I realized I haven't done a games in a while so here they are. Please tell me if you think they are dumb!


Male Female Creator Placement
District 1 Kratos- 11 Isabella Trance-2 Skyandbray
District 2 Marcan Collcoin (17)-8 Selia Hawthorn (16)-7 Rueflower
District 3 Gauge Down (15)-7 ?Destiny Bow (13)-7 Brony M: 24th
District 4 Tristen Tropic (16)-8

Dawn Bliss (16)-7 Everdeen M: 22nd
District 5 /Harrison Jon (17)- 8 *Kathrina Loula (15)- 8 ~ilovepeeta~ M:26th
District 6 Gerrit Knone (14)-9 Glade Frost (15)-7 Nate777
District 7 /Sam Sammon (12)-3 *Kallmi Silvers (13)-5 Rueflower M:28th
District 8 Gunner Time (16)-6 Violet George (15)-7 Granger1000
District 9 Lillian Gardes (15)-7 Jack Gardes (15)-8 Iluvgale
District 10 Adam Beirne (17)-9 *Taylor Thorne (14)-10 Firecatcher
District 11 Ryak (16)-10 *Jadynette Olive (16)-5 QuinnQuinn F:27th
District 12 ?Jay Wayland (18)-7 Irene Seam (16)-5 Necterine411 F: 25th
District 13 <Troy Bolton <Gabriella Montez Anna-athena F: 23rd


Careers: District 1, Ryak, Adam Beirne, Capitol Kids

District partner Alliance: District 2, District 6, District 9, District 8

A * meens: girl alliance: Taylor, Jadynette, Kallmi, and kathrina

A / means: 5 and 7 boys alliance: Harrison, sam S.

A ? means: Accident Alliance: Jay and Destiny


To show to the districts that no alliances are free from the games, all tributes must be in an alliance.

To prove that the capitol has complete power 4 capitol kids will be sent in to hunt down tributes with their weapon of chose.

Capitol Male Female Creator Placement
Group #1 Kollekio-10 Opal Light(17)- 6

M: Brony

F: Necterine

Group #2 Mary Snow (12) -12


F: Rueflower

To prove that their is never no fighting, every day their must be one death, or one alliance must fight to the death


Split into 5 sections.

Section 1: This is just left to the desert. It is a meadow. It had many bunnies, squirells and other small animals. It is also the place where porcipine mutts are and have many posionous berries.

Section 2. A desert. No plant life. A lot of snakes, and a few huge lizard mutts are there and are hunting down tributes.This is just left to the desert.

Section 3: This will be the forest. It is home to many plants and big animals. It is also home to lions, and bird mutts. Their are also many jabber jays here.

Section 4: A huge mountain. It is very warm at the bottom but at the top it is very cold. home to mountain goats and very few vegitation.

Section 5. Right in the middle of the arena. It is an island. it is also where the tributes start. It has 12 boats and can lead to any part of the arena.


Everyone has 10000 dollars to spend on your tributes. If you have two districts you get .


Bread: $200

3 apples: 200

bag of apples: 500

Any 3 fruits: 200

Full corse meal: 1000

Feast: 5000


Empty Water Bottle: 50

Full Water Bottles: 200

Idione: 400


Jacket: 200

Huge Coat: 500


Snow pants: 300

Hat: 150

Scarf: 100

Mittens: 50

Tough Gloves: 100

Medical Supplies:

First AId: 500

Needle and Thread: 200

Bandages: 50

Gauze: 150

Magic Medicen: 9000


Blow Gun (with poisoned darts): 150

Sword: 500

Spear: 500


Bow And arrows: 750

Sharp Rock: 100

3 knifes: 450

5 knifes: 600

12 knifes: 1000


Awl: 100

Tent: 500

Armor: 2000

Shield: 1000

Day 1- Blood Covered the Island

Kallmi's POV

I rise up on the silver plate. My 23 ememies surrounding me. Wait scratch that, 19. My allies are spread out around us. Just then the announcer comes on "Hello, tributes. As you know you were forced to ally with people, now the rules. If everyone in your alliance dies, you must find a new alliance in 24 hours or your legs are blown off. If you try to harm your teammates..." "Let me geuss, your legs are blown off," The boy from 7 called out. A pause and them BOOM!!!!!!!! the boy from 7 cries in pain, I can see him, his legs stumps. Blood poring out. I'm going to be sick. "Your legs are blown off, like this boy here. So you have about 3 seconds until your times is up... good luck."

Kratos POV

The stupid announcer is all stupid. Then the boys legs blow off. Blood...blood...blood. The gong rings and I run to the boy, he is dead, I lick some blood off of the ground then attack! I run into the mess, before i can count to three, the girl from 11 is dead. The boy from 5 charges me. I quickly decapitate him. Then I spot the girl from 2 running away. I throw a knife at her. It hits her leg and she limps off. Then I start to fight a bunch of girls who ran by me.

Taylors POV

We spot a boat not to far away. It can hold four people, we only have 3, we lost Jadynette. I'm not too sad, she was really annoying. We jump in and Kallmi starts up the engine. Behind us the battles is still going on. We head off into the ocean in the distance I see a small line of green trees. Together we have 6 knifes, 2 back packs 3 sleeping bags, and a bow with arrows. I get the bow, Kathrina and kallmi get 3 knifes each and a back pack. And we each get a sleeping bag.

Irene's POV

I find Jay with a back pack. We head off and get onto the boat. As I step on the careers burst through the clearing. I barely have time to scream before the knife is in my skull. The last image I see is jay pulling away.

Destiny's POV

Me and Gauge are on our way when we see another boat behind us. In it is the kids from 4. They are a good 100 yards away. Then the boy gets up and throws his trident at us. I duck just in time but Gauge isn't lucky. It hits him in the chest and he falls over. "Good-bye Destiny," he says. "Good-bye," I give him a kiss on the forehead and silently say good bye. Just then I hear a voice above me. "Oh god, sorry, I thought you were the careers." The 4 kids were right next to my boat. I look at the boy and see it in his eyes he is sorry. I sigh "I know,". "Allies?" the girl says. "Sure"

Mary's POV

We kids from the capitol are bored. We killed a few with our weapons. I have a chainsaw with posion on it Opal a bunch of knifes and Kollekio a sledgehammer. We burst into a clearing, in it is the careers. We both decide we can win the games if we team up. So now we captiol kids are "careers"

Gabriella's POV

"SET FIRE TO THE RAIN," I sing in my georgous voice. "WATCH IT BURN," my honey poo hubbie Troy sings. We are perfect to gether. <3 I luv him. We start passionatley singing. Just then the mean girl from the capitol arrives. She has a chain saw. "FIRE TO THE RAIN" I try to charm her. She pukes and cuts both my legs off. "AHHHHHHHHH," Troy screams like a girl and runs away with the other allies. Then she cuts off my arms. Then she leaves. Troy comes out and bends over me. "Lets make this like high school and make it dramatic with bad acting he wispers in my ear. "Oh Troy," I say. "Gabbie-poo". "I luv u," I say"Me too... um I mean... yeah... I love myself." And he walks away. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" And i dies.


28th- Sam Sammon (7) killed by leg blower offers

27th- Jadynette Olive (11) killed by Kratos

26th- Harrison Jon (5) decapitated by Kratos

25th- Irene Seam (12) killed by careers

24th- Gauge Down (3) killed by Tristen

23rd- Gabriella Montez (13) killed by Mary


Section 1:

District 2- Two backbacks (Wire, apples, crackers, full water bottles, and iodine), one tent, two spears, 4 knifes *Selina is hurt*

District 6- Six knifes, two swords, one backpack (crackers, nightvision goggles, first aid, and empty water bottle)

Section 2-

District 8 and troy- Three backpacks (beaf, 2 night goggles, 3 water bottles, first aid, dried fruit, wire, and matches) one bow and arrow 2 swords.

District 9- Two backpacks (water bottles, iodine, first aid, dried friut, matches, and loaf of bread) two bow and arrows, 2 sleeping bags

Jay- Backpack (water bottle, iodine, beaf, and wire) and a knife *needs allies*

Section 3

Girls- Three sleeping bags, 6 knifes, one bow and arrow, 2 back packs (Night goggles, 3 full water bottles, loaf of bread, apples, torch and matches, first aid, and iodine)

District 4 and Destiny- Four back packs (lots of stuff), two tents, 6 tridents, 3 knifes, and wire. Also a sheet of plastic

Section 4

Careers- LOADS OF SUPPLIES (dont worry about them)

Section 5



Basically... The blood bath happened taking the lifes of 6 people and injuring the girl from 2. She and her partner escaped but she is in critical condition. The boy from 12 lost his partner and is know despert to find a tribute to ally with. District 8 is having troubles with allies and water while most other groups are okay. Although Destiny from 3 is unwilling to trust district 4.

Best Supplied Groups (best to least)



4 and Destiny

District 9

District 6

District 8 and Troy

District 2


Day 2


At dawn all the tributes (except Troy who insisted on getting beauty sleep) woke up to a surprising announcement "Hello tributes. We have decided that you can ditch and kill alliance members but remember, alliances can still win.... Oh and all leg bombs have been deactivated." All the alliances stay together but it is clear some people are thinking... wicked thoughts.

Violet's POV

Me and gunner have agreed... ditch Troy. We are already low on supplies thanks to him. At 8 he still isn't up and we spot a parachute coming down. We rip it open and find a wire. Good enough. We back up and head off. We leave Troy with a backpack and a pack of dry fruit. Hopefully he is having a good dream because when he wakes up he won't be. Me and Gunner head off towards what seems to be a meadow.

Destiny's POV

I can't stand them, they killed Gauge, he is dead because he thought we were careers. Wait, the careers have 4 people not two. He knew, he knew we weren't the careeers. His girlfried probably convinced him to save me. Stupid boy... I can kill him... I'm going to kill him. I slowly stand, without making any noise, and grab my. He is still asleep... perfect. As approach he turns slighty I freeze for a minute then continue. I stand right next to him pull my knife above my head. Just as I start to bring my knife down he wakes up, the fear in his eyes almost stops me but it's too late. My knife deep in his chest, the dark circle that surrounds it, i know those images will haunt me. He makes a strange sound, waking his girlfriend. It takes her a second to figure out what happened but it is too late I'm gone. I grab closest backpack and run. She doesn't follow she morns over the body of her friend.

Jay's POV

I wondered into a forest. As I enter I see a water bottle fall from the sky. I thank the sponsors and take a small sip. I continue my walking until a girl runs into me, I almost fall over but sustain myself at the last second. She isn't more then 14 and she too look ally-less. She looks at me then around me and says "Allies?" I smile and say "You bet"

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