So, I just got my report card, a 94 average. To most of you it may seem fine but I really wanted to make principles list which is an 95 average, I've been making it since 6 grade and I really was upset to find out. My friends all make it and I was really looking foward to going with them. Plus to make it into the High School I want to go to I need to matain a 95 or above average. I have to leave. If i want to make it to the school I need to maintain the average so... I'm not going to be on at all during the week. I'll be on during the weekend but I don't think much more. I wanted to let you know that anything that might require daily visits I resign from so... Hunger Games Elemantry and Amazing Race. Sorry to HGRock but i don't think I'm a good partner. I"M NOT LEAVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just not going to be active

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