The 123rd Hunger Games (MY FIRST EVER!!)

48 years after the events of Kaniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark, the Hunger Games are still going strong. President Snow was killed by Katniss, who was then executed along with all major rebels. Very few were lucky to survive, it was awful whole Districts engulfed in flames. Now the Capitol seek more revenge under the guidence of President Flavius Ryloth, a powerful aristocrat eager to make his power known. 2 tributes from Districts 1-13 will compete in games that will forever change the way there played.

First Things First

  • In the games there may be some mature language, well, what would you say if some crazy person was chasing you with an axe, if anyone has a problem with that please tell me
  • If something happens to your tribute in the arena, e.g. die, please don't get angry at me, 25 people have to and one lives, chances are it might not be you
  • If you wish to break off an alliance on any further things about your tribute. PLEASE make it a new comment, it is very annoying when it says i've got a new comment and i have to look through 5 pages of comments to find it!
  • The games will not be written the same way as the reapings, but rather only people who have a major part in the games, however everyone does speak at least once
  • Finally a maximum of three tributes per peson :)


You act as a sponser for your tribute!

At the end of each day TWO tributes who have done exceptionally well, for example (most kills, best equipment) essiantially who has been the best, will be selected. The person who owns this tribute may send them TWO gifts either FOOD/WATER, MEDICATION, WEAPONS OR SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT

Here are available gifts-

FOOD (This will be essiental to those who are on their own, or do not have a knowledge of plants)


Apple (x5)


Nuts (3 packs)



Water Bottle

WEAPONS (This is essentail for those who flee the Cornucopia)



Throwing Knives (x12)



Throwing Axes (x6)



Arrows (x20)


Blowgun and Darts(x20)

Bow and Arrows (x20)



Medium Rucksack (4-6 items)

Tent (Small, better for loners)

Tent (Large, good for alliances can share)

Encylopedia of Poisonus Plants and Non Poisonus Ones



Sleeping Bag

MEDICATION (For wounded tributes)

Burn Cream


Band-Aid (x10)

MagiHeal (Heals any Injury)



Is on a beach. Its a massive beached pirate ship, full of bounty for whowever dares to stay long enough, some smaller packs, small portions of food and water, less popular weapons will be scattered around the outside but the best stuff will be on deck.

Supplies found in cornucopia: Backpacks, ( x6 small, x4 meduim and x3 large) All weapons, Food, Water and medicine

Left of cornucopia- An ancient ruin, full of rubble, half built houses and places to hide but beware of mutts.....

Supplies found: Anything and everything

Right of Cornucopia- A grass valley, not alot of cover but minimal mutts and the ridges being good defensive positions some tributes find it appealing.

Supplies found: Food, Medicine, if your lucky a snare or two.

Behind Cornucopia- An ocean, to go there is suicide.

Supplies found-Unknown.


Name: (First and Last name minimum.)

Age: (Ranged 12-18)

Gender: (Male or Female)

District: (List as many as you are willing to take, in order of preference.)


Appearence: (Typed, lunaii's, and pictures allowed)


Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (To make sure I don't have any super tributes...)

Weaknesses: (Make sure the number of strengths and weaknesses is the same)

Fear: (1 minimum)

Alliance: Choices: Careers (You know what this is.) Anti-Careers (A large alliance that anyone can join.) Alone (Will go solo in games.) Or list the tributes you are allying with. You can also say you are looking for an alliance. Anyone who is still undecided when I start Individual Training will automatically join the Anti-Careers.

Bloodbath Strategy: (Tell what you want your tribute to do in the Bloodbath here. Strategies while in-game will be told by advice.)


Tribute Token:

Tribute Table
District Gender Name Age  Weapon(s) User
1 M Taric Greem 16 Bow, Sword  WingsofDemacia
1 F Sia Calvins 15 Bow XXToxicScreamxx
2 M Mario Adams 17 Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld
2 F Sivir Battleborn 18 Throwing Knives  WingsofDemacia
3 M Damien Byte 14 Electricity, Chain and Hook, Blowgun  TDR97
3 F Kitty Emolga 15 Axes  KittyTheEmolga
4 M Hiro Kahn 18 All types of Knife 66mc
4 F Teresa Silver 18 Throwing Knives, Sword  MissRandomStuff
5 M Frade Spectrus 14 Dagger, Crossbow, Mind Games, Traps, Throwing Knives.  Mistfire333
5 F Karla Flake 16 Knife  Nightlock Kryptonite
6 M Sam Jennings 16 Dagger, Knives MyWorld
6 F Ingrid Lawson 17 Mace, Sickle, Bow  ~glitterday~
7 M Beech Aspen 14 Sickle  TDR97
7 F Cleopatra Andrews 13


Knife, sometimes Axes

8 M Shade Spectrus 16 Dagger, Crossbow, Deadly Traps  Mistfire333
8 F Ariadne Ballentine 15 Blowgun  Nommehzombies
9 M Mist Scorchil 14 Tomahawk, Dagger, Hidden Blade  Mistfire333
9 F Jasmine Firethorn 13 Scythe, Knife  Beetee19
10 M Chrome Spade 17 Machete, Spear Jabberjay78
10 F Aurora Mendoza 15 Bow, Knife, Sword  Beetee19
11 M  Trent Korey 18 Spear,Trident,Sword  MissRandomStuff
11 F Petiola Midrib 16 Sickle  TDR97
12 M  Kohl Cyphers 15 Bow, Hand to hand combat Jabberjay78
12 F Serina Frostswords 15 Crossbow, Knife   Annamisasa
13 M Harley Swoop 14 Bow, Throwing Knives, Blowdarts  Nightlock Kryptonite
13 F Piper Quinn 18 Bow, Throwing Knives, Sword  Nightlock Kryptonite


Careers: Frade Spectrus(5) Leader, Sia Calvins(1), Mario Adams(2), Teresa Silver(4),Sivir Battleborn(2), Taric Greem(1), Trent Korey(11), Kitty Emolga(3)

Anti- Careers: Sam Jennings(6), Shade Spectrus(8), Mist Scorchil(9), Ingird Lawson(6),Beech Aspen(7), Kohl Cyphers(12)

Aliance 1: Cleopatra Andrews(7), Piper Quinn(13), Harley Swoop(13)

Alliance 2: Karla Flake(5), Jasmine Firethorn(9), Aurora Mendoza(10)

Alone: Damien Byte(3),Petiola Midrib(11) , Chrome Spade (10), Serina Frostswords(12)


I will do 5 P.O.V's of tributes in the training centre and then will post their scores.

Frade Spectrus(5), 

I stand back and observe, these guys are pathetic, a bunch of weak willed, untrained imbeciles. Although the girl from 7 and the boy from 9, now they could be a problem.  My career alliance will destroy, I will go for Shade first, that idiot. What was he thinking, joining the anti-careers! I glance over and see Mario pepper a dummy with knives, then Korey send a Trident flying straight throught the head of another. We need to get rid of that girl from 3, she will be a drag, but I'm hoping someone else will do that for me. I pick up a dagger and impale a dummies head, then spin round and launch another at one's heart. The other tributes stare at me in awe. I give an arrogent smirk and stroll out of the room.

Serina Frostswords(12)

I'm suprised, the careers look skilled, the anti-careers look determined and the loners like Chrome and Damien look powerful. I was not expecting tributes of this standered but it does not matter, I will kill them, all of them. I unload 5 arrows into a dummy to settle my nerves. I then turn and launch some knives .into another. I head over to the camoflauge section and have some fun, however I avoind the hand to hand combat section, the last thing I want to do is expose a weakness. I take it all in, all these teenagers around the room, from now on they are my enemies. It comes down to, I must kill them before they kill me..

Jasmine Firethorn(9)

Good, I've found an alliance, my mentor will be pleased. However I cannot get attached to Aurora(10) and Karla(5). I am doing this for Golden. I will use the protection my alliance provides, but if it comes to them needing to die, so be it. I grap a scythe from the weapon rack and decapitate a dummy, its not often a District 9 tribute does well, often both tributes die in the bloodbath, we have not had a victor in years, my brother did the best for 9 in years coming second, I was so proud of him. Also our Districts trade provides nothing that will help in combat, Mayby that we can wield a scythe or pitchfork, District 9 is a disgrace and I intend to change that!. I quickly take out a few dummys I hed back to my quaters to give my mentor the good news.

Sam Jennings(6)

I'm nervous, too nervous. My mentor is morphling addict and my district partner is a patronising know it all. This is hell, I see our alliance leader Mist(9) check me out, he is seeing if I am worth protecting, I just hope I am good enough. Time to show what I can do, I hurl five knives into one dummy, each one finding their target, but that's not good enough I have seen lots of tributes do that, I draw five more knives and throw, each one hitting and sticking to the hilt of one before. I anxiously glance at Mist(9), he nods and smiles then turns back to Shade(6) and Kohl(12).

Hiro Kahn(4)

I am happy in the careers, I can do what I do best, let everyone else assume control and be the underdog. Although Frade scares me, he is too obsessed with killing, I have shared my concerns with my mentor, but all he says is,                                                                                                                                                              " If you dont want the careers, you can be a loner, your choice"                                                                           Although I have discussed with Teresa about leaving, forming a D4 alliance. The careers are extremly strong this year, it will be tough and I think when it comes down to the last few, I will be one of the first to go. I sharpen my butterfly knives and slay a few dummies and take on Mario(2) at the hand to hand combat section, I will do this for D4 and my family.


Tribute Scores
Taric Greem(1) 7
Sia Calvins(1) 10
Mario Adams(2) 11
Sivir Battleborn(2) 9
Damien Byte(3) 7
 Kitty Emolga(3) 4
Hiro Kahn(4) 7
Teresa Silver(4) 10
Frade Spectrus(5) 11
Karla Flake(5) 6
Sam Jennings(6) 7
Ingird Lawson(6) 6
Beech Aspen(7) 5

Cleopatra Andrews(7)

Shade Spectrus(8) 8
Ariadne Ballentine(8) 5
Mist Scorchil(9) 7
Jasmine Firethorn(9) 9
Chrome Spade(10) 6
Aurora Mendoza(10) 8
Trent Korey(11) 10
Petiola Midrib(11) 4
 Kohl Cyphers(12) 7
Serina Frostswords(12) 8
Harley Swoop(13) 7
Piper Quinn(13)  5


Beech Aspen(7)

I look around, we are all on a beach, the cornucopia is directly in front of us. 10..9..8..7.... I see Sam and Mist nod at each other and I realise this could go horrribly wrong, how can I trust the people in my alliance, I have hardly spoken to them! 3..2.. Well here goes nothing! 1! There is a flash and I stumble. I take a few seconds to register where I am, the careers are first up and they sprint off, Sam, Mist and Shade sprint off behind them. I her a squeal and I see the girl from 13 stumble and crash to the ground. I come to a halt and I look down at her, she looks up, I see the fear in her eyes. She mutters "please,no" and starts screaming for Harley who I see cornered by careers. I know what I must do, I raise my foot and stamp down onto her throat, I hear a sickining crunch, and realise I've crushed her windpipe. Although it's all too late before I see the tomahawk flying towards me.

Mist Scorchil(9)

Nice!, I see my tomahawk impale itself in Beech's skull. It is time to put into action the plan Sam, Shade and I have had all along, which was too kill off the weaker members of our alliance, the ones that would be a hinderence. So far it is working perfectly, I look over and see Shade dispose of the freak from 6, what was her name again?. Sam was a bit worried being her district partner, but he himself had no time for her. Tributes drop all around us and I grab Sam and Shade and we sprint for the grass valley, then I remember, Kohl, fuck!. It doesnt matter the careers will take care of him.

Mario Adams(2)

The careers are destroying, Hiro and Teresa have Harley pinned down, Sia, Taric and Trent are chasing the girl from nine. This is too easy, but then I see it. The girl from 10 creeping up behind Sivir, I shout her name, I scream and sprint towards her but it's too late an ugly red smile glistens on her neck, however Sia also saw the her and sends an arrow into her leg, the arrow head portrudes from her shin and she falls to the ground. I draw my sword, she will feel the cold steel biting her flesh. I think of calling for Frade, to give her a horrifc death. No, I will avenge my district partner. She raises her knife, In a feeble defence, but I throw it aside. I rise my sword and prepare to deal the fatal blow.

Aurora Mendoza(10)

It's all over, Mario's sword shines in the sunlight, blinding me. I brace and expect the worst. Then I hear two pairs of footsteps and I see Karla and Jasmine sprinting towards me, Jasmine has her scythe drawn, however Karla is unarmed and charges straight for Mario, she bundles into him and buys us a few vital seconds, Jasmine grabs me and carries me into the ruin, but I scream for Karla, who has fought off Mario and is running towards us, she is smiling, but then she stops and falls flat on her face, three knives stuck in her neck. I scream and then I see him, Frade. He jumps on Karla and digs her eyeball out with a dagger and then holds it up and beckon's towards me, and says "Care for a bite to eat". Even Jasmine has lost her composure we both scream and run further into the ruin. We hear Frade's awful laugh and orders Hiro and Teresa to finish off Harley.

Teresa Silver(4)

It is time to end Harley, both me and Hiro launch our knives  into his back, he grunts and gives his final breath. Then we hear it, a wired animal like noise and see chain wrapped round Kitty's neck, he face is going bright red and her eyes show fear, she is trying to get us too help her, Taric strings his bow, but Frade shakes his head, and we watch as Damien's hook rip open her chest, I see Hiro grimace as her insides pour out, I rub his back and give him a warm smile. I know see what Hiro meant, I don't like Frade one bit.

Damien Byte(3)

I feel awful, disgusted with myself. What have I just done, I killed my District partner, I am a fool, Frade promised the careers would not target me in the bloodbath if I killed her, but I doubt he will stick to it, they will hunt for me. I will not get any sponsers now. At least I have bought myself a small amount of time, I must go now and stay away from the careers at least until Frade is dead. I grab my supplies and yank my hook from Kitty's chest before slinking back into the shadows. I must rest for the night. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, The cannons erupt around the arena.


Night Time Day 1

Cleopatra Andrews(7)

I am terrified, cold,wet and scared. As soon as I grabbed my pack and blowgun, I looked for Piper and Harley, however I however I tripped over  something and realised It was Piper's body. I could not see Harley anywhere so I ran towards the grass valley and I have been here ever since. I am going to go back to the beach tonight and look for Harley, but I am worried because the careers have inhabited the ship deck, the beach will be deadly. Then I hear, a girl yelling out in pain, then sobbing. I load my blowgun and dive for cover. Then I see it, a large lump lying in a heap on the ground. Then I realise it's a body, I really need an ally but how can I trust this person! I decide to go for it, I tentatively walk towards the body, and the moonlight shines down on it and I can now tell its the girl from eight, Ariadne!. I can trust her, she was nice in training but after the first session no one saw her, even her partner said he had hardly seen her. She sees, and her eyes light up in hope, she says my name, and is about to say something else, as if a warning but then she started coughing blood and her eyes rolled back BOOM. Then I saw the spear sticking from her side and I realise there is another one coming for me.

Chrome Spade(10)

Perfect, my spear hits home and her cannon confirms her death. I draw my machete and charge for the other one. She vanishes, and a sharp pain hits me, I feel dizzy and I lose the feeling in my legs and they give way. I now know who this is, it's the girl from seven who scored a nine in training. I know my time is done, I hear her footsteps and her draw her knife. However she stops and says, "Get up", I slowly rise to my feet and drop my machete. She then says "Allies?", I am taken aback, I just killed her potential lifeline, however I am no position to say no, as it will mark my death. I nod, then the anthem plays and the faces of the dead tributes appear in the sky, she becomes extremely sad when they show the faces of both tributes from thirteen are shown. I wonder why?


Petiola Midrib(11)

I wake to the sound of footsteps, I emerge from my half built house and draw my sickle, during the bloodbath, I ran the fastest I ever had and grabbed a small pack and two sickles. I was so lucky no one saw me, I hid among the ruins. I have only briefly encountered two tributes, Aurora and the girl from nine, Aurora was in shock and even though she had her dagger drawn she looked in no state to use it properly. However the other one, had her scythe drawn, and looked deadly. The footsteps get louder and I turn and see Kohl, he looks awful, his hair is bedraggled, his eyes wide open in despair. I think he was abondoned by his alliance, he draws his bow and fires. His arrow flies very wide. I know there will be no reasoning with him, I make one swift movement and slam my sickle in his head, he dies instantly.BOOM! I swear I could have heard a thank you as his lifeless body crumpled to the ground. I grab my sickle and his meagre supplies then vanish into the ruins as his hovercraft approaches.

Serina Frostswords(12)

I hear a cannon, I dont care whose, even if it was Kohl, I dont mind. He was a lifeless kid anyway. I have the best chance, I will ever get. Trent and Mario are standing guard, both tributes from four and one are sleeping and Frade is inside the ship. I hope he stays there, I get my knife and prepare to attack, I emerge from the cover of the grass but I hear a low growling sound. I stop and drop down. Then all hell breaks loose. A huge beast comes crashing down the beach, straight for the ship. It has the body of a tiger yet the head of a bull with five horns. I can see a tributes blood glistening on them. I wonder who? Trent is the first career to react and he hurls his trident towards it, It finds its target blinding it. By now all the careers are up and launching anything they have at the beast. It's now or never, I sprint forward. I can see the crossbow, it's so close... Then something hits me, my legs give way and my head starts spiralling. I hit the ground and I see Frade towering above me, he loads his crossbow and fires. The bolt soars straight over my head, how could he have missed!.. then I hear a grunt and the boy from six, knife in hand, limply fall to the ground with a bolt in his chest.  Frade smirks, then turns to me.


Postion Tribute Killed by How
26th Piper Quinn(13) Beech Aspen(7) Crushed windpipe
25th Beech Aspen(7) Mist Scorchil(9) Tomahawk to the head
24th Ingird Lawson(6) Shade Spectrus(8) Crossbow bolt to the chest
23rd Sivir Battleborn(2) Aurora Mendoza(10) Slit throat
22nd Karla Flake(5) Frade Spectrus(5) Knives to the neck
21st Harley Swoop(13) Hiro Kahn(4)/Teresa Silver(4) Knives to the back
20th Kitty Emolaga(3) Damien Byte(3) Chest ripped open
19th Ariadne Ballentine(8) Chrome Spade(10) Spear to the side
18th Kohl Cyphers(12) Petiola Midrib(11) Sickle to the head
17th Sam Jennings(6) Frade Spectrus(5) Crossbow bolt to the chest

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