A Letter to the Users on this Wiki

Hey, I'm Mikalmt and this is one of my ranting blogs again. I'm just really pissed at the world right now; there are too many users on this wiki, this person I like doesn't like me back, and I cried when I saw the Hunger Games 'cause it was so bad. If you didn't know, I'm bi and I really don't know what to do about it; my parents are homophobic and stuff but I don't really give a shit. This has to do with the wiki 'cause I'm either going to compliment you or yell and diss at you until you cry. Let's get this started

== Rose Hathaway


I totally approve of you; you're nice, extremely creative, and you're my best friend on this wiki. I really, really love you in a sibling way. Don't forget to listen to the Fray, Paramore, Daughtry, and Orianthi, drink butterbeer and firewhisky, and be my bodyguard. I give you... *drumroll* a hug and pack of butterbeer!

== Luke1998


Oh my gosh, when you first came here I was like "What an idiot, thinks he can barge in here and piss off the users." Once I got to know you, everything totally changed. You're my brother and best "guy" friend here. Thanks for being here for me whenever and I give you... *drumroll* a duck!



I wrote this HUGE paragraph 'bout you. Think it was good? Naw, there's not enough good things about you to write three sentences. Fine, I'll say that you're funny (rarely), Taiwanese, and... I can't think of anything. Look, I don't think you deserved Chat Moderator; who was it who said "THE MODS ARE GONE! USE ALL THE CAPS AND SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!". You. Also, User Games/Races are sooo cliche. Just sayin'. I give you... *drumroll* a brick.

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