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Mrlazy September 25, 2012 User blog:Mrlazy

"Let the 47th hunger games begin!!" booms Claudias Templesmith. I race towards the cornucopia. I manage to pick up a backpack, 2 sets of throwing knifes consisting of 40 throwing knifes, 1 2 foot long sword, 5 spears, a bow and arrow, and a blowgun. I get a good look at the arena, a forest in a middle of the ocean. I find the other careers. 'What did you get Ethan" Clove asks me. "I got a blowgun, 80 throwing knifes, 1 sword, 5 spears, a bow and arrow, and a backpack." I say. Suddenly I hear a twig snap behind me. I turn around and get a spear ready. But I won't need it, it is my ally, the girl from 5, with a spear in her. "Flenia. Are you okay?" I race towards her. I get there in time for me to catch her. "Who did this to you?" I ask her. The boy from 1." Flenia says. "What no, no, why would he do that, he's a career?" I say taking the spear out of her. "Joseph, why would you do this? I said that Flenia was our only ally." I ask Joseph. Suddenly I throw a knife at him. "Ethan why did you do that?" asks Flenia. "I did that becuase he did that to you." I say pointing toward her wound, which is draining with blood. Suddenly I hear a cannon, then another cannon. I lay Flenia's head down on the ground. "I want to decorate her body." I say. I close her eyes, then go and pick flowers and lay them on her body. "That was a nice thing Ethan. Flenia would have done it for you." Clove says, putting her hand on my shoulder. "What I would like to know that is why Josph killed her. And I want to throw Joseph in the lake and let him shrivel up in the water." I say. I pick up his body and throw it into the ocean. At night I see the fallen tributes, the last one is Flenia and the total number of fallen tributes which is 16, leaving 8 of us left. I decide to kill the rest of the careers and decorate their bodies, leaving me with 5 more tributes to kill. The following day, I kill 2 tributes, then 2 the next day, then finally the last tribute. "Ladys and gentlemen, may I present to you Ethan Bode, this year's victor of the 47th hunger games!!" booms Claudias Templesmith. When I get back to the capital, I get interviewed again by Ceaser Flickerman. "So Ethan, tell me, what was it like loosing Flenia?" Ceaser asks me. "It was like, somebody had just stabbed me in the heart. I got so mad at Joseph, I had to kill him." I say. When I get back to district 2, everyone is excited to see me. I se emy new home in the Victor's vilage, then I begin my new life.

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