Hai everybody, so with this massive influx of games, I have decided to join the bandwagon and make one :), but with a twist. Enjoy :3

The Twist

In this games, there will be four tributes from each district, however two of them will be the tributes parents. So what happens is, when the 12-18 year old is reaped they must choose either their mom or dad to accompany them in the arena. 

Rules c:

  • In the games there may be some mature language, well, what would you say if some crazy person was chasing you with an axe, if anyone has a problem with that please tell me
  • If something happens to your tribute in the arena, e.g. die, please don't get angry at me, 47 people have to and one lives, chances are it might not be you
  • No idiots, making tributes as orphans.
  • Stupid names/tribs in general will be rejected
  • If you read the rules please comment "Pokemon" somewhere in your form
  • If you wish to break off an alliance on any further things about your tribute. PLEASE make it a new comment, it is very annoying when it says i've got a new comment and i have to look through 5 pages of comments to find it!
  • The games will not be written the same way as the reapings, but rather only people who have a major part in the games, however everyone does speak at least once
  • Finally a maximum of two tributes per person, because your getting the parents aswell, so really its four 



Age: (Ranged 12-18)




Appearence: (Typed, lunaii's, and pictures allowed)

Weapon: (1 minimum, 3 maximum)

Strengths: (To make sure I don't have any super tributes...)

Weaknesses: (Make sure the number of strengths and weaknesses is the same)

Parent: (Mom/Dad)

Just use the template for both child and parent.


Name District/Gender Strengths/Weaknesses(s) Parent Age Weapon(s)
Sebastian Glaze D1 Male Strong, good swimmer, good with weapons/bad survival ability, clumsy and bad at camo and hiding Mary 17 Axe and Throwing axe
Amethyst Moraitis D1 Female Nimble and Agile, Smart, Good with Knives/Weak, scared of heights 17 Spear/Throwing Knives
D2 Male Reserved For Justin
Orelia Vesilissia D2 Female Strong, Athletic, Good with weapons/ Becomes stupid when angry, not good at making friends 18 Claws
D3 Male Reserved For District3Forever
D3 Female Reserved For Alice
D4 Male
Lorelai Brooks D4 Female  Good stamina, good with all combat, intelligent/climbing, not very strong Rei 17 Blowgun, bow
Matt Hamil D5 Male Close combat, climbing, fast/Clumsy, bad at ranged combat and impatient Jeff 15 Sickle, short sword, spear
D5 Female
Timmor Lane D6 Male Strong and fast/panicks easily and unfocused Ares 18 Sword, axe
D6 Female
Beech Aspen D7 Male Brave, strong, good swimmer/makes stupid choices and develops emotional attachments Maple 14 Sickle
Ficusi Galpa D7 Female Tactful, Fast, evasive/ shy and too nice to people Timbothy 15 Tomahawk
Gianni Carter D8 Male Close and Long distance combat/ Climbing and camo Valentina 16 Sword and Throwing Knives
Charity Burbon D8 Female Extreme Determination, careful when choosing allies/determination sometimes blinds her Victory 16
D9 Male Reserved  For Summer
D9 Female Reserved For Summer
D10 Female
D11 Male
D11 Female Reserved  For District3Forever
D12 Male
Cordelia Vilora D12 Female All other senses, greatly enhanced due to blindness/ blindness Fiona 14 Dagger, Knives


Name District/Gender Strengths/Weaknesses(s) Child Age Weapons
Mary Glaze D1F Persuasion, Smarts and stealth/ distracted easily, cockey and weak Sebastian 35 Axe, spear and knife
Rei Brooks D4M Strength,stamina,swimming/climbing and camo Lorelai 49 Trident
Jeff Hamil D5M Good at hand to hand and strong/not intelliegent and slow Matt 32 Sword
Timbothy Galpa D7M Strong, Smart, Good at hand to hand/low commen sense,untrusting, short tempered. Ficusi 42 Labrys
Maple Aspen D7F Strong will to live, healthy, intelligent and good at swimming/indecisive, clumsy, not focused, distracted Beech 38 Scythe, chain and hook
Valentina Carter D8F Camo, long distance fighting/close combat and stamina Gianni 51 Bow
Victory Burbon D8F Close distance fighting, reading people/ hand to hand combat and strength Charity 39 Daggers
Fiona Vilora D12F Smart, Smooth Talker/Speed and strength Cordelia 52 Bow

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