Hey, you probably read the title and thought that I was leaving right? Haha, I'm not. Don't worry. This is just a thank you letter to all the users out there 'cause I'm feeling really grateful to all of you. This is not it any particular order except for the first one. So here we go:


Thanks for being the best Admin, we all are really grateful of you. I really wanted to thank you for managing this Wiki by editing the pages constantly, helping us delete the unneeded pages, and giving a helpful hand whenever we needed it. Thank you again for making the Wiki the most of it, I hope you can stay with us for a long time.


Even though you probably are gone and I didn't know you very well, I wanted to say thank you for being so supportive of my Game, especially when I was brain dead. If you are gone, we all miss you and we hope that you come back... wait, if he's gone, who am I talking to?


You are probably the most energetic user on this Wiki, which is awesome. You're also super nice, supportive, and awesome. You have great ideas for tributes which also means you're really creative. When I create a new Game, I promise to save District Four for you.


You're a really great writer and I know that because your Quell was the first Game I entered. From what I know, you're a pretty nice user and you have the same opinion as me... there is no such thing as Peeta vs. Gale anymore. I'm really happy that you got promoted to a Admin, you deserve it. :)

Team Peeta Anna

I adore your Games, you have great ideas. I hope you can stay on this Wiki for a long time because I think you're nice, funny, creative, and fun to talk to. Also, thanks for helping me realize my addiction to Mags and being so supportive of The Victor's Children. :)

Moon Beam

I want to thank you for having swag, awesomness, and funniness. You're awesome to talk to on chat and you're really funny. Thanks for laughing at my really stupid comments and knowing chinese. Go on chat as soon as possible, 'Kay?


When I came to this Wiki a little bit before you, I was afraid to make friends and talk to people. When you came, you instantly started talking to people and making friends. What I'm trying to say is that you inspired me to talk to people, I really want to thank you for that because it makes this Wiki so much better. Thanks for being awesome, nice, and funny.


Even though I don't go on chat at the same time as you, I'm guaranteed that you're gonna make a great chat moderator. From what I observed, you are nice, creative, and pretty cool overall. I also love Avril Lavinge, her style is really sweet.


The first time we met was when you offered to be my partner for Skybender101's Partner Competition. When I first met you, my first impression was that you were really nice. That impression still lasts, thanks for being really nice, funny, immune to awkwardness, and caring? I don't know, I forgot what we talked about on chat.


I want to thank you for cheering me up that day when I almost just broke down. Even though you say really mean things sometimes, I know it's just because you're misunderstood. Not all of us agree with what you say and sometimes it gets you banned but we all still think of you as a friend, well, at least I do. Thanks for being talkative, stubborn, and funny.

Rose Hathaway

Hey bestie! You made me change this so here we go: Thanks for being my funny, thoughtful, and nice bestie who also shares the same music style as me. I'm like 100% sure that we're going to stay friends and even after we leave this wiki. You still haven't added me on Facebook...


I don't think we've ever talked but I think you're super creative and have awesome ideas. When you were gone, it got pretty boring. I'm glad you're back, now GET TO WORK! No pressure :)


We've talked a couple of times, I think you're pretty cool and all. I really am getting brain dead by the second. You have really good games and you're really neat when it comes to pages, which I respect alot 'cause I'm a neat freak. I'm still angry that we didn't get a higher placement... Just kidding. :P


You're pretty cool, (and if it doesn't offend you) stubborn, and headstrong. I hope you can stay here and not leave. I don't really know why but I guess even though we don't talk, I respect you alot. You don't care what other people say about you, you jump straight into fights and come out victorious, and you don't accept defeat. I personally think you're the bravest user here and I kinda look up to you. Thanks.


Well, you're spazzy in a good way... funny, creative, and overall awesome! And I love your username. :P


Truthfully.... we haven't really talked at ALL. I don't really know you but you seem pretty cool. :)


Well, you seem pretty nice... I don't really know you. I've seen you around before.... WIP

If I didn't add you, it's either because I forgot or I don't really know you....

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