Hello since I finished my

Mrweare121 second hunger games

I will now be taking reservations for my 1st quarter quell 56 tributes will be needed you can submit up to as many tributes per user I will add more to this once a spots are takken.

district male 1 age place user male 2 age place user female 1 age place user female 2 age place user
one Will Pryor 14 Tris Prior Silver Crescent 12 Kwankwan44 Allie Rose Evans 13 Tris Prior Courtney Winn 17 Kwankwan44
two Karo Mellis 16 ~ilovepeeta~ Michael Vermas 18 Iluvgale Kiera 13 ~ilovepeeta~ Jilly Markes 13 Iluvgale
three Bob 16 reserved Joe 15 reserved Lisa 17 reserved Emily 18 reserved
four Wawa Lake 15 QuinnQuinn Ethan Gold 17 Super.cute.kitten Poppy Tepelis 14 QuinnQuinn Lyra Sea 15 Super.cute.kitten
five Jared Rosalinas 17 Kwankwan44 Darcy Soneng 15 Super.cute.kitten Tomoko Churin 13 Kwankwan44 Marlene Poon 13 Rueflower
six Herflex Nome 13 QuinnQuinn Jack Gardes 15 Iluvgale Avery Fiddleness 13 QuinnQuinn Lillian Gardes 15 Iluvgale
seven Caellach 14 me Linus 17 me cammy 12 me Ekhidna 13 me
eight Ryan Hilford 16 Iluvgale Aran 15 me Sparkle Rose 17 Iluvgale laura 15 me
nine Yancolis Fanbelli 12 KEAP Bulgar Millet 17 Necterine411 Jennette Brich 17 QuinnQuinn Kation Keil 15 KEAP
ten Kevin Potter 16 ~ilovepeeta~ Drake Sojo 13 KEAP Darlene Jobes 12 ~ilovepeeta~ Fallena Dreylen 18 KEAP
eleven Sean Link 18 Kwankwan44 Garret 17 me Maylon Brown 12 Kwankwan44 Feena 12 me
twelve Devar 'Dev' Wevrin 17 StarFighter10 Brem Farere 12 QuinnQuinn Cailse Eisllve 17 StarFighter10 Sarah Cole 16 KEAP
thirteen Toaf 18 reserved Harrold 12 reserved Kale 17 Blahblahblahrly Annie 15 Blahblahblahrly
capital Tex 15 Blahblahblahrly Ocash 14 Blahblahblahrly Jadynette Olive 16 QuinnQuinn Noelle Vignios 15 QuinnQuinn

The arena

This years arena will be one of the largest ones ever they will fight on the eight plants of the solar system and the moon.The curnucopia will be on the moon their will be 56 space ships on the moon for tributes to use to get to the other plants.

planet descreptions=

Mercuary-being closest to the sun it will be coverd with a lot of lava tributes will move around by steel platforms.

Mars=giant canyons








District1Silver Crescent


District 3


District 5





District 10



District 13


the games begin

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