Hi, I think I'm leaving soon but I want to get in as many games as a can so please enter and I will choose 3 random tributes to enter. So please read and enter!! There will be a lot of twists and i hope you enjoy.


Male Creator Kills Female Creator Kills
District 0
District 1 Titanic De Leon- 7 Anna- Athena Britannic De Leon- 7 Anna- Athena
District 2 Slate Obsidian- 10 Necterine Amber Quartz- 9 Necterine
District 3 Calculum Infinity- 6 Prezziesnow Issabella Electrode- 8 Prezziesnow
District 4 Apollo Elto- 10 Ruflower Artemis Elto- 8 Rueflower
District 5 Everest Winter- 7 Clove1001 Leven Hunter- 8 Clove1001
District 6 Shuttle Tram-6 Joeybladeaura
District 7
District 8
District 9 Ethan Grey- 5 Foxface Wendy Zirbel- 7 Foxface
District 10
District 11 Max Summers-8 Rockman Winter Grakinee-7
District 12 Cedar Mellark- 7 Anna-Athena Kajama Odair-9 Anna- Athena
District 13

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