Heyy, I got this idea of writing a story featuring the Victor's children from Anna-Athena's Game. This story is mainly focused on Gale, Katniss, Peeta, Annie, and Finnick's children, Selia, Lucas, Cedar, Kye, Azura, Auralee, Kajama, and Neptune. Kajam is not Annie and Finnick's daughter because Finnick died before Annie and Finnick could have a daughter and the book says that a son was born first. The beginning of this story is twelve years before the game. So here goes:

Chapter One: The Birth, Death, and Family

Gale Hawthorne

"Aaagh!" my wife yells as she squeezes my hand until it's purple. "It's okay honey, you'll be fine." I reply as I try to stifle the pain. There are tears running down her face. "Congratulations sir, here's your boy." the doctors say and both me and my wife sigh with relief. The baby is covered in blood and is crying but it doesn't matter, he's beautiful. The nurses hand him to Katherine, my wife, and she gazes at him full of love and adoration. "What should we name him?" I ask as she hands him to me. "Lucas, since he was born on a sunny day and will bring light into our family." she replies. Lucas opens his eyes and I smile down on his startling grey eyes. Lucas, the bringer of light.

Selia Hawthorn

Lucas yawns sleepily and I smile sadly down at him, he's so cute although he's really annoying when he cries, which is rare. It's been two weeks since he was born and we have returned to the hospital since mom has something the doctors call cancer. It is cold in the hospital and even colder knowing that my mom might die even thought no one says so. I cry softly and Lucas reaches out his little hand and touches my face. Dad come out and it's evident he's been crying, he looks at me and smiles sadly. "She's gone". I start bawling and Lucas starts whimpering, he hates it when people are depressed. My dad takes Lucas and hugs us really tightly, I feel the same way. I don't want to lose anything anymore.

Katniss Everdeen

I rock my two-year old son, Cedar, to sleep while singing a lullaby. "Deep in the meadow, under the willow a bed of grass, a soft green pillow lay down your head, and close your sleepy eyes...". He closes his eyes, I smile and put him in his white crib which is decorated with cute, little, baby animals which are all decorated by Peeta. He comes in, wraps his arms around me and kisses me on the forehead. "How are the children?" he asks. "All of them are asleep." I say as we walk down the stairs. I sit in his lap by the fire with my head against his shoulder and his arms around me, life is perfect at this moment. But happiness doesn't last forever, I hear the phone ring and I sigh as I say, "I'll get it, hello?" A sad, cracky voice replies "Katniss? Hi, it's Gale. I've been thinking of moving back to District Twelve."

Peeta Mellark

The whole family has gone to meet Gale and his kids at the train station, Katniss, me, Cedar, Kye, Azura, and Auralee. We see him step off the train holding hands with a little girl that looks a younger female version of Gale except for the fact that she has green eyes which must be from her mother. In Gale's other arm is a baby that must be Lucas, who looks exactly like Gale. Katniss hugs Gale and takes the little girl's hand and introduces her to Azura and Auralee. I walk up to Gale and smile as I shake his hand. "Been a long time." I say and Gale shares the smile. Kye is absolutely enthralled to Lucas which Gale has let him hold and I can't help think what a great father he will be when he grows up. We walk towards Victor's Village where Gale's family will live with Azura, Auralee, and Selia complaining about their sibilings, Kye holding and staring at Lucas like he's the most fragile and interesting thing in the world, and Gale, me, and Katniss catching up on life. Life is almost perfect.

Kye Mellark

I'm watching Lucas yawn sleepily in my arms as we walk towards our neighborhood, something that my parent's call Victor's Village, that we share with Uncle Haymitch. In the corner of my eye, I keep seeing Selia Hawthorne talking to my annoying sisters. She's really pretty, I really think I want to marry her when I grow up. She looks at me staring at her and I look away blushing. As we reach our house, Uncle Haymitch walks out and hugs Uncle Gale, who's trying not to puke from the smell. I agree with him, Uncle Haymitch smells really bad and drinks beer all the time. Azura, Selia, and Auralee walk over to me and I hope that my blush isn't apparent. "Your face is really red." Azura says while Selia and Auralee giggle. "Do you think Selia is pretty?" Selia and I both turn redder and I glare at Azura. My sisters are so annoying.

Gale Hawthorne

The rush of the wind in my hair, the beautiful scent, and the familiar feeling of the bow in my hands. I'm glad, it's been forever since I hace hunted and my skills are getting rusty. Nonetheless, I still have caught a couple rabbits and squirrels. The animals haven't been hunted in a long time so they aren't expecting us, I mean, me and Katniss. Peeta decided to take care of all six kids, I'm impressed. The only reason I can survive with two kids without going insane is because Lucas isn't noisy at all. We sit on our usual meeting place while eating the meal that Peeta has prepared for us, soft rolls, some type of stew that Katniss really loves, orange juice, and beautifully decorated cookies. "Remeber me to tell Peeta that his cooking is wonderful." I say with a moutful of rolls and stew. She punches my shoulder playfully and says "Apparently your manners aren't any better." I swallow and throw a handful of berries at her. Then she pushes me and I fall into a muddy puddle, "Seriously?" I ask while laughing. It's great to be back.

Selia Hawthorn

It's been a week since we moved to District Twelve, three weeks since mommy died. I feel really sad but I hide it by acting really happy around my friends, Kye, Auralee, and Azura, but when I go to bed, I cry alot. I'm really worried about Lucas, he doesn't eat anymore and cries more often. Once, I'm pretty sure he started puking when daddy was feeding him.

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