We all know that after MJ there was another hunger games for the related members of captiol leaders... so here is the 76th Hunger Games!!! (p.s. president snows granddaughter is mine so no fights over who gets her)


The Limit is 4 tributes Name


Age (12-18)


Who there parent/parents are

Skills (these kids are from the capitol so no masters at bows and arrows and spear maybe some boys can be buff but nothing else)


History (please include other family members)

What they think of going in



  1. Alenius Snow - 14- 5
  2. Diamond Glitter- 16- 3- 150
  3. Styla Erikasonoolala- 17- 7- 200
  4. Gem Aglaid- 17- 7- 175
  5. Janeese Loosey- 14- 8- 175
  6. Sparkle Crane- 14-6- 175
  7. Saydee Ferce - 15-8
  8. Ruby Gold- 17- 4
  9. Tori Sun- 14-9- 200
  10. Calypso Cicre- 16- 8- 175
  11. Orchid Green- 14- 7-200
  12. Wingsai Song- 16- 9- 225
    • Janeese Loosey
    • Denja Whiters
    • Gem Aglaid
    • Ruby Gold
    • Sparkle Crane
    • Diamond Glitter
    • Styla Erikasonoolala
    • Tori Sun
    • Marcus Sun
    • Saydee Ferce
    • Ice Bronze
    • Gold Golden
    • Orchid Green
    • Wingsai Song


  1. Gold Golden- 15- 2
  2. Hugo Crane- 18- 7- 250
  3. Yoshimitzu Skeleton - 18- 7
  4. Marcus Sun- 14- 7- 200
  5. Ice Bronze- 14- 8- 210
  6. Yoey-Joey-Yoyoyo grahjoeyjojojojojojoiujoyouarecantkilllikesmakeupgorillaforsaleinmylifethisisthelongest... -17- 4- 200
  7. Ed kalonokaloopakooahanapatoaote Jr.-15- 6
  8. Alfred Quinnison- 16- 7- 225
  9. Rick Rolled- 14- 3
  10. Greg Hates- 13- 2
  11. Spencer Knots- 16- 8- 120
  12. Summanus Mirum-17- 10- 150


The arena this year is a replica of all the districts, there is no cornucopia. Two tributes start in each district, the district is abandoned. They can get weapons and food, there are no fences so a tribute can walk around and travel to different districts. They district also has mutts roaming around, there is also a capitol area with tons of traps and mutts. In order to get weapons a tribute must find one around like in distrcit 12 they would find a pick or in district 4 a trident. In some districts they can find food to. The replica also has deer, squirrels, and birds in the forest divideing the districts. The rebels also placed a couple of spears and bow and arrows in the forest for tributes to find. Certian districts have more food then others like 11 or 10 while others have better weapons like 1 and 4.


This is a list of what each district has in it (I'm allowing you to request a district but its first come first serve)

District 1: Sowrds (Yoshimizu Skeleton and Marcus Sun)

District 2: Clubs ( Spencer Knots and Greg Hates)

District 3: Wires (Alenius Snow and Yoey-Joey-Yoyoyo *long last name*)

District 4: Tridents (Gold Golden and Ice Bronze)

District 5: DNA splicers (Styla Erikasonoolala and Gem Aglaid)

District 6: Syrenges full of poison (Summanus Mirum and Calypso Cicre)

District 7: Axes and Hachets (Saydee Ferce and Alfred Quinnison)

District 8: Knifes (again kind of ramdom) (Tori Sun and Hugo Crane)

DIstrict 9: Bolas (2 rocks tied together and trip a person) (Rick Rolled and Orchid Green)

district 10: Pitchforks (Denja Whitmer and Jeneese Loosey)

District 11: Scythes (Diamond Glitter and Ruby Gold)

District 12: Dynamite and picks (Ed kalonokaloopakooahanapatoaote Jr. and Wingsai Song)



Heavy Jacket- 300

Light Jacket- 200

Gloves- 50

Black hoodie- 150

Hat- 50

Warm socks- 25


Spear- 200

Knife- 100

Bow and arrow- 400

Sowrds- 200

(I only included the stuff that is not provided at cornucopias)


Basket- 250

5 apples- 100

Strips of meat- 100

Box of crackers- 75

Feast- 500


Tap- 50

Water- 100

Water cleaner- 75

Armor- Depends

Sheild- 300

Day 1- stains (bloodbath)

In Diamonds POV

OMG!!! Im like tots in the like hunger games!!! OMG, this is like smazaing!!! Like Im like totally in district 11, WITH Ruby. We are like totally happy so as soon as we rise up Ruby tries to run at me, and Im like OMG did she just blow up. AND SHE DID!!!! So I laughed and waited until the like capitol told me to like get out. But they didnt so then I saw the shiney thing, it was big and had like food and weapons in it. So when a like boom rung out I ran at it and grabbed a curvy metal thing on a stick and like veggies, yuck. Wheres the soup and chicken roast beef? "UGH wheres the food?" I yell at the sky. No response so I grab like 4 bags and run.

In Wingsai's POV

I see a boy next to me and a cornucopia ahead of me. Then I take in my suroundings its a dark and depressing place with lots of old buildings and holes in the sides of the mountians. When the gong sounds I grab a pick. The boy was trying to run away so I throw the pick at him, it lodged its self in his back. He fell with a thud and I desided to stay here for awhile because no one ever ever thinks that any capitol person would even stay near district 12, but I'm no ordinary capitol person.

In Marcuses POV

I saw that dude who cant speak English and knew that I had won. No one else was around and I saw sowards up ahead of me in the cornucopia. I ran at it as soon as the gong ran and grabbed one. Then I felt a shadow above me and swung the soward around taking of the other dudes head. I almost lost my lunch, but I regained control and looked around, District 1. I had seen it all the time on TV because they had so many victors in the past plue their was Sprinkles she had won the games like 3 years back and I had a huge crush on her. I then noticed that their was no food at the cornucopia so I decided to go into the forest and hunt.

In Gregs POV

I hate you, I hate the capitol, I hate the world, I hate you, I hate my parents, and I hate every single lifeform in the universe. I saw this Spencer dude next to me, I hate him and district 2 around me, I hate this district. I hate clubs and guess whats at the cornucopia CLUBS. I decided to die, no choice. When the gong rang out I let the boy get a head start and ran behind him. When he turned around and saw me he almost wet his pants. "Can you please kill me," I ask. "Sure idiot enjoy life," The dude said, did I menton I hated him. The dude swung the club against my temple hard, but I didnt die. "Again," I mangage. Then I fell the death blow to my forehead, and then I fell no more.

In Tories POV

I was in district 8. I had only been seen the few times a victor won from here. Not very happy with all the factories but I liked the weapon I could score, knifes. Oh my stupid parents always praised me about my talent, but they're the reason I'm going to die. THANKS MOM. Im lost in my fantasy when the gong rings out. I quickly race foward and grab three knifes and a backpack. By the time the lumbering kid behind me reaches the Cornucopia I'm in the woods. I run looking for Marcus along the way, we dont get along but he needs me and to be honest I need him. I almost run into him, we fall in a pile of limbs. "Allince?" I ask its stupid 'cause hes my brother but just to be sure. "Yeah," He says rubbing his head.

In Hugos POV

I let the girl get away but I can catch her later. Right now Im looking for allies for the Careers. I wonder into District 7 where that Alfred kid is searching for axes, "Hey," I call out he's startled and topulls over. He takes one look at me and says "Allince?" "Yeah," So only two careers so far, good enough for me. We walk to district 3 where we pick up the Yoey kid. He killed the Snow girl her body was still there mangled up bleeding heavyly. We picked up Styla who was with us from the beginning and when we were in the woods we found a dumb girl she wasnt much but every career allince needs a "disrict 1".

In Golds POV

I barely heard the gong ring out because I was thinking about the color gold. Isnt it magical? I ran foward and picked up a bag and a trident. I felt something pierce my back, I looked down and saw three small gold tringles from a trident sticking out of my stomach. Gold, well at least the tridents gold.

In Ricks POV

The girl next to me is hot!!! As soon as the gong rang out I grabbed her and we started dancing. I draged he along and didnt notice here grab a piece of string from the bolas. She tied it around my neck and pulled, hard. I felt the string pierce my skin and tear a vital vein. Man no more danceing.


24th- Ruby Gold- Land Mine

23rd- Ed kalonokaloopakooahanapatoaote Jr.- Wingsai Song threw pick into back

22nd- Yoshimitzu Skeleton- Marcus Sun cut head off

21st- Greg Hates- Spencer Knots clubbed his head

'20th-' Alenuis Snow- Yoey-Joey- Yoyoyo killed her

19th- Gold Golden- Ice Bronze threw a trident into his back

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