Okay so this a QQ 100 years after the events in Mockingjay. One of many twists is that the kids names have been entered once in a machine that will randomly chose them. There is no limit to the number of tributes that can be drawn from a district (please enter some careers though). And 4 tributes per person. There doesn't have to be 4 people per district there can be 5 people from 2 and 1 from six.

The Tributes

Creator Creator Creator Creator
Draco Petra (district 1) Kenzen Silk Vendetta (district 1) Kenzen Leon Rivers (district 4) Jabber Jay Blair Lake (district 4)



Twinkle Night (district 5) Jabber Jay

Spike Owens (district 5)

Jabber Jay

Rhett Zekrom (district 7)


Rosemary Milligan (district 7)


Venom Strike (district 2)

Nate777 Sunny Blares (district 2) Nate777 Grey Wolf (district 2) Nate777 Cindy Regar (disrict 2) Nate777
Seane Mines (district 12) Necterine Thread Form (District 8) Necterine Shay Flax (district 8) Necterine Stuart Hummes (district 9) Prezziesnow
Genevine Terrion (district 9) Prezziesnow Pacifica Wave (district 4) Effieluna Kai Atlantis (district 4) Effie Luna

Julia Manganese (district 5)

Maxwell Liang (district 5) Effieluna Tsawwassen Swarts (distrct 5) Tiki Tooki Aydan Monarcha (district 7) Tiki Tooki Vector LaGuardia (district 9) Tiki Tooki
Quinna Archipelago (district 12) Tiki Tooki Ernie Sasalot (district 2) Fidofiderson Lucy "Dumb Blonde" Fighter (district 2) Fidofiderson Marry "Jumpy" Blodbath (district 2) Fidofiderson

Tomas Barrymore (District 8)

Anon Xavier Thread (District 8) Anon William Davison (district 8) Anon Rebecca Ashcroft (district 8) Anon
Georgina Greenwood (District 8) Anon Mystique Cirque (district 8) Anon Lilac Coalburner (district 12) Rockman Aaron Winters (District 12) Rockman
Primrose Axe (district 7) Effieluna Axel Woods (distirct 7) Effieluna Evi Tech (district 3) Necterine Ray Plug (district 3) Necterine
Everest Sateer (distrct 2) Rockman Harpy Evermist (Distirct 2) Rockman Golden Hawbrook (district 6) Rockman Pema Alderwear (district 6) Rockman
Joardan Hawderwheel (district 5) Rockman Jupiter Dorthog (distirct 5) Rockman Stupid Man (District 10) Me Supercallyfragi Listicexpe (district 11) Me

The Games

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