Hey everyone, its Movie. I am currently working on I Am Stronger, but I'm having a huge writers block. So in the mean time... the 250TH GAMES!!!!


This years twist will be... yeah I got nothing... so I'll leave it up to you. There will be 28 tributes, Capitol and 13, so no major TRIPLE THE TRIBUTES things. Feel free to leave an idea in comments if you don't like any of mine. <poll> Ideas Super Powers Disease Ghosts Other (let me know in comments) </poll>


I want well thought out tributes. 4 PER PERSON. So here is a basic template, A ^means that it is not required, but will help your tribute last longer


District: 2 or 3 please

Appearance: I'll make lunaii's if you want










District Name Age Weapon Creator
Cap F Rycca Aureli 17 Saber Claws EvilhariboMadness
Cap M Smick Trinket 15 Mines nhtomahawks17
D1 F Diamond Pearl 17 Knifes Raven HG
D1 M Noah Everest 13 Intelegence Theman77
D2 F Metallix Gleam 16 Bow and Arrow TBWTPT
D2 M Raven Mockingjay 16 Sythe Raven HG
D3 F Plasma Periman 16 Knife Dedejacob
D3 M Fallathor Drando 15 Technology Supertomato
D4 F Anabelle Joltes ?? Spears Galeismywife
D4 M Cyclone Tux 16 Sword Axedfox
D5 F Yuna Besaid 15 Spear Annamisasa

D5 M

Lucas Heyk 17 Sickle Raven HG
D6 F Savannah Havlon 14 Throwing Knifes Katnissrox24
D6 M Asper Dell 16 Axe TBWTPT
D7 F Laylvana Dubravka 14 Dual Axe Fawkes and Dobby

D7 M

Tim Leseran 18 Axe Ougi-kun
D8 F Alyss Shepherd 15 Awl Annamisasa
D8 M Asher Lairith 17 Spear Hyta100
D9 F Monia Leckris 16 Throwing Knifes Ougi-kun
D9 M Pamline Falcone 18 Axe TBWTPT
D10 F Megan Crouse 13 Knife Dedejacob
D10 M Morolith Dmitry 18 Spiked Mace YoungGuy5
D11 F Teresa Silvershadow 16 Blowgun ~Pop Tart~
D11 M Mark Mattews 17 Spear Ducky35
D12 F Melanoi Jet 16 Death Star TBWTPT
D12 M Grant Doniel 15 Machette Dedejacob
D13 F Ameryllis Silvermoon 16 Throwing Knife Dedejacob
D13 M Austin Mach 15 Throwing Knife


Training Scores

Name Training Score
Rycca Auleri 7
Smick Trinket 6
Diamond Pearl 9
Noah Everest 8
Metallix Gleam 11
Raven Mockingjay 10
Plasma Periman 6
Fallathor Drando 7
Anabelle Joltes 8
Cyclone Tux 8
Yuna Besaid 6
Lucas Heyk 10
Savannah Havlon 7
Asper Dell 6
Laylvana Dubravka 9
Tim Leseran 5
Alyss Shepard 8
Asher Lairthin 7
Monia Leckris 7
Pamline Falcone 9
Megan Crouse 6
Morolith Dmitry 8
Teresa Silvershadow 8
Mark Mattews 6
Melanoi Jet 10
Grant Doniel 7
Ameryllis Silvermoon 8
Austin Mach



Every tribute has $1000 dollars. But you can only use that 1000 dollars for that tribute. Ex. If TBWTPT has 2 tributes and he uses 1000 on one he can't use the other tributes money.


Loaf of Bread: 75

1 Apple: 50

Bag of Dried Fruit: 100

Bag of Beef Jerky: 100

Water: 150

3 Loafs of Bread: 150

Sack of Apples: 250

Picnic: 500

Feast: 800


Throwing Knife: 75

3 Throwing Knifes: 125

Spear: 150

Sword: 150

Club: 150

Blowgun w/ 6 poisioned darts: 150

Axe: 175

Trident: 200

Bow w/ 12 arrows: 200

Spiked Club: 200

Dual Axe: 225


Hat: 50

Small First Aid: 100

Jacket: 125

Regular Tent: 175

Large First Aid: 200

Camouflaged Tent: 250


Name Odds
Laylvana Dubravka (7) 1-2
Teresa Silvershadow (11) 1-2

Kill Order

Place Name Killer How
28th Anabelle Joltes (4) Asper Dell (6) Stabbed in Back
27th Asper Dell (6) Cyclone Tux (4) Trident in Stomach
26th Tim Leseran (7) Plasma Periman (3) Sword in Head
25th Megan Crouse (10) Noah Everest (1) Knife in Neck
24th Lucas Heyk (5) Grant Doniel (12) Knife in Side
23th Morolith Dmitry (10) Raven Mockingjay (2) Spear in Stomach
22th Aylss Shepard (8) Mark Mattews (11) Knife in Stomach
21st Noah Everest (1) Disease Disease
20th Ameryllis Silvermoon (13) Rycca Auelri (Cap) Bled Out
19th Monia Leckris (9) Disease Disease
18th Savannah Havlon (6) Disease Disease
17th Mark Mattews (11) Raven Mockingjay (2) Slit throat
16th Fallathor Drando (3) Cyclone Tux (4) Stabbed in Gut
15th Cyclone Tux (4) Metallix Gleam (2) Slashed Throat
14th Rycca Aureli (Cap) Disease/Infection Disease/Infection
13th Plasma Periman (3) Metallix Gleam (2) Stabbed in Stomach
12th Pearl Diamond (1) Metallix Gleam (2) Arrow in eye
11th Asher Lairthin (8) Pamiline Falcone (9) Slashed Throat
10th Pamiline Falcone (9) Mutts/Yuna Besaid (5) Ripped Apart
9th Austich Mach (13) Poison Poison
8th Raven Mockingjay (2) Metallix Gleam (2) Stabbed in throat
7th Grant Doniel (12) Laylvana Dubravka (7) Hatchet in chest
6th Melanoi Jet (12) Laylvana Dubravka (7) Hatchet in back
5th Yuna Besaid (5) Metallix Gleam (2) Dagger in stomach
4th Metallix Gleam (2) Smick Trinket (Cap) Spear in stomach
3rd Smick Trinket (Cap) Metallix Gleam (2) Knife in neck


Mettalix's POV

I stare at the 27 people around me. They are all going to have to die... it is just the sad truth. All of them, except for one, me. I will win these. I glance at the careers: the 1 pair, my district partner, the 4 pair, and the female from 6. I will take them all down.

I take in my surroundings. It's a field, a meadow. It seems to strech for miles. Perfect, no where to hide... wait I spot a small speck of green a forest. This will be good.

I glance at the clock:


9... this is my time


7.... I will not back down


5.... I glare at the knife just a few feet away


3.... I will kill them all, I will win


1.... Lets do this


I let my legs carry me to the cornucopia.

Asper's POV

I sprint towards the nearest knife, about 20 feet in front of me. I hoped that I would survive. I needed to, I just needed too. I only got a 6 from the private sessions I can prove them all wrong, I can win this thing. I need to get back to my girlfriend, I don't care what the capitol people do to me if I win. As long as I am with her.

I grab the knife and sprint towards the nearest person to me. She is running towards a back pack, her jacket spread behind her. I let a single tear drop as I stab her back. BOOM. I glance at her face it's the girl from 4.

At least it was a career... I get up and grab the backpack.

I walk away, stunned by what I've done. I'm almost into the meadow when some one grabs my sholder.

No, I dont want to die. I quickly try to shove him away but he is strong. I quickly try pull away but he won't let go. "This is for Anabelle." I feel a sharp pain in my stomach and look down in horror at the trident in my stomach.

I look at my murder, Anabelle's district partner, and I sigh. I was meant to die I guess. BOOM

Plasma's POV

I grab a back pack and a sword. I head off I don't look at the murder that is going on behind me. I run and run.

I spot a black dot that is forming in the distance. Another person, I really don't want to kill her. I need to prove that I am better then the horrible 6 I got in the private sessions. I look at the sword in my hand, maybe I should kill them. I watch the dot slowly take form.

It's a boy, I think from District 7. The only person who got a 5. I could kill him, and I need sponsors. I almost sob at the thought of what I'm about to do.

I sneak until I'm right behind him. I want to let him live, but I need to get home.

I raise my sword and look away as I bring it down on his head. BOOM! I sob and I walk away. I hope he didn't have anything valuable.

The hovercraft grabs the body and I begin to run. I needed to get out of here or the guilt will be my killer.

Grant's POV

I grip my knife and look around at the bloodshed in front of me. I spot the boy from 1 chasing down the girl from 10. She screams as he grasps at her jacket. He yanks her back and stabs her in her neck. BOOM!

I advert my eyes from her corpse and grab a machete. It's my preferred weapon but I grab a couple of knifes and a back pack. I'm about to run away from the bloodbath when some one grabs at my back pack. I don't even think as I turn around to bury my knife in the side of the guy from 5.

Lucas, I think, falls over and starts gasping. His death is unavoidable, and he knows it, he looks up at me and gasps out "It's OK..." I turn away and run towards the green dot in the distance. BOOM!

I continue on my way to the forest when I do a quick inventory check. I have a couple of days worth food, a few knifes, and some wire.

Noah's POV

We gather around the last straggler of the group, the boy from 10. I laugh as I think about what happened to his district partner. We decide to let Raven have the kill. He happily steps forward and stabs his spear through the boy's stomach.

He groans in pain and walls over. BOOM! I turn back and stare out into the field. There are probably a dozen tributes out there, just waiting for us to stumble upon them. But now we decide to wait.

The careers are District 1, Raven, Cyclone, and surprisingly the girl from 6, and the guy from 11.

I take a bite out of a roll and stare at the sky as the faces are projected. Anabelle, I kinda fell bad for Cyclone, the guy from 5, the guy from 6, the guy from 7, and both from 10. Wow, lots of girls out there. I sigh and as I lay my head down I notice that a drop of blood drip from my nose.

I brush it aside and quickly fall asleep.


  • District 10 has lost all of it's tribute!
  • The careers consists of, Noah, Pearl, Raven, Cyclone, Savannah, and Mark. They are okay, but Noah has the disease.
  • Metallix (2) and Melanoi (12) are stocked up, they are stalking the careers and plan to take them out soon.
  • Pamline (9), Monia (9), Asher (8), and Teresa (11) have formed an alliance.
  • District 13 has formed an alliance, they are well supplied and in the meadow and are close to Laylvana (7) and Aylss (8).
  • Laylvana (7) and Aylss (8) are together, they have food but no water.
  • The Capitol tributes are together and are the first group to reach the forest. They each have a knife but that is it
  • Plasma is well supplied and moving towards the forest.
  • Fallathor has nothing and is currently close to the 13 alliance
  • Yuna has a bow and arrow and water, but no food. She has set up a trap to capture rabbits in the meadow

Day 2- The Disease Begins

Raven's POV

I wake up and spot Mark staring out towards the meadow. The sun is rising behind the tall grass, giving a clear outline of a person trekking toward the woods. I give Mark a smile and shout out, "Wake up! We got an early riser." and I clash through the meadow.

I hear the foot steps of others following me. I laugh, I'm the leader, I will lead everyone to victory only to kill them. I will win.

I see the outline of a girl, she is bending over to grab some berries from a small bush. Before she can even stand we have her surrounded.

She glances around before screaming out "Layl-" she is cut off by Pearl giving her a nice punch in the throat. This causes the girl to go crazy. She lands a punch on Savannah before Mark has her pinned down.

I laugh "Good job, shorty," I say as I hand him a knife, "Now finish her." His eyes glint in horror before they become a glazed over. He grips the knife and plunges it into her stomach. She whimpers and dies. BOOM!

I hear a soft sob and spot a figure in meadow behind me. Before we can react it's moving away. I'm about to pursue it when Cyclone glances around, "Where's Noah?" We never realized that the shrimp hadn't followed. Pearl gasps and everyone rushes back towards the Cornucopia. We spot his body lying on the ground in a spasm. Foam escapes his mouth as he shakes and rattles.

"Oh my God! What's happening to him?!" Pearl shrieks.

"His dying," I say simply. A loud BOOM proves my point.

Austin's POV

I glance at my partner. She is gripping her bow close to her chest as we enter the forest. I can only see about 5 feet in front of me. We could be attacked at any moment. I'm still not sure if I should trust Ameryllis yet. She seems to be reluctantant to trust me.

We have walked in awkward silence for almost 3 hours to get here. I spotted the careers rushing past us and immediately got moving. A few minutes later a cannon boomed, and another few minutes another boom.

I glance at Ameryllis again, she does look beautiful, coming from District 13 and all. Her eyes glisten with a certain sparkle that enchants me. I quickly shake those thoughts away, you can't fall in love with your District partner. I heard a story about a pair from 12 who made it almost all the way before the boy was killed by berries and the girl died when a career snuck up on her as she cried. I think a red haired girl outsmarted the career in the end.

No matter how hard I try I can't get the image of Ameryllis' eyes out of my head. Then I realize, I'm falling in love with my District partner. Just then a knife flys out of the bush beside us and hits Ameryllis in the head. I chuck a spear towards the bush and I'm surprised to hear a little screech and some one scampering off.

I spot a blur of pink and I know that it was the Capitol girl. I turn back towards Ameryllis, her head is bleeding badly, there is no chance that she will live. I bend down and give her a kiss on the lips. "I love you," I whisper.

She smiles and whispers "I love you too." And she goes limp. BOOM! I kiss her forehead and leave her for the hovercraft to get. I sob and continue to trek through the forest. I need to win for her.

Teresa's POV

I glance around at my allies. We are strong, and we can take down any one who gets in our way. I think back towards my district, 11 was a nice quiet place... if you forget about the whippings, and hangings that happen every other day. And if I forget the crazy people who had me steal every single day.

I miss my parents... I wonder if they are watching me right now, glad that I'm alive, but sad because I'm going to die.

I hold back tears and turn back towards Monia. Her nose is bleeding and it's impossible to get it to stop. I pinch her nose and glance around at the people around me. Asher is on guard duty, and Pamline is watching me intently. We found a small clearing and a pond in the meadow so we set up camp. The grass is extra tall here so we are covered from view of the careers.

I place a hand on Monia's forehead and realize its hot. She has a fever. I give her one of our precious pills and let her rest.

"I think she is sick," I mutter.

"What do you mean, sick," Pamiline spits.

"She has a fever," I say. "We can't move with her."

"Well thats great, just great." He says as he pulls her close.

I understand where he is coming from. She is his only connection to home. They talked for hours about district 9. I wonder about my district partner, Mark. He was joining the careers, last I heard. I sigh, why can't I have some one to talk to.

Just then the anthem booms and I look into the sky. The first face is the boy from 1, a career, great, then to my shock, the girl from 8, Asher's district partner. I glance at him, he looks away from the sky, and puts his face in his hands. I glance at the sky again, the 13 girl, good she was a threat. Well, we got a few major threats down.

I walk over to Asher and pat him on the back. "Its okay," I whisper, "We'll win for her." He sighs and gives me a grateful stare.

"I promised her brother I would protect her." He says, "Her family didn't even visit her, just the youngest brother. He made me promise to protect her."

I almost cry at that, I never knew my competitors. Now, every time a face shines in the sky I won't be happy, I'll be sadden that another life has been taken.

Melanoi's POV

I hold my throwing star and prepare to throw it at the heart of Mettalix. She is crazy, all she does is go on and on about how we will kill the careers. I'm seriously thinking about killing her. No, I can't. She seems to vunerable while she sleeps.

Instead, I grab a pack and a tent, along with my throwing stars and a bow and arrow and leave. She'll have enough supplies to last a few days, maybe actually kill a few careers.

I set off away from the forest. I know everyone will be rushing there. Instead I head towards the horizon. Who knows whats at the other end of the arena.


  • There were 3 deaths today. Noah Everest, Aylss Shepard, and Ameryllis Silvermoon.
  • Three alliances broke up. District 13, because of Ameryllis' death, the 7 and 8 alliance, because of Aylss' death, and Metallix and Melanoi's, because of Metallix anti-career rants.
  • Monia (9), Pamiline (9), Asher (8), and Teresa (11) have enough food and water for at least a month, but Monia has caught the disease
  • The careers are okay. They are resting at the cornucopia, but one of them has the disease and isn't showing symptoms yet.
  • Austin (13) is hunting for the Capitol tributes in the forest.
  • Laylvana (7) is in the meadows. She lost most of her supplies while fleeing, but has a few hatchets and a full water bottle.
  • Rycca (Cap) is injured. Smick has stopped the blood flow, but is worried that it might be infected. They also have no food.
  • Plasma (3) has stumbled upon a pond far away from everyone else. She is planning to stay there.
  • Yuna (5) is currently out of water, and very close to the 8, 9, 11 alliance. She has a spear and some knifes and food from her traps.
  • Fallathor (3) is in desperate need of water. He will die tomorrow if he doesn't receive any.
  • Metallix (2) is planning to continue her attack without Melanoi.
  • Melanoi (12) is heading to the opposite side of the arena. She doesn't know that she is heading towards the coast and ocean which is full of sea mutts.
  • And finally Grant (12) has water and a knife. He is also heading toward the ocean.

Day 3- Another Day, Another Kill

Savannah's PoV

I'm ready to ditch these idiots. I'm ready to head off by myself. I just need to get a few packs and few knifes and I'll be gone. I get up before sunrise and make my way towards the cornucopia. I pick up a pack and a few knifes and prepare to leave.

As I walk away my head begins to hurt. Just then, a giant cough causes me to bend over. I can fell my lungs vibrating as I cough again and again.

My headache feels a hundred times worse now. I cough again. This time I'm not able to stop. I cough for at least 10 minutes. By that point the careers are up and surrounding me.

"Is she sick?" Pearl whispers.

"Yeah, she's sick" Raven answers.

They drag me back to the cornucopia where I will wait for my death.

Grant's POV

I grip my knife tightly as I push through the waist high grass. I'm just waiting for someone to jump out at me and kill me. I take a tiny sip of water from my water bottle and continue. I have a feeling that I'm near something. I can taste the difference on my tongue... like a saltiness.

Just as my mind puts 2+2 together I push through onto the shore of a beach. I look around for any direct dangers. Nothing. I sit down on the sand and look for any food. I spot a palm tree not too far away.

I'm not good with trees but I know that palm trees are known for their coconuts.

I spot a few brown spheres at the top of the tree and know I found gold. I push the tree back and forth for almost half an hour before one finally breaks free and plummets.

It lands not a few inches from where my head. I pick it up and try to break it open. I try again and again. No matter how hard I pry at it, it won't budge. Finally, I manage to crack it open with my knife..

It splits open and pours out a few drops of milk before I attack it. I bite down on the meat while I drink the refreshing drops of water.

I glance at the ocean. It seems vast and scary. For now I am safe. This will be my home.

Monia's PoV

I try to speak but nothing comes out. All I know is that I am sick, and I need to get out of here. My friends are in danger when they are around me.

I pick myself up and try to walk away from them, but Pamiline grabs me and pushes me to the ground. "No, Monia," he says like I'm four years old, "You need to stay here."

I try to tell him that I needed to go, but all that came out was a small cough. I lay back and look at the sun. So bright and comforting.

I twitch as I try to clear my thoughts. Then, I spasm. I lose complete control of my body.

I vaguely hear Pamiline shouting "NO!" and then all is silent. BOOM!

Smick's POV

I knew it. I knew that it was infected. The cut had turned slightly green over night. I wrap it up with a piece of cloth from my shirt and press down on her leg. Why did she have to kill that girl. Her district partner is hunting us down.

I can feel it. I give her one of my apples as we escape the forest and head east.

Fallathor's POV

I take a sip of water from my gracious sponsor and stare at the sky. Waiting for the anthem to begin. I heard a boom a few hours ago but that was about it.

Now, it's time to see who it was. I lay down in the meadow staring at the sky grateful to be living another day when I hear another loud. BOOM! Yay, I guess.

Then the anthem starts like it was waiting for the person to die. The first face is the girl from 6, she was with the careers, I think, then the girl from 9, she never really stood out to me. I'm surprised she made it this far.... then again... I'm surprised I made it this far.

I take another small sip and lay down again. This time trying to ignore my stomach.


  • There were 2 deaths today, Monia (9) and Savannah (6). Both from the disease.
  • District 6 has lost it's tributes
  • Two tributes have the disease, but none of them are showing symtoms. A few hints, one is a career, and one is a girl.
  • The careers are fine, but they are wondering if it is safe to stay together.
  • The 8,9, and 11 alliance has plenty of food and water. They are grieving over Monia
  • Yuna (5) is watching them and plans on asking for an alliance.
  • Fallathor (3) is alone and hungry. He is in the meadow, just wondering.
  • Plasma (3) is in the forest. She is also dangerously close to a group of ant mutts.
  • The Capitol pair is slowly making there way towards the cornucopia for some supplies for Rycca.
  • Metallix (2) is planning to attack the careers tomarrow.
  • Melanoi (12) is about half a day away from the beach. She has enough supplies.
  • Grant (12) is at the beach and plans on protecting it from anyone who comes near it.
  • And Austin (13) is still stalking the Capitol pair, but he is reluctant to kill them yet.
  • Laylvana (7) is still mourning Alyss, but plans on finding an ally tomarrow.

Day 4- Another Twist

Mark's POV

I wake up to a killer headache and a really parch throat. I grasp my spear and sit up. Nothing seems to be wrong. So I take a gulp of water and let out a small cough.

I tell Cyclone to go to sleep and I take guard. I sit as I try to ignore the growing cough in my chest.

Finally, I let it out and bend over. I feel sick. Oh no, I can't have the Disease.

Oh, crap, oh crap. I throw up and feel my eye twich just a little. I walk over unsteadly to Raven.

"Help," I manage to whisper.

His eyes snap open and he looks at me. "Oh, Mark. Don't worry, I'll stop the Disease."

Before I have a chance to thank him he stabs me in the chest.


Mettalix's POV

I watch as that puny career takes out the sick boy. I almost laugh. Serves him right. The supposed leader, Raven, gathers everyone and point off into the distance. I decide that this will be my chance.

When they all leave I race out and grab a pack.

Then I follow that path that they cut in the meadow. I follow it until I'm near a clearing. I crouch down and watch. They found the boy from three. He looks around at the merciless faces in front of him.

"Please," he begs. "Let me live."

Raven laughs and mocks hiim "Let me live. I don't think I will, you pathetic loser. I think I'm gonna kill you, nice and slowly."

"Nooo," the boy moans as he lays down his head and sobs.

"Fine," Raven says, "I'll let some one else do it."

He nods at Cyclone, who steps forward and stabs his trident into the gut of the boy. He groans and falls over.

But he isn't dead, he lays there gasping for breath. I almost feel bad for him. Cyclone isn't done, he pins the boys hands to the ground with knifes and leaves him there. They all leave him.

I follow them back. I'll kill them. They walk single file back the way they came. The boy who did the killing... wait it's not offical until the... BOOM! Never mind. THe boy who did the killing is lagging, like he regrets his actions.

I stare daggers at the back of his head. I will kill him. For killing that poor boy so cruely. I pounce on him and knock him into the meadow. Before his friends can react I have him pinned down and slash his throat.

He gives a small gasp and dies. BOOM! Only two careers left.

I scramble up to get out of here but a strong hand grips back of my neck. I almost sob when I see it Raven.

"Well, well, well," he says. "Turns out you can fight."

"Let me go you son of a bitch!" I scream.

"No, I think I'm gonna keep you, as my trophey," he smirks and leans in right neck to my ear, "I can't really kill you can I. We are from the same district... so no, I won't kill you... but I'll do other things."

I clamp my teeth onto his ear and yank. I hear a tear and then I'm dropped to the ground. The 1 girl yanks on me and we head back to the Cornucopia. I smile as Raven curses behind me.

I'm tied up and told to wait.

Melanoi's POV

I continue on my way to west. Away from the others. I can smell the sea and know I am close. I finally break through and look around at the magnificant ocean surrounding me.

I'm standing directly under the sunlight when I'm tackled to the ground.

I wrestle with my assilent before I manage to flip them over and pin them. "Grant?"

"Melanoi!" He stammers "I thought- you- but- I thought you were some one else."

"So you found this beach too?" I say with a small smile, "I guess great minds think alike."

He gives me a small smile and asks "Alliance." I shake his hand and we look out into the ocean.

Yuna's POV

I watch as the alliance prepares another meal. I can't take it anymore. I step out of the shadows.

The girl from 11 spots me first. She doesn't even seem surprized. "Hey," she says warmly, "Welcome to the alliance." I'm so grateful for some one finally being kind to me.

I just smile and grab a water bottle.

Smick's POV

I left Rycca when she began coughing. I just said screw it and left. I know she is dying, but I needed to get out of here too. I'm guessing the boy from 13 is finding here right about now...

I head towards the Cornucopia, I need a ally. Rycca was great, but BOOM! she is dead.

I finally reach the golden horn and look around. I see the girl from 2 tied up and screaming from under an improvised gag. Then I feel large hands on my shoulder. I turn towards the huge boy from 2.

"Let me join!" I beg. I feel pathetic as I get onto my knees to beg. He glances around like he is evaluating the situation. "Fine, we need some more people here."

I look up into the sky as it slowly darkens. The anthem begins and the first face is Rycca, then the boy from 3, the boy from 4, and finally the boy from 11. The sky darkens and I turn to get back to bussiness when a voice interupts me.

"Hello tribute! I hope you are enjoying your stay in the arena. Now, as many of you know there has been a disease spreading thoughout the tributes. Well, I'm happy to announce that all of you have it!!!" I gasp, they can't kill us like this, "But, we have the antidote. Unfortunatley, it's on an island. So if everyone can head west you will find five boats. You have two days to reach the island before the disease becomes activated and will most likely kill you all. Good luck!"


  • There were four deaths today, Rycca (Cap), Fallathor (3), Cyclone (4), and Mark (7). That leaves 13 tributes, 6 boys and 7 girls.
  • Both tributes from 4 are dead.
  • All of the tribute are heading towards the beach, except for Mettalix who was left tied to the Cornucopia by the careers.
  • All of the tributes are expected to arrive at the beach on day 6.
  • The 12 pair is already at the beach and will be heading off first thing tomarrow morning.

Day 5- The Race

Metallix's POV

I sit here, tied up to the cornucopia, all by myself and think 'If I weren't tied up I would be bashing Raven's head in with a rock.' I've tried everything, I can't bite through the rope, or slash through it with my knife (which Pearl took away). Now I have to wait here for my impending death.

My only hope is that there will be some one who will stumble upon the cornucopia on their way west.

I think about what little I had when I was back in District 2. My parents... dead, my friends... none existant, and everything was terrible. My only sanctatiy was that little forest. I lived my life there, surrounded by the kind little chirps of birds and the slight whistle of wind.

Now my life is killing people. I've become a monster, I killed that boy from 4 without hesitation... he probably had a family, or a girlfriend, or at least friends.

We are all monster's now... every single person in this arena.

I'm about to give up all hope of ever getting out when a small girl from three bursts into the clearing. "Please..." I beg, "Help me out."

She seems reluctant, "How do I know you won't kill me?"

"I won't. I promise. Just let me out, we can be allies."

"Your a career."

"No, I killed the boy from 4. Just let me out."

She nods and undos the rope. I grab my knife and then give her a big hug. "Thank you so much," I whisper. "And I'm so sorry."

She looks down in horror at the knife in her stomach. Hey, I never said I didn't like being a monster. BOOM!

Grant's PoV

Melanoi and I wake up at the crack of dawn and prepare to set off into deep forbiding sea. I can spot a dot in the distance that is suppose to be our island of salvation. But we have to cross this ominous sea first.

I've never been sailing, and neither has Melanoi, but it seems simple enough. We pack up our supplies, two days worth of food and at least 3 days worth of fresh water. I have a knife and Melanoi a few throwing stars, but thats about it.

I push off from the dock leaving the four other boats intact. Each boat is a simple sail boat and can hold about 3 or 4 people. I guess thats enough for everyone. In fact I think that the ocean is going to kill more people then each other.

As soon a we set off I try to get the sail up. It takes almost an hour, and by the time is is up we have floated almost a mile in the wrong direction.

Melanoi mans the stearing wheel. She points us towards the island. But nothing happens. We are soo dead.

An hour later we finally figure out how to sail. We've already drifted further away from the beach and it'll take more than a day to get to the island. I snack on some dried beef as Melanoi steers.

Yuna's POV

I glance around at the people surrounding me. Everyone has been so nice. Pamiline and Asher are quiet, they seem almost overly protective of me and Teresa. Teresa, on the other hand, is very kind and generous. She isn't bubbly or overly excited but more talkative then the boys. We quickly begin to bond over the simplest of thinks, like what are favorite color is.

I know it seems unrrational to make a friend that your gonna have to kill if they live much longer. But I just want to talk to some one, any one.

So, as we march through the waist high grass, Teresa and I talk about our families.

"I was kidnapped when I was 11 and haven't seen them since." Teresa begins after my speech about my mom, "But I know that my parents are watching me. They know that I am alive, and not dead. They know that for the past 5 years I have been thinking about them."

"I'm so sorry." I couldn't imagine being ripped away from my family so young. I want to press her for details but

"It doesn't matter. I was always a loner."

"Then why did you join this alliance."

"I ran into Pamiline, Asher, and Monia, the girl from 9, and they told me that I could join the alliance or be killed. I didn't have much of a choice. I'm kinda glad I joined now, it's nice to have someone to rely on."

I nod and we continue our trek. We pass the clearing of the cornucopia, meaning we are half way there. I spot a few drops of blood and know that this is where the death early this afternoon took place.

Pearl's POV

Ugh, I'm really not enjoying this. I push my way through more muck and other shitty things that cling to me. We found ourselves in a clearing that was suppose to be a lake or swamp or something a little while ago and Raven made us push through it. What a failure of careers we are.

Lets see... me and Raven are the only careers who made it all the way from the beginning. Smick is just a waste, always there sucking up to Raven. I just hope that Metallix girl stays tied up. She really messed up my nose when she killed Cyclone.

God! I hate this. My foot sinks through what looked like solid land and I almost fall in. Smick grabs my arm and straightens me. He waits for a second, like I'm going to thank him! He should be thanking me for letting him onto the careers.

"Come on," Raven calls back.

He acts like he is the perfect career, cruel and merciless, but I know he secretly has on that Metallix girl. He would have killed her if he really didn't care about her. There is defidently feelings between the two.

Raven glances at my muck covered leg and laughs "Watch where you step. This is a type of plant that grows on water, it looks just like solid land."

"Like I didn't notice." I mutter.

Ugh, why did I team up with these losers.

Laylvana's POV

I trudge along, my feet dragging behind me. I just wanted to get to the ocean, but I was so physically and mentally tired. If I could just sleep at night, but every single time I close my eyes I see the knife pass through Alyss' stomach like it was butter.

I could have saved her, I could have. If I had the guts to launch my hatchet into Mark's brain, or just called out to advert there attention. I've played that scene over and over in my head all the different ways to save her as my feet act like they have a mind of there own, planned to keep me alive.

I push forward through the meadow not caring if some one spotted me. I just wanted to live. To get out of this God-forsaken arena and go home.

I stumble into a clearing and trip over air. I land with a thump. I am not thirsty, or starving, I am simply giving up. I just want to lie here and let my mind drift away, until some one has the pleasure of killing me. I lay down my hatchet and close my eyes.

By the time I wake up I've regained my sensibility and realize that the sun was already setting. I had slept away almost the whole afternoon! I sat up took a small swig of water and pushed on, I needed to make great time if I wanted to get onto one of those boats.

Hopefully, the other tributes were resting and I could at least catch up with them. I almost began to run untill I realized that this would just drain my energy quicker. So I slowed to what I call a joggers pace. Not running or walking, but some where nicely in between.

As I walk I listen to the anthem bellow out into the arena and glance at the sky to see the victim of the day: The girl from 3. She never was much.


  • There was one death today: Plasma (3)
  • District 3 has no more tributes
  • The careers are the closest to the beach. They will reach it at approx. 11:00 AM
  • Metallix is right behind them and expected to reach it at about 11:15 AM.
  • The 5,8,9,and 11 alliance is expected to reach at about 11:30 AM
  • Austin will arrive at approx. 11:40 AM
  • If she continues at her current pace, Laylavana should reach the dock at about 11:45 AM
  • Melanoi and Grant have drifted of course and are expected to reach the ISLAND at about 4:00 PM
  • All tributes should have an 5 hour ride from the dock if they can figure how to steer quickly.

Day 6- Isle of Tears

Raven's POV

I lead the group, thinking about how pathetic we are. Just 3 of us, I mean, come ON! We are careers! We should be dominating. I push those thoughts aside when we finally reach the beach.

I spot the dock about 100 yards to our left. We race to get there before we are spoiled by anyone. I see that there are four boats.

I look out into the ocean to see a mast heading towards the black dot that is suppose to be our savior. I jump into the boat and quickly look around for anything that will teach me how to sail this thing. All of a sudden the boat lurches to the right and pushes off from the dock. I look around ready to kill whoever did that when I see Smick at the wheel. "I read a book about sailing," was all the explination I needed.

We make our way forward, Pearl watching the dock for any signs of movement, and I was watching as we made our way towards the antidote.

For almost a whole 10 minutes everything was calm. "Metallix!" Pearl screached.

"No, she is tied up back at the cornucopia," I say as I race back to see that Metallix was busy undoing a knot as she glared balls of hatred towards our boat. "SMICK! Hurry it up!"

"I can't go any faster!" he called back.

"We don't have anyone good with long distance weapons!" Pearl freight. I decided to calm down and think.... what good is that going to do!

I race around grabbing all the weapons that are good at long distance and decide that now is as good as time as any to learn how to use them.

I throw one of those things ninjas use and watch it plumet into the water. She was about 500 feet away from us, why am I throwing things now? I can't reach her? So, I wait she creeps closer. 400... 300.... Oh crap what is she doing... 200... are those bow and arrows.... shit.

"GET DOWN!" I yank the closest person to the floor and close my eyes when I hear a whizzing. BOOM!

I look up to see Pearl's body fall overboard into the sea. I look at her floating in the water, her hair drifting around her like seaweed. She looked beautiful... except for the arrow purtruding from her eye socket.

"Get us out of her." I command Smick. Metallix is also steering away, glad for the kill, but not wanting to spoil all the fun.

Austins POV

I make it to the dock to see a boat push off with four people on it. The girls from 5 and 11 and the boys from 8 and 9. I wait for them to be a good distance away from me before I make it towards the last boat. It is slightly smaller then the one that the others had, but easier to steer.

As I lie down all my supplies I hear a girl shouting. I see the girl from 7 panting as she races towards me. I should leave her. She'll just kill me if I go to sleep.

But my concious gets the better of me. She races into the boat and I push us off. "Thank you..." she pants "thank you, thank you."

"No problem." I quickly turn back towards the job of getting us to the island. We are probably the last one's on the mainland, at least we are the last one's getting OFF the mainland.

"I'm Laylvana," she introduces.


"Thanks again. I thought I was going to die."

"Yeah, we'll I couldn't let anyone die."

"So have you seen anyone else since the beginning of the games?"

I sum up my story in few sentences.

She then goes into an hour by hour recolection of how she got to this point in the games. She had basically the same deal as me, ally dies, she mourns them, and then she comes here.

She explains how she feel asleep at a vital moment of the games and how she had to race to get here before all the boats were gone.

I kinda get sick of her constant talking so I tell her to take a nap, and I'll wake her up when we reach the island.

Pamiline's POV

I stare at the note that my sponsor sent to me. Kill everyone. I don't want to, I really don't but I suppose I don't have a choice. I mean, it's not like I'm going to win. I was doomed from the start. I never should have joined this alliance. I should have just went solo. Maybe I wouldn't be in this situation.

I decide to wait for the perfect time to strick. I pace the boat for a while as Teresa sails it. She had a hidden talent for sailing apparently. I stare at the island... maybe I should just wait until I get there, and then I could run away, so I won't be trapped on a boat.

No, thats the whole point of killing some one, so I can be killed too.

Finally, about half-way there, Asher falls asleep. He is towards the back of the boat, where no one else is except Yuna who is watching the boat behind us.

I tell Yuna that I'll take watch, she gives me a weary nod and goes up to talk to Teresa. They glance at me often but I ignore them. I stare out towards the other boats. I see two people on board, one lying down the other steering. I wonder who they are... I haven't seen the 2 girl, 7 girl, 12 pair, or 13 boy since the begining of the games.

I look back at Yuna and Teresa, they aren't paying attention to me anymore. I unsheath my sword and prepare to kill Asher when his eyes snap open.

He lets out a blood curling scream before my sword is sent through his neck. BOOM!

I turn towards the girls. Yuna is racing at me. I really don't want to kill her, screw my mentor. I lower my weapon and watch her run towards me hatred in her eyes. She doesn't pull out her knife instead she pushs me into the water.

The mutts. Oh, shit, I can feel them already. I feel them biting me and pulling at my skin. I feel two pair of teeth grab onto me at the same exact time. They pull and pull yanking my body apart. I struggle to get free from their grip. I manage to spot Yuna and Teresa watching me from the boat in horror. "HELP!" I call out.

Their faces turn grim and first Yuna, then Teresa turn away. A pirana latches on to my throat and the last thing I think is Fuck my mentor. BOOM!

Smick's POV

I need to get away from this phyco. He his rambling about how he will kill Metallix. It's been almost four hours since she died. And the island is so close. I stear us in and quickly dock the boat next to the boat that was ahead of us. I'm assuming that they took off as fast as possible to get away from us.

I study the island, it seems to just be a huge mountain with about a mile of forest around it.

I quickly realize that the antidote will most likely be ontop of the mountain, but I don't want let Raven know that yet. "It's probably across the island," I say.

"Idiot," he snaps "It's at the top of the mountain."

"Oh of course," So close.

We head off, me lagging slightly. I need to get out of here. He'll kill me if I make it much further. I have too get away from him.

I finally spot my chance at when we are close to the base of the mountain. He was walking about 40 feet ahead of me, and quickly said "I gotta piss." He turns away and stalks away. I wait about a second before I rush off away from him. I duck and weave as I race as far away as possible. I hear him begin to call out for me before I hear a "CRAP! I'll find you and kill you!"

I race and run until I'm almost half way across the mountain.

I then stare at the huge mountain in front of me. I need to get up there quickly. I take a deep breath and bein my hike.

Grant's POV

I help Melanoi up a praticually steep cliff. We are almost half way there and I can almost taste that antidote. We hike and hike, the sun is almost setting.

I just hope that it will be a clear run up from here. As I turn past the finally rock and see that there is almost a clear ride. It will be easy from here, we start jogging and falling over ourselves.

The peak is so close now, I take the final step and see the table with  bottles on it.

"We're here!" I call back to her. She gives me one of her beautiful smile, and I smile back.

"Finally!" she says as she grabs onto my arm.

Together we make our way to the table, I reach it just before her.

Each bottle is a different color, size and shape. I notice a small note carved into the table.

One will kill. Good luck.

Crap. I stare at the bottles in front of me. I decide the pink one can't be harmless and the smallest container most likely can't kill you. I don't show Melanoi the pink one and take the smallest.

I close my eyes and gulp it down as quick as possible. Melanoi's eyes grow to the size of bowling balls and she pulls away from the container. She gasps and coughs.

No, no, no! I had killed Melanoi! I killed my ally! Crap. But then Melanoi stood up straight and says "That tastes like shit!"

I almost sob in relief. She takes down the rest and we head off.

Teresa's POV

Yuna and I scramble up the mountain, we saw a few figures already climbing when we pulled into the island on the boat.

I have no idea where everyone else was, but we were the fourth boat to pull in so we obviously weren't in last. As we reach the peak of the mountain I see a table with a figure bent over it. It looks up at us I can tell it is the Capitol male.

He panics grabs a bottle off the table and races off. I think about chasing him but realize that it would be suicide chasing some one down this steep slope.

I walk over to the table with Yuna at my heels. I read the message and decide to the hell with it. If I die now, then I know I made my district proud.

I decide on the one with a clearish blue liquid in it and Yuna picks up one where the liquid almost looks like blood. I tink glasses with her and toss it back.

I grimace at the taste but its like medicene kind of taste so I guess that's good. Yuna smiles at me "Tastes like bubble gum."

I give her a small smile and ask "Where to?"

She shrugs, "Wanna go back to the boat? Maybe head back?"

I cant think of anything better so I grab my pack and head off. As I begin the trek down I turn for one last look to see the boy from 2 reaching the top. I grab Yuna and pull her down. We watch as he grabs one of the glasses without even reading the note and heading off, luckiley down the opposite side of the mountain.

Austins POV

Laylvana sees to have quieted down since her oral biography of the games on the boat. I race with her up the mountain. I come around to the peak to see the mane of the girl from 2 dissapear.

There are two antidotes left on the table. I drop my bag and race towards the table. Just as I reach it I notice something carved into the table. One will kill.

Well there are only two left and I haven't heard a cannon since this morning, too early for anyone to be at the island anyway. I look over at Laylvana.

I see her face harden when she reads the note.

"Ladies first,"

She looks at me without a hint of amusement and then closes her eyes and picks up one. It leaves a small bright yellow cauldron for me.

I clink glasses with her and tilt my head back. The stuff has almost no taste at all.

I look at Laylvana for a few seconds, "Well that was th-" BOOM!

Laylvana's POV

I watch as Austin crumples. I hold his head for a moment and I'm mesmerized how some one can be so innocent looking during death.

I kiss his forehead. He was a great ally. I will miss him.

I put his name on my mental list of people to win these games for and yank my pack back onto my shoulder.

I lie down in a cave I found on the mountain as the anthem begins.

The first is the girl from 1, she was a career, good riddance, then the boy from 8, never knew him, the boy from 9, again, never knew, and finally Austin. "Good bye," I whisper to his face high in the sky. "I never got the chance while you were alive."

And I know he heard me.


  • Pearl, Asher, Pamiline, and Austin were killed today.
  • District 1, 8, 9, and 13 have lost all their tributes!
  • Raven (2) is currently in the jungle hunting Smick (Cap).
  • Metallix (2) is currently in the jungle hunting Raven (2).
  • Yuna (5) and Teresa (11) are the only tributes in an alliance and are heading back to the dock.
  • Laylvana (7) is in a cave on the mountain's side.
  • Melanoi (12) and Grant (12) are in the jungle in a tent
  • Smick (Cap) is currently running from Raven (2).
  • All the boats have been pulled underwater (but the tributes don't know that)
  • And finally, I have no idea who is going to be victor yet.

Final 8 Interviews

Raven Mockingjay

His father shows up. He has a smug expression shows that he has lost of confedece in his son's chances.

"He'll win," he says to Gizelle Galaxii, the beautiful new interviewer.

"So your not worried about Metallix hunting him."

"No, he'll kill that Capitol kid and then kill the girl."

"What about the other tributes, Yuna and Teresa are paired up." She says.

"No, they are weak. He can kill them, he'll live up to his expectations. Just like his brothers."

"Yes, his brothers, both past victors. Is is a family tradition to win the Hunger Games?"

"Of course, and if you don't win well then your not a Mockingjay. You can't be a loser and be part of this family. You don't deserve our home or food. We do not lose."

"Well then, a very kind interview with Mr. Mockingjay. The father of Raven Mockingjay, who just so happens to be the enemy of our next tribute. Let's move onto Metallix Gleam."

(I know it's short but if you tell me who to interview I can make it longer)

Metallix Gleam

Since no one claims to have any connections to Metallix, the capitol forces her stylist to step forward.

"So, how exactly are you related to Metallix?" Gizelle asks stupidly.

"Oh, why I'm not. I'm her stylist, Imperiosa Casca."

"Well, of course we all remember you and your works with chariots and such. Amazing work by the way."

"Well thank you, I work almost year round designing and creating oufits for the tributes, and I already have Metallix dress planned out for when she wins."

"Yes of course, Metallix. Lets talk about her."

"We'll as you can tell she is incredibly strong, she will have a little difficulty with Raven, but I'm sure she'll get him. Then the rest are very easy to kill."

"Well, lets talk about her history, do you have any information for us?"

Imperiosa looks a little guilty, but manages to get out. "She doesn't have any family or friends, and aparenlty no one would even go on television if it was for her. I heard a rumor that she was put in the Care Home when she was a child. I thought she was just misunderstood when we were on the train..."

"Wow, such a strange story for a vicious girl."

"I know, and it saddens me that she has to face this horror by herself."

"But she is strong, and will pull through. Imperiosa Casca, representing Metallix Gleam, everyone *CLAPS* Now we need to move onto our next tribute. Yuna Besaid from district 5.

Yuna Besaid

The teary mother of Yuna is present. She is clearly desperate for her ownly love to come home. Even Gizelle has a tough time not feeling bad for her when she arrives.

"Hello, you must be Ms. Besaid."

The women nods and wipes her eyes.

"So tell me. What do you think about Yuna being in the final 8?"

"My daughter... I just want her back. I don't care what it takes to get her home. Just bring her back."

"What do you think about her and Teresa allying?"

"Teresa is a wonderful girl. I don't want Yuna to have to kill her. I don't want any one else to die, but I want my daughter more."

"Yes of course she is brave and strong. She'll survive." Gizelle's words are rehursed, but they work. The wreck of a mother straightens it self out.

"Yes, and with Teresa's help she'll survive. I know it. I just know it."

"Of course, now your her only family member?"

"She never had any siblings and her father left us awhile ago. So, yes. We were by ourselves."

"And what did you guys do back at district 5?"

"I was a nurse. She was my apprentince. I never... I never acted like a mother. I almost never had time to spend with her... I just miss her so much." The women sobs and sobs until Gizelle finally says.

"Well good luck to you and Yuna. Now on to Laylvana from district 7."

Laylvana Dubravka

After the Ms. Besaid accident Gizelle almost expected another slumped figure, and not a handsome bright eyed boy. Although his features sagged a little bit.

"Um.. you must be Blake Dubravka."

"Yes. Thats me."

"Well nice to meet you. Aren't you happy?"

"I'm not happy, just proud. My sister has survived this long and I know she can make it in the long run."

"We'll how do you expect her too?"

"She is strong and a real contender. She may be alone, but that is how she works best."

"Of course. She has been in two alliances and saw both of her allies die while she watched. How do you think that effects her?"

"It must have been difficult to lose your friends while you watch. But I think she'll channel that energy to a positive way of thinking. She'll use what she saw as a way to survive."

"How do you think she should do that exactly? I mean survive."

"Laylvana is smart. She should realize that the cave is safe, and that not many people will be willing to go back up there. She might be able to adviod the others."

"I know she'll win." Gizelle leans in close and whispers even though everyone can hear it, "I'm betting on her."

"Ha, so am I. I just want her to know how proud I am of her," and that glow in his eyes show just how true that stament is.

"We'll now we must move onto Teresa Silvershadow of District 11!"

Teresa Silvershadow

Gizelle is surprized to see a women standing there. She expected a stylist or mentor.

"Hi, I'm Gizelle... and you are?"

"Oh, hello," the women shakes her hand firmly, "Mrs. Silvershadow, Teresa's mother."

"Thats amazing! I thought she was kidnapped from you guys a while ago."

"She was, but I saw her get reaped and I knew I needed to do something. I just had to let her know I remember her."

"Wow, so what was it like having your child ripped away from you?"

"I was furious, and yet distraught at the same time. I wanted to find those evil people and punish them for taking my daughter away from me. I was a wreck..."

"Did it help at all to see her alive?"

"Of course! I mean she is so strong! I knew she wasn't dead."

"What about her father?"

"He needs to work. We are barely getting by and it was a fortune just to get here."

"So what do you think about Teresa allying with Yuna?"

"They are strong together. They each have strengths and weaknesses and work well together."

"What do you think will happen if they are both the top two?"

"Teresa is very strong... as much as I hate to say it she'll have to kill Yuna."

"Well on that great note, we must move onto Melanoi Jet of District 12!"

Melanoi Jet

Gizelle was ready to go to sleep. She was exausted. But with only three more interviews to go she wouldn't stop yet.

She saw a small figure in Melanoi's room. A girl about 16.

"Hi, I'm Gizelle the interviewer."

"Oh, hey. I'm Candela, Melanoi's friend."

"Great. What was your reaction to when Melanoi got reaped?"

"Well, I was horrified. My best friend had just been given a death sentence!"

"Don't talk like that! She could make it out!"

"Yes, but back then it was 23 people against her. Now it seems possible... in fact, I know Melanoi will make it home."

"Thats better. What do you think of Melanoi allying with Grant?"

"I'm not sure yet if that was the best move. Grant is a ladies boy, and I wouldn't trust him if I was her."

"Why not?"

"He just seems a little suspicious."

"Oh, so do you think she should kill him?"

"NO! She shouldn't kill Grant! She should ditch him and run, but not kill him. Hopefully some one else will do that, but not Melanoi."

"Okay, well it's time for me to go, but good luck. Now onto Grant Doniel also from district 12."

Grant Doniel

The first thing Gizelle notices is that the girl sitting on Grants bed is interly focussed on the plasma screen TV showing Grant as he sleep.



"Hello," she repeats louder, "I'm the interviewer."


"You must be Grant's girlfriend."


"How are you?"


"Do you think Grant will win?"


"Do you wante me to stop talking?"


And Gizelle enjoys silence for the next two minutes.

Smick Trinket

Gizelle knows this interview will be important, the only Capitol tribute left. She walks in to find a girl smiling as she paints her nails.

"Hello," the girl chirps when she see's Gizelle standing in the doorway.

"Hi... um... I'm Gizelle."

"Kurtinity, Smick's best friend."

"Okay, great."

"No... it's terrible that he is in the games."

"Um... okay? So what do you think of Smick's game strategy so far?"

"I'm glad he left Rycca because she was slowing him down. I was furious when he joined the Careers because they are really mean, and I was glad that he ran from Raven."

"Even though he is being chased by him now?"

"Well I'm sure that Metallix will find Raven first and kill him."

"How do you know Smick again?"

"We've been best friends since we could walk. Our mothers would always leave us together and we would play for hours on the sidewalk. I really miss him. I can't wait to see him again when he wins."

"Thats the sprit. If you could say one think to Smick right now what would it be."

"That I love him in the most sisterly way possible."

"How sweet. Now all the interviews are done! Good luck to all the tributes."

Then Gizelle goes home and sleeps.

Day 7- Family and Friends

Teresa's POV

I wake up in the middle of the night to the loud blasting of horns.

"HELLO TRIBUTES!" A bright smiling face is projected onto the night sky. "This is Gizelle Galaxii, here with your family and friend with a little message for you! We have one person for each of you here inside this plexi-glass tube. And now your not just playing for your own life."

The camera pans over each tube a white number painted at the top of each tube. A man with 2, a sobbing women with a 5, Yuna gasps and mutter "Mom,", a tall boy with a 7, and then a women with an 11, and the memories race back to me. My mother. The real women who I was taken from.

"Now that there are only eight of you the stakes get higher. When you die the special some one in the tube also dies." Almost all the people in the tubes sob, except for the man with a 2, I'm guessing Raven's father.

"Good luck. Your going to need it,"

The screen goes blank. Shit just got real.

Raven's POV

I continue jogging after the kid from the capitol. I barely glance at the sky when they announce who is in the tube. I know that I won't dissapoint my father. I keep on jogging not allowing any thoughts invade my concentration. I stay focus and hunt.

I push on following the clear trail Smick left behind him.

All of a sudden I stumble upon him. He is bent over gasping for breath. Poor sucker thought he could out run me. I snicker and grab my sword.

I prepare to revel myself when I feel a pair of hands on my shoulders. I spin around to see Metallix. Her knife is already coming down on my throat.


Raven Father's POV

I watch the monitor as I see the throat of my boy being stabbed. He was foolish too cocky to realize that he could have been followed. I knew he was weak.

He is disowned. I will refuse to acknowledge his existence. When I get out of this God damn tube. I look around wating for some type of gas or something to float in to kill me. When nothing come's I know that I'm not going to be killed it was all just a stunt.

But a door that I didn't know existed swings open. A lady smiles and says "As you know Raven has been killed. To spice it up we've decided that you will be killed in the same fashion."

Crap. I look around and see a few camera's pointed at me. Then I see a knife fly out of no where and launch itself into my throat.

Stupid weakling.

Smick's POV

I gasp when the cannon sounds. I see a figure collapsing. Another person stands behind it, welding a knife. I can tell its a girl based off her sadow.

I grip my spear and prepare myself for the worst. The girl chucks her knife at my head. I duck under it and thrust my spear. It grazes her arm and she takes off.

I watch her shadow dissapear into the dark jungle surrounding us. I think about persueing her but I'm just too tired to. I pear over at the dead body, pleased to see Raven. A huge enemy down. I decide that it's time to relax. I climb a tree and try to drift off.

Melanoi's POV

I glance over at Grant. I can't trust him. I know that he is trying to kill me I just know it. If only we weren't from the same district. I can't imagine another alliance lasting as long as ours. Part of me wonders if that last cannon was for an ally who found out too late that their partner wasn't exactly trust worthy.

I really just want these games to be over with. And Grant is a major target. We decide to hike back up the mountain to see if we can find anything useful.

I start up and spot a small cave. A perfect spot for a tribute to be hiding. Maybe I can shove Grant infront of the opening and pray that some one will take him out. Luckily, Grant points it out.

"We can hide there."

I hide my smile as I reply "Okay. Lets just look for any tributes."

We reach the edge of the opening. Grant looks around the corner then yanks his head back. "Theres a girl!"

Perfect. I set my leg out and put my hand on his back like I'm going to check on it myself then push him forward.

He cries out in surprise and I see the girl rise. She holds an axe. I don't stay.

I race off down the side of the mountain. I glance back to see Grant's chest receiveing a throwing hatchet. BOOM!

I continue down the mountain praying that the figure cant throw far. I know it must be the girl from 7, no one else is that skilled with an axe. I stumble but remain on my feet. A single tear makes it way down my face, not of guilt but of fear.

I'm almost to the bottom. So close to the safe jungle. I run as fast as my legs can carry me ignoring the sound of my persuer. I'm almost there.... a sharp pain interupts my thought. A pain that cannot be described. I'm down.

The hatchet has lodged itself in my spine. I can't breathe. I gasp for air. Then I see the figure bent over me. It yanks out the hatchet and I die. BOOM!

Grant's Girlfriend's POV

I watch in silence as the axe enters Grant's chest. Why did I date him? He was such a trouble maker. I sigh. I know what is to come. I saw what happened to Raven's father. The man had so much pride he didn't even cry out.

I wonder how much pain he felt. How much I'll feel.

I haven't spoken to anyone since I reached the capitol. They're all responsible for his death. But now I want to get on my knees and beg the interview lady to spare me. But I don't and she doesn't.

I spin around to see an axe entering his chest. I know he didn't feel a lot of pain.

Melanoi's Friend's POV

I sob when Melanoi pushes Grant to get him killed. I know I suggested that she kill him, but I never thought she actually would. Grant's girlfriend is killed. I see her slump to the floor in the tube next to me. Where do these weapons come from?

I watch as Melanoi races her way down the mountain side. The girl from 7 races after her. She is an expert with axes. They seem to be the same speed, but Melanoi needs to get out of there.

I watch her running and running. I find my self screaming at her to go faster. To get out of there. I need her to get out of there. I can't die. I'm 16, I have a life ahead of me.

But the girl from 7 releases her hatchet and I watch in complete terror as it flies into the back of Melanoi. She collapses and her eyes widen and then dim as she dies.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" that god awful voice of a dead girl walking fills this small tube. And then I feel a sharp pain in my back... why was I friends with her?

Teresa's POV

Yuna and I talk about who is left as far as we know. The pair from 2, Yuna, Laylvana from 7, me, the pair from 12 and the capitol boy. Our converstation then shifts to what three we think died. I bet the Capitol boy, Laylvana, and the girl from 12, Yuna says the Capitol boy, the boy from 12, and the girl from 2.

We laugh about it and continue on our way to the docks. Our laughter is cut short by the site of an empty dock. "We're stuck here!"

"I guess so..." Kinda obvious

I struggle for a reason why then it hits me... with three dead today were down to the final five. I pear over at Yuna. She is still fretting over the boats. I promised myself that if I made it to the final five I would kill anyone who I was allied with.

But I can't kill Yuna. No. I push those thoughts away and tell her that we should set up camp on the shoreline. We set up the tent and Yuna works on trying to creat a fishing poll.

I relax in the sun until I hear a sharp yelp waking me up. I see a few daggers making there way towards Yuna. I don't even think I grab my bow and arrow and launch as many as I can at the general area. I'm surprised to hear a yelp and then the sound of some one running away.

I turn towards Yuna. She seems fine, but as I get closer I see her eyes turn towards me. They are diming quickly. I race towards her and try to find where she was hit. Then I notice the end of a dagger jutting out of her stomach.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine." I whisper. I know she's going to die, but I can't tell her that.

"No... I'm not. Just make sure you win for me," her voice is so soft I have to put my ear right to her mouth. She coughs some blood and says "I'm so sorry Mom. I love you... I love y..." and her eyes close forever. BOOM!

I sob and close my eyes. I let out a scream of pain. Why does it have to be me? WHY? WHY!?! I let out a scream that belongs to an animal. I'm refreshed with a hatred of the Capitol. I'll win for Yuna.

Yuna's Mother's POV

I see the girl from 2 sneaking up on Yuna's camp. I begin to scream and sob for her to move. Move! MOVE!! But she continues to work on her stupid fishing poll.

The girl launches about 5 knifes at poor Yuna. Teresa wakes up in a snap and shots back at the 2 girl. She manages to hit her calf and the girl flees. I watch and see the knife in Yuna's stomach.

I sob and sob as Yuna whispers something to Teresa. Then I hear, "I'm so sorry Mom. I love you... I love y..." and my daughter dies.

She thinks she failed me. NO! She never failed me... God no! NO! NO! She can't die thinking that

I collapse to the ground. I can't go on... not after that... not after that. I'm almost glad when the knife enters my stomach.

Laylavana's POV

My mind reels over the events of today. Four down including both from 12. My kills. I feel sick to my stomach at that thought. I want to puke.

I hear a blood curdling scream right after the last cannon sounds. I don't want to know. I'm sick to think that I honestly don't want to know what happened so I can kill that person with less guilt.

I watch the faces in the sky... Raven from 2, huge enemy is gone, Yuna from 5, never knew her don't care, and then the two people that I killed.

Both two years older then me... I sigh and lie my head down and prepare for another day of horror.


  • We are down to the final four!!! Metallix (2), Laylvana (7), Teresa (11) and Smick (Cap)
  • Four deaths today Raven (2), Yuna (5), Grant (12) and Melanoi (12)
  • Their interviewed friends and family were killed right after their death.
  • Smick (Cap) is currently in the forest. He has a knife, a spear and a sword along with enough food and water. He has no injuries
  • Metallix (2) has a bow and arrow with 12 arrows, a spear, a sword and 10 throwing daggers. She has food and water. Her leg is cut, but she has it wrapped in guaze.
  • Laylvana (7) has three throwing hatchets, an axe and a knife along with food and water. She is bruised but okay
  • Teresa (11) has a bow and arrow with 6 arrows and a dagger. She has food and water. She has no injuries
  • Tomarrow will be the final show down. I'm driving down to Florida tomarrow, but I will have the introductions up asap. I expect the games to be over by Wednesday the latest.
  • All four of these tributes could win!!! Root for your favorite to give them a slight boost.

DAY 8- The Victor

Laylvana POV

I  wake up at the crack of dawn. I know in my heart of hearts that it was all going to end today. My mind reels over all that happened. I think about the girls before the games.

The girl waddled around without a care in the world. The girl knew no evil. Even after Blake was reaped and won his games. The girl was innocent... never exposed to the horror that is life in Panem.

That girl is dead. Killed the day of the reaping. Now stands a women, a women who is beyond her 14 years of life, who has witnessed and done things that no women would do in a life time. But that women is strong and fearless. She will not die a unimportant death. She will not die. She will rise and win. I am that women.

I will win.

Smick's POV

I stretch my legs when I wake up. I wonder what Kurtinity is doing... she was an amazing friend... no he is an amazing friend.

She was the only one who stood by me. Since we were little we've been best friends. And everyone thought that we would end up together. But I knew different.

I came out and she was the only person who stayed with me. Even my parents disowned me, but Kurtinity stayed. And I am enternially grateful. I'll win for her, and prove to everyone who ever thought I was weak that I was strong. And going to win.

I am going to win.

Metallix's POV

I grimance as I move through the forest. My leg hurts. I'm not sure how long before these games are over, but I know how they will end.

I lost everything, and everyone. My parents are gone, my friends don't exist, and my "siblings" are kids who are just as parentless.

I was different then everyone in that orphanages, but I was better. I learned how to survive I learned how to stay alive in the woods and I wouldn't be taken down. I became an expert with everything in nature. But now I'm not that same girl. I'm a predator.

I'm a future victor.

Teresa's POV

I almost sob when I wake up, because the terrible dreams that haunted me while I slept have tourtured me. I push the sobs back and push on.

My life has been a non stop hell. I've been ripped apart from my parents and risked my life to steal from the district for crazed people.

I miss my parents so much. I can just remember my fathers face. His kind brown eyes look down at me as his warm arms hug me. I can clearly remember my mothers face in that tube. I just want to see them one more time, so I'm not going to die.

I will be a victor.

Smick's POV

I trek through the forest looking around for some one to kill. My mind is reeling over the fact that I made it this far. I had one of the worst odds of anyone who wasn't sick. I should have died a long time ago, but I didn't.

I rised to the ocassion. Now, I'm a predator who will kill the next person I see. I can't believe that I am going to do this. I haven't killed anyone. No one. Everyone else here has. I can't be the weak one. I can't

As I duck under a branch I begin to feel some one's eyes on the back of my neck. I spin around my spear at the ready. I see Metallix crouched above me.

"Ready to die yet you stupid bitch?" I call up to her.

"Not yet you bastard," and with that she jumps down knife prepared to impale itself into my eye. I duck out of the way and pop up ready for anything.

I impale her leg and she screams out and lashes out at me. She manages to cut my face. I let out a holler and once again stab at her. This time I manage to gore out her eye.

She lets out an animal like scream and stands. She jumps at me and stabs my left shoulder. I rear me spear down and slash off one of her figers. I know that I'm winning... despite my injuries.

I stab at her again and get her stomach. She knows its over. And I know it too. But she isn't going to give up that easily. She flails and stabs at me with her knife. I try to advoid all of the blows. Then the inevible happens.

Time slows down and I see the knife flying towards my neck. I try to move but its coming too fast. And the knife gets me. Now its only a matter of time. I watch as Metallix stares into my eyes. Both of us wanting to out last the other. I need this kill.

After what seems like forever, her eyes flutter close. I let out a victory laugh that is drowned out by the BOOM! of her cannon. Then I know its my time. I close my eyes satisfied with my time on this planet. BOOM!

'Imperiosa Casca''s POV

Why was I here? I was told to be the interviewed for the girl from 2. I didn't even talk to her once over the corse of training. Why was I going to die for her?

I watch as her and the capitol boy fight. I know that she'll win... he is weak right? I watch as they spar and trade blows. I watch as she is impaled by the boys spear. No... it's not fatal right? RIGHT? I'm the cousin of the god damn president for goodness sake! MY HUSBAND IS THE GAME MAKER!!! He won't kill me!

I watch as the two of them lie across from one another. It's only a matter of time. All of a sudden the screen changes and my husband appears. "Sorry honey... but before you die I need you to konw that I've been cheating on you for a while." Then I notice the women behind him gripping his arm. "I'm sorry."

The screen changes and I scream out "ASSHOLE!" then the girl dies. I feel the spear enter my stomach and I sob. Good bye.

Kurinity's POV

I look at the screen and sob and sob as Smick keeps on hunting the others. Then he stumbles onto Metallix's trap. They begin to fight and I know whats coming. I don't panic. I calm down instantly. I watch and cheer on Smick. Because I want some one to be rooting for him.

They fight and fight. And then they get each other. They lie across from each other. I see the capitol lady screaming about how she shouldn't die. I want to yell that we all shouldn't die but I hold back.

Metallix goes down first. And I see Smick have one more smile before he closes his eyes forever.

And the knife enters my neck.

Laylavana's POV

Two cannons... bringing the total up to 22 deaths and 2 left to play. Looks like 2 is a big number today. It's been almost 10 hours since those cannons were sounded. I don't know who's left, my bets on the girl from 2. I've missed the human contact. The last person I talked to was Austin... who died because I took the right drink. Austin who let me in his boat instead of letting me die.

He is just one of dozens of people who have helped me get out of this hell hole. All my sponsors and district residents. I miss all of them. I really do. I need to get home to them. I need to.

I grip my hatchet as I continue to walk. Then I notice something strange coming from the sky. At first it looks like black rain then I realize it's weapons... and supplies. The finale is soon, and the capitol wants to get the show on the road.

Teresa's POV

I clip my second box of blow darts to my belt and grab a vial of poision. It won't kill but it will certinally sting. I also grab a few knives and also push them onto my belt. Then I grab my blow gun and continue on, poisioning the darts.

I spot something gleaming half buried under the snow. I quickly grab it and yank. I'm surprised to see a golden chest piece I put it to my chest and see that it matches exactly. I quickly go back to where I find it and see leg and arm guards too.

This finale is going to be big. I continue on my way. I push though the dense and unforgiving jungle. The chest piece doesn't limit my movement too much. The arm guards make it hard to lift my blowgun so I disguard them and then push through. I finally come onto a clearing. And standing in front of me, dressed very similar to me, is Laylvana.

Laylvana's POV

I'm shocked when the girl from 11 breaks into the clearing. She wears a chest plate similar to mine, and leg guards, although her arms are unprotected. She wastes no time in putting her blow gun to her mouth and firing at me. It bounces off the chest plate and falls to the ground harmlessly.

I lift up my double sided axe and charge. She fires dart after dart all of which hit my various sheilds and fall off harmlessly.

Then she launches one that, with lightning speed manages to pierce the skin right where the two plates meet. I feel a humongous amount of pain and almost collapse. I let out a battle cry and face forward, angrier then ever.

Teresa's POV

How could this 14 year old girl be so vicious. I drop the blowgun and grab a knife. I quickly dogde her first swing at me and attempt to stab her neck. It only manages to make a small cut and she turns around.

Her axe grazes my left arm and I ignore the pain and lunge at her taking her to the floor. We wrestle for while then I spot my chance. She has me pinned for a second, but as she raises her hand to punch me I grab my second of three knives and stab her in the cheek. She hollars out in pain and then I jump up.

She feels the gapping hole in her face and then looks at me. Before I can react she has chopped off one of my ears with a minture hatchet. The pain is unlike any other and I scream like never before. This bitch is soo dead.

Laylvana's POV

I cut off the girls ear and she screams. I almost laugh. I watch Teresa and look for any signs of a counter attack. She screams and I sneak up behind her and prepare to end this.

But I was wrong. She was completely aware of me this whole time. When I'm about a foot behind her she spins around and stabs my foot pinning it to the ground. I hollar and punch her in the face. She barely flinches and then raises another knife to end it all.

I duck and pull the knife out of my foot. Pushing tears from my eyes, I stab the inside of her leg. She grabs my head and puts me in a head lock. I feel around looking for my hatchet, praying she doesn't have anymore knifes.

Teresa's POV

I can't find my last knife. It must have fallen off of my belt while we were wrestling. I yank off Laylvana's chest gaurd while I try to think of a weapon.

My darts! I grab on out of the small box and poke it into Layvana's back. She thrashes viciously and manages to pull out. She grabs anything she can and rips off my chest piece. Both of us are armorless except for our legs. I back away and assess the situation. Our weapons lay around us. Both unarmed we race towards the nearest one.

I pick up the hatchet that still has my ear blood on it. Laylvana picks up my knife. Once again we charge.

Laylvana's POV

Teresa and I charge at each other again. Both planning to kill. She hacks at me with my hachet and catches one of my fingers, skinning it. I stab at her with the knife and poke one of her eyes out. At this she flails and something amazing happens.

I watch in awe and horror as the hatchet comes down epicly on my left wrist and goes clean through it. I've never felt anything like the pain that follwed. All I can say is that I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry for the rest of my pitiful life.

Instead I lift the knife over my head with my good hand and bring it down on Teresa's head. She crumbles.

I look up into the sky as the trumpets blare and I scream. I scream for Austin, for Alyss, from the pain in my wrist, for my family, and for a billion other reason's. For the lose of innocent, for never being a 14 year-old ever again, and for having to face the horrors that are disappearing beneath me as I'm hauled into the hovercraft, I scream.

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