So... I read the book Divergent and I came up with this idea. Basically its a user games but before you can join you need to answer the 5 questions below. It doesn't matter the results but the first 12 people to answer will join. The results will help me decide how you will act in the arena

I advise that you read the overview of the book before you join.


1) You see 5 bowls infront of you one holds flowers, another glass, one coal, one stones and one with books.Which one do you pick up?

A)Flowers B)Glass C)Coal D)Stones E)Books

2) You spot two men fighting what do you do?

A)Try to solve to problem peacfully B)Listen to each side then choose your side C) Fight with the one closest to you D)Help both people resolve the conflict E) Using your knowledge on self defense save the person who is weakest

3) Your held at gun point and told to shoot your family, what do you do?

A)Try to calm the gunner down without harming anyone B)Do what your heart tells you C)Put up a fight D)Let the gunner kill you E) using your knowledge out smart the gunner

4) A girl approaches you and asks for help finding her mom what do you do?

A)Stay peaceful and help B)Debate on weather or not it is a trap C)Bravely help the girl even though it is dark D)Selflessly find the mother E) Integently ask her where she last saw her mom

5) A man is forcing you into his car what to you do?

A)Remain calm B)Do what you think is right C)Bravely fight back D)Selflessly give in E)Using knowledge you know that it is impossible for him to take you without anyone knowing


User Results* User Results*
Prezziesnow:)! Dauntless Moon Beam Candor
Kwankwan Candor Necterine Amity
Everdeen Abnegation ~ilovepeeta~ Erudite
Oblivion Erudite Team Peeta Anna Erudite
Severus Snape Erudite Anon... Erudite
Clove1999 Candor Oblivion Erudite
  • Faction

Red- Amity

White- Candor

Black- Dauntless

Grey- Abnegiton

Erudite- Yellow (should be blue)


Okay this time the arena is a MAZE. Almost every turn you make you will be forced to answer a riddle or make a choose. And to make it more "fun" every once and a while the maze will push two tributes into a room and force them to fight to the death. Every tributes will randomly get a weapon because only food and other esentalls wil be provided

The tributes are wearing a white suit and are clearly visable against the black walls.

There are a few mutts. One is a black snake mutt. It is one the walls and will sneak up and kill you. Another is a vine mutt. It's on the wall and can strangle you if you touch it. One is a panther... its not really a mutt but it will kill you. And the last is a mosquito mutt. It is tiny and can attach to you. It will drink all your blood and you wont notice.

  • The arena
  • The outfit
  • Snake Mutt
  • Vine mutt
  • Panter
  • Mosquito Mutt

Day 1- The Maze

Anon's POV

As I rise up I imediatly notice the black walls all around me. At first I think it is a box but then I notice two small doorways to the left or right of me. The next thing I notice is a small bundle floating down towards me. I see all the other tributes reciving one too. I open mine as soon as it lands in my arms. A blow gun with a dozen of darts. It also has a vial of poison. I dip 3 darts into the vial then put it into my pocket. Now I am ready.

~ilovepeeta~'s POV

I got a knife from the falling packages. Not much but it will do. Then the gong rings out. I race towards the center noticing that there are only back packs I grab two. As I reach for a third a spear flys by my head. I spin around and throw the my knife. It hits the girl right between the eyes. And she falls over, then I notice her blue clothes... she was from my faction.

Moon Beam's POV

I pull my trident out of the Erudites body. I quickly move on and head out a door way. As I step around a corner a two men apear. "Step right up and try your luck," One man says. "One of us lies the other one only tells the truth." I notice two doorways behind them. One blue one red.

"How does it work?" I ask. "Well you get to ask one question to each of us and then you decide. One will let you move on the other a trap." "Fine." I say. "I turn to the taller one . "What is behind your door?" THe man blinks.

"Certain death." He replies. I spin to the other man. "Are you a man?" I ask. "No."

I smile and walk with the man to the red door. He opens it I walk trough and wait. Nothing happens so I move on... until I realize that I could kill alot of people staying here.I smile and look through my back packs.

Everdeen's POV

I pull my sword out of the candor boys body. I take his weapon (that spiked ball thing) and move away. I head the opposite direction of the girl I saw leave. I walk in and all of a sudden a door slides across the way I came and I am in a box. A screen appears infront of me. A little static then "Lets play a game," A creepy pupets pops up and I laugh. "I love games, what are we going to play? Monoply?"




"Hide and seek?"


"Um... Monoply?

"You ask that already!!"

"Fine... what are we playing?" I say. "We are playing drown the annoying girl. I will ask you a question and you will have to answer in 5 seconds or I add a foot of water too your tank."


The puppet is still for a second then continues. "Alright, what is Harry Potters best friends name?"


"No" Water rushes in and stops at my knees."What is the square root of 4?"

I count on my fingers... "2!"

"Correct. What is Your name?"

This is hard.... "Um... Ugh... I DIDN'T STUDY! Oh I know Dimwit."

"No, but that should be it." Water reaches my calf. "What is the Final Destination about?"

"Its about a bunch of people who see death..." I go on for a couple of hours before he yells. "STOP! STOP STOP STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! You can pass just stay quiet." A small hole apears infront of me and I crawl through.

Prezziesnows POV

I gather the careers (me, Severus Snape and Clove). We go over what we have. I have a metal bat, Severus Snape a dozen throwing stars, and Clove bow and arrows. We have loads of back packs and are confident we can win. I led them into a room and then the door closes behind us.

"Lets play a game..."

(Time Skip)

I climb through the hole soaked. "You had to wait till the last second." I yell at clove. "I wanted to build up suspence."


Team Peeta Anna- Ilovepeeta (accident)

Oblivion (i entered her twice so she is still in)- Moon Beam

Kwankwan- Everdeen


Ilovepeeta- Knife and Spear (from Team Peeta Anna)

Moon Beam- Trident and wire (from Oblivion #1)

Everdeen- Sword and spiked ball thingy (from Kwankwan)

Anon- Posioned darts and dart gun

Prezzie Snow- metal bat

Severus Snape- Throwing stars

Clove- Bow and Arrows

Necterine- Nail Gun

Oblivion (the other one)- Axe

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