Hello this will be my second games so submit tributes and this will not start until after my other games finish.

district male age place user female age place user
one G-man 18 ~ilovepeeta~ Puhnk Pink 14 ~ilovepeeta~
two scarr Blade 18 Everdeen

vega star

17 Everdeen
three Bob 16 21st reserved ashley 13 23rd reserved
four Waves Odair 16 Iluvgale Anneliese Tides 15 Iluvgale
five Ace 14 18th Blahblahblahrly Nome 15 Blahblahblahrly
six Herflex Nome 13 QuinnQuinn Avery Fiddleness 13 QuinnQuinn
seven Maverick Chau 12 Super.cute.kitten Waverly Mei 14 20th Super.cute.kitten
eight Aran 15 Mrweare121 Laura 15 19th Mrweare121
nine Bulgar Millet 17 17th Necterine411 Kasha Farro 13 Necterine411
ten Adam Beirne 17 Firecatcher3 Taylor Thorn 14 24th Firecatcher3
eleven Sean Link 18 22nd Kwankwan44 Maylon Browen 12 Kwankwan44
twelve Austin Mellark 12 Nate777 Ardis Blaze 15 Nate777


The arean will be a dark carnival that has many twists in turns it will be easy to get lost.Also their will be clowns,ghostas and other creeps that will be attacking tributes.One last thing their is a twist to this years game on the first day you don't kill other it is all about surrvival but day two you do kill each other.


The way that the sponsoring will work is each user will get $1000 dollers to start out with for each tribute that you put in.I wiil keep track of how much money you have you can request a item thay you want to send to your tributes you must tell me which one you want to send it to especialy when they are from two different Districts.Every time your tribute surrvives a death trap or kills a tribute you gain $500 dollers.

type item cost #in stock effect
food loaf of bread $500 infanite feeds tribute
food apple $300 for five 50 feeds tribute
food cheese $500 each infanite feeds tribute
food rice bowls $700 infanite feeds tribute
food curry sauce $500 10 cans good with rice
food sandwhich $400 each 20 sanwhitches feeds tribute
Drink water $500 each infanite quenches thirst
Drink juice/coke $500 for two bottels infanite quenches thirst
medicine healing potion $900 each 10 bottels scars=all gone
medicine burn medicine $700 each 15 bottels heals your burns
medicine nightlock pill $800 infanite kills w/out pain
medicine super healer $900 for two doeses 6 doeses heal everything but broken bones
medicine steriods $700 each 3 doeses makes tribute stronger
weapon knife $600 for five 35 close range weapon
weapon sword $200 10 mid range weapon
weapon spear $150 for two 10 mid range weapon
weapon ax $200 5 close range weapon
weapon bow and arrow $400 5 long range weapon
weapon blowgun $500 15 long range weapon
weapon trident $500 10 mid range weapon
weapon hammer $400 5 close range weapon
weapon mace $200 1 close range weapon
Luxury tent $600 5 good shealter
Luxury torch/matches $500 infanite gives heat
Luxury night goggles $500 5 see in dark
any thing else any thing ask price ask for stock ask for effect
Medicine antitoxin $100 20 cures poison



The whole district is in the square we are awaiting the escort to draw our tributes for this years hunger games.When he finally pulls out a female he says the name Puhnk Pink as she walks on to the stage a few people yell to her good luck "I dont need luck I will win"she says.The male gets drawn even with just my one eye I can tell that it's my name so I get on the stage before he even calls the name out loud.Puhnk Pink and myself start to talk strategy as we get in the train since my eye site isn't great we need a plan.

D2 Vega star

I hear a loud voice say that everyone should go home their is no need for a drawing because the capital has decided to let our escort hand pick the tributes.Well time to go home then I move to leave my chair but a peackeeper grabs me and throws me into a black car."we are going to get far aren't we Vega?says a boy named Scarr blade.I now realize that the reason i'm here is because the escort new what he was doing picking me I can beat the poor excuses for tributes that come from the other districts.


Come on please escort pick a female first if you don't I will lose a bet which will make me have to volunteer ."Hello everyone I have decided to pick a boy first are their any volunters?'One of my friends starts laughing as he watches me raise my hand in defeat.This ends up being weird because a female weird nerdy scientist girl volunteers her name is Ashely. when the escort asked her why she voluntered she says to test my new invention of course.Well she may not be strong but her inventions can help me in the arena I will take them from her she will die quickley anyways.

D4Waves odair

The intire crowed is yelling at our escort who we all so badly want fired he just doen't have the look of a good district four escort in many peoples opinion.He reaches into the female bowl looking up to make sure his own personal body guards are make sure no one from the crowd gets on stage to attack him. "Everyone our female tribute for this years games is Anneliese Tides." She gets on stage and puts on a small little worried smile on her face and looks in my direction.I volunteer for the males I yell I join my girlfriend on stag and hug her as we get on our boat headed to the capital.


My family keeps telling me to calm down people are starting to stare at my nervous twitches but I can't help it I don't want to go in the games not because i'm weak but I just don't like the fact that the capital gets pleasure out of seeing us kill each other.My body relaxes because the escort moves over to the guys bowl first.I hear a boy yell wait as he stands up with is hand voluntering I can tell that he doesn't want to but his brothers are pushing him up to the stage.A long aproval comes from the crowed he has the games in his blood he will win everyone thinks. My mom starts yelling it takes me a minute to realize that my name just got cald I'm now going into something that I actully now feal good about being in I have a smile that makes my mom turn her back to me.

D6Avery Fiddleness

The escort of our district is so childish she instead of drawing names is having us play simon says the first guy and girl who do the wrong move or do it to slow will be this years tributes.How long is this going to take I think to myself no one will lose at this easy game .I hear my friend yell my name my mind snaps to attention I ask her what she has a sad voice when she says I lost and a guy named Herflex Nome.The escort asks us if we are happy I awnser in a sarcastic voice ok course why wouldn't we be.

D7Waverly mei

All my friends want me to volunter since I hold the record time for shortes time it takes to cut a tree down I tell them their right so when a weak girl who is really slow gets drawn I volunter to take her place.I take the mic from the escort and ask for a really smart guy to volunter his brain and my brawel will win the games. Maverick Chau the biggest nerd in our district volunters and off we went my plan is perfect.


I have nothing to lose I have to family or any close friends so when the chance to make my life better I take it I volunter for the games I tell the escort.HE tells me good for me it's good to fight for what you think you deserve.I know that very few people know this but our escort takes out all the rich girls name out of the drawing so when he draws the poor girl named Larua i'm not suprised she hugs her mom but then gets it togther and gets on the train with me.

D9Bulgar Millet

Who do you think it will be I ask my friend really loudly he tells me to shut up so he can hear the anouncement for the female tribute.A quick runner named Kasha Farro gets picked I know that she can't wield many weapons because her me and like twenty others always tell each other which weapons we would use if we were in the hunger games and she says the same two every time.My friend tells me I should ask our escort a question so I raise my hand I quickley become pissed my friend just sent me to my death.

D10Taylor Thorn

No this can't be I beg my escort to draw different names but he says he can't I am stuck with a boy named Adam Beirne he as always wanted to kill me by his own hand now he has the chance were it his welcomed that you kill others.I do have one advantage over him he can't hunt as good as me he will die of hunger hopefully really quick so he can't do any harm to me.

D11Sean link

Me and maylon Browen volunter because our friends were threatend and told if we don't compeat that they will be killed.When she asked me if I will watch her back during the games I just respond with a small nod informing her that I will.

D12Ardis blaze

I want to test my seductive nature so I push aside some red head and take her place I wait to see which guy might end up being my slave but I don't think that it will work on him.The guy is a screwball Austin Mellark can be exteremly charming at times but switch his personality to be a rutheless killer I will have to work my moves over on a guy from a different district.

Training scores

scores are 1 through 15

D1 g-man=11/15

D1 Puhnk Pink=9/15

D2 scarr Blade=10/15

D2 vega star=13/15

D3 Bob=5/15

D3 ashley=8/15

D4 Waves Odair=9/15

D4 Anneliese Tides=7/15

D5 Ace= 6/15

D5 Nome=8/15

D6 Herflex Nome=7/15

D6 Avery Fiddleness=9/15

D7 Maverick Chau=5/15

D7 Waverly Mei=7/15

D8 Aran= 9/15

D8 Larua=5//15

D9 Bulgar Millet=10/15

D9 Kasha Farro=6/15

D10 Adam Beirne=8/15

D10 Taylor Thorn=8/15

D11 Sean Link=4/15

D11 Maylon Browen=7/15

D12 Austin Mellark=10/15

D12 Ardis Blaze=12/15

Day one. survival

Adam Beirne's

What the he** is this a giant carneval tent thats the arena that they want to fight in thats fine by me no place for my prey Taylor to hide she will die by my hand slow and painfull."Attention tributes of the hunger games we have a special twist for this years games which you all need to know for the first day you aren't aloud to kill each other it is all about survival after twenty- four hours the tent will vanish and you will be able to kill and explore the rest of the arena good luck to you all.Why would the games makers do this to me I now see a few pods to my left a smile on Taylor Thorn's face this makes me even madder.

Nome's pov

What does he mean what do we need to survive against if we can't attack each other my whole body is twitching because i'm exteremly nervous. We get realeased from our tubes everyone looks like they are trying to figure out their next move but their are few looking at me who are holding back laughs because of my twitches it gets me ticked we will see who's laughing tommorow when we can actually kill each other.

Sean link's pov

A timer starts counting down from 60 seconds what ever we have to survive is going to start soon I see a few tributes start to gather in groupes that is a good idea strength in numbers to bad no one will wan't me I can't kill and am really shy around people I don't know. My own district partner can understand what i'm trying to say even though I just say yes and no but she is far away from me she is on the compleat other side of the tent.The last five seconds end and the lights go out I'm not any were close to anyone.

Ashely's pov

What a strange situation I'm in luckely I memorized every inch of the tent so I will always no were I'm at after every step.I hear a loud voice which makes me snap to attention the more info I know about the twist the more of a chanse I have to survive. "Hello I'm the ring master and tonight will be full of fun all leading up to the main event which will be at mid night have a lovely day and be nice to my wifes would you please.

Vega star's pov

Well since we can't kill each other we can be as loud as we want to thats the only way that us tributes can comunicate with each other because we can't see a foot infront of us.If I'm going to have allies tommorow I need to make a good impression today I need to show everyone that I'm not to be pushed around and I can be a good leader. "Hello fellow tributes my names Vega Star if you can can hear me and want to ally follow the sound of my voice.

Waves odair's pov

Vega star is from district two she is trying to gather us people who want to be apart of the careers on day two.I'm guessing that sence Vega is telling us to gather around her that she is going to be the alpha of our pack thats fine by me I don't want to be leader. When all of us who want to ally with her arrive and announce who we all are to her I'm realeaved that Anneliese Tides my girlfriend had come I can now protect her.

Ace's pov

What would my brothers do they are probebly at home right now watching me shouting at me to move. The ground starts to shake which is then followed by three distant deep laughs that I'm guessing are coming from what ever the ring masters wifes are. It will only be a matter of time before what ever these things are get into battle with tributes luckely I have a katanna with me I have trained with this for awhile if any thing comes close to me thats not a tribute will get slized in half.

Bob's pov

I don't know how safe I feal with being in a alliance with the other six careers since my district partner Ashely didn't accept Vega's invetention for allies I'm the one that if they want to boot someone they will kill without the others turning on each other. At least during this first day being in a big group will provide you with a lot of people to watch your back I think to myself.

Taylor Thorn's pov

I was way to kind to join up with the careers there way of handling things is way to violent just like the boy from my district who I hate hopefully he dies today. There is agiant foot that steps into my view it's to dark to tell who it belongs to but I don't hesitate to throw a knife at it's leg. The beast bends down in pain and has the most disturbing smile on it's face she then proceads to bite my arm even though I stab her in the chest.I can no longer feal my arm because my mucles aren't responding what the heck was in her saliva.

Austin Mallmark's pov

How convenient the ringmaster was kind enough to hide night vision goggles which I happened to find a pair. My eyes lock on to the three giant woman one who is bleeding from the foot and the stomach. "Help I can't move my body what ever they are bit me they enjected some kind of toxic poison.said Taylor Thorn. With the help of the night vision goggles I can see anything I feal something grab my leg. The girl Taylor Thorn is begging me to take her in as a ally. Now why would I do that it means one less person to kill tommrow. I walk away from her as her cannon fires.

Kasha Farro's pov

"No there has already been one cannon fire I need to hide but I can't see anything my strategy is completly useless. A little stuffed teddy bear is laying motionless at my feet it's so ugly I kick it away from me. There is a animal growel in the derection that I kicked the teddy bear at least the sound is going farther away from me. Now if only I could find a good amount of knives I will have a easyer chance defending myself until tommorow when we get access to the rest of the dark carnival.

Sean Link's pov

Even though the arena is basically pitch black me and many of the other tributes are smart enough to set some lit torches up around the tent. I'm now actually able to see a few feet infront of me I still end up stepping on a stuffed teddy bear.The bear stands up and then says in a high pitched voice "do you want a big hug." I say one word that I end up regretting I tell the teddy bear no and that causes the bear to transform into a dangours person killing monster. It doesn't want a quick death for me in fact the bear only claws off all the flesh off my arms.

Ardis Blaze's pov

Now is the time for me to make my move I need to get a guy to really like me based on my looks.The guys in district one through four are out of the question because careers useually never fall for girls that are from the poorer districts. I don't have time to make a decision right now because the ringmaster starts to tell us a new message. "Hello again it is I the ringmaster I was just wanting to remind you that in one hour it will be the midnight finally and that I'm very dissapointed that only one of you have died I will need to change that more of you must die good luck to you all.

Ashely's pov

If I learned one thing it would be to never anger a giant woman by shooting a saw blade at her hair. It's as if the three wifes can feal each others pain because they stop what they were doing to go after me.As the first one that reaches me tries to grab me I launch a saw blade into her shoulder blade causing her to wince in pain. While I'm in the middle of reloading my launcher I get grabed by two of the wives they then procead to pull on my limbs ripping them off my body I die in a pool of my own blood. At least I found out my invention works.

Ace's pov

A giant flashing timer appears at the top of the tent it starts to count down from sixty seconds it's almost midnight which makes not only me but all the other tributes move to the middle of the tent. Right as Ashelys dead body is getting picked up I grab her saw blade launcher it's not like it's going to be doing her any good.30 seconds left on the clock I'm quickle studying the saw blade launcher trying to figure out if I will be able to get it to work or if I should give it to another tribute because what ever is about to happen all of us are in it together for now.

Anneliese Tide's pov

Most of my fellow careers are not so happy that we are working with many of the tributes from the weaker districts but I don't mind it. I feal really bad for the boy from district eleven Sean Link because all his skin on his arm was clawed off I feal like helping him in some way so I look to my boyfriend Waves Odair for his oppinion. "I'm sorry Anneliese but we can't help him it would make us seem week to the other careers." I know that Waves is right so I let the idea of helping Sean Link slide away from my mind.

Austin Mellark's pov

"Whats wrong ringmaster it's midnight why is this big finale you promised us not happening." He tells us to use our eyes because it has already began. I'm about to call him a lier but Addis Blaze points to the spot the timer used to be in it's place is a big wide blue portal. This is his big finale what is the portal suppose to do it's just sitting up there. All of us tributes have a look of confussion as a giant worm comes out of the portal this is something that none of us expected.

Sean link's pov

There are more portals that are created as the worm comes and leaves the tent whats so dangours about these portals they are just sitting there. As if I'm being pulled by a invisible force I'm getting moved closer to one of the portals. I start to yell no as loud as I can while I reach my hand hopping that one of my fellow tributes would grab it but none of them do. When I pass through the portal my body slowly starts to float away as my lifeless soul watches it. I don't hear it but I know that the others heard my cannon shot.

Laura's pov

The boy from district eleven Sean Link is gone his cannon fired and none of us have any idea what happened to him inside the blue portal. I start to get really tired fom some odd reason in fact all of us tributes are having a hard time standing. I realize that we are breathing in sleep gas I'm the last one to get knocked out because being a doctor in traning has helped me build a strong defence against medication.

Day one death recap

24th place=Taylor Thron

23th place=Ashely

22nd place=Sean Link


Adam Beirne's pov

Wow compared to the tent we started in the rest of the carnival is all lit with bright colorfull lights which seems odd its called the dark carnival. I don't know what my first move should be it was going to be to kill Taylor Thorn but she already died on the first day. Maybe it would be best if I hunted the careers down while they are currently seperated from one another. I really wish that I had paid more attention to the looks of the other tributes because the carnival is full of the other teens who are dressed the same as we are. It's going to take me forever to find a actuall tribute amongest these large group of people.

Waverly Mei's pov

Give me food now I need food what do I have to earn a hotdog I ask the man in charge of the test your strength game station. He takes a second to think then informs me if I can get the bell to ring he will change the prize to a hotdog just for me. Hahaha this guy is a fool if I can cut a tree down in one swing I can easyly use a hammer to ring a stupid bell. I walk away from the station with a huge hotdog in hand and a smile on my face because the man was totally speachless when I won his silly little game. A girl ends up knocking into me she apologies for doing so and offers me a handfull of chips which I gladely accept we exchange our names her name is Molly Redfield she tells me that we can meet up sometime later if I want to.

G-man's pov

When am I going to get a kill there are twenty-one of us in this carnival and I haven't seen any of them since we got knocked out by the sleep gas. I start to ask around if any one has seen anyone doing something that is not normely done so at the carnival no one seems to know anything. I'm about to stop looking but I notice a group of teens talking to a person who is wearing a white mask. As I approach the group with my sword ready to attack the person in the mask she turns around it ends up being Vega Star the girl from district two who is one of my fellow careers now we need to find the other four careers.

Aran's pov

I'm glad that this guy from district three bob is preocupid by the lock he is trying to pick because he is not in a good position to defend himself. "Hey Bob do you need help picking that lock?" I say in a loud voice. He drops his tool and proceeds to throw a flash bang at me which blocks my vision for a second that almost causts my life but when I'm able to see I throw my spear with pinpoint accuracy at Bobs neck he falls to the ground before he can cut me with his sword.

Nome's pov

This carnival has so many interesting game stations I have won three games in a row I'm on a winning streak. I walk by a girl who has a jar full of fortune cookies and asks if I would like one. The cookie tastes really good I don't really care about what the fortune says so I'm about to toss it away but the girl tells me to read it. In a silly voice I read the fortune "In five hours if you don't kill another tribute you will die from a deadly poison wait what why did I grab a stupid fortune cookie." I start to move as fast as possible looking for any tribute that is nearby.

Waves Odair's pov

Scarr Blade and myself are looking for the rest of our fellow careers we have had no luck in locating them but we do find something that interests us there is a girl hidden in the shadows stealing from a delivery truck. We can tell that she isn't one of our fellow tributes but she seems to be not like the rest of the dull teens. "Don't you think we should go talk to her Scarr Blade she seems like she could be usefull!" Scarr Blade agress with me so when no one else is looking we go into the shadows when we get close enough for the girl to hear our foot steps she turns around with the most innocent look on her face. When she gets a good look at our faces she goes back to sorting through her loot it's easy to tell that she thought we were someone else. We are about to leave but Scarr Blade mouths that he has a plan so I let him take the lead.

Scarr Blade's pov

"Hi what do you think would happen if two guys reported to the carnevil staff that they saw some one stealing items from the tents with out paying for them." My comment gets the girl to be a lot nicer to us she tells us that her name is Molly Redfield and asks us if there is anything she could do to keep us quite about her stealing. I ask her if she has seen anyone who like us are new to the carneval. We finally get her to agree to help us find the girl Waverly Mei who she bumpbed into earlier.

Austin Mellark's pov

I have finashed putting up the bounty poasters of the other tributes so now I have to just wait for someone to bring me some information about were I could possible find a tribute. A group of girls are gigiling as they aprroach me I put on my best charm act so I seem as friendly as possible. "How are you ladys I'm guessing you are here with imformation about one of the people I'm looking for." The girls tell me that I'm not far from a health tent and that there is a new girl working there who looks like one of the people I put on one of the poasters. This is great based on my memory the only girl who would be wanting to help people like that is Laura the female from district eight.

Ace's pov

I wonder whats wrong with Nome I have just located her and she seems a lot more nervous then she is useally. When I touch her shoulder from behind her I nearly get a arrow through my skull but my mind reacts fast enough for me to dodge. "What the he** was that about you nearly killed me maybe we shouldn't be allies I could just kill you right now." Nome apologies to me tellling me that it's just really important that she gets a kill really soon. I ask her why it's so important she relucticly hands me a small piece of paper I read it to myself I'm speechless no wonder she really needs a kill she will die of poison if she doesn't. We are wasting to much time we start to search for other tributes but I still keep a eye on Nome just incase she thinks about turning on me.

Vega star's pov

G-man won't admit it but I can tell that he is impressed by the position I have gotten us into/. There are many teens through out the carnival I have gotten to help us look for our fellow careers and other tributes for us to hunt. This years game has been really bad so far because there has only been in total four deaths so far and we careers haven't managed to find each other yet.

Waverly Mei's pov

It' really weird that I'm talking to the girl Molly Redfield again when I already talked to her earlyer this day. "Please don't be angary with me Waverly these two guys forced me to take them to you." said Molly Redfield. I ask her what guys she is talking about because I don't see anyone with her which seems to confuse her. As she looks around as if she really thought two guys were with her I turn around to leave but that ends up being the last thing I do because Scarr Blade throws a knife that hits me dead center in the middle of my head.My cannon fires the last thought I have is that I hate Molly Redfield for helping Scarr Blade and Waves Odair.

Scarr Blade's pov

Yes I got my first kill which doesn't seem to upset Waves Odair I would have thought he would have wanted to get a kill so that when ever we find his girlfriend Anneliese Tides if she needs a item from there sponcers he will have earned it. Even though we agreed to just have Molly Redfield help us find Waverly Mei I feel like she could be of more use to us. "Hay Molly Redfield we will help you steal some items if you continue to help us find people like us who are new to the carnival." When Molly stops focusing on Waverly Mei's body she looks at us as if her mind has been freed. "What district are you two from I'm guessing that you are from career districts I'm from district nine." We now have a new allie as long as if one of us wins we help Molly and her family move to our district.

Laura's pov

The people here at this carnival are terrible at keeping there bodys healthy how do I know this because I have a huge line of people waiting for me to help them. A guy says in a powerfull voice um doc I think that it's my turn for you to help me. I turn arround to start examining him but I nearly start to cry because the guy is Austin Mellark someone who I really hoped I wouldn't run into. As he swings at me with his sword I block it with my wooden staff a few times but it breaks leaving me defenceless. He stabs me multiple times with his sword I die with a bloody body.

Adam Beirne's pov

I may not be a career but I feel like I have made a powerfull alliance which includes me, the boy from district seven Maverick Chau, the boy from district six Herflew Nome and the girl from district four Anneliese Tides. There is one sad part about my alliance which is that I could easily kill all three of them with little to no effort except maybe the girl from district four because she is still a career even without the others with her she is still more powerfull then both the other guys in our alliance.

Nome's pov

I can't take it anymore I only have hour or so left before I die of poison and me and Ace aren't having any luck finding other tributes through out the carnival. My mind starts to go into pure survival mode for myself I need a kill now I load my bow with a arrow and shoot Ace in his back but it isn't a killing blow. Ace turns around but for some reason he doesn't seem as angary as he should be. "I'm surprised at you Nome that you took so long in realizing that you could try to kill me to prevent your fortune from coming true." We are at a stand still I have my bow loaded ready to fire another arrow at Ace I wait for the right moment then fire when he is glancing at a group of kids he dies do to this mistake I will live no poison will kill me.

Austin Mellark's pov

The girl Laura had like nothing good on her the only items she had was her staff, a few energy bars and a compass. I decide to make a camp close to the medical tent so I might be able to ambush a tribute during the night who is seeking aid. Since the games began there has only been seven deaths three on day one and four so far today.

Waves Odair's pov

I'm about to start to rest for the night but Molly Redfield is telling Scarr Blade and me to go over to her. We ask her why is she so happy I'm not prepared for her awnser she tells us that she has located a decent sized group of tributes which one of them is my girlfriend Anneliese Tides. My body reacts quicker then I want it to I'm shaking Molly Redfield trying to get her to take us to Anneliese Tides right this second. "Calm down Waves the best chance we will have at getting to her without us dieing will be early tommorow morning lets just wait untill then." says Scarr Blade

Kasha Farro's pov

It's the end of day two and I feal really good I was able to find a huge supply of knifes which now gives me a chance if I ever come across another tribute I am now able to kill them. The anthem starts to play four faces appear they are Bob, Weaverly Mei, Laura and Ace. There are now seventeen of us left sixteen I have to get through to get home.

day two death recap


20=Weaverly Mei




Bulgar Millet's pov

I'm angary even with my loud voice I haven't found anyone to kill and it's all ready the third day of being here in this stupid carnival. I wish that I had joined a alliance on day one because I would have had tributes to kill that were so close to me I would have little effort in doing so. Since there is most likely a few decent sized alliances I have decided to continue searching it's only a matter of time before I find someone.

Aran's pov

I'm not sure how I should feal right now affter seeing Laura my district partners picture in the sky last night. I had no real relationship with her but I'm sure that she had some fealings for me because back home she was the only person who was kind to me she acted like such a close friend. When I think about it maybe she would still be alive had I accepted her offer for a alliance between the two of us. To prove to myself and the rest of the people from district eight I must win these games for the memory of Laura. If I'm going to even have a chance at winning my first pryority will be to kill some of the careers because they have the largest alliance but I'm not sure if they are all together or if they are still seperated.

Ardis Blaze's pov

"Hello again it is I the ringmaster I would like you all to know that I have hired some new staff who would like to meet you all very soon good luck to you all." This is great who ever his knew staff is will be as evil as his three wives they will kill other tributes and hopefully leave a guy for me to seduce with my beautiy thus giving me a alliance partner. Now I just have to wait for the cannons to start firing then I will look for the easist guy to trick.

Puhnk Pink's pov

The people back home must be really board I did promise them that I would win but as of right now it must seem like I'm over confident because I haven't even killed a single tribute. "It's a lot to ask but mentor could you please send me a message with the were abouts of a tribute I really want to get a kill." With in a minute of waiting I see a parachute fall with a note card attached to it. "I understand the situation that you are in Puhnk Pink I can't tell you exzactly the location of a tribute but if you listen closely you might just hear one." Those are simple enough of instructions I stop moving so that I can hear the slightest of sounds. My mentor is right I locate a boy that I know is a tribute and he hasn't spoted me.

Bulgar Millet's pov

My loudness has finally paid off it has aloud a tribute to find me I'm ready for a good fight so I wait for the tribute to get closer to me before I turn around cutting them across there with my sword. "How dare you make me bleed you worthless distrcit nine garbage I will end your pathetic life now." says Puhnk Pink. I'm really unhappy now all I wanted was to find a easy kill but Puhnk Pink is the exzact opposite she is a very dangours career .I swing my sword at her head but I only cut through some of her hair which only makes her angaryer she cuts my legs off and I die in a pool of a lot of blood.

Maylon Brown's pov

"Would you stupid clowns leave me alone and go pick on someone your own size you can't reach me with your chainsaws anyways."The clowns refuse to leave so I'm stuck up this stupid wodden pole while they glare up at me hoping for me to fall down so they can cut my body.I need a distraction so I can get away from these freaks because I'm not able to stay at the top of this pole forever.

Waves odair's pov

It's time to be reunited with my girlfriend Anneliese Tides who I hope is not hurt in anyway.I desperetly am wanting for Molly Redfield to be correct in the location of Anneliese and the other three tributes that are with her. "Hey good job Molly you are right look there is there camp."says Scarr Blade.We clearly see four people at there camp they are Adam Beirne,Maverick chau,Herflex nome and my girlfriend Anneliese tides.I'm about to charge right into there camp but Scarr Blade and Molly Redfield are telling me that it wouldn't be the best plan if I want to make sure I get Anneliese tides out with out her getting hurt.

Adam Beirne's pov

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