Cato glimmer
2 Brutus Rihana Astrid Fletcher
3 Ian Shock Michelle Volts
4 James Odair Hannah Shell
5 Sam Adams Twill Byte
6 Brice Rhodes Katie Carr
7 Peter Barke Willow Simon
8 Adrian Sow Sasha Byron
9 Pierce Sampson Olivia Seed
10 Charlie Bull Georgina Bull
11 Gordon Cress Seeder Melanie
12 Chris Gayle Sapphire Mellark



it was a glorious morning as the sun gleamed down over District 1, the overenthuiastic teens were nearing an uncontrollable level as exictment buzzed all over town square and justice building. The escort Flavius Snow, or "Flavy' as he is known in District, bounced onto the stage with gusto and delight as he has for the past 5 glorious years of his life as District 1 escort, the perks and rewards from the capitol were astonishing. "As tradition we start with our wonderful ladies" Flavy warbles. His fingers rustle around the names in the clear crystal ball and the first name is called out, is "Glimmer James" a shaking twelve year old who has not started her career training yet. is immediatly replaced by a volunteer, an 18 year old girl called Ruby Jones and she struts up onto the stage."So affter all that excitement lets move onto the boys!" shouts Flavy, he pulls out a slip and the name is, " Tim Mason" as sturdy 17 year old who turns down all volunteers. The ball is picked up and the tributes and their escort exit into the justice building.


As the excited Teens gather around the square to see who will have the honour to go to the Capital as Tribute and win the games for their District. As usual Phillip Zester often nicknamed "jester" comes through the heavy oak doors of the Justice Building and the national anthem starts to play. After it has ceased, he totters towards the Ladies crystal bowl while trying to balance his massive red wig on his head. He then says, "as usual ladies first" and he fishs around the bowl and eventually atthe end of great exaggeration plucks out a card and breaks the seal. The silence is deafening but after a short pause he manages to read out that one name "Astrid Fletcher". A beautiful girl with a defiant look about her face skips up to the stage and then Jester steps up to the mens bowl and quickly reads out the next tribute " Brutus Rihana" then after the crowd cheers like wild as the newly reaped tributes and their escort are bundled back into the Justice Building and are the taken to the train and are then off on their way to the Capitol, but not before the crowd of reporters can shake a few questions out of them.


Its a gloomy morning for most of District 3 as the nervous teens are shunted by peacekeepers into the bleak square in front of the justice building, you would think for a District so close to the Capitol that loyalty would be strong but in the allocation of career districts, District 3 seems to have been skipped. There is a pin-drop silence as the escort, Octavius Snow strolls onto the stage, he is a perfect example of Capitol fashion ridiculosly coloured make up and wigs, combined with that annoyingly high-pitched voice. He runs his fingers over the names in the girls bowl and comes to a dramatic halt as he seizes the paper, the name he calls out is, "Michelle Volts" a stunning sixteen year old girl and she ambles nervously onto the stage leaving a crying father behind, "any volunteers" shouts Octavius, he is answered with utter silence and he walks over to boys bowl. After what seems like half an hour fishing around the names, he yanks one out, he calls out "Ian Shock!", a raucous appalause follows as a well-built 18 year old struts confidently onto the stage, the reason for such a fantastic response is for the first time in twenty long years 3 could have a winner, even the mayor said he was a fantastic prospect himself. Snow beams and hustles the new tributes into the justice building.


As the newly fallen snow is disturbed by the great stampede of feet as hundreds of people from district 4 walk to the stage and an anxious silence rules over the crowd as they wait quietly to see who will be sent to the Capitol to fight to the death and see whether they have the skills to win the Hunger Games. The mayor and the District escort Octavia Monique who seems this year to have taken the ridiculous Capitol fashion to the extreme with a frizzy green wig and crazy tattoos in pink and gold that swirl around her face like winding snakes. Octavia walks up to the crystal ball on the right which is the ladies bowl and Octavia sticks her snake-like hand in the bowl and draws out a un-stained slip of paper "Hannah Shell". A skinny 14 year old girl walks onto the stage and then Octavia calls out the other tribute who turns out to be a handsome, strong lad called James Odair.Peacekeepers escort the tributes and Octavia into the Justice Building which looks so out of place next to the frost and the vast expanse of calm sea. The last thing the tributes see of their district is the now rough sea crashing against the bone white beach, before it all goes dark as they enter the tunnel.

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