Hey everyone its Moviepop... Well heres another games. Some of my past games have been an epic fail so if I dont get all my tributes by next week these games are cancelled. 4 tributes per person, and heres what I need, Name, Age, District, Skills, Stragey, and History. And Personality and Token are optional.


District 1

F- Amy Verlean

M- Peter Winkleman
  • Toronto Ida- District 2
  • Phoenix- District 3
  • Silver- District 4
  • Finch- District 5
  • Ruby- District 6
  • Anthony- District 7

District 2- Elivaalova

F- Ireland Winona

M- Totoro Ida

District 3- Insertrandomnesshere

F- Lyra Dulce

M- Phoenix Hydrus

District 4- Silveraqua

F- Gemma Revlis

M- Silver Aiklap

District 5- Firecatcher3

F-Lark Dew

M- Flich Shade

District 6- Fidofiderson

F-Ruby Steiner

M-Liesel Hammerman

District 7- Totaldramarox97

F- Beria Selian

M- Anthony Woodow

District 8- Earth12

F- Spring Howards

M- Sam Jones

District 9- Purplexmuffin

F-Katherine Storm

M-Gabe Millen

District 10- Racmany

F- Fornax Trivia

M- Kane Tauro

District 11- Mockingjay5

F- Willow Thorn

M- Ash Palm

District 12- Ruerose

F- Persophone Anderson

M- Will Edwards


The arena this year is a bunch of islands spread around a vast sea. On the Cornucopia island there is 6 boats, 3 motor, 3 row boats. Some islands only are beach and others are jungle none are bigger then a mile. Their are a few mutts around but plenty of jungle animals on islands. The main mutt to watch out for are pariahas and sharks. With a few jungle cats.


The twist this year is that the islands move. At midnight the islands start moving and joining up. The tributes may wake up half way across the arena. Also some times the islands split into many smaller islands and tributes may end up in the water.

Chariot Rides

District 1

The crowd goes silent as the district one chariot roles out, they then cover their eyes. The light given off by Amy and Peter clothing is almost unbearable, luckly the light dims and the addience regains sight and starts cheering. Peter suddenly screams and breaks a pencil. The addience loves Amy but they laugh at Peter

District 2

The crowd is still cheering as the district 2 chariot rides out. They are dressed as soldiers solid and strong, with a gun in hand. About halfway around no one is cheering then Ireland and Totoro aim the guns and fire into the sky. The bullets burst and creat amazing fireworks, the crowd cheers. Totoro is so happy he takes Irelands face in his hands and gives her a big kiss.

District 3

District 3 roles out and the auddience hushes, the tributes are dressed up as a computer chip and a wire. Their chariot is intwined with wires and then fireworks shoot out the back. The auddience claps but they think that district 2 was better.

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