"Ethan Bode" I wake with a start. I remember that today is the reaping for the 15th Hunger Games. I get up and see that my mom had layed out clothes for me. A blue t-shirt, black jeans, and my high-tops. I think about the last Hunger Games. My good friend had been killed. If I had been reaped, I would not anybody take my place, and avenge their death. When I get dressed, I go down stairs and eat. I remember how long they had survived, which was 1 week, 5 days, and 55 minutes. I still have nightmares about it. When I get the the town square, I see that all of my classmates are there. Then a peacekeeper takes me to my age category. In all, there are only 5 16 yr. olds. "Welcome welcome to the reaping for the 15th anual Hunger Games." squeaks Venial (ven-ee-ul), the district 2 escort. "Now as usual ladies first." Venial says as she pulls up her black sleak glove and goes to the ball filled with the girls names from district 2. As she draws out the name, I hear a deep breath from the girl next to me. "Juliana Rocha" Venial says. Then out of the crowd comes my best-friend. I get to the end of the section reserved for the 16 yr. olds and shout, "I VOLUNTEER!!! I volunteer as tribute." I say as I push the peacekeepers away.

15th Hunger Games

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