WARNING: This is NOT a games where you post characters. It is a story about the 15th annual Hunger Games. Please do not post characters!

Chapter 1

Twenty-four. Twenty-four is the only number that strikes fear into the hearts of the nation. We are cowards, all of us, including me. We have watched as hundreds of kids are sacrificed for entertainment, yet we do not intervene. We watch as a child emerges covered in blood and we cheer if we like who it is.

Now, I hope that they are cheering real loudly, because my name is Christopher Chisle and I am one of the 24.

Chapter 2

The doomed 24 stand in a circle. Surrounding the cornucopia, the cornucopia... with its' shinny bows and pointed spears. Meant draw us in, and run to it. It will work on many of us, from people the 18 year-old careers to the 13 year-old weaklings. I will work on me, the tall strong 17 year-old from District 7.

The area around me is a dark green. Pines are everywhere. I know my trees and these will conceal everything. It will seem like midnight by 7 and won't seem like morning 'till 12. I do not think of what is lurking in them just that they will conceal me.

The gong rings out, and the Cornucopia does its job. Twenty of the twenty-four are drawn in, 'Make that 23' I think as I watch a careers kill a girl who froze up.

I race to towards the center as I scope up a loaf of bread and a knife. My goal is to get an axe or a hatchet. I spot both on the inside of the cornucopia. Being tall my legs are able to carry me there seconds faster then everyone else. I'm grabbing half a dozen hatchets, when I feel a presence behind me. I grab one of the hatchets and swing around.

I watch in horror as it lands with a sickening thump in the head of a girl half my height. I back away and race towards the exit. I'm almost in the home free when I realize that I need more food. A loaf of bread will last a day. So, I turn and grab a backpack, its a dark green perfect for trees. I also spot a canteen and grab that.

I reach the exit and survey the field. The girl from 2 is literally ripping out a boys throat with a knife, while her district partner is launching a spear through a boy's head. Meanwhile, the pair from 9 is running in, grabbing an item and running out, then running back in. They do not notice the boy from 1 sneaking up on them until the girl falls forward with a knife in her back. The boy screams her name and then runs away. I see two non-careers fighting. The two girls, one blond and one redheaded, seem to be fighting over a bright yellow tent, pulling at each others hair and squealing at every yank. The girl with red hair finds a small pocket knife and puts and end to the fight.

That's when I run. I head towards trees, I grab some rope as I break the tree line and fall head over heels down a cliff.

My name is Christopher Robert Chisle and I am falling.

Chapter 3

I'm over exaggerating.It's not a cliff, its a steep hill. It's not very tall but the hard landing knocks the wind out of me. I lay there for a minute until I hear some one running near the top of the hill. I run as fast as I can pushing trough the thicket and don't stop until I reach a stream. I search my bag until I come up victorious with a small bottle of iodine.

I pour in some drops and move on. As I continue to move away from the small stream I notice many others running through the forest floor too. If water isn't what the gamemakers want us to worry about... well I don't want to think of what they do. Just then the cannons boom. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM... they drone on until it stops... at 10.

I also begin to evaluate what they did provide. Our uniform is a dark green t-shirt, sturdy jean, an dark brown hoodie, and large brown boots. They also gave us a watch, which I now understand, due to the disappearing sun, even though its only about 5 o'clock. Everything is to help us or hide us.

Finally, at around 6, I decide to set up camp. I easily scale a tree and settle down on a sturdy branch. The pines prickle my skin so I put my hoodie on. I look through my supplies: six hatchets, my full canteen, about five meters of rope, a loaf of bread, and my backpack. The backpack has three apples, a pack of beef jerky, a pack of dried peaches, another loaf of bread and night-vision goggles.

As I pack everything back into the bag the anthem begins. The first face is Marco, the boy from 3. I remembered everyone's names, that is my curse I can remember just about everything. Then Kaylee, his district partner, Ernie and Tiffany from 5. Yolanda from 6, she was the girl who I killed, she was 14. My worst nightmares are confirmed when Azela from my district is flashed upon the screen. Zola, the blond, from 8. Emily, the girl from 9. Daren, from 11, followed by Logan, from 12.

I try to remember who is left... vicious Mira and Brass, the killers from 1, cold Courtney and Killan from 2, cocky Cod and Ariel from 4, shy Oliver from 6, me, stuck-up Vincent from 8, Parker, Emily's jock-like boyfriend, robust Billy from 10, and his anorexic partner Em, Kirra, the snotty girl from 11, and Viola, the tiny girl from 12. My thoughts are cut in half when a cannon goes off and almost immedeatly the face of Oliver is shone.

I lay there stunned. No one is safe, death can creep up on you at any moment. I think about Oliver, and Marco, and Azela, and everyone who has died and I realize... I could be next.

My name is Chris Chisle, and I am not dead.

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