Okay im going to follow in the footsteps of Hungergamesfan and write my own hunger games in characters POV. SO what would happen if the reading of the card wasnt fixed? Lets find out:

Reading of the Card

In Mellies POV District 12

Peeta and Katniss have won the games!!! That was a whole games ago, me, Alison and Prim were best friends, and we still are, but now its the 75th hunger games and now I have to watch the reading of the card.

The evil President Snow walks on stage, then reads the treaty of treason. I little girl walks up with a small wooden box. The presidnet pulls out the card and reads "For the 75th hunger games, to prove that friendships can be ruined when a person gets reaped they will have to bring there best friend with them,"

I run to victor village and grab Prim and Alison in a big hug, knowing we were all in danger.

In Princesses POV District 1

I heard the reading of the card and ran to Sprinkles house. At 18 we were debating who was going to voluneer this year so this was the perfect chance. When I realized I was ruining my pink silk dress so i walked right into Sprinkles. We got up and cheered knowing who was going to win. ME!!!

In Sirkits POV District 3

Man, me and Digit were done for. We both had like 30 teressas in the bowl at 15!!! I had to provide for my 5 silbings and digit for his 4 plus his grandma. We knew we were going to die I felt it in my gut.

In Twigs POV District 7

Me and trunk were done for and I knew it we were dead men walking. The only way for us to go home is to die. So I wasnt surpirzed when i was reaped I just started saying goodbye to my 17 year old friends. On the train ride I saw two 18 yearold girl voluneer in didtrict 1, 15 year olds from 3, and two girls whos names were Mellie and Alison fom 12.


Twig: Got a 7 in training, chariot rides where okay earned some sponsors (Johanna is mentor)

Sirkits: Got a 4 in training, bad in chariot rides almost no sponsors (Beetee is mentor)

Mellie: Got a 5 in training, great chariot rides has a decent amount of sponsors(Cinna was stylist and Katniss is mnetor)

Princess: got a 10 in traning, great chariot ride has plenty of sponsors (Cashmere is Mentor)

The Hunger Games

In Princesses POV

I rise up in the shiney tube and do a dance. HUNGER GAMES HUNGER GAMES I PLEDG TO YOU OH HUNGER GAMES!! I love the hunger games.

In Sirkits POV

The arena is a small area of dense forests. Their are pine trees everywhere and I can hear frogs in the distance so plenty of food and water. I turn to the cornucopia and sigh weapons everywhere. I spot about 20 packs and a few small pickings like bread and crackers I get the feeling that we will have to find much of our food. Then I spot DIgit a couple of people away. We nod in agreement time to fight.

In Twigs POV

Turns out I'm okay with spears and knifes but Im best with a ax. I spot about 10 of them in the center along with bows and arrows, and spears. So when the gong rings out without warning im surprised to find my feet racing toward it. The boy from 6 and I reach for the same pack, I pick up a small knife from underneth my feet and stab him in the stomach with he. His grip slackins and I race away to grab an ax. As I pick it up I fell the presence of some one else. I swing around and am surprised when I slice the head off of the 10 girl. Then I race away.

In Princesses POV

Slice, slice, slice, slice, with the sowrd. I look at my victoms, boy from 11, girl from 11, both girls from 8, then the girl from 7, and the boy from 9. I see Sprinkles take down a boy from 3 and the 2 peeps killing district 5. Then its over everyones done.

That night me and Sprinkle are happy to watch the faces in the sky. The boy from 3, a girl from 3, district 5, boy and girl from 6, both girls from 7, two girls from 8,a boy from 9, two girls from 10, the boy and girl from 11, and a boy from 12.


Twig and Trunk: Two axes, and two packs

Sirkit: A spear and pack

Mellie and Alison: A pack and sleeping bag

Pincess and Sprinkles: Careers

Two Days Later...

In Mellies POV

Me and Alison were dead we had no sponsors and no weapons. My chariot dress was great, still going for the fire thing Cinna had me in a dress completely made out of diamonds which looked like I was a small flame. But now I was a reck, my blond hair messed, not that I cared, and no fires here just trees. We heard voices up ahead of us debating, "I dont want to," a girl said. "Yes seeder said so," another vioce comanded. Then up ahead we saw the remainder of 11. A girl our age and a fifteen year old boy, "Great you found us," he showed us a note it said:

Daisy and Sap ally with district 12 they are trustwrothy


"No," Alison said "Were not doing anything without Katnisses permisson" then almost on cue a note fell from the sky

Trust them Alison, they are going to help you.

"Alright were in" I say.

In Twigs POV

Me and Trunk are high up in a pine tree here we have a great view of everyone near us. Then we hear a buzzing, I turn around in horror as thousands of Tracker Jackers burst out of a nest that wasnt there a second ago. Stupid Gamemakers I think as I climb down the tree, Trunk being an idiot jumps, he land with sicking splat and I almost puke at the sight of his magled body. A cannon ring out and I know theres nothing to do but run. I come across the group of careers and take out the girl from two before anyone can reacted. The tracker jackers still following me stop and take on the careers.

In Princesses POV

Sage (ugh the two people are name their kids with boring names) is surprised to find the ax in her stomach. She gasps and then the tracker jackers arive. They attack, we run and hide. Then jump in the water but I still recive two stings and have trouble getting to shore befor I faint.

In Sirkits POV

I heard a cannon boom early this morning then just five minutes ago four more. I spot the 6 couple up ahead, they are making out and are surprized when a spear enters both their bodies from being to close together the spear went trought the boy and out the girl. I almost laugh at it but stop this is the Hunger Games.

That night I watch as a boy from 1, the 2 girls, a boy and girl from 4, the two from 6, and a boy from seven all apper in the sky.

The Next Day

In Princesses POV

I have watched Cutey McTutems die many times (my cute doggy) the mean tracker jackers really hurt, before I wake up. When I do Riptide is rosting some fox. He is from district 4 and is kind of hot, but I know that I will kill him later on. He got one sting on his arm, he gives me a weak smile. He doesnt talk much but I know he is in a lot of pain. I look around I see Sprinkle, Denium, Mike, Owen, and Ripple all on the ground around me. The worst is Mike with 5 stings on him he seems like hes in a coma. The rest of them are twiching and squirming from their dreams. I hope Denium and Sprinkle live they are from my district, Owen and Mike are from district 2 and Ripple district 4. Riptide stand up and manages to say "I've been awake sence the attack, Foam, and Flyer died from stings, Tessie died from drowning along with Goldy, they didnt make it back to shore on time," I sigh knowing that Sage and Tessie were our best fighters right after Owen. "And the rest of 6 died, I dont know who killed them but they died," Yes someone died, now Im closer to home. I've changed my mind I dont want to do the hunger games.

After another hour or two everyone is awake excpet for Mike. He isnt moving and seems to be asleep. "Is he dead?" Demium askes. "No duh genius," Owen says. As we walk away Mikes cannon fires. We walk for a long time before we come across another group, the boys from 8. We walk quietly towards them surounding them, then we all walk out they panic. They are 16 and did terrible in training, then we attack, I take on the bigger one with Demium, and Ripple. We take turns doing nothing fatal finally he dies from blood lose. "Jack!!!" the other one yells seeing his best friend die, Owen laughs and kills him with a knife. We walk away not looking back.

In Twigs POV

I am alone in the forest running low on supplies. So I kill a rabbit and eat. I am roasting it over a fire when a girl emerges from the trees holding a knife. I saw her in training district 9, she got a 5. I grab my ax and ask where her friend is, she stutters "Um well why dont you turn around," I swing my ax around and it find contact with the girls chest. "Ashley! Oh your going to pay 7," I run away with a pack on my sholders and ax in hand.

That night I watch as the faces of theboy from 2, both boys from 8, and the girl from 9, Ashley apear in the sky.

Three Days Later

In Princesses POV

Its day 7 in the arena. Whos left.. hum... Me, Sprinkle, Denium, Owen, Ripple, Riptide, a boy from 3, a boy from 7, a girl from 9, a girl from 10, a boy and girl from 11, and the two girls from 12 thats 14 people left. We careers have only killed a girl from 10 the other got away swearing revenge. So we know something is going to happen soon we just dont know what...

In Mellies POV

I like our allince, Sap is 15 and very nice, Daisy is a little sullen because her best friend died but is still very nice to us. We know that something is going to happen soon that will drive all our groups together, where ever the other tributes are. When the tribute zombies fall walk out from behind us we are terrified. The zombies look too much like the other tributes only with rotten flesh and missing eyeballs. We run and let them direct them to where ever we need to be. When we arrive at the cornucopia again I have to jump over patches of grass, then the other tributes arrive. I am able to remember every tributes name Princess, Sprinkle and Demium (district 1), Owen (district 2), Sirkit (district 3), Ripple and Riptide (district 4), Twig (district 7), Haley (district 9), Cally (district 10), and Daisy and Sap, and me and Alison. We all emerge on the clearing about the same time, the first to react is Haley who lunges at Twig screaming. Twig sidesteps and send his ax into her back, Alison jumps and moans, she hated every death in the hunger games. The cannon jolts everyone awake and the fighting begins. The careers go after me and my allies, I grab a sword and attack, I fell Alsion beside me. We take on district 1. I stab at Sprinkles who dodges and stabs at me. I gather the little weak 13 year old body can provide and jab. Sprinkle looks at the hole in her chest before she falls back. Princess screams and runs away yellin "WHERE CUTEY McTUTEMS," wow she lost it... the careers back away. The body of Daisy is left behind along with Sprinkles as they chase after Princess. On the other hand Twig has had some fun...

In Twigs POV

How it happened I dont know but I suddenly went crazy mad at everyone and charged the careers, I choose district 4 because they looked weak. The boy tried to push the girl behind him but not before my ax entered his skull. The girl screamed and grabbed her trident she threw it at me and it scraped my temple then threw a hachet that impaled itsself in her neck almost decapitating her. I grab my axe and run before the rest of the careers realize what happened.

In Sirkits POV

I ran. I ran and ran and ran. Away from the horror I just witnessed and the way the careers have stabbed Daisy even after she died. The boy from 7 going temperarily pcyco and killing district 4 it was madness so I ran away, I saw the girl from ten doing the same. When I rested I took a small sip of pureified water, and watched the sky until the faces apeared, I already know who Sprinkles, Ripple, Riptide, Haley, and Daisy. Thats it, now I only have to see at least 11 more deaths before I can go home. 11 more, is it worth it?

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