Hello everyone. I've never done this before but I recently seen a user's thing of this. I will be doing a Hunger Games POV of the 115th. Katniss dies in the arena so there's no rebellion but there is a change to the victors but there was a uprising so Snow eliminated District 9, so there's no 9 tributes. But the thing is, I need some tributes, but I don't know which names etc. I need you help! Comment below your tribute with these facts:









Bloodbath Strategy (Opening of Games, what will your tribute do): 

Tribute Parade outfit:

Interview Outfit:

Looks: (Insert a picture or give good details)

There can be 4 victors now so be faithful. You don't choose your character's faith but you do choose their skills and their personality etc. 

I will be writing your POVs on Wattpad, check out my user here:

Check out my other story here:

I will be writing your POVs in chapters. To check if your tribute's POV is out yet, here is book of this games here:

2 tributes maximum.

Comment below your tributes and facts.

POVs on Wattpad soon. :)




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