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History: (We will be doing interviews)

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User blog:Moviepopcorn123/Moviepocorns 100th hunger games

Please no curses.

  • Left mountain side
  • Mountains
  • Right mountain sides

This year the area will be a mountian side with three mountains. On the center mountain top is the Cornucopia with some strange weapons. On one side of the mountain is forests with fruit and many streams but mutts are always around hunting. On the other side is a wheat feild with only one small pond with water but no animals with a few edible plants around the pond. The mountains are good for mountain goats and water but they are volcanos.


District # Male Female

Wonder Sadlen


Sparkle Well



Cid Highwind


Aelis Clearwater (12)


Gadgeet Raven


Elecsis Nevera



Barrett Cooper


Alli Crystal



Will Holden


Aria Branford



Jester "J.T.' Tool


Claudia Fox


7 Ted Pines (16)

Tecy Pines



William Card


Olivia Aqua



Denyon Pierce


Emily Veela (12)

10 Eros Terra (16)

Ember Liele



Kimmt Cotwright


Raeoki Cotwright



Ligtning Tree


Krystal Glass


"May the odds be ever in your favor" -Effie Trinket

Sposner gifts:

You can earn money based on how your tribute acts but you do start with $100 for gifts.




Basket of food...$50

A few knifes...$50

Medical pack..$75




Bow and arrow..$150



Special gun...$1500




Angel Wings





Training scores:

Disrict 1

Wonder Sadlen-8

Sparkel Well-10

District 2

Cid Highwind-10

Aelis Clearwater-5

District 3

Gadgeet Raven-7

Elesis Nevera-5

District 4

Barrett Copper-9

Alli Crystal-7

District 5

Will Holden-7

Aria Branford-5

District 6

Jester Tool "JT"-5

Claudia Fox-7

District 7

Ted Pines-7

Tecy Pines-3

District 8

William Card-5 VICTOR

Olivia Aqua-7

District 9

Emily Veela-11

Dentyon Pierce-3

District 10

Eros Terra-6

Ember Liele-7

District 11

Kimmt Cotwright-4

Raeoki Cotwight-6

District 12

Lighting Tree-8

Krystal Glass-6

The Blood Bath

The gong rings out, Bang. Some tributes imedetatly start down the moutian while others race foward toward life giving items. The first to arrive is Emily she grabes half a dozen knifes and runs. Barrett sees her running and starts to curse, he reaches for a trident but is surpirsed when Ember's hand lands on it. In that moment of confusion Ember has already planted the trident in his neck. Her victory is short lived, a arrow from Olivia enters her heart. Elesis was tring to get her hands on a knife when Krystals arrow pirced her skull. Gadgeet ran to her side but little could be done so he gaives up. As he stod Lightning planted a spear in his neck, he saw Krystal up ahead they teamed up and ran to the left of the mountain. Olivia spots William and runs up to him. He is running towards the woods Olivia taps his shoulder. He spinns around knife in hand, he stabbs her in the stomach. He sit by her side as she dies, crying about his biggest blunder yet. Cid spots Claudia running away he sneaks up behind her and rams his spear through her stomach. Dentyon is grabbing a spear when Sparkle and the others surround him, Sparkle gives him no time to plead before she has speard him in the stomach, they dart away to catch someone else. Emily peaks over the side and sees him. She knels beside him even though she barley knew him. "Kill them all," He asked.

"I will,' she says. "For you." She then rus away. J.T. who was a little slow getting off the plate finally got out of shock. By then the careers had almost everyone down. He reached for a spear in the ground. Wonder runs over and puts his spear to J.T.'s neck.

"Whoo," He drops his spear and holds up his hands. "Allince,"

Wonder who thinks that J.T. was Lightning says okay.

The Careers (Districts 1 and 2 and J.T.) are still by the horn. Ted and Tecy are trecking trough the woods in an allince. Aria and Will, Kimmit and Raeoki, and Lightning and Krystal are also in allinces. The rest (Alli, William, Emily, and Eros) are alone.


24th Barrett Cooper (4)-Stabbed by Ember

23rd Ember Liele(10)- Shot by Olivia

22nd Elesis Nevera(3)-Shot by Krystal

21st Gadgeet Raven(3)-Stabbed by Lightning

20th Olivia Aqua (8)-Stabbed by William

19th Claudia Fox (6)-Stabbed by Cid

18th Dentyon Pirece (9)-speared by Sparkle

In total 7 people died in the bloodbath.

Day 2

Ted and Tecy inched trough the woods Ted took the lead. Last night they had heard howls in the distance so they were taking procotions. Ted heard voices in the distance, "Stay hear," he wispered to Tecy she nodded. He ran in to find Aria and Will hugging. Will pushed Aria away he grabbed his sowrd, he stabbed at Ted.Tecy couldn't take it.

"Stop," she yelled surprisingly they did. "Lets make an allince," she said.

Aria also looked pleased that no one was going to get hurt, she quickly agreed. Together they took down camp and moved on.

The careers slowly walked trough the 10 foot grass, they saw some trees ahead of them. Sparkle wispered "District 12," J.T. realized she was talking to him, they tought he was that 12 boy. Best not to correct them, he stepped foward. "Go up their act like you want an allince," J.T. heard vocies up ahead. He walked up and slowly stepped into the camp. Kimmit and Raeoki sat there talking. Raeoki saw him she grabbed her shield and held it in front of her. Kmmit jumped up spear at ready, "Wait," Said J.T. "I want an allince," he said. Kimmit looked at Raeoki who nodded.

"Sure," Raeoki said. She patted the seat next to him he slowly sat. As soon as he started looking around at the tents Raeoki stabbed him in the heart with a hidden knife. Then almost on cue the careers charged in Raeoki quickly grabbed a pack and ran, Kimmt wasn't so lucky Aelis shot him with an arrow, the death was rather slow so the careers tried to find Raeoki but she had some how made it to her brother and held his hand as it slowly went still.

That night Alli was eating in a small camp, she was finsihing off a rabbit she had caught. She was ready to move on when her fellow careers surronded her. "Hey," said Cid with a wicked smile. "So your all alone, not joining up with us," teased Sparkle. At that point Alli was crying she didn't want to go she had to get back to her brothers and sisters. She looked towards Aelis, the youngest, she did look like she didn't want to do this so Alli went that way. She charged Aelis, Aelis looked like she could cry to. Wonder quickly stepped in front of her spear pointed towards Alli. Before she could stop Alli was an Alli-cha-bob.


17th Jester Tool J.T. (6)-stabbed by Raeoki

16th Kimmt Cotwirght (11)-shot by Aelis

15th Alli Crystal (4)-speared by Wonder

Day 3

William was trecking through the woods when he saw two parachutes falling through the sky his trembling hands opened up 5 knifes then a large basket of food. He smiled towards the sky,he now had 6 of his favorite weapon and some food. He stod a chance now.

That night Aelis decided it was time to leave she quickly took a bow and arrow, and two packs and headed off.

Day 5

Since the careers have failed to find any more victims the gamemakers decided to push together the groups.

Ted was on gaurd when he noticed the snakes. They all had strange colors on them some had orange that glows like the sun others with yellow strips. He didn't need to be told that all of them were posinus. "Snakes," he cried waking up his allies. They grabed two packs and some weapons and ran.

Cid saw some beaty eyed creature staring at him through the grass, he hopped up spear at ready. "GUYS," everyone popped up. Sparkle looked around for that exuse of a career she was no where in sight. Then the dog like mutt pounced. It jumped on Cid before he could react. It ripped his head clean off, the cannon boomed. The remaining careers ran.

The groups meet up at the valley inbetween the right and middle mountain. "Run Aria and Tecy," Aria planted a quick kiss on him then grabbed Tecy's hand and led her up the back into the forest. THe snakes had already slithered off. Will and Ted faced district one alone Ted stabbed at Wonder who side stepped and jabbed at him with his spear. It made contact with his eye, nothing could be done for the boy of district 7. Will turned towards wonder with apsolute hatred. He took a stab at him it entered his right arm. Wonder ripped it out and looked at the wound. Sparkle decided to step in as Will realized he had no weapon she speared his heart.

That night all that could be heard was the weaping of Aria and Tecy. They both swore to get revenge on the careers.


14th Cid Highwind (2)-head ripped off by dog mutt

13th Ted Pines (7)-speared by Wonder

12th Will Holden (5)-Speared by Sparkle

Day 6

The next day Aria and Tecy are slowly walking through the woods when Aria breaks down "I miss him so much, I wish he were here," Tecy sighs and sits down next to her feeling like the mature one well she is older.

"Don't worry we'll get back at the careers," she said.

"you too," said a voice from the sky. Tecy barely makes out Emily holding a knife she pulls out her bow and arrow. "Don't panic, I want an allince," she said. "I need some help taking out the careers too," She seemed to float down to the ground.

"Alright but no funny business," Aria said as she got control of her sobs.They settled down for awhile as Emily explained her plan.

Eros slowly truged through the feild on an empty stomach it was clear that he needed water and food or he'd be dead by tomarrow. At least water he thought, then he heard something a small splash. 'Great now I'm halucinating,' he thought but he heard it again. This time he ran towards it he came out into a small pond with some plants around it. He didn't care if he got sick it was better than dieing slowly he scooped up some water and drank it. It cooled him down, then he walked over to a plant and plucked it from the ground and bit into it, seemed fine.

That night the girls from 5, 7 and 9 got into position. First Aria shot an arrow into Sparkles back, she screamed in pain and looked in that direction. As she did Tecy shot an arrow into her skull, a cannon shot in the distance. "Whos there," said Wonder. The girls tried not to laugh and said in unision "We are watching you," Then each one of them fired their weapon. Wonder dodged the arrows but the knife got him in the leg. He grabbed it out of his leg and threw it into Tecy's bush. A cannon ringed out. Emily and Aria ran away then caught up with each other later.


11th Sparkle Well (1)- shot by Tecy

10th Tecy Pines (7)-stabbed by Wonder

Day 9

The gamemakers were getting annoyed this was getting boring so the mixed it up a little bit. Lightning and Krystal were walking up the left mountain when a rumbling sound came from their feet before they could react the magma was in the air. "Run," Krystal screamed. She started running a drop of lava hit her leg she cried out in pain and fell back right into the lava. Lightning ran down the mountian and into the woods.

William heard a cannon boom he started going through the people left, the boy from 1, the girl from 2... before he could think of anyone else he saw the boy from 12 running towards him. William quickly threw a knife into his leg then he saw the lava, oozing towards him at unnatraul speed. William sighed and ran to the left away from the boy.

Meanwhile Aria and Emily saw the volcano erupt and started packing up. As they were leaving Aria almost stepped on the basket she smiled picked up and ran. Emily recived a note from her sponsor "Kill one tribute each night. Break up with Aria nicely." Then the two girls ran at one point Emily diceded to leave, she turned to Aria and said "Aria, we should split it's down to the finall eight," Aria thought about it and nodded then turned around and left. Emily sighed again and hoped she didn't have to kill that girl, too kind and nice.

Eros also heard the explosion and decide to stay because he was all alone so no tributes. As he settled down a parachute ladded in his lap. he opened it five knifes slide into his hands he smiled and waved to the sponsors.


9th Krystal Glass (12)- killed by volcano explosion


Wonder Sadlen

Wonders little sister showns up she cries for Wonder to come home. "I miss you so much," she says "I've never been so lonely in my life. Each night I cry for you to come home,' with that she runs off stage crying as soon she is all alone she straightens up with a grin on her face. The capitols were suckers.

Aelis Clearwater

Aelis' parents come they ask for her to stay alive and don't give up. They wish her good luck and hope that she'll be home. They then start to explain that Aelis was a great girl and bound to survive the competion ahead of her.

Aria Branford

Aria's father arrives but is too drunk to do anything except say "Wheres my slave, I need her to come home,"

William Card

Williams family comes, his two sister sit there quitely with tears rolling down their eyes. Williams father and brother answer with eather a yes or a no or a shrug. It goes on like that until someone asks what Williams older brother thinks about him voluntered for him. Williams brother gets all stiff and mad "I wish he hadn't he was so young i was older 18! You know what i did I just let him walk to his death," soon he starts crying but continues "If I had volunteered he would be here happy and cheery like always," then the family walks off.

Emily Veela

Emily's parents come they seem happy their daughter made it this far. When somone asks how did she know to use knifes and shrugged "She must have had a hidden talent," her father said not knowing that his daughter was an assasin. The interview went on like that for the rest of the ten minutes.

Eros Terra

Eros family comes. They all have red weltches from crying, they seem to want no more then Eros to come home but nothing unnatrual about them.

Raeoki Cotwight

Raeoki's grandparents come, you can tell they're still getting over the loss of Kimmt. They they seem to want no more then Raekoki to come home far a batch of cookies.

Lightning Tree

Lightnings family comes, they say that they are helping Krystals family get through the loss and want Lightning to come home. The climax of the story is when Lightnings little sister, Sara says that if he dies she will always remember him as the worlds best hero.

Day 10

Eros is by himself when he notices the pack gently falling onto his lap. Yes another gift. This time a basket of food. Just what he needs some real food.

Day 12

As the tributes walk trough their teritories the new head gamemaker Rases voice booms thtoughout the arena "Hello final eight we are now releaseing a new type of muttation into the woods enjoy and we all hope you make it home,"

William Emily and Aria imediatly pack up and leave but lightning still greiving over the death of Krystal stays he slowly packs up and heads out. Soon after he leaves camp he hears a sound somewhere in between a howl and a hiss. That snaps him out of it he starts running but the creatures then surround him. They have the heads of dead tributes each with a greenish ting to it, and the boay of a snake. Lightning pulls out his knife ready for a fight when he spots the Krystal mutt, he panics and drops the knife. Then the Kimmit mutt pounces and sticks its two fangs into Lightnings neck.

That night Emily is doing what her mentor asked, she sneaking through the grass with a knife at ready, she spots Aelis ahead of her. She pulls back her knife, Aelis senses it she pulls out her bow and aims at Emilys head, both girls fire their weapon at the same time but the arrow is faster, it finds Emilies side she screams in pain and hobbles away. Aelis gets the knife in her leg, she to hobbles away as she walks she grabs the madical pack from one of her packpacks.


8th Lightning Tree (12)- Killed by Kimmts snake-wolf mutt

Day 13

The wound on Emilies side wasn't getting any better soon pus started flowing out of it. Poor Emily slowly walked through the feild, no medicine in her pack. As she set up camp for a while she saw the paracute fall to the ground, in side a medical pack. She quickly cleaned her wound and used freash cotton to bandage it. Even with these new adgustments there was no chance she was going to hunt tonight.

Aria felt helpless she was by herself and had no idea what to do with the free time. Then the note landed in her cupped hands. "Use your weaving skills. Nets." she had no idea how her sposnsors knew about her skill but she pulled some wheat plants and slowly twisted and coneccted them. Soon she had the best net she ever made, now she walked with her net ready. Later that after noon she spoted a pond. She rushed to it then she saw the sleeping boy next to her. Why not get some sponsors, she tossed the net on him, he started to scream but Aria took the blunt of her knife and banged it aganinst his cutting off his wind pipe. She started with the killing she slowly drew a smilely face on the boys arm then as he started to scream again she jabbed her knife in his troat. Imedatily after she felt terrible she just killed an inoccent boy, not even thinking about it. For what the chance for her father to beat her again. She cried and cried about the things she had done, then she pulled herself together and let the hovercraft take the boys body. As he was lifted into the air Aria remembered everything about him. He was Eros Terra, he's from district 10, and he got an 6 in training. She sighed again knowing that this was going to be a long night.


7th Eros Terra (10)- Stabbed by Aria

Day 16

Its been too long since the death of Eros and Emily decided to move. She slowly rose from the spot on the ground and walked. Soon later she spotted that dreaded 2 girl, the stupid one who caused her injury this time she was completely unsuspicous. Emily wanted revenge no one ever saw the night prowler and if they did they had to be killed. So in one swift moment Emily took out her knife and threw it into Aeils neck. The girl fell over, Emily searched her for anything useful, just food and water, a few arrows and a bow, she had no need for those so she took the food and put the pack back on the corpse.

The President was still not happy, he stalked into the HQ of the gamemakers. Rases stepped foward, "President Rain," he said. Rain quickly wispered the plan into the gamemakers ear as he did an evil smile crosed Rases face.

"Hello final six, this is president Rain, I have made a new holiday called tribute day on tomarrow we are going to give you each a tracker that tells you where one other tribute is but be careful because with this holiday we reales mutts from the woods,"


6th Aelis Clearwater(2)- Stabbed by Emily

Day 17

As soon as the sun rose every tribute recieved the tracker.

Aria was about to set out when the note landed in front of her she quickly read the note and found a small apple tree with a new net.

Wonder also got an note. He sighed he was looking foward for some blood but hey sponsors know best he found a small crevest in the cornucopia and settled in.

William started following the tracker to what seemed like a small clearing as he stepped into it something bumped into him, he whiped out his knife and aimed but stuttered. This was bigger then anyone left in the arena with its wolf body and a green face. But that wan't the scariest the face was the same as Olivia's the district partner who he killed. The creature lunged at him but he sidestepped into the clearing only to find a dozen more stareing at him. They all had the faces as other tributes, he spotted the district 7 siblings and the 12 boy even the 2 girl even though she died yesterday. Across the clearing Raeoki was fighting with her brother mutt it lunged at her but she shot an arrow into its head it fell over. A little to her left Emily was fighting with the Dentyon mutt she stabbed a knife through its chest. She looked around and spotted Raeoki she threw a knife and then ran bakc into the feild. Raeoki dropped over dead. William decided to leave he turned and killed Olivia again with his knife. Meanwhile four mutts set out two heading for an apple tree and two others for the center mountian.

Aria was silent in the tree. She heard a russle in the feild and got her net ready. As soon as the person amurged she tossed the net onto it, she jumped from the tree knife at ready. She stared at the net inside a squirming creature sat when it looked at her Aria shrieked it was Tecy, her ally. She dropped her knife but quickly santched it up she knew it was a mutt and had to be killed. Just as she pulled it back the other mutt burst in, Aria glanced at its face and shrieked again Will her beautiful friend (well maybe more) stared at her with complete hatred. The Tecy ripped the net from herself and lunged withe Will next to her they both grabbed her neck and bit.

Wonder was fight ing with the Sparkle and Cid mutts they put up a good fight but Wonder was too fast he killed Cid then Sparkle with his spear.


5th Raeoki Cotwright (11)- stabbed by Emily

4th Aria Branford (5)- Killed by Will and Tecy mutts

Day 18

The sun slowly rose and each triute was hunting, as they searched the vast feild they heard something over the speaker "Hello WONDER, we have you sister here and she has a mesage," the voice of his sister rang through the arena'' on one knowing that it was a jaberjay "'help they have ke and say that if you don't win they'll kill me'" then it went on for Emily, her parents, and Will, his older brother.

Each tribute suddenly felt complete hate towards the capitol and want to win even more, Wonder saw Emily up ahead they both got potentaly fatal wounds Emily an spear in the kidney and Wonder a knife in the sholder before they both retreated. Emily yanked the spear out and held in her intestents while she sewed the skin back. Wonder just patched up the wound and rested. William was the only one who didn't have a scrach he then recived a axe at first he wondered why then took a shot at the tree ahead of him . Of couse his knife skills helped with distance.

That night Wonder looked at his wound, he had gotten blood posoining. HE magaged to stay alive for a little while before he past out. A coulple hours later the cannon rung out.


3rd Wonder Sadlen- Died of blood posioning


The sun rose, the two youngest tributes in the arena watch as it does. They both get the feeling that today is the last day. William decides to get over with it he hunts all day for Emily who is ok but doesn't want to reopen the wound. Finally William spots the girl up ahead sitting as he slowly steps foward she hears the twig snap she grabs her knife and throws, William blocks it with his axe blade and dives as another comes at him, Emily is up and looking in the grass knife at ready.

William tries walking around and getting her in the back but she sees his shadow move. Its know or never he throws the axe at her skull it barley misses, he pulls out the longest knife in the group and dodges her blade. Emily is down to two knifes she charges and hides one under her sleve. William dodges the blade again and trows the long one, Emily ducks, it gets lodged in the small tree behind her. Emily sneaks behind him as he pulled the knife out she stick out her hand he looks and sees the girl doesn't want to hurt him, he takes it. She flips him and take out the knife from her sleve. Will then remembers the extra knifes he has in his pocket "Please," he begged while working out a plan. Emily's face quickly shows a flash of pain then sighs "well I'll make the death quick,"

"No," William says with every once of bravery "I will," he wipes out a knife and they get in a small hand to hand fight. William pulls out another knife and soon get sees Emilies rythem when she blocks she goes for the hand no the knife so will sticks out one knife hand at ready and lightly throws the other. The blade isn't fast enough so Will loses his pinky but when the blade hits she loses balnce William buries his knife into her head.

The hovercraft comes over head William looks at the poor girls body like a small little four year old sleeping. He cant takes his eyes away from the twelve year old that had he had killed, he had killed an inocent girl, now he was scard for life and broken beyond repair.


2nd Emily Veela

Victory Tour

District Twelve: William walks on stage "I didn't know Krystal but I think Lightning loved her a lot," he started "I'd have ran from the woods if I was him but he stayed because he loved and missed Krystal too much, so Lightning and Krystal were good kids and you guys have to stay strong for their sake,"

DIstrict Eleven: "I never knew Kimmit or Raeoki but I did see Raeokis death," William starts out "She was a good girl and hopefully I repentenced her death, not that I wanted to. Maybe I could have saved her but I didn't so best of luck and god bless you all," William starts off stage but Raeoki's grandparents already have him in a hug. William hugs them back.

DIstrict Ten: "I'll never know Eros or Ember, but from the looks on everyones face they were good kids," William says and is not willing to say anymore.

District Nine: "I will never froget Emily she was a great girl and I never thought that such a small girl could do such damage," William shows them his missing pinky a few chuckles from her usual clients "I wish that i didn't have to kill her, we could have been friends," he truns his looks towards her parents "I believe that no one should of died, It is not my fault not Her fault but the capitols they forced her to die and me to kill, this is not a rebelian but the truth and the truth is the most important thing," he walks away from the huge round of aplause.

District Seven: "I didn't know Tecy or Ted, but i did know that they were siblings and now their family will be torn forever,"

District Six: "I didn't know Claudia," William started out "But I know from the replay that J.T. joined the careers, he was wrong to do that the careers kill and used him to kill Kimmt they are cruel and I am glad that Raeoki got revenge for his death," the addience started booing and throwing rocks at him, peacekeepers fired into the adiunce, William closed his eyes and tried to erase the new memories of dead bodies.

District Five: "All I know about Will and Aria is that they loved each other, and they didn't deserve to die," He spots a drunk father who stagers on stage yelling "My slave I want my slave I need to beat something," William is hurried out but he still hears the gun fire "Serves him right for beating her," he thinks

District Four: "I saw how Alli was murdered and I hope you all realize that careers arent good kids and you souldn't raise them that way," Some one in the adience calls out "Barrett was a career," "Yes and did you see how he died tring to kill Emily,"

District Three: "I didn't know Gadgeet or Elesis at all," he says.

District Two: "Cid was a career he deserved to die but Aelis was my age too and she tried to stay away from the Careers," William couldn't get any farther because of the rocks coming toward's his head, he sigh and walks away before the guns fire.

DIstrict One: "Wonder and Sparkle deserved to die they killed almost all of the tributes and weren't even guilty, I only killed one and I feel like I killed panem, if you dont feel guilt then you are a sicko," he waited for people to start booing and yelling but they just stod there unmoving "Well I apprecate you listening and maybe I changed some of your minds,"

District Eight: Everyone is happy in the district dancing and laughing with the food in hand. William spots Mr and Mrs. Aqua in the corner he walks over. "I am so sorry I really didn't mean to hurt you in any way," one look and Mrs. Aquas face told him he was never going to be forgived, he walked on stage and said "I am going to give half of my winnings to the Aquas for my biggest mistake yet," the district cheered and William saw a smile on Mr. Aquas face.

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