First of all, everything I started is cancelled due to a lack of interest in my games. Hopefully this will be different! Well I'm hoping if you sign up for this you have a vague idea about what Camp Half Blood is lul. So I wont explain, if you need help go here ->                                     



God Parent(Really determines powers and cabin only tbh)

Age:( 13+)

Weapon:(Nothing o.p please)

Role in cabin:(priest, counsellor, part time/full time)


Persephone's Cabin

Joan (Counsellor)

Ares's Cabin


Hade's Cabin


Apollo's Cabin


Aphrodite's Cabin


Wes (Counsellor)

Tyche's Cabin

Sam (Counsellor)

Hecate's Cabin

Oli (Counsellor)



Nemesis's Cabin


Iris's Cabin


Zeus's Cabin



Dionysus's Cabin


Themis's Cabin


Chapter 1: Quest of Eternal Perfectness

Oli's POV

I wake up to a huge bang, coming from the many laboratories below Hecate's Cabin, urgh these imbeciles in my cabin dare disturb my beauty sleep, I belong in Aphrodite's Cabin, with such a bone structure as mine. I hear a thud as Dani sends her sword flying across the cabin and into a sleeping camper, his blood splattering all over the bedsheets. "Dani what the fuck!" I scream,  she simply smiles and mutters "He shouldnt have woken me up, I need my sleep", with that she rolls over as if nothing happened. Dayum that gurl got sass, but I still feel kinda wierd as that guy sucked my dick 8 hours ago. 

Justin's POV

Omg, its cold in here. Im so lonely, why couldnt my dad have had more kids. All there is in this place, is a giant statue of dad. Ew. I get up and put on my orange t-shirt, but as I go to get my shoes I fall and hit a stone tile. As I push up, the tile starts to rotate and unfolds into a staircase. OMG ITS A TRAP DOOR. I bounce to feet and hurry down the stairs. I come to a solid wooden door and push it open. I take a tentative step into the room and my eyes meet the biggest horror ever. THE MAGICAL DILDO ARMOURY OF HADES. No wonder he kept all his wives so happy, dildos of every colour, shape and size, I grab a spikey aqua one, perfect I have a weapon and the whole day to try this shit out.

Wes's POV

I pound on the bathroom door for the tenth time this morning, but that bish Lady will just not hurry up. I mean I am the counsellor of Aphrodite's Cabin, I HAVE to look good. You know what, time to enforce my counsellor privelages. "Lady you have three seconds to open that door" I shriek, she replies with a laugh, "Make me!". Thats it, I step back and charge. There is a horrific crunch as I crash through the door, I feel a sharp pain in my japseye, and as I clamber to my feet, all I see is Lady's Hairbrush coming at my face, then Its goes black. I wake up to Connor peering over me, I yell and try to grab him but he simply fends me away, "Dont move, the cannabis had not worn off yet" he says, "How, how long was I out for?" I demand, "About 7 hours" He replies cooly, "oh and some centaurs raped you"

Sam's POV

Okay, Tyche has spoken, the gem of enternal perfectness lies in the realm of Brazilian Fart Porn, oh yeh time for a quest. Camp leader Lisa Ann has assembled the crew for this quest and I am, of couse on it.











Erlend's POV

We stroll out of camp, looking fly as fuck. I have my sword strapped to my back. We are just out of the woods, when callam and oli run screaming. At first I am really confused then I see it, a huge hydra is chasing them out of the woods, I whip out my sword and charge, but then I stop. The horror strikes me, I have a boner. My black mamba starts to weigh me down as I the hydra gets close, I'm screwed. Then all of a sudden Justin jumps in front of me, trying to be my saviour. He gets ready to strike, then Boom the hydra rips his head off tbc..

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