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  • Mr.Hufflepuff

    So this is goodbye for good guys (: I think its just time too move onto to new wiki's and explore new ideas. I know recently I have disrupted chat, alot but it was fucking hilarious and worth it tbh. Also this wiki is changing, changing alot and I'm not sure I like it. I mean users have left and we are not really getting many new ones. Also chat, like wtf has happened. I dont like to say it but this wiki is dying and I guess, I want to get out before it gets really bad. We just dont have the numbers or the structure to compete with some of the bigger wiki's that are constantly getting new users and growing. We were once a well oiled machine and one of the top wikis, but then the others adapted to change and advanced and we have not advance…

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  • Mr.Hufflepuff

    First of all, everything I started is cancelled due to a lack of interest in my games. Hopefully this will be different! Well I'm hoping if you sign up for this you have a vague idea about what Camp Half Blood is lul. So I wont explain, if you need help go here ->                                     


    God Parent(Really determines powers and cabin only tbh)

    Age:( 13+)

    Weapon:(Nothing o.p please)

    Role in cabin:(priest, counsellor, part time/full time)

    Joan (Counsellor)





    Wes (Counsellor)

    Sam (Counsellor)

    Oli (Counsellor)









    I wake up to a huge bang, coming from the many laboratories below Hecate's Cabin, urgh these imbeciles in my cabin da…

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  • Mr.Hufflepuff

    Hai everybody, so with this massive influx of games, I have decided to join the bandwagon and make one :), but with a twist. Enjoy :3

    In this games, there will be four tributes from each district, however two of them will be the tributes parents. So what happens is, when the 12-18 year old is reaped they must choose either their mom or dad to accompany them in the arena. 

    • In the games there may be some mature language, well, what would you say if some crazy person was chasing you with an axe, if anyone has a problem with that please tell me
    • If something happens to your tribute in the arena, e.g. die, please don't get angry at me, 47 people have to and one lives, chances are it might not be you
    • No idiots, making tributes as orphans.
    • Stupid names…

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  • Mr.Hufflepuff

    OKay, yes I swore in the title and this wiki has turned into the biggest joke ever. Like honestly we cant swear in chat, can any of you say you never swear when speaking with your friends. Omg and chat gets closed because people are fighting, does school get closed when people fight there!

    And your not going to be friends with everyone in life, so just let things happen and take their course when arguments happen and only step in when its looks like bullying. 

    And seriously some people need to grow up, i.e stop acting as if the whole wiki is against you or stop being a little bitch and whining if someone takes the piss outta you, GROW A PAIR.

    Ye, re open chat and stop this crap

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  • Mr.Hufflepuff

    Okay guys, this is a cool twist on a hunger games, to honour the recent World Cup. Basically each of you select a country you will represent and then you will be randomly placed in groups of 4. In these groups of four you will have a fight to the death until only 2 from each group survive. Then the remaining tributes will fight till one winner is crowned. Also countries will tend to form alliances eg, Canada and Usa, Scandinavia, Iberia or Australia and NZ...








    Tribute Nation Weapon Status
    Erlend Norway BowKnife Alive
    Blake Canada Bowie Knife Alive
    Connor England Sickle and Sword Alive
    Wes The Netherlands Bow and Arrow Alive

    Tribute Nation Weapon Status
    Zach France Rapier Alive
    Connor USA Ax…

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