These are a different type of games. It is still based in Panem with the twelve districts but these games are much worse than any Hunger Games. So thats your warning.


  • There will be one tribute from each district 1-13 between the ages of 16 and 18.
  • The Tribute must have a family.
  • There has to be 7 males and 6 females but it doesn't matter where they are from.
  • For now the limit is one tribute per person.
  • There are not Chariots, Interviews, Mentors, Escorts, or Stylists. Just reapings and the games.
  • The actual show will be in first POV but the reapings won't be.

The Announcement

The feared President Williams strides onto the stage looking down upon the faces of the districts. They do not know about the terror they will face.

"Many of you may be wondering why I have made you watch this program. I am here to announce another 'Game show' that will be held half way between the Hunger Games. It will take a boy or girl from each district, between the ages 16 and 18, to become the latest contestant in When To Give Up. This show will torture the Tribute in eleven different ways. In each stage one person must give up, that person will then be gassed in a glass room while the others watch. The final tribute will receive a prize similar to the prize of the Hunger Games. It is required for everyone above the age 16 to watch, but children shouldn't be allowed."

Many mothers break down, but there is no way to avoid this cruel punishment.

The Tributes




Appearance: Eye and Hair color are required



History: Give it some length. 3 sentence minimum.


Token: Not required

Name/Age Appearance Creator
District 1 Maryjane Silverstone (F) Blond Hair, Grey eyes Shadow Seer
District 2 Maverick Titan (M) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes Prezziesnow9704
District 3 Mark Mattews(M) Brown Hair, Blue eyes Wiki Contributer A
District 4 Alexander Jakson (M) Gold Hair, Silver eyes Thresh Is Best
District 5 Rose Jones (F) Pink Hair, Green Eyes IluvGale
District 6 Brann Clatch (M) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes Robin040197
District 7 Trent Sozarna (M) Brown Hair, Brown eyes Nate777
District 8 Russel Murphey(M) Brown/Blond hair, green eyes Lead the Careers
District 9 Dimitrian Rye (F) Strawberry Blond Hair, Blue eyes AW3SOM3 S4MU3L
District 10 Derpina Fillowzy (F) Red Hair, Blue eyes Supertomato
District 11 Mondi Bakerman (F) Brown Hair, Brown Eyes Maybell Rocks!!
District 12 Echo Lavyathin (F) Black Hair, Grey eyes SlappingSquirrels
District 13 Alex Wallace (M) Black Hair, Grey Eyes WayfinderOwl

The Very First Reaping

District 1

The children of the district slowly gather together in the district square wondering what will happen. There is a large screen in the center of the square. From the rumors that have been started there are no escort or mentors, just the show. The mayor comes forward and explains what will happen, "The contestants for When to Give Up have already been randomly picked. Their face will be shown and they will have to participate in the show. No volunteers, just contestants."

Then the anthem of capitol rings off the edges of the square and the face of the doomed participant is shown. Maryjane Silverstone is shown in white letters beneath the floating picture of the beautiful blond girl. She walks forward with a slight tremple in her step. Her face is set in a slight frown and walks up the stage. She is escorted to the justice building where she will not be seen until the show begins.

District 2

The crowd is giddy with excitment. There is backslapping, hand shaking and betting going on around the square. The short mayor comes forth and explains what will happen. The crowd boos when they announce that there will be no volunteering but quickly forgets it when the anthem begins.

When the face of the boy is shown many kids begin to cheer. They know the boy, he is going to win, he glows cockyness and bravery. Maverick Titan walks forward, his sholders back and head held high, he is confident... almost too confident, but confident non the least. He is escorted by the mayor to the Justice Building, on his way in he turns around and waves good-bye a smile planted on his face.

District 3

The smell of fried hair is settled over this almost completely electrionic district. They gather slowly and solemnly as they know that they have no chance of a winner. They aren't greatly fed like many upper districts, but they certainly aren't starving. Some faces have slight burns from tinkering with live wires including the mayor who steps foward and explains what will happen to the contestant. Then every face, scarred and not scarred turns to the screen with the seal of the capitol.

Not much is known about the face of the boy. In fact many people have never met Mark Mattews, just seen him on the street. But he walks foward, head down and walks up the steps. Many people stare, trying to remember where they have seen him or his weeping family, but he is gone into the justice Building before anyone can remember.

District 4

In this district there is no joy, but there is no solemness. They almost seem bored, just wanting to get this over with. They gather quickly, and as soon some kids are horsing around. You can see how some people seem more nervous than others. When the mayor begins everyone snaps to attention, not wanting to get whipped.

The anthem begins and the face appears on the humongous screen. Many kids with tattoos sigh with relief and hoot when they see the face. Alexander walks forward, his left arm seems to be unresponsive but his head is held high and his face is expressionless. He nods toward a young boy crying and enters the Justice Building without a fight.

District 5

There is nothing special about district 5 they are solemn and quiet gathering slowly. A girl with bright pink hair stands out against the waves of brown and black and blond hair. Many people whisper that she could be the missing escort. The mayor explains and many people stare at him with blank expressions, not caring just hoping its not them.

The anthem begins and the first noticable thing about the person floating above it is her bright pink hair. Many people turn to the girl who seems distracted by the girl infront of her's pink dress. She looks around and then notices her face on the screen. "Hey, look at that girls hair," she says. Then she realize its her and begins to sob as she walks foward. She enters the building and before the door closes you can here her say, "A PINK RUG!"

District 6

The district gathers, they are nothing special. Some seem to be starving, but most are okay. Their is nothing noticable about them. The boys are seperated from the girls and are goofing around whil the girls chatter excidedly. Then, the mayor begins and grim looks fall apon every face.

The anthem gives way to the face of the contestant. It is a boy with brown hair and a smile on his face, Brann Clatch. Many kids sigh, they know this doomed face he was a great person, kind and helpful. But as he walks foward and goes into the Justice Building no one objects.

District 7

It is hard to tell what is going on through the thick branches of district 7's trees. Everyone can see more and more people gathering and soon it is clear that they will have to begin soon. The mayor comes forward, in a dark green suit that is supose to "represent" the district.

As the anthem begins the only sound that can be heard is the chirps of birds and the faint sound of a baby crying. Then the face is shown and yet the birds are still heard. Trent Sozarna walks foward head held high, when he reaches the stage he turns and says "Im doing this for you dad."

District 8

In this district it seems at though they are almost boiling with anger. Many people glare at the mayor and the men behind the cameras. They aren't happy with this show and they are making it clear. They gather minutes before the deadline and almost all of them are stomping their feet.

The anthem begins as the face of the contestant is shown. Another boy, this time with a look of anger and cockyness. Russel prances foward, his face is stoney, even though just two seconds before he was smirking at the people around him. He walks inside without a word.

District 9

The district gathers. They seem despert to get this over with. Even the mayor seems to rush as he announces the rules of the show. The district people seem rather skinny but there seem to be a few privilaged kids with robust stomachs.

The anthem begins and shows the face of a kind looking girl. She has strawberry blond hair, and has cute freckles. She walks foward with tears making trails on her cute face. Dimitrian barely glances around before entering the justice building.

District 10

The distant sound of moos comes along drifting into the square along with citizens of all ages. They come in pairs of two or three with occasional families joining them. The mayor is rediculously dressed up as a cowboy with cow print pants, but he gets the job done well.

When the anthem begins many people just stare with blank faces at the girl infront of them. Then the girls mother begins yelling at her father. "I TOLD you she would be picked!" The man yells back "How was I suppose to know!" Derpina acts as though she doesn't here them as she enters the Justice Building.

District 11

The people seem to drift in like ghosts from the corn stalks near the square. Many have straw hats on their heads and have jean overalls. They aren't very clean as they had been working in the dirt just minutes before. The mayor seems displeased but introduces the show anyway.

The anthem kicks up and the face of the contestant is shown. The sound of many people yelling fills the square. They are outraged that a crippled girl should have to deal with this. But Mondi walks forward despite everyone else objections. She enthers the justice building, but not before saying "Thank you," to her district.

District 12

As the men file in they seem to be covered in soot. They seem tired and distant from the other citizens, they cast longing looks at the blond people of the district, ashamed that they cant support their family. The mayor seems distant from them not understanding the diversity between his citizens.

The anthem shows the face of the doomed girl. Her name, Echo Lavyathin, is writen in big letters underneath her name. She walks foward, despite all the wispering around her. Not many people seem to know her and those who do stare quietly as she heads into the Justice Building.

District 13

There is almost a relaxed atmosphere around the pale girls in the district. They know that all of the female spots have been reaped and they are safe, but the boys are different, stiff as statues they stare foward with a look of worry planted on their face.

The screen shows the face of the boy. He screams arrogance, he has a slight smirk and approaches the stage with a smile. Alex Wallace doesn't know what is coming for him, but right know he is still his jerkish self. He enter the Justice Building without a backwards glance.

We Are Animals (round 1)

Mondi's POV (District 11)

I walk throught the never ending white corridors with peacekeepers to either side of me. They look straight ahead without a care in the world that they are walking a crippled girl to her death, but I do not fight back. Because I am weak and act upon instinct. We all do, since when has anyone stepped up to help me? We fight back when told to fight, we eat when told to eat, we drink when told to drink. We are animals, house trained animals. We do not fight back because we are trained pawns.

Finally, we turn into a room. It is completely white, with a white couch and white seat. I drink from the water cooler while the eyes of the peacekeeper bore into my soul. Then the faithful moment when the voice rings out "Please enter the tube." I walk forward, my metal leg stiff, and enter, like an animal.

Alex's POV (District 13)

As I leave the clean white room trought the tube I think about what horrors I will face. For now I put on my cocky face an try not to seem panicky.

The tube finally stops and slips away. One boy, the one from 2 I think, is still in Hunger Games mode and runs forward. He stops and bounces away from the glass conceiling him in a small room about 15 feet by 10 feet. Its actually around all of us, the 13 of us in a circle each in our own glass room. Each room has a metal table and a stand with a clock on it. All of a sudden a voice fills my room.

"Hello contestants. We are going to have a great time today! So you will each be given a gas that will cause you to have extreme hallucination. The hallucination will involve your least favorite animal. After 5 minutes you will receive a 10 second break to rest or give up, good luck."

With that, a green gas is sprayed into each of our rooms. I try to fight for as long as I can before I go under.

Rose's POV (5)

I'm in a meadow. Its full of flowers, they are beautiful. They range of every color of pink, from hot to dark. They smell amazing, with each whiff of air I'm intoxicated. Then a strange sound fills my ears, its a slight buzz in the distance. I put it aside to smell a pink rose when I realize that the sun is beeing blocked out. I look up and see a dark cloud blocking the sun. It's moving really fast, then I realize that the buzz is coming from the cloud.

It's bees, my worst animal fear is bees. I start to run when I feel the first sting on my back. Its like a knife has just been stabbed through me. I fall to the ground crying. The bees are over me in seconds. They sting me, never relenting. And I feel each and every sting. I feel each and every knife enter my body and fill me up with venom, but I don't die. Instead, next time I open my mouth honey comes out and spills onto my face. Then, they go onto my face. Stinging me in the eyes, mouth and ears. I swat at them but my arms aren't working. It's like they were filled to the top with liquid. As if on cue, I feel my arm skin split open, even though I'm blind I know that its venom spilling out, not blood. They have completely filled me with venom. I am going to burst like a squished grape.

The next second the bees are gone. It has been five minutes. I look around the room and hear what is going on in each room. The girl from 1 is still clawing at her stomach, like she is trying to get something out. The boy from 2 is looking at his arm as if its not there. The 3 boy, is whimpering. The 4 boy seems to be gasping for breath as if he was under water, I noticed the 8 boy doing that too. The 6 and 12 people are curled into a ball, hiding their faces. The 7 boy is checking feeling his eyes like he expected them to be gone. The 9 girl is sobbing with her back against the wall. The 11 girl seems to be dazed just staring at nothing with a look of shear terror. And me, I'm screaming at the top of my lungs.

Derpina's POV (10)

As I prepare myself for another round I notice something about the boy across from me. Mark, I think his name is, he is saying "I give up." over and over again. "Looks like some one has given up. I guess he really hates lions." She pauses. "So do you really give up Mark Mattews?"

The boy looks up and says something that makes me eternally grateful. "Yes," his voice is scratchy and raw. I guess his voice is coming through a secret microphone to be heard by each of us. His face is red, and eyes are wild. The boy seems to just want to end it. Then we all watch in horror as a red gas is pumped into his cubicle. He thrashes for a bit before collapsing to the floor.

A circle of televisions falls in front of every room and the picture of the boy is shown. He gave his life so we could go on. I don't know if I should be thankful or pissed.

The loser of round 1

Name District Round Creator
Mark Mattews 3 1 Wiki Contributer


  • District 1: Maryjane saw worms enter her body through multiple areas, including her mouth and ears. She was very disturbed and unsettled
  • District 2: Maverick saw gorillas tear him apart alive. He reacted best of the group and was just stunned.
  • District 4: Alexander saw a huge swarm of Man O' War jellyfish sting him. He was very rattled by it and tried to calm him self down quickly without much success.
  • District 5: Very obviously, Rose saw a swarm of bees attack her. She reacted very poorly, screaming long after they were gone.
  • District 6: Brann saw a swarm of crows eat him in a corn field. He reacted okay, but was very shaken up by it.
  • District 7: Trent was attacked by rabid bunnies. They clawed out his eyes and then bit him in multiple areas. He was very shaken and is not well prepared for the next attack.
  • District 8: Russel was attacked by a shark. It ripped him apart. He doesn't know why he saw a shark, but knows that he was very rattled and is now very unsure about winning.
  • District 9: Dimitrian saw a swarm of scorpions over come her. Her nightmare was very close to Roses. She was extremely rattled and is now very scared about the next round.
  • District 10: Derpina was attacked by snakes in the desert. She was very scared as that had been her life long fear. She reacted very poorly and was going to give up if she had gone under again.
  • District 11: Mondi saw a group of sting rays spear her multiple times. She was clearly stunned and very unsure about going threw all 12 rounds.
  • District 12: Echo had the worst hallucination. She saw a bear mauling her, but hers was worse due to seeing her wolf "friends" joining in. She reacted poorly, but her love for wolves remains strong.
  • District 13: Alex also saw snakes. His hallucination was almost the same except for being in the jungle not the desert. His sensitive side was shown as he broke down afterwards.

It's Shocking (Round 2)

Mavericks POV (2)

The animal hallucination was scary, but nothing I couldn't handle. Afterward, I recovered quickly and began waiting for the second round with anticipation. The light in the dead boys room flicked off and the floor with his body dropped away. In the mean time the other contestants began socializing. Quickly explaining their visions and fears. Me and the girl from 12 were the only ones not talking. As far as I can tell having a 10 person conversation over the microphone is hard, especially when your spread out in a circle. Then, all the voices stopped and water started pouring in through the metal vent above us.

The ladies voice returned, "For round 2 water will fill into your room when it reaches waist level it will stop. You will then be shocked at an increasing rate. First 5 volts for 10 seconds and then 20 for 5 seconds and then 30 for 5 seconds and so on until 150 volts. At 150 volts the shocks will not stop until some one gives up. Good luck."

Echos POV (12)

Its shocking (pun intended) how fast a 15 by 10 foot room can fill with water. In two minutes its up to the top of my calves. In five minutes the water stops at my waist. The women's voice returns and says "The shocks will begin in 5... 4... 3... 2..." Then, 10 volts hits my body, its just a tingle right now, amplified because of the water. After five seconds it stops for a second. I glance around everyone seems okay.

Then 20 volts hits, I twitch as the nasty tingling spreads over my body. I look around everyone seems to be okay but they are grimancing now. The voltage stops and for a second everyone breaths out, until 30 volts. I yelp as the current passes trough me, an ache begins in my heart. The girl from 10 grips her heart with a grim look on her face. Then the current stops and I take a deep breath. 40 hits me and I cry out in pain. The ache in my heart grows and I feel tired. It ends and 50 volts hits me, I begin to pant, I feel like crap. Fifty is quickly replaced by 60 my entire chest is killing me like knifes are coming out of my chest. I begin to sob willing the pain away. After seventy hits I feel like some one is hitting my chest with a sledge hammer. I squint my eyes open and see across from me the boy from 6 leaning against the metal table which was almost completely under water. Idiot. When 80 hits the boy jumps away and stares in horror at the table.

90 brings almost unbearable pain. 100 is like a bulldozer is running my chest over. In the corner of my eye I see the girl from 11 black out I hope that means that she "gives up" but the voltage continues.. 110 my legs stop working followed by my arms at 120. At that point the boy from 7 blacks out, along with the girl from 10. I can feel each time they crank up the voltage. I know that its not the volts but the current that kills and right now the current is wide open. At 130 I almost black out, but at 140 as the world fades I feel bad for the people still up.

Dimitrians POV (9)

Tears stream down my face as the final 150 voltage hits. My body is on fire. The few people left concious are the girl from 1, the boy from 8, me, and the boy from 13, whos face isn't so arragont anymore. If I wasn't feeling like shit right now I would be laughing at him. The burn throughout my body is like a volcano about to erupt. My heart feels like cole and I can feel my legs crisping. I can't do this anymore. The pain is worse than anything in the world. I want to give up so badly, I mean, its not like I'm going to win. Even if I did my parents hate each other, and so I yell out.

"I GIVE UP!" As soon as they escape my mouth I begin to regret it. But the voltage stops and I collapse ontop of the table. I stare up as the cool metal ceiling as the women says "Shocking... Dimitrian you had 1-5 odds. Oh well. Do you really give up Dimitrian Rye?" I don't care. It doesn't matter "Yes." As soon as the world erupts from my mouth the red gas pumps into my room. The gas fills my lungs and I begin to choke on it. Its like someone burned my lungs out. The world is going black, I'll miss everyone.

The loser of round 2

Name District Round Creator
Dimitrian Rye 9 2

Awesome Samuel


Many of the tributes blacked out between 100 and 140 volts. The remaining four, Maryjane, Russel, Dimitrian, and Alex lasted for another minute before Dimitrian gave up. All the tributes recieved minor burns and will recieve an hour of rest.

Run Away (Round 3)

Alexanders POV (4)

The announcer lady told us we had an hour of rest so we tributes decided to get to know each other. It was rather hard being that there was two dark room in the circle and all 10 of us we're trying to speak at the same time but eventually we all knew each other well enough. I began to grow a friendship with my name-sake Alex, who wasn't as arragont as usual. We became genuin friends. I noticed that Maverick and Echo weren't really talking to anyone. But Maryjane (1) and Rose (5) were becoming close while Mondi (11) and Derpina (10) bonded. Trent (7), Russel (8), and Brann (6) were the only triple friendship. Soon the microphones began to allow us to talk privately with our friends. I think Echo and Maverick could hear everyone, judging by the way Maverick was rolling his eyes. Alex was in the middle of telling me about his life in District 13 when he stopped suddenly. His voice was quickly replaced by the female announcer.

"Hello contestants. As you can see now, a tredmil is currently being rose into your room. You will all have to get onto the treadmill and run until some one gives up." I stare at the machine infront of me. "Any resistance will result in immediate disqualification." We all know that means death.

Russel's POV (8)

So far I feel like some one showed me my worst fear and then fried me... oh wait, that did happen. This show SUCKS, its worse than the Hunger Games, at least then you could run away from your killer. Now I was stepping onto a treadmill that could kill me.

I'm not the best at running... but I can do this. Compared to the other contestants here I think I'll be okay. As soon as the last person steps on (Maverick) the treadmill begins to whirl. I slowly start to jog watching the speed meter increase to 5.0. Its still an easy jog and many of the tributes are smiling that the machine isn't going to insane speeds.

For five minutes or so we jog. Then the machine begins to speed up... it was too good to be true. The machine evens out at 10.0. I'm running to keep up, but not as fast as I can go. The tributes around me adjust their speed. I glance at the dark room of the 9 girl. I never got to know her name. Now she was dead. Going home... lucky girl. I continued to run and then towards the end of the five minutes my worst fear (right now) hit me. I felt the sharp jab of a cramp hit my ribs. I almost stumbled but remained up. I glanced around and saw all the faces of the others on me. They were merciless, some were almost begining me to fall, to give up. I locked eyes with Trent, the only person who I had connected with. His eyes betrayed nothing, he wasn't even looking at me, just staring ahead. But Branns eyes gave everything, he oozed betrayal. His eyes bore into my skull begging me to just give in. Well screw him. I continued running dispite the sharp pain in my side.

The machine whirled up to 15.0. And everyone was sprinting. Just a minute in Alex from 13 was hit with a cramp, he stumbled and regained balance. Then Derpina, Echo and Mondi were hit just seconds apart. It was at that moment we realized we could talk to each other. Mondi had cried out when she cramped up, and we could here it. I began to scream at Brann for betraying me. It was filled to the top with every cuss word I knew.

I saw tears run down his face, but his eyes were still merciless. Derpina and Mondi began to help each other, there conversation when something like this:

Derpina: "Its like my side is begin ripped apart," Sob

Mondi: "It's..." Sob "Okay, we'll be okay."

Derpina: "I want to give in, but I can't"

Mondi: "NO! Don't. We are stronger then the pain, we control it."

I stopped listening then, it was getting very corny. But they were doing better then me. Heads held high they ran, as the machine ran up to 20.0. People began to give each other advise and kind words. Even Echo told everyone to hold on. These words were fake, they all wanted each other dead so their pain could go away. They were fake. As this thought passed trough my head I missed a step and fell flat on the moving carpet. I was thrown back and began to cry.

Trent's POV (7)

Russell hit the treamill hard and slide across the room. At that point tears streaked down his face. His eyes shifted around trying to find some one to help him. But everyone stared with cold eyes. The female voice came up with a corny joke and said that this was an instant disqualification. Russell's face hardened and he stared daggers at me with tears running down his face. I began to cry. I hadn't helped him in his time of need. He was going to die because I hadn't helped him stay afloat. I began to hate myself.

The red gas leaked into his room and I sobbed harder. He thrashed around and died. The light went off in his room and the floor with his body dropped away. I layed on the hard metal table and sobbed. I wanted to run away and never stop, but I was in the glass room where I would die.

The loser of Round 3

Name District Round Creator
Russell Murphey 8 3 Lead the Careers

Betting Odds (1st)

Every 3 rounds there will be a list of the current bettting odds. They may be a hint to how your tribute is doing mentally as the information for the odds are taken straight from the mind of the tribute.

Name District Odds
Maryjane Silverstone 1 1-25
Maverick Titan 2 1-3
Alexander Jakson 4 1-13
Rose Jones 5 1-17
Brann Clatch 6 1-10
Trent Sozarna 7 1-24
Derpina Fillowzy 10 1-20
Mondi Bakerman 11 1-15
Echo Stone 12 1-9
Alex Wallace 13


Green: means that they are in a healthy state of mind.

Yellow: Means that they are in a decent state of mind

Red: Means that they are in a poor state of mind

Black: Means that they are officially insane

Life is Poison (Round 4)

Maryjane's POV(1)

"We'll be okay..." Rose assures me. She is a strange girl but that seems to be the reason I enjoy her. She doesn't care about what others think about her, she is a go getter. And for that I look up to her.

"I just don't think I can handle another round of pain." I sob, I don't think I've stopped since the treadmill stopped.

"You need to learn that pain is all in your head," she explains. "I believe that pain can be stopped by just forgetting about it."

Its a ridiculous statement but its all I have. "I hope your right."

Then the womens voice is back. "This round will involve tracker jacker venom in gas form. It will be sent into your room and will enter through your pores. We are waiting for another shipment of Redideadi (the red gas) so this will continue until some one dies... sorry."

Brann's POV(6)

Great. Gassed until we're dead except with venom, just great.

The yellow substance enters and soon it touches my arm. It burns and I yank away. The other tributes are pulling away. The girl from 1 is screaming, and running around, she has gone insane... completely insane. She will most likely be the first of many.

Then we begin to fall over, starting with Mondi (11), then Maverick (2), Maryjane (1), Echo (12), Trent (7), Derpina (10), Alexander (4), Alex (13), and finally Rose (5). I was the last one standing. For a second.

When I awake I am surrounded by everyone I love. They glare at me with unforgiving eyes. "Mom," I say to the glaring woman. She snarls at me and I gasp. The creature with my moms face grabs my arm.

In fact every one is grabbing my limbs. Some grab my legs others my arms and a few on my torso. Then they pull, they pull and they don't stop. I scream at everyone one but they just snarl at me.

"Please, stop!" I cry out "PLEASE! Please, stop... stop."

Then the most grusome thing imaginable, my leg comes clean of. At that very moment I lose it. I began to yell and scream and snarl. I become one of them. A loud rip brings me back to myself. My left arm has been detatched from my shoulder. I sob and pass out from the pain.

I wake up and glance around. Many tributes are still under. Echo wakes up looks at me, and nods. I am then back under.

Its pitch black and I can feel my confindment being lowered. I'm in a coffin, but I'm not dead. I begin to bang around and scream. Then I awake. For good.

Rose's POV(5)

When I awake from being ripped apart by my family I look around. Everyone is waking up too. Derpina is sobbing, Mondi is staring, Echo is whispering to herself, Maverick is laughing, Alex and Alexander are dazed, Brann is blinking quickly, Trent is crying, and Maryjane... is lying on the floor... not moving. I stare at her begging her to move.

She was the only one who listened to me. She was the only one here who cared about me. But she went insane, when that first droplet of yellowed air hit her she lost it. Her mind snapped with that last bit of pain. Now she is gone. And I will miss her. But I will be strong. Or I will try to be. Because right now, I am sobbing on the floor, curled up in a ball.

The Loser of Round 4

Name District Round Creator
Maryjane Silverstone 1 4 Shadow Seer

We All Fear (Round 5)

Alex's (13) POV

Me and Alexander have become closer than any of the other contestants. We are always there for each other and count on the other for support. Alexander is the stronger link. He helps me when I don't think I can go on. We like to talk to each other about our families.

They seem to be distant memories now, but they are such a big part of our life. I could sit here and go on and on about my parents and friends. But I can't 'cuz Alexander is too busy talking about the other tributes and when they're going to die. "I bet 2 is going all the way, yep, 2 and 12. The 11 girl will be soon, her, 7 and 10 are going down. Um.... 5 is good as dead. Look at her she is still crying over 1. I'm surprized by 6, he is being strong..."

His voice is cut off sharply. "Hello contestants," That dreaded lady is back. "While you guys have been jabbering away a clear gas has been pumped into your room. This gas has given you each an extreme phobia of something. The phobias are: Maskaphobia, the fear of masks, Catoptrophobia, the fear of mirrors, Heliophobia, the fear of the sun, Hydrophobia, the fear of water, Pyrophobia, the fear of fire, Trypanophobia, the fear of needles/ injections, Thantophobia, the fear of dying, Claustrophobia, the fear of enclosed spaces and Astraphobia, the fear of lightning and thunder. You will each be exposed to your fear under hallucination for 5 minutes. After that if some one doesn't give in you will go back under for 5 minutes again."

Mondi's (11) POV

Shit. The green gas is pumped in and I try to stay concious but soon I am under. Before I even open my eyes I know my new fear, claustrophobia. My knees are crammed up to my chin and I can move. I begin to thrash about, trying to break free from this death trap. The walls are made of cement, I'm not getting out. Thats when the fear begins.

It starts of softly, growing quickly. I can't be trapped. No I NEED to get out. I let out a blood curldling scream that I know no one can hear. I can't see anything. Nothing. Not even my hair as it hangs over my head. I have to get out. I need to get away. I NEED to move.

Fear is so natural. We all fear something, from the monster under the bed when we are little, to public speaking when we are adults, we each have a fear. The sick part about this show is that they exploit it. They force us to thrash and scream infront of the whole world as we face our fears. We face our fears but we do not concure them. And now as I scream and thrash in my box, the world will watch.

The ceiling of the box is rubbing against my back. Beads of sweat run down my face as the tiny box grows hotter from the lack of oxygen. I can't breath, I'm having a complete panic attack that I can't control. My breathing increases to pants and I continue to thrash. Just as I'm about to throw up from shear horror the box is gone.

I jump up and run around the room glad to see light and people. I sit after a lap and pant. Everyone is staring at each other. Waiting for the other to give up. But no one does.

Trent's(7) POV

I want to give up. But, I can't, my dad needs this money. So I wait for the illusion to come back.

I now have extreme maskaphobia. When I first went under I was surrounded by masked men. Each of them held a bloody weapon.

I black out again and wake up in a normal street. Except all the houses have orange and black decorations on them... fuck. Then, the sound of laughter begins. The first little girl comes around the corner, she is wearing a pink ninja mask. I can hear her laughter but I can't see her mouth. "Nooooo..." I moan. I want out. Then waves of people come out. All of them dressed in masks. Some are horrific, others are suppose to be cute. But to me they all make me want to die. The faces beneath the masks are hidden behind the confindments.

I begin to scream at them begging them to take off the masks and let me see their face. I grab a boy my age and yank on his terribly hideous mask. I yank and pull but it doesn't come off. I sob and scream and run away but I'm just faced with more masked people. I fall to the ground and sob as all the faces turn to stare at me.

Then, I'm awake. As soon as I take a breath I hear. "I can't take it. Kill me."

Maverick's (2) POV

I'm still shaking over the thought of being burned alive. I'm then snapped to focus by a girl calling out that she gave up. I look around and spot the girl with pink hair sobbing. She said it.

"I guess old dogs can learn new fears," That lady and her jokes... "Good-bye Rose."

The red gas is pumped in and I watch as Rose (5) has a spasm then falls face first to the floor. The light in her room goes dark and the floor with her body drops away.

The Loser Of Round 5

Name District Round Creator
Rose Jones 5 5



Maverick: Pyrophobia: The fear of fire

Alexander: Hydrophobia: The fear of water

Rose: Astraphobia: The fear of storms

Brann: Trypanophobia: The fear of needles and injections

Trent: Maskaphobia: The fear of masks

Derpina: Thantophobia: The fear of death

Mondi: Claustrophobia: The fear of confined spaces

Echo: Catoptrophobia: The fear of mirrors

Alex: Heliophobia: The fear of the sun

Family Issues (Round 6)


There is 8 people left.Seven people stand between me and freedom. I just need to last a few more rounds. Trent and I have stopped talking after Russel. He was the weakest link. He needed to go. I don't understand why Trent cared so much. We were all going to die at some point, right? Now I just watch the others.

Trent seems to have gone mute, Mondi and Derpina seem to have a mild friendship, the two Alexs are besties, but the one from 4 seems to be going madder by the minute, and Maverick and Echo are still as quiet as can be. Just eight left. We are all going insane, but we last round after round after round.

"Contestants! Hello. This round will be very difficult for all of you mentally. You will be put under hallucination again. When you wake up a person will be in front of you and a knife will be in your hand. You must kill that person with the knife or let them die slowly by torture, which you will watch. After that person you will be faced with another. Every 4 people you will be woken and ask if you give up. Lets begin." Oh well I already saw five people die.

Alexander's(4) POV

They will all go down. Down. Down. Down. Dead. The lady is talking. I don't really understand, its something about killing. Everything goes black.

When I wake up my mother is in front of me. I look at her, and then the knife in my hand. I put 3 plus 9 together and stab her in her chest. I see tears pour down her face as she falls to the ground. What did I do! I killed my mother, I'm horrible. I try to kill myself, but the knife goes through my chest without me feeling a thing. THen a friend of mine is in front of me.

I won't stab him. I won't. A pair of hands grab him and strap him to a chair. Then I watch in horror as the chair begins to buzz and zap. THe smell of burnt human flesh fills the air. I begin to gag, and choke and throw up. I think I'm going to go unconscious. The smell sudden disappears and I look up. My dad. I don't think, I stab. I continue to throw up. I can't stop. Then my brother.

No, not him. I won't stab my own brother. The mystery hands grab him and push him onto the chair. That's it. I'm so sick that I don't think I can live with myself. No, that can't be my brothers flesh in the air. No, no. I try to stab my self in the head, stomach, neck, anything. Then I stab myself in the heart and everything goes black...

I wake up in the glass room

Derpina's(10) POV

That was the worst one yet. I can't do it anymore. But there is one thing keeping me alive. My extreme Thantophobia. As much as I want to give up, the thought of dying is far stronger. And this round I'm lucky.

"Nooo, I didn't nooo." The boy from 4 is moaning. "I can't live. No they all died so why do I live. KILL ME!" The boy finally snapped. We all knew it was coming. Even the other Alex knew it.

He is moaning right now, begging the other Alex to stop. "Shut up, please. Just shut up. He doesn't mean it. Seriously." The lady doesn't even make a joke as the red gas is pumped in.

"NO! STOP! STOP!!!" Alex begs. But the gas continues and the moans of 4 stop. They are replaced by the sobs of Alex Wallace.

The Loser of Round 6

Name District Round Creator
Alexander Jakson 4 6 Thresh is Best

Note: All the tributes saw the same thing happen to their family if they refused to kill them.

Betting Chart 2

Name District Odds
Maverick Titan 2 1-11
Brann Clatch 6 1-15
Trent Sozarna 7 1-30
Derpina Fillowzy 10 1-24
Mondi Bakerman 11 1-20
Echo Lavythain 12 1-17
Alex Wallace 13 1-28

Under The Sea (Round 7/8)

Echo's (12) POV

The other will all go down. It is nothing against them, but they do not know pain. They all have strings attached. Even Maverick, who believes he is invincible. It only takes one lose to prove that no one is invincible. I think about everyone who is left. Derpina is a big surprize, but we both know that the fear of death keeps her grounded here, Trent was expected, but he won't last, Mondi is proving that she is tough, Brann really pulled trough, but that sheild of coldness is cracking quickly and that boy from 6 is about to break through, Alex is really affected by the other Alex's death and Maverick seems to be invincible.

Me? I'm curled up, just staring at the ceiling thinking about everything. The metal is almost too much of a mirror, so I sit up and look around. Alex is sobbing and crying. Everyone else is just thinking. They're staring at nothing, and waiting for horror. Then the unbelievable happens. Alex stands up and yells. "YOU KILL ME RIGHT NOW! I WANT TO DIE! THERE IS NO MORE SHIT FOR ME HERE." We all stare not really regestering what we are hearing.

The ladies voice returns and she seems as stunned as the rest of us. "Um... well Alex if you really feel that way." And the red gas pumps in. Alex falls to the floor without any of us flinching. Then Trent flips and lets loose a blood curdling scream.

Another crazy. We just kind of glance at him and pray that that won't be us. The lady continues over his screams "Right now a chair is rising up *Trent screams* your room. When you sit *screams* we will automaticlly lock you into place. The floor will then drop *screams* and you will fall *screams* the bottom of a 10 foot pool. You must each keep *screams* hands in a thumbs up position. If at anytime you move your hand to a thumbs down, on purpose or accident, it will be considered giving up."

Mavericks (2) POV

They are puny, weak and stupid. They can not except the fact that they will die. If this was the Hunger Games they'd be dead. Except for Echo... she is a tough one. I sit into the chair and the straps wrap around my arms, legs, chest, neck torso and forehead. From the sound coming from Trent's room it sounds like some one is trying to force him in. I glance at Echo. She gives me a look of scorn and looks away.

They must have finally gotten the physco into the chair cause we begin to be lowered. The water laps around my ankle and I gasp, it's freezing. But I regain my composure and begin to take deep breaths. The water reaches my torso, then chest, then neck, and then I'm underwater.

I stare out and I'm surprised to see Echo, Mondi, Derpina, Trent (the kid had the common sense to hold his breath), and Brann. The water is crystal clear, but it sting my eyes. It's salt water. I continue to look around by (uncomfortably) moving my head. The seconds tick by as they seem to strech. Soon every second feels like an hour. My lungs are on their knees, begging for air. I try to think about the others. Everyone's finger is still pointing up, even loony Trent.

It seems like an hour before Derpina finally lets loose a few air bubbles. She quickly closes her mouth and begins to panic. Soon columns of bubbles are flowing out of everyones mouth, even mine. Derpina is the first to black out. She suddenly goes limp. Trent is not far behind. Echo, Mondi, and Brann all hang on with me. They each then turn towards Derpina's hand... it's slowly tipping over. She may be unconcious but she can still give up. Echo passes out and the hand continues to tip. It's almost half way now. Brann goes down. Almost there. Finally, Mondi goes and its just me and the hand. As everything goes black an air horns goes off and I feel a sharp yank as all our chairs charge upwards.

Mondi's POV

I'm the first one to regain conciousness. I look around wondering who will be gassed. The last thing I remember was staring at Derpina's hand. Speaking of which, she is currently coming back. Maverick, Echo and Brann wake up at once as if they were zapped by their chairs. Trent is already paceing back and forth muddering nonsense under his breath. Then the lady comes "Helloooo, one of you has given up. You were all unconcious so none of you know. The person that will be gassed is................................................................................................ Derpina!"

The girl falls to the floor, she is screaming and begging and sobbing all at once. She looks for help, but I look away, an animal. She has to face her fear, the fear of death. She will die in the worst possible way... in the face of her fear. She screams and crawls away as the red gas is pumped into her room. She reachs the corner and curls into a ball right near me. I walk towards that wall quickly and press my hand against the glass wall. She spots it and puts her hand up. I stare into her eyes as they glaze over and she falls over.

When I stand up I see Echo fiercly wiping the tears in her eyes away, Brann is a coward and refuses to look, Trent stares mind betraying eyes, and Maverick. When I turn towards Maverick he flicks the bird at me.

The Losers of Round 7 and 8

Name District Round Creator
Alex Wallace 13 7 WayfinderOwl
Derpina Fillowzy 10 8 Supertomato

The Strong Ones (Round 9)

Brann's POV

Three strong contenders remain. They are me, Echo and Maverick. We will out last the others, but can we out last each other? We continue to wait for the lady to come back. No one talks to each other, we just stare. We each drift off into our own world, imagining things that will never happen. We all wonder what the next horror will be...

Our thoughts are interupted by the lady, "Contestants, you will be put under again and have to face your worst emotional fear. That can be losing, or betrayal, or even commitment. Good luck." Oh, well nothing I can't handle.

Echo's POV

The gas is pumped in and we all quickly fall under. When I wake up I'm sitting around a table, a kind women is looking at me, with a man on her left. I can tell right away they are suppose to be my parents... the ones who abandoned me. They smile at me and them I know that they were sorry... sorry for everything they did. But I don't want to be part of a family... I love being by myself with no one to care about. My parenst smile, "NO" I shout, "You abandoned me, left me to die. I can't forgive you for that."

My parents smile and say in usion "Your loved here. We love you."

"You can't just expect me to love you! You tried to kill me for christ sake!" I begin to cry. They can't love me! I hate them, they ruined my entire life. I want them to go and live by themselves. I try to stand up to walk away, but I'm trapped in my seat.

"We love you, and until you love us back we are going to keep you in this family." My mother says.

"NO! I don't WANT a family. I want to be by myself. I want to rely on myself, not anyone else."

"Then we'll just have to keep you here." Her voice is trying to sooth me, but I won't join in this.

"No, no, no, no, no!" I'm whining like a five year old in the mall, "I can't. Don't you get it! I can't."

"Yes you can. Your just afraid to let some one else into your life." I can almost believe this woman, but I don't.

"No, I can't just love some one because they are my long lost mother. They need to be strong and independent and just... like me." I close my eyes trying to block her out.

When I open them I'm looking at myself. "I can be you. I can be just like you." I blink and she's back to my mother.

"I just can't love some one who I'll never forgive."

Then I'm back in the room. Thank goodness.

Trent's (7) POV

Noooooo, nooooooo! He didn't! Nope, theres no knife in my back. Wait there is! I begin to scream! He killed me! Dad killed me!! I blink and I'm back in the room!

I must be dead! Finally dead... the voices of the others are gone so I must be dead. Then they come back... Russell, Derpina, the Alex's, Rose, and everyone else who died. They all talk at once... blaming me for their death's. A few try to convince me to join them.

I want them out! Get out voices. I know what will get them out! Death! Oh yes, death will clear my head, so I scream it. "KILL ME! KILL ME!"

The lady says something and the red gas is pumped in. "Thank you," I whisper.

I fall to the ground and the voices in my head fall silent. And I'm left in sweet silence.

The Loser of Round 9

Name District Round Creator
Trent Sozarna 7 9 Nate777

Betting Chart 3

Name District Odds
Maverick Titan 2 1-20
Brann Clatch 6 1-30
Mondi Bakerman 11 1-28
Echo Lavythain 12 1-25

Our Ends (Rounds 10 and 11)

Mondi's POV

I don't want to die. I just feel exhausted.... it's like everything in the world is wearing me down. I want to give in, just except my death and move on... but I will remain strong. For District 11. I close my eyes for a second. I just want to relax for 5 seconds before anything happens. And as soon as my eyelids connect I drift off. I wake up minutes later to the sound of that dreaded ladies voice. "Well, the audience is getting impatient. So we are going to let two of you die in this round. It will be more mental then anything. Each of you will go and lie on the table in your room. The we will strap you in and then we will wait. There will be annoying little things that will happen to each of you. Good luck and don't fall asleep, we will give you five minutes to wake up before disqualification." I'm already lying down on the table so the straps grab me the second after she leaves.

Brann's POV

I fall onto the table and let the straps grab me. Then the dripping begins. Drip... Drip... it is coming from the vent above the table. Each drop lands on my forhead... causing me to remain awake. Every few seconds another drop of water falls and hits my forehead. I try to ignore it and relax... but it's begining to pester me. Pest are annoying... they seem to sneak up on you. Once a girl snuck up on me and kissed me.... she was my first kiss. I wonder when everyone else had their first kiss. The drip of another drop snaps me back. It's really starting to piss me off.

Echo's POV

I understand this round immediatly. They are trying to wear us down, to weaken us. By the looks of it Brann and Maverick are the two people falling for it. Mondi seems to be barely concious. Her heads snaps up then gently falls back down before snapping up a few seconds later. All this torture seems to be making her exhausted, not insane like everyone else. I just lie their staring at the ceiling. It's metal, unlike all of the rest of the room... but it reflects my image causing me to look away quickly. I still have that Catoptrophobia, the fear of mirrors. They just scare me... they seem too ominous. I hope that doesn't effect me.

Maverick's POV

That tink of water on metal fills the room every few seconds. I try to find it despertly then I realize that it's coming from a leaking sink... wait when did that get there? I try to ignore the sink and think about anything else. But it always pushes it's way back into my mind. It tinks. And tinks. And tinks. And tinks. And TINKS. AND TINKS!!! Finally I snap at it "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!!!!!"

That's when all my emotions fight their way up and out. I let out my first tear since this began. Once on drop overflows the dam breaks and they all burst out. I sob and sob... I think about my father, disgraced and sob some more. After who knows how long, I calm down and look around Mondi and Echo stare at me each with a smug look on their faces. Then Brann does the completely unexpected....

Brann's POV

No, no, no, no... I didn't just say that... noooo. I didn't mean to I thought about everyone giving up and saying "I give up," and it just kind of slipped out. I once slipped on a banana peel... or was that my friend? "So sorry Brann. You were so close.... good bye." The red gas begins to be pumped in. I stare at it as it incases me and soon I fall to the ground. I know I made District 6 proud by living this long.

Mondi's POV

The death of Brann and Maverick's out burst really woke me up. I was barely awake before. I think about Derpina... trapped in her box begging for anyone to save her. But we all turned on her, everyone but me. I guess I stepped up. I showed Panem that I'm not just a crippled girl, but a women who cares and feels for others. I showed the world that District 11 is a contender by just lasting this long. So now as I lie here I think about everything I've done in my short life and realize that it all lead to this moment. My moment to prove to the world that I can be some one. I realize something else.... I can't move with these restraints... shit.

Echo's POV

I'm kind of reluctant to do anything now. Maverick is showing signs of extreme weakness, and Mondi is beginning to flip. In fact, Mondi is really flipping out. She is thrashing about it her restraints, snapping her head around and trying to escape. Finally, I put two plus two together and realize that Mondi is the claustrophobic one. She is the one who is afraid of small spaces, and even though she is in the wide open she feels very enclosed....

Mondi's POV

I need to move! I need to get out! I'm screaming and thrashing... I'm an animal who's paw is stuck. RAHHH! I panic and shout. I finally give in to my inner demon. "I GIVE IN! JUST LET ME OUTTTT!" The restraints dissappear and I jump up. Take a deep breath, Mondi I breath in... then out... and in. I notice a red stream of gas coming in... oh no! I'm watching it float down... and then spread. It fills the room by the time I breath. The gas chokes me and I fall over. Just as I was feeling strong.

The Losers of Round 10 and 11

Name District Round Creator
Brann Clatch 6 10 Robin040197
Mondi Bakerman 11 11 Maybell Rocks!

Final Betting Chart

Name District Odds
Maverick Titan 2 1-50
Echo Lavynthain 12 1-50

When We Stop Believing (Final Round)

Maverick's POV

I refuse to stop. I will not back down, I will not give up, I will not lose.

Echo's POV

I want it over with. I want to end this, I want to go home, I want to win.


The audience watches with such intensity not found in the Hunger Games. They have watched 11 children die from all sorts of causes. The gamblers have bet thousands on the contestants, and now they are ready for one final showdown.

When Chrysanthemum Ollander (the female voice) begins, everyone is quiet.

"This is it. The moment of truth. Who will be the first ever Champion? One final obstacle stands in your way. You will each be injected with a serum that will cause pain, pain of every way. Burns, bruises, and aches are just some of what you will face. You will remain awake and just so it can be interesting... after you are injected we will remove your walls and move you next to each other. Good luck."

Maverick's POV

I don't even flinch when the serum is injected through my arm. Right afterwards the whole circle of glass rooms is removed and the table moves right next to Echo's. She turns her head to look at me. She was the only one who didn't become friend with the others. She really was my only competitior.

We stare into each other's eyes before the pain begins. Echo gasps in pain and I cringe as I feel some one punching my stomach repeatedly. It knocks the wind out of me and I cant even double over to protect myself. Then I feel the fire on my leg. It tickles for a few seconds before the burning sensation begins. I cry out in pain. I can feel my flesh frying, I don't care about anything except that pain. I don't even notice Echo choking and gasping.

Echo's POV

I can feel some one's hands wrapped around my neck. They squeeze and I can't get a breath in. Just before I black out the hands are removed and I feel a strange sensation surrounding me. I immediately try to take a breath but my mouth suddenly is filled with water. I try to spit it out but nothing come out. I realize that I'm being drowned without any water.

I begin to thrash... I need to figure out this torture, and how to over come it. I still can't breath. I try coughing and breathing through the nose (only to gain the same sensation there) and anything that will help me get out this water that only exists in my crazed mind.

Maverick's POV

The fire has burned its way to my other leg. I begin to scream and shout and beg. I want this off of me. And suddenly it dissappears its replaced by the feeling of thousands of sharp teeth biting me at once. I'm being eaten alive.

Echo's POV

I'm going to drown. I'm going to drown without any water. I can't do this... I can't. I want to give up. But then the water disappears. And now I feel the sudden yank on my muscles. I'm being pulled apart.

Maverick's POV

I don't know how much longer I can do this. The pain is unlike anything I've ever felt before. I want to impress my dad, but whats the point if he won't even think this is enough. He'll make me volunteer for the Hunger Games or something.

Echo's POV

I'm going to give up. The pulling is so intense I can feel my joints popping. I just want to say good bye to Maverick. Thank him for being such a good competitior and congradulate him on his victory. We turn to look at each other at the same time. His one good eye stares back at me. It's seems wild, and crazed. I open my mouth "Congra-"

"I GIVE UP!!!" I stare in shock at the boy who I always knew would win. I guess he just stopped believing in himself... like all the rest.

When we stop believing... thats when we give up.

A thin needle comes from the ceiling and injects him with something. He spazzes, and I begin to scream... he can't be dead. He is the only one who can possibly understand what I've gone through. Medics flock into the circular room. One injects me with something... and suddenly, i want to sleep. One final thought passes though my mind... Never stop believing.

And the LOSER is

Name District Round Creator
Maverick Titan 2 12 Prezziesnow

2 Months Later

Echo's POV

I am all alone. I got a house even bigger than the ones in victor's village. It's in a new part of District 12 called The Champion's Circle. It's just 12 huge houses in a circle. I think about every kid who died... they all deserve to live here... even Maverick. But they don't and I do. What am I?

I stare at the girl in the mirror... no not the girl, the women. My eyes are hallow... my face is beatifully sullen, and I am a monster.

I walk down the stairs and make myself some cereal. It's my third week home and I still haven't gone out to talk to anyone, I've gone out one to the local pharamcy. Then, a knock on the door, probably some kid who wants my autograph. I open the door to tell them to buzz of and I'm surprized to see a women with dark hair staring at me. She looks to be about 35 and is beautiful. I know who she is.

"Hello mom." I say... she grabs me and squeezes me. I stand there, not responding.

"I'm sorry. I'm soo sorry." she cries. I hear the pity and torture in that voice... it reminds me of Mavericks when he gave in. She is truly sorry... she means it... I want to fogive her. So i do.

I grasp her back and begin to sob along with her. We will have to work this out... and I may never truly understand her dissicion. But at this moment, I love her, because she is my savior. I glance back at the pills next to my cereal... and decide I will not take them. I will never take them, for myself, my mother, and all the contestants that will need me to survive.

Death Chart

Name Round Fear/Reason District Creator
Mark Mattews 1 Lions 3 Wiki Contributer
Dimitrian Rye 2 Shocks 9 Awesome Samuel
Russell Murphey 3 Running 8 Lead the Careers
Maryjane Silverstone 4 Tracker Jackers 1 Shadow Seer
Rose Jones 5 Astraphobia 5 Iluvgale
Alexander Jakson 6 Killing Family 4 Thresh Is Best
Alex Wallace 7 Alexander's Death 13 WayfinderOwl
Derpina Fillowzy 8 Drowning/ Passing Out 10 Supertomato
Trent Sozarna 9 Madness/Fear of Betrayal 7 Nate777
Brann Clatch 10 Drip of Water 6 Robin040197
Mondi Bakerman 11 Claustrophobia 11 Maybell Rocks!!

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