Okay guys, this is a cool twist on a hunger games, to honour the recent World Cup. Basically each of you select a country you will represent and then you will be randomly placed in groups of 4. In these groups of four you will have a fight to the death until only 2 from each group survive. Then the remaining tributes will fight till one winner is crowned. Also countries will tend to form alliances eg, Canada and Usa, Scandinavia, Iberia or Australia and NZ...










Group A

Tribute Nation Weapon Status
Erlend Norway BowKnife Alive
Blake Canada Bowie Knife Alive
Connor England Sickle and Sword Alive
Wes The Netherlands Bow and Arrow Alive

Group B

Tribute Nation Weapon Status
Zach France Rapier Alive
Connor USA Axe Alive
Summer Australia Crossbow and Cleaver Alive
Nathaniel Sweden Spear and Nunchucks Alive

Group C

Tribute Nation Weapon Status
Eden Mexico Throwing Knives Alive
Lady Ukraine Shuriken Alive
Alice Austria Daggers Alive

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