Hi everyone this is my 100th hunger games.

Please submit tributes. I need their Name, Age, District, Apperence, Skills, Stratagey, and History. The maximum amount of tributes is 4 due to this being quarter quell.

The Arena

This years arena is made up of five sections. One, a jungle with classic mutts but it has edible plants, and plenty of meat, there are a few streams but not many. Two, a frozen iceland, it has no food but you can melt the snow for water. Three, a wheat feild with grass 20 feet tall, it has snake mutts but rabbits and a few apple trees, the only water source is a huge pond. Four, this is a classic, a forest it has plenty of deer, rabbits and squirrles plus many ponds and rivers. It also has all of the deadliest mutts around. The last section is a meadow with lots of edible plants and some ponds. It has posinous plants and a few mutts but many ponds and rabbits.The Cornupcopia is smack in the middle of the arena.

The Twist

This quarter quells twist is that 12 families are going in, families of four with two parents, one son and one daughter. If all of them make it to the end they will be crowned victors. The children have to be between the ages 6-20 but try not to make them both 20 for an advatage. Please add any other family members, EX: younger siblings, grandparents ect. You don't have to put the parents age. What ever family makes it to the end the remaining family menmbers are crowned victors ex: district six are the last tributes they are all victors.

The Tributes

May the odds be ever in your favor-Effie Trinket

District Brother Sister Mother Father

Ranged Murder


Bloody Muder


Rudy Murder

Brutal Murder

Preston Zornes


Irene Zornes


Stan Zornes Janet Stingers

Splash Blue


Waterlily Blue (6)

Oceania Blue

Wave Blue


Taran Pew


Emily Pew


Rachelle Pew Tim Pew

Lightning Tree


Krystal Tree


Peara Tree Stump Tree

Lane Perez


Valerie Perez (16)

Sephanie Perez David Perez

Theseus Alison


Itty Alison


Nala Alison Simmion Alison

Josh Letice


Willow Letice


Lavender Letice Matt Letice

each family startes out with 100 dollars when you submit your tributes. THen based on how your family acts they will gain money. As soon as you send in tributes you can sponsor only your family (if you want to send a gift to another family you need that creators permission) good luck =)

Note... $10

Water and water clenser... $25

Blanket... $25

Basket of food.... $50

Knifes (5)... $50

Sleeping bags (4)... $100

Spears (2).... $100

Axes (2).... $100

Tridents (2)... $125

Bow and arrow (2).... $125

Tent.... $200

Gun... $500

For four of a weapon the price is doubled (except for a gun you'd have to send 4 of those)

The second twist

President Sleet walks on stage and stares at the gapping adduionce. "Hello everyone as you know it is quarter quell, but is is also a centry celibration. We have found a hidden record that states that every one hundred years 4 districts will not have to provide tributes," the capitol adduince moans while the district addiunce cheers hoping to be spared.

A little girl walks on stage with a glass bowl filled with twelve slips of paper, Sleet reches in grabs four slips immedently. Every person in the world took in a collective breath. "And the free districts are," he reads them in a loud voice, "7, 10, 1, 12"

In districts 7 10 and 12 everyone is very happy jumping in joy and hugging friends. In district 1 some are happy while others are furious at not gettin the chance to win. In every other district they are in tears and resuring each other.

Status and Training Scores

District 2

Ranged 8, Bloody 9, Rudy 9, and Brutal Murder 11- In wheat feild with weapons water and food $400

District 3

Preston 6, Irene 4, Stan Zornes 6 and Janet Stinger 2- All dead

District 4

Splash 7, Waterlily 2, Ocieania 6, and Wave Blue 7- Three backpacks two tridents (one big one small) bow and arrow and one spear- $150

District 5

Taran 6, Emily 5, Racelle 4, and Tim Pew 7- In wheat feild with a spear and a bow and arrow and two rabbits$120

DIstrict 6

Lightning 8, Krystal 7, Peara 6 and Stump Tree 6- All dead

District 8

Lane 8, Valerie 6, Stephanie 4 and David Perez 6- All Dead

District 9

Theseus 6, Itty 4, Nala 7, and Simmion 7 Alison- All dead

District 11

Josh 6, Willow 7, Lavender 5, and Matt Letice 8- Meadow backpack, knifes and food posion $235

The Bloodbath

Bang! There is a mad dash towards the Cornucopia. The first to reach is Valerie she grabs some knifes only to be surprised with one in her back thrown by Ranged. Sephanie sees her daughter dead and tries to kill Ranged but Brutal kills her with a knife. He grabs his knife and runs on, the Letice couple are battling the parents from 6. Matt throws a spear at Peara, it enters her heart and Stump yells at Matt. He grabs his knife and throws it into Lavenders head, this time Matt gets mad and kills Stump with his spear.

Preston and Irene are reaching the cornucopia when Thesus and Itty land in front of them. The Alisons both have spear and the Zornes have no weapons. They dont stand a chance Thesus kills Irene right before Itty kills Preston. Krystal and Lightning have just seen the murder of their parents, Krystal grabs a bow and arrow and lightning a spear. Krystal shots Josh, Willow sees this and kills Lightning with a knife to the back of the head.

The Blues catch up to Waterlily, she is so happy that she almost runs over Wave they run in the forest along side the tundra with a few back packs and four sleeping bags. The Pews have nothing but a spear and a bow and arrow and are in the meadow. While the Perezes and Murders are in the wheat feild, the Perezes have two back packs and a sleeping bag the Murders are fine and healty with plenty of food. Matt and Willow are allied with the Zornes in the jungle. Krystal is in the forest with a back pack and a bow and arrow. The Alisons are also in the forest in trees with four back pack and two sets of bow and arrows and spears. The Murders make up the careers.


  1. Valerie Perez (8)- Stabbed by Ranged Murder (2)
  1. Sephanie Perez (8)- stabbed by Brutal Murder (2)
  1. Peara Tree (6)- Speared by Matt Letice (11)
  1. Lavender Letice (11)- Stabbed by Stump Tree (6)
  1. Stump Tree (6)- Speared by Matt Letice (11)
  1. Irene Zornes (3)- Speared by Thesus Alison (9)
  1. Preston Zornes (3)- Speared by Itty Alison (9)
  1. Josh Letice (11)- Shot by Krystal Tree(6)
  1. Lightning Tree (6)- Stabbed by Willow Letice (11)

Day 2

In Splashes POV

I wake up to the sun beaming on my face, for just a moment I am foolish enought to think I'm safe then I remember where I am. I shoot up and grab my trident, I spot little Waterlily curled up next to my dad and sigh knowing that she will probably die. I walk into the tundra and put some snow in the contanier. Then I start hunting. I spot a rabbit suspened on a twitch up snare, then I hear sobs in the distance. I approce trident at ready. I spot a face in the trees then beautiful sea blue eyes staring at me, I have no idea who this girl is but I know at once that I love her. I drop my trident and ask for an allince, she flashes her bright white theeth and lands next to me."Its a deal," she says hand out. I smile and take it "Im Splash," I say. "Krystal spelled with a K not a C"

In Emilies POV

This is dumb, the hunger games and my family. Who cares if Taran is hunger or if dad found a rabbit all I want to do is eat and sleep. My family made me stay up all night and watch over them. As soon as I finish my small part of the rabbit I go hunting for more. At some point the arena changes to a jungle, I walk through and find a group of people eating a deer. I declare them the 3 parents and the 11 dad and daughter. I pull out my bow and arrow and kill the 3 parents because they are a threat. Then I dart away.

In Waterlilies POV

Splash has brought the prettiest girl in the arena into our camp. She is very nice and Splash is always looking at her with big eyes. I asked her if her brother was my age, her blue eyes turned watery and said he had died. I felt bad for her so I gave her a big hug, then she said that she did have another brother who was my age and he was at home. I said that after the games our over we can go see him. Then she started crying she ran back into the trees and Splash followed. Mommy and Daddy explained what was happening and then I ran after Krystal and Splash. I walked into a clearing and saw them kissing, yuck.

In Matts POV

Oh man, Lavender and Josh are dead. Oh man the Zornes our dead. Oh well I still have Willow, Willow! Shes gone, I atart yelling her name, "Right hear dad," she said i spot her on the ground stiring up a posion. She says that we can put it on my spear and it will kill imedatly. SHe is so smart.

In Ranged POV

All right I have won once I can win again I think. We trek through the big grass and I hear voices. I spot two boys sitting in front of me. Who are they, 9, 5, 11, 7 no 7s not in this year, oh 8. I remember killing the girl from there. I position my self and take out the bigger one. The boy grabs a pack and runs away. Drat, we get a pack and thats it.


  1. Stan Zornes(3)- shot by Emily Pew (5)
  1. Janet Zornes (3)- shot by Emily Pew (5)
  1. David Perez (8)- shot by Ranged Murder (2)

Day 3 part one

In Krystals POV

I love Splash and he loves me so im not changing a thing. I wish I had known him and his family my whole life, but I only have a few more left. He is so nice and charming and helps me get through everything. I miss lightning and mom and dad. They get to be home and sleeping, and living forever. I was thinking about going to them when Splash came I had the knife to my neck and everything. THen he help and we kissed. Waterlily came and pretended to throw up. Splash picked her up and carried her back to canp me closed behind. I wish it could last forever but Splash was going home not me.

In Willows POV

I made a deathly posion for that 6 girl. I plan to slip it into her food or pour it on my knife. It causes a slow death and is very painful. She killed my brother and my mom, and i was going to kill her.

In Lightnigns POV (I know but go with it)

I watch over my sister carfully, she has fallen in love, and has an enimies. I love her with all my heart and know that Splash does too os i trust him. She plans to kill to keep him alive but I will not let her, she will not join her family. Soon I will apper to her and help her when she falls asleep. Now I stay with my family lieing on soft clouds, my parents dont see how much she means to people. I decide to do something, I grab my locket and swoop down on her she startles but starts kissing Splash again. I gently put the locket in her pocket and fly toward paradise again. As I go tears form in my eyes, tears that only ghosts can make, rain.

Day 3 part two

In Itties POV

I sit around the camp with my family all around us we sit hoping that the bird we found not be posioness. The first to bit in is my dad, as he bits down a little bit of green liquid squirt out. I panic and yell at him. He smiles and says "Hey dont worry its fine," he says. All of a sudden he falls back and start chocking, "Dad, Dad," I scream. I turn around and spot a girl darting past us, 11. Oh no revenge, by then dad had started turning blue, soon he blinked and his eyes never opened again.

In Willows Pov

One down two to go. I get the feeling she is near.

In Bloodies POV

We see a meadow up ahead, we cross the line and see family sreaming and running. I nod for my family to stay and run up to them. They dont stop I grab my sowrd and stabbed the mom, then I spot the mutts, they look like rabbits but their fur is red and their teeth are huge and like daggers. I turn to my family and run the other family runs the other way. We run back to the cornucopia the rabbits catch up and jump ten feet into the air and land on my neck then bites. THe last thing I see is a rabbit bite moms leg.


  1. Simmon Alison (9)- Posioned by Willow Letice (11)
  2. Rachelle Pew (5)- Stabbed by Bloody Murder (2)
  3. Bloody Murder (2)- bitten by Mutt

Day 5

In Taran POV

The two family killed mom, were in a wheat feild and we are alomost out of food. Oh well I go hunting and find a rabbit and a non posionus snake then we eat. I look around and sence another presence, I look around and find nothing. I notice Emily cring, "Whate the matter," I ask. She shakes her head but I insist, "Well I killed two people and am going to die and go to roast forever," "Emily you aren't going to die," Iinsist "We are going home and live in peace,"

She sobs and regains control. Dad has been useless, gazing into the distance, been like that sence mom... well who could blame him. This I decided was war and I was going to win.

In Splashes POV

My eyes open to the blue eyes of Krystals, I pull her down in a long lingering kiss. Her lips taste like blueberries and peppermint. She pulls away, tears in her eyes. "Whats the matter," I ask. She pulls out a locket and clicks it open. Her family stands with another boy about Waterlilies age. "I found it in my pocket, its Lightnings and watch," She put it in my hand and it vaporated into thin air and apperec in her hand. "He is waching us," she said with a smile at the sky.

In Willows POV

I put a drop on the girls plate and run. When I come back to camp dads dead on the floor with the girl from 9 over him. I start to yell but see her family and dart.

In Waves POV

I like Krystal she is very kind and caring. We sit for dinner, a small bit of rabbit, Krystal takes the first bite. She says "Very swe..." then drops back twitching.

In Krystals POV

I sceam and scream. Terrible pictures flash in my head. Splash ripped to pieces, Waterlily dead bled white, worst of all Lighting with a knife in his head. Then Splashes real face appers I wisper "I love you," then a horrible screch leaves my mouth never pausing but i hear his voice "I love you t...." Then it all turns black and i see a light up ahead and my family.


  1. Matt Letice (11)- stabbed by Itty Alison (9)
  2. Krystal Glass (6)- Posioned by Willow Letice (11)

Day 7

In Splashes POV

I huged the corpse of Krystal for hours then I ran away trying to excape my proplems. I come apon a pond, without an hesitation I jump in. For hours I swim until my body is just wrinklely. I start walking back to camp when I spot the 11 girl with a knife, the knife has a blue liquid on it. The girl doesn't notice me but is watching something. Then she runs foward, not at me but at a group, my family. She slashes her knife along moms hand and runs on. Mom is screaming and twiching, like Krystal. Now I know who to revenge.

In Lanes POV

I am alone in the middle of a meadow with no weapons or anything. I decide to go to the cornucopia, the 20 ft. metal cone can be spotted any where here. So I find it quickly and get another pack and a blowgun with posioned darts not bad. Then I see a family in the feild, allince. I aproce with coshine and with my blow gun at ready. They spot me and panic, "Allince," I say quickly. They seem to relax and take me in.

In Emilies POV

My family is eating when we hear trumpets blow. "Hello tributes. Everyone hear at the capitol is routeing you on, and we have some news for you," this is the first time Claudius hasnt made the annocuments "We are going to let two families live but with that comes a consquest, these games have to be full of fun, so we are going to kill one family and push the rest of you to the cornucopia after that, sleep tight" Great now the capitol is tring to kill us.


  1. Oceania Blue (4)- Willow Letice (11)

Day 8

In Waterlilies POV

I miss mommy she went to sleep after the girl cut her hand and woukdnt wake up. Daddy told me that she was going to sleep forever and some day Id see her. As the flying car picked her up I told the capitol people to make sure she has a nice bed. Today Splash looks angry. He was saying something about 11, I dont know I just want mommy. Then I see three fireballs apper in the sky. They land with a bam on the ground...

In Lanes POV

The fireballs hit the 9 family... they tried to escape but they followed them... they didnt stand a chance.

In Brutals POV

We saw the fireballs land near us and started towards the area. I spoted a boy ahead of us (8). He was facing the ashes of his old allies when I pounced. I tackled him and carried him to the jungle edge where I tied him to a tree. Then I saw four axes, I grabbed it and cut half his foot off, I saw him scream. Then I cut off a finger and drank some blood, so good and meatalicy. I drew a target on his face and walked back to my family about a hundred meters away. They screamed at me, I didnt know what they were talking about until the dart piercedc my leg... soon the world turned grey and I saw my wife chucking a ax at the boy. Now I fell the pain of fire against my skin I guess no jugment for me just...


  1. Thesues Alison (9)- Fireball
  2. Nala Alison (9)- Fireball
  3. Itty Alison (9)- Fireball
  4. Lane Perez (8)- Rudy Murder (2)
  5. Brutal Murder (2)- Lane Perez (8)

Day 10

In presidents Sleets POV

I LOVE the hunger games and am very happy of the twist... but I am furious these games arent gettting anywhere. I call for Flevius my assistent, she quickly is at my side. We descus how to move these games along and come to an conclusion.

In Willows POV

I fell bad for the poeple who I have killed. But really I dont think that I have a future at home everyone is dead. Maybe I can see them if... no I wont do it. So I continue through the meadow picking flowers and weeds then making a crown out of clovers. I hear a scream and look up to see the little girl from four running and screaming at me with a little trident. As I jump to run I understand what she is saying, "Mommy, you killed mommy she wouldnt wake up," I see the look of horror as the poor 6 year old has learned that her mom has past away and isnt coming back "I want her back, give her back," the girl has almost reach me with the trident I try to run faster but the girl still stays with me. I cant live with it the girl will never have her mom back and killing her is too vicous the girl barley lived. The only way to revenge for their mom is to let her kill me. So I stop and turn to the girl who has now reached me. "You can have me," I get out "But you have to hold my hand," the 6 year old side comes back but leaves "I'll tell your mommy that you were a good girl," she takes my hand and impales my throat still crying for a mother that will never return.


  1. Willow Letice (11)- Waterlily Blue (4)

Day 13-The Finally

In Emilies POV

I get the feeling thatt the games are close to an end and that hopfully by tomarrow I'll be home in my own bed. So I'm not surprised when the new announcer tells us that they are sending in a posionous fog to make us go to the cornucopia. We pack up and met up with our three other competeitors. I am surprised when the annoucner anounces that we only two people per family can survive...

In Rangeds POV

So what if only two people can survive me and my mom, thats all that matters the other two families look horror struck the glance among then selfs ot see if anyone has a plan. Thats when me and mom attack, she goes afeter the 5 family and I go for the 4. I grab my bow and string it with an arrow. I aim for the boys head, his sister sees me and runs at me screaming "NO, you dont kill splash mommy isnt coming but splash is," She has a tridnet abouth 3 feet tall, I laugh and aim at her head. I fire she dodges, now im nervous she is gaining on me before I can string another arrow she is on top of me trident pulled back, great taken down by a 6 year old what my father would think.

In Rudys POV

I see Range go down by a 6 year old, I curse and go back to choking the father of 5 he seems to be close to death when the boy brings down his sowrd on the piece of rope the rope snaps and the man falls to the ground gasping for air. I am fightning the boy sword to dagger, I jab he blocks he jabs I block. Soon I hit the sword so hard it falls to the ground with a clatter...

In Emilies POV

I see the 2 women disarm my brother, she has her dagger too his throat. She pulls back for the final blow I grab my bow and arrow aim and fire. I close my eyes and hear a cannon fire I peak out and the the arrow lodged into the ladies skull. Its over we can go home with the four family, I count up whos left, wait oh no. Three for each family... decision time. I walk to my family and talk, "I'll do it I dont need to live," Taran says "No me I'm ready to die ive taken more lifes then you, I deserve it," I say.

"No you two are staying Im going to die. Im older and lived longer, you two can live happliy with the victor money," Dad says we try to protest but dad wont budge.

In Waterlilies POV

Daddy and Splash are fighting again, they say that they should die. I tell them both not to die but they dont liste. "Waterlily needs you dad," Splash says "No will be fine without me," daddy says. "Dad I want to die, I want to see Krystal and mom, I want to be free of all the things that I have done and live in peace," Splash yells and I cover my ears. Daddy starts to cry daddy cant cry, "Splash you dont want to die," but Splash is already walking away. I run next to him "Splashy dont die, I want you to stay," I tell him. He smiles at me and gives me his little necklace with a broken heart hanging from it on it is a W, he gives it too me and Krystals locket "Waterlily I love you but I have to do this," and starts walking again I start to run after him but daddy grabed me. We watched as him and the daddy from 5 walk to each other, they grabs a sowrd each and count to three.

"1...2...3..." I close my eyes and look away as they stab each other in the neck at the same time. Daddy cries i cry the 5 people cry everyone cries.


  1. Ranged Murder (2)- Waterlily Wave (4)
  2. Rudy Murder (2)- Emily Pew (5)
  3. Splash Wave (4)- Tim Pew (5)
  4. Tim Pew (5)- Splash Wave (4)

Victory Tour

In Waterlilies POV

District 3

I see sad people, daddy goes to talk to them, I say hi into the big metal thing that makes my voice loud. Then the five kids go the girl is crying "I took the lifes of people I hadnt know, I carelessly without thinking fired two arrows that ended the lifes of the people you might have known. For that I am sorry and very angry at the ca... I mean myself for doing that," the girl says. As she walks away I give her a big hug and tell her its okay.

District 2

I yell at these meanys they almost killed Splash. Daddy says he is sorry, and the five people say their sorry, but the district still yells and then I hear gun fires. Daddy takes me away and tells me its okay when I now know that there are dead people outside.

In Emilies POV

District 11

We watch as the little 4 girl screams at the people on any other circomestances it would have been funny, but it was horrible watching how a little sweet 6 year old could turn into such a beast. Her dad tell the people he is sorry and says that he knows that the girl from that district was only trying to survive. We go up and tell the people that Willow was wrong to kill like that but we know that she was just trying to get back here. I start to cry but Taran stays strong and finishes the speech. We walk off stage Taran wispering to me that we won and would be back home soon.

District 9

No one had much to say about district 9. None of us victors met them of killed then. So we said we were sorry for there loses and hope that we revenge for their deaths by killing district 2.

In Waterlilies POV

Disrict 8

Im still mad at district 11, they killed mommy. We saw how the boy form 8 died and I cried in my daddys coat the whole time the mean 2 person killed him. I say that 2 was mean and dumb and stupid and shouldnt have killed him. He had just saw the other people die. They cheer with me and are happy for me, I smile at them and walk away. The other people just say I'm sorry.

District 6

I dont want to do anything here I just want to cry. I liked Krystal and Splash and know they are gone, I cry as daddy speaks and dont go until the 5 people speak. Then I walk all I can see is a boy sitting alone in a section, I cry for Krystal and then I cry for Splash while watching the boy. He has short blonde hair and blue eyes. He is crying even more then me so I cry harder. He see me and give me a smile sad smile, I know who he is, Krystal! No not Krystal her little brother, the one who was my age! Befor daddy can grab me I have the boy in a big hug. He tries to wiggle out but I wont let go, finally he stops and hugs me back. I fell the mean men pull me away "Whats your name" I scream. He says "Clear," I ask "Where do you live," He says "76 Main street," I let the man pull me back to the big block and I say "I am going to give Clear a phone and money and I will call him and visit him!" The crowd cheers and I walk away.

In Tarans POV

District 5

I walk around Emily at side I party with my old friends and Emily gossips with hers. I see the man from 5 sitting alone in the corner, I offer him some food then walk away. Someone asks us how we are doing and Emily cries. Now I know that even though we won we will never acctually win.

In Waves POV

District 4

I walk around joking with the guys and laughing with Waterlilies little buddies. I spot the two kids from 5 and offer them some food and drinks. They seem out of place like me at there district, so I talk to them, they laugh at my corny jokes and listen to my stories. Then I go stop Waterlily from messing up the cake, she gets asked if her mommy really died and then she starts yelling. I calm her down and hope that with age that it will leave.


Waterlily grew out of her fits of range when the death of her mom and brother. She and Clear often talked over phone and the capitol provided weekly trips for them to visit each other. She still is mad at district 11 but is slowly getting over it. She has now metored only once and her tribute came in second next to the boy from 1. A few years ago Clear proposed to her while walking along the ocean line. She said yes and they had their wedding the next day. They currently have 2 kids named Splash and Krystal. She is now 26.

Wave grew to be an old man he never remarried and mentored many kids. Out of those kids two have survived. He still a very happy and cheery man. He is now 55.

Emily is a very generous person she is now 33 and married but they have no kids. She has a caring heart and is always giving to the district. She is holding a job as a owner of a bakery she gives free food to starving kids. She hates mentoring and has been forced to do it since she was 19. She allows all the sponsor gifts to go through and is very upset if someone dies. She has raised one victor (Emily Pew) who she is very protective of.

Taran is now the mayor of district 5 and cant mentor. He has three children named Emily, Tim and Sara. Emily was chosen to go into the games but Emily helped her get out and win the games. Taran is a very happy man at the age of 37 he has no regrets and is very protective of Emily his sister.

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