Dear The Hunger Games Wiki's Citizens,

Hey! Happy New Year, hope you had a great one! By the way, scientists have already proven that the world isn't going to end this year so unfortuanely that means we won't fight over the remaining land, split into 13 different districts with a tyrant city ruling over us, have a rebellion and lose, be forced to send a female and male into a massacre, and have another rebellion 75 years later... dang it! Haha, well as a (late) Christmas and New Year present I'm giving you guys another five chapters of the Victor's Children, starting (finally!!) the 100th Quell, and giving a preview of my newest Game. I know, I would've given you all better presents but I can't exactly shove it through my computer and expect you to receive it. But here's a preview of the newest Game:

"I look around to see my surrondings; we're in some type of valley and above us are cliffs that look treacherous to climb, that's all I can see... but wait, those are buildings and trees. Greek buildings and olive trees? Sounds like something we learn in ancient history."

Well, got an idea? Don't worry, it's gonna be amazing. Happy New Year! :)


The Son of Cinna.. 11:01, January 1, 2012 (UTC)

P.S. "Safe & Sound" is so magical! If anyone wants the playlist I made with it, just ask. It's great! :)

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