Danel was just a regular boy until he became an avox.

One day Danel was in school when a peacekeeper came into his classroom. "Ms. Prim, a peacekeeper is here." Danel said. "What do you need" asked Ms. Prim. "I'm sorry for interupting your class but we need Danel." the peacekeeper said. "Why may I ask." Ms. Prim said. "Danel started a rebelion. We are turning him into an avox." the peacekeeper said. Then he came to Danel, picked him up, and dragged him away. "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME??? WHY??? WHY????" "Because you stated a rebelion." After that, Danel was took to the Capital, where he was sent to the hospital and had his tounge cut out. After that he met his doctor Dr. Agulero. "Hello Danel. What did you do to become an avox? Anyway good luck and welcome to the capital."

Danel was took to the room that was his new house. When he walked into his bedroom, there was a deep red uniform on his bed. "You must were that. A peacekeeper will give you a new uniform everyday. The colors will change. And each day, you will have to change the color of your hair, eye brows, and nails to that color." A peacekeeper said.

Danel had a million questions in his head. One of them was about his girlfriend back home, Sentra.

Danel was told that he must serve the tributes for the annual Hunger Games. Then when he was about to meat his tributes he must serve during the annual 125th Hunger Games, he wish he had died. His best friend Juna, had been picked for the tribute for the honor of representing district 5 along with his other friend Lray.

When Juna had won the hunger games, Danel was so excited. When President Ethan asked what he wanted, he wanted he asked for Danel to be turned into a human again. Then Juna was shot. Then Danel went over to his body and cried so hard he choked on his own cheers.

Then after that, Danel was took to his bedroom. He banged on his door so bad his hand began to turn red. He wondered what his family and class were doing. He missed them all so much. He told him self he had to be brave.Then a person came into his bedroom. It was the head peacekeeper, Joen. "Danel, I know you want to be back home, but you can't. Let me make you a deal. If you be my assistant, I will give you something everyday. It is called a symbol. A symbol, is a piece of sushi combined with a peice of noodles." Danel had to take the deal. At first it was hard working for Joen, but then it became easy. Joen never yelled at Danel. And Joen always explaind where stuff was, how to get to the location. Besides being a avox, Dane's life was easy.

Then something weird happened. Lray's spirit ccame to Danel. It was not a joke. He said "Danel, how good to see you. I have something to tell you. A rebelion is starting in the Capital's most royal district 1. Nobody knows why. You must keep this a secret. Good-Bye and good luck." Lray said.

Why was District 1 rebelling?? Then, it popped in Danel's head. When he was last at home, the pecekeeper said that he had started a rebelion. But how did he start a rebelion?? Then Danel thought of it. One day Danel was drawing the symbol of rebelion. He had posted them on all the stores in the dark. He kept this a secret. Everybody called him the " unknown rebel".

Then 1 year later, there was a war. The districts against the capital. In the end, the districts won. His doctor was forced to put his tounge back in. Finally he could speak. He still kept the real idenity of the unknown rebel a secret. Then the districts had a vote for the president. He won. Then he spoke the truth. Everybody was suprised. When he died, his son, Ethan had took over the job.

The End.

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