Welcome, all, to the selection of tributes for the Hunger Games! Important rules arrive - no 'see my page' for tribute slips, one reservation per person, one tribute per person, and one designer per person. The President is sorted - sorry. I have done two to start you off - 11 districts are left. There is 24 tributes and 12 designers.

So, enjoy your Quarter Quell Hunger Games and let the best tribute win!

District Male Female
1 Reserved
12 Maroon Blue Flame Ari

Flame Ari is a tribute from D12. She is caring, courageous, fast, smart, and determined. She has long blonde locks, hazel eyes, and tanned skin. Flame's a little shorter that most in her District - even though she is 16 she is only 5 'foot 6 . Her tribute partner is Maroon Blue. She is the bigger sister of Digit, her brother. She promised Digit that she would win just for him. Flame sometimes gets cross when she only needs to. Like her name, she knows just when to light a fire and keep safe for the Games. She was reaped and she didn' volunteer unlike Maroon, who volunteered for his brother, Donnel. Flame's main weapon is the Bow and Arrow. Her bloodbath strategy is try to grab a weapon/backpack and run!

Maroon Blue is a volunteer tribute from D12. He is kind, courageous, smart, mysterious, fast, and determined. He has just the same personality as Flame. He is 6 foot 3 - very tall for 16. He volunteered for his brother, Donnel, who's 12. He has dark brown hair, brown eyes and pale skin. He is very arty too. He is the bigger brother of Donnel. He is very skillful and has practiced for The Hunger Games, as in using his bow and arrow. His main weapon is the bow and arrow, just like Flame. Like Flame, his bloodbath strategy is grab something in use and run!

Tribute Form

Name -

Gender -

District -

Age -

Appearence -

Personality -

Bloodbath stragtey -

Played before? -

Won if has played -

Practice ranking -

Token (opitional) -

Designer (clothes) Form

Name -

Age -

Gender -

Style -

Appearence -

Personality -


The Arena is up above hills, and it is hidden by bushes. Beside it, is a river. To escape, you must choose the river area, mountains or to stay. Some will stay with their District.

Death Board

District Fate Male Fate Female
1 Alive Alive
2 Alive


3 Alive


4 Alive Alive
5 Alive


6 Alive Alive
7 Alive Alive
8 Alive Alive
9 Alive Alive
10 Alive Alive
11 Alive Alive
12 Alive Alive

Practice Scores

D1 -

D2 -

D3 -

D4 -

D5 -

D6 -

D7 -

D8 -

D9 -

D10 -

D11 -

D12 - Flame Ari... 10/ Maroon Blue...10

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