POV

I look around the room for a while before I noticed the single bat that lay in the middle of the room. "Hello contestants." Oh god that voice. The voice that tortured the contestants before me. "Now, there is an odd number of you, so you need to get rid of one of you before we can let the real game begin. Just one dead will do."

All of us stare at each other. No one steps forward to grab the bat. A few seconds later a shock passes through my body... a real Zap. "Come on guys! You can do it. If you don't those shocks will get worse." With that, about half of us race forward.

Including me. I do not want to feel that again. I spot Haylee, and Harvey also racing forward. I hear a set of footsteps behind me and I know that we aren't alone. I push myself forward trying to reach the bat first. I needed to get their first or I would be the target.

I grasp the bat with one hand and spin around to hit my persuader. It doesn't kill but it knock over the poor boy. I try not to think of what I am doing as I bring it down again. I spot Haylee kicking the guy too. I don't look at the kids face as I bring the bat down again and again.

I don't stop until his moans are gone. Then I turn over his body and stare at him.

Kala's POV

We all stare at Kaine and Haylee. They just beat Lance to death. I mean it wasn't like he did anything, and this isn't the Hunger Games. The contestants on When To Give Up are considered "better" then the tributes because we don't kill each other, we let the Capitol do that.

Kaine seems to realize that too because he leans over and throws up. Haylee keeps on kicking with a gleam in her eye. I put her on my list of people to advoid. "Great job Kaine. Now please proceed to the opened door for the pairing of the tributes."

The Loser of Elemination Round

Name District Creator
Lance Stichery 8 Wiki Contributer


Partner 1 Partner 2
Kaine Loader (13) Haylee Miller (2)
Kala Freemont (9) Tiffany McLaughin (11)
Harvey Evercombe (6) Danielle Anners(1)
Xander Harvestmoon (12) Thomas Quince (7)
Veto Magnate (5) Layla Ross (3)
Kailani Kama (4)

Indigo Cronin (10)

Round 1- We Are Connected

Haylee's POV

I glance at my partner. The boy from 13. He seems strong enough. Maybe we can go far. The lady explained to us how we were attached to our partner. If they die we die. Every round one partner will preform the torture while the other watches.

I kinda wish that I was going alone but I heard that this was only temperary. Maybe we will be freed from each other soon, we just need to get through a few rounds. I prepare myself for the lady, and when she begins her speech I'm ready. "Hello tributes, its been decided that the tribute with the higher district number will be this rounds contestants." Just then glass walls decended between me and Kaine. I glance at him, he seems nervous. "Will those contestants please lie down on the tables in front of you." Everyone obeyed.

"You will now feel a small prick as you are injected with a syrum that will preform the next test."

Indigo's POV

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