District 1

“Hello it is now time for the annual drawing to see who will be this years tributes from district 1 remember there will be one male and one female. Let us start off with the females” The announcer reaches their hand into the box and pulls out a piece of paper she looks at it then puts the microphone closer to her mouth. “the female of district 1 is none other then the beautiful princess peach please approach the stage.” [peach] It can’t be me I can’t kill any one I have never fought someone like that but if I must i will win for my people. “Next up we must select the male who will represent district 1 that person is the red Italian plumber Mario. [mario] No we both can’t be in the games because only one of the twenty-four of us can walk out of there alive. Mario and Peach cry as they hug each other they bored the train that will take them to there new home.

Distirct 2 [link] I grab my favorite sword and head straight to the town square ready for the fact that I will volunteer for the boys position. “Are there any volunteers before I draw names.” [Link] Me i’m ready to step in the arena for District 2. Just before a female is drawn my old school rival zelda volunteers. [zelda] Whats wrong link are you afraid now that you have some competion don’t worry I promise I won’t kill you with in the first day please try to survive the Bloodbath.

District 3 [Popo] I live up in the cold north us Eskimos are ready It’s been tough having to feed both my sister and me because our parents died a few years ago when they where both drawn for that years hunger games. “This year there will be no drawing this year I will decide who your tributes will be they are going to be the quick nibbled due of brother and sister popo and nana. [popo] I realize that to live up to my promise i made to my parents I will have to make it to the final two with my sister then kill my self.we bored the train and prepare for the long trip to the battle arena.

District 4 “ I know that this space colonies population is really small so there are very few people to draw from so with out further ado lets draw this years female tribute it is our favorite bounty hunter Samus. [Samus] I may not have wanted this but I promise I will return to you all. A tall powerfull dragon volunteers for the males. “what is your name may I ask. [Ridely] My name is Ridely and lets say I have a little history with our female tribute.

District 5 “Gather around Pokemon off all ages as we see who has been drawn for this years hunger games.” I volunteer yells a female Jigglypuff who proudly walks on to the stage head held highly above herself she stares out into the crowd. No one volunteers for the males so a name gets drawn. “The male is the star of the Pokemon series Pikachu that fast and determined little mouse. Jigglypuff regrets the fact that she volunteered she has all ways had a crush on him.

District 6

“Your district has had the last three winners at the hunger games you have a lot to work forward are there any volunteers? A male and female both say that they volunteer both have a devils grin on there face as they approach the stage. [Boom Boom] I bet if in one gets killed first it will be you pom pom. [Pom pom] Not if i get more friends then you i will win in the end. The two pat each others back because they will be temporary partners trying to make it four in a row.

District 7

“As punishment for last years rebellion I will force a female and male of my choice to be your tributes for this years hunger games. “Lets see who on earth could I possible pick to make all of your live as painful as possible wait I know this years District 7 tributes are old child hood friends luigi and daisy. [Luigi] How is that punishment we will just simply stay away from each other thought the intire games so we will not have to make that difficult choice. Deep in Luigi mind he knows that he won’t really be able to stay away from daisy because he has always felt like it is his job to protect her.

District 8

“As apart of your customs you were created as apart of a set that you have been forbidden from being separated from unless your partner is killed in the annual hunger games.” “It was already decided by the capital that the set of creations 55 and 56 will be your tributes. [fox] we do have names you know me and Krystal have a closer bound then most of the others I will not kill females while Krystal refuses to kill any of our male opponents. [Krystal] Unlike many of the other districts we are not family, arch rivals or deeply in love we are simply just together because of our culture had us labeld together.

District 9

“ Many of you are probably wanting to volunteer because of the recent drought you have had here in district nine. [Bowser] Me no one else deserves this chance to win gallons of water I will destroy them all. [wendy koopa] we can’t possibly trust you to win many of the others will most likely be faster then you sorry dad but i’m volunteering.

District 10

“with this being one of the most awful district due to all of your peoples refuels to get any new technology I don’t want to be here any longer then I have to. “The male will be the famous green dinosaur Yoshi. [Yoshi] yes three days I won’t have to be with birdo this is the happiest I have ever been! [Birdo] you are not getting away from me that easy I volunteer for the females. [Yoshi] yes I get to kill you legally now.

District 11

“since this is the agricultural district i’m going to allow you to chose who you think will be the best fit for the games. [Donkey kong] With out a doubt i’m fast and strong I will bring great fortune back here. “You seem very sure of your self well lets see how you feel if your own family Dixie Kong is with you.

District 12

“For being the most rude to us capitol people I want two of your youngest Boo and Dry bones no arguments aloud. [boo] What are we gonna do Dry bones there will be people bigger then us. [Dry bones]we will see when we get there boo.

The arena=It is a big open mall that has many stores for people to hide in and next to it is a forest park for access to food and water at the pond. The tributes can use there powers and anything that they can find in the mall.

Danger hazards

gun store fan= If it’s turned on while you are inside the vent trying to get inside the store you could get gutted up by a built in fan.

sporting goods poisonous gas= At timed intervals gas is realised into the store which if inhaled will cause you to die.

wild animals= If the game makers decide to move things along faster they will bring in wild mutant animals

security robots= At selected nights they will get turned on and put into kill mode chasing and murdering as many tributes each night as possible.

Training day one [Games maker] Welcome to your new home you will find that up the steps there are 12 bed rooms one for each of the twelve districts enjoy your first day of training and remember we will always be watching you.

Bowser,Wendy koopa,Pom pom,Boom boom,Link and Zelda all go to the deadliest weapons that they can find in the training room.

Boo and Dry bones go to the eatable plants station so that they can build on there survival chances when it comes to having knowledge of what will be safe to eat in the arena.

Mario, Luigi , Daisy and Peach catch up for old times sake at the knot tying station which will hopefully improve there chances at setting traps for food and other tributes to get caught in.

Everyone else is just moving from station to station trying to build on all of there skills that many of them desperately needs if they even have a chance at surviving in the hunger games.

[Games maker] What do you think of this years tributes are any of them impressing you so far? [Head games maker] Not yet they seem as typical as the last couple of years but, if you would turn up there microphones so we can hear what they are saying..

The rest of the day is used up for a few more hours of training until they are told to go to there rooms.

District 1’s room conversation= [mario] hay peach what do you think is going on back in district one? [Peach] Every one is probably starting the betting process in hope of being correct in there guess so that they can earn some food for there families. [Mario] I don’t know what i’m going to do there are so many people here that I care about which includes myself, you ,my brother Luigi and his child hood friend Daisy. Both Mario and Peach fall asleep while they are in deep thought.

District 2’s room conversation= [Zelda] It’s really cool how they have all of us tributes having to eat together even though the day after tomorrow we will all be at each others throats trying to kill one another with what ever we can get our hands on.{Link] What are you doing why are you talking to me we hate each other the only time we ever talk is when we are trash talking each other or saying hurtful comments to one another? {Zelda] Yes I know that but I don’t think that our district will want us to fight each other so early on in the games and with that said I was wondering if you would want to be apart of this years career alliance with me? [Link] I don’t see why not we can even have a little contest between the two of us to see who can get the most overall amount of kills.

District 3’s room conversation= [Popo] My sister is already fast asleep i’m having a really hard time getting myself to fall asleep. The reason is that I don’t know how i’m going to be able to tell my sister about the huge promise that I made to our parents before they were suddenly taken from us all those years ago. She will be devastated to have to lose the person that has been caring for you last few years of your life.”Nana slowly opens her eyes the first thing that she notices is that her brother seems a little bit sad but nana decides to talk to him in the morning.

District 4’s conversation=[Ridley] How lucky you are inferior female I would love to kill you right now with in a heart beat but we are under strict rule not to kill until we are in the arena. {samus] That’s great for you now you are able to live a little bit longer and I also still remember how you destroyed my whole child hood I will kill you for taking my parents from me at such a young age. [Ridley] Still holding that grudge are you at least you will get to join them in the after life.

Districts 5 through twelve go to sleep with out saying anything at all.

Training day two the groups are the same as they were on day one of training.

district 2 {Zelda] Come on Link just go ask them if they want to be apart of the career’s Alliances the worst that they can do is say no. [Link] I don’t get why you want them with us they will just end up slowing us down and plus how on earth are we suppose to get there trust ? [Zelda] Just ask them the more friends we have in their the easier the first day or two will be for us.Link finally agrees to Zelda’s thinking and walks over to the tributes of districts six and nine.

Districts 2,6 and 9. [Bowser] So let me get this straight you want our three districts to become this years career’s alliance. [Link] There will be plenty of other tributes that will be ripe for us to hunt so why not stick close to a small group we can split all of the supplies that we gather at the bloodbath amongst each other. {wendy koopa] I gladly accept your offer on behalf of me and my dad of district nine may our alliances do well together. [Boom boom] It’s wise of you to ask the help of the district that has had the last three wins. The six of them all shake hands.

District 3 The two Eskimos are practicing at how well they aim with the blow dart guns. [Popo] Nana i’m going to go talk to one of our fellow tributes try not to anger any one while i’m gone ok. [Nana] yes hurry back brother I want to spend as much time together as possible.

Popo district 3 and Samus district 4= [samus] I still don’t know why you keep asking me if I want help killing Ridley whats in it for you besides you don’t seem like the killing type. [Popo] I may not enjoy killing but I will help in exchange for one favour. [Samus] Whats the favour let me guess if for some reason you don’t get to Nana during the Bloodbath you want me to protect your sister from anyone who might think that she is a easy kill. The two shake hands sealing there deal that they just made.

[Head games maker] All tributes to there rooms please and good luck because tomorrow is when the games officially start.

All of the tributes are awoken the next morning and are taken to their transport tubes. Once the tubes have finally allowed tributes to see the arena they all take in their first sights and none of them are prepared for what this arena is going to bring them.

[Head games maker] All three levels of the mall are available for you to use and remember you must wait one minute before you step off your pressure plate.

Link’s pov= I’m aware that by looking at the faces of all the other twenty-three tributes that everyone is frantically trying to come up with some kind of survival plan not me though this mall is way to similar to my castle this will be very simple all of us careers will have the upper hand due to my knowledge.

Zelda’s pov= What a wonderful place this years arena is look at all the stores that could possible have a very beautiful elegant dress for me wait no I have to focus I need to get to the marble statue as fast as possible so I can gather supplies and unite with my fellow careers to get some kills.

Birdo’s pov= Just look at this place we need some of those mechanical things that help you get up to the next level back home in district ten.I finally notice me beloved green hunk Yoshi about three pods to my left. [Birdo] Hey Yoshi do you mind if before all the killing starts if I give you a nice feeling blowjob. I wait for a response as Yoshi is finally able to get eye contact with me.

Yoshi’s pov= Their is a terrible voice that my ears pick up the question that this voice asked makes me wince in pain but before I can respond to my ugly district partner Birdo the gong rings loudly in my ear. Damit I end up being the last one off of their pod that stupid homosexual dinosaur has cost me the chance to get anything good from the area around the marble statue. This is going to be a large up hill battle if im going to be able to win the hunger games i’m most likely not impressing my sponsors if I even have any.

Popo’s pov= I’m one of the first tributes off of my pod I quickly turn away from the marble statue because I don’t know who the careers are going to be but there are always people who form a big group of killers each year.So instead of risking my life in the Bloodbath I just grab a nearby tent,ten fishing hooks and a large stack of brickies. I have heard no cannons fire which means that my sister Nana is still alive which means that I can still keep my promise that I made to my parents. Hopefully she is as far away from that marble statue as possible and I’m pleading that if Samus is anywhere close to my sister that she is doing her part of our deal.

Link’s pov= All of us careers have made a huge circle around the perimeter of the marble statue which makes it so that no other tributes can get supplies with out having to risk going through six tributes. After an hour or so I can see that the other careers are getting a little jumpy because there has yet to be any cannon fire signaling a tributes death. [Link] I say we just gather what ever supplies we need and go looking for some pray because the games makers will be getting ticked off some one needs to die soon. we all start out in a quick jog we spread out to search the mall.

Krystal’s pov= I don’t know whats taking Fox so long he told me to stay here in hiding he said that he was going to go strike a major blow to all of the other tributes.It has been way to long I should go search for him I think to myself but what if he gets here after I leave.Their is a hand that touches me from behind I can tell that it belongs to a male tribute I’m trembling with fear because i’m about to die. [Krystal] Please make my death as quick as possible quick and painless. A tear forms in my eye as I await for the response of the tribute.

Fox’s pov= This is the first time that I have physically touched Krystal it felt nice the only problem was that she had her back turned to me and also the fact that she thought I was someone who was going to kill her. [Fox]Look at you already good thing that i’m back you look like a wreck. Krystal slowly turns around she then proceeds to hug me I can tell that she is curious about what I did that caused me to take so long in getting back to her.

Krystal’s pov= It turns out that i’m still alive the male that was touching my shoulder was my district partner Fox. [Krystal] So what did you do that took you so long come on tell me you at least owe me that for nearly giving me a heart attack. I watch as Fox pulls out a strange thin piece of paper that seems to be a map of the mall. [Krystal] How on earth did you get this it had to have been really hard to get? Fox explains how he had noticed the map which was hidden between the fingers on the marble statue while everyone was still on their pods. [Fox] So you see the reason that I took so long was me having to wait for the careers to leave the area of the marble statue vacant before I moved in to grab the map.

Dixie kong’s pov= Nearly half the day is already gone i’m feeling great right now my unlce Donkey kong keeps telling me that we will be fine out here at the park. I agree with his statement as far as I can tell none of the other tributes have left the mall. [Dixie kong] The games makers were very kind to include a environment like this don’t you think uncle? [Donkey kong] I believe that they put something in the arena that will benefit each of the twelve districts. Just then we receive a gift from not our sponsors but the games makers sent it. We open it to see two sharp pointed grappling hooks that are built in our District we then thank the games makers for our new long range weapons.

Popo’s pov= I have decided to stay inside the mall it seems like more tributes have chosen to stay inside as well which means that I have a much grater chance of running into my sister that fact brings up my morale. This security room is a perfect place it provides a closeable door which I can use for protection from the other tributes during the night and also if I can find a way to find a power supply for the security cameras it will be much essayer to find my sister.

End of day one no song plays which tells all the tributes that their had better be some deaths during day two or the games makers will cause some trouble.

Alliances as of right now= 6 careers=Zelda,Link,Bowser,Wendy koopa,Boom boom and Pom pom. Fox and Krystal of district 8 Dixie and Donkey of district 11 Yoshi is by himself Birdo is by herself Popo is by himself All others are unknown

Supplies as of right now= Careers have many supplies that they got from the marble statue Fox and Krystal have a map of the mall Popo has a tent, 10 fish hooks and a stack of brickies Dixie and Donkey have two grappling hooks Yoshi has nothing Birdo has nothing All others are unknown

Day two “The Deaths Begin [Games maker] What a disappointment the first day of the games was we are not getting as many bets you need to do something right this minute.The Head games maker takes a minute to come up with a plan that will guarantee that their are going to be deaths. [Head games maker] Hello tributes I need your attention please as you all must know their were no deaths at all yesterday so to fix this I want you all to know that during tonight their will be a danger hazard that will definitely get kills and any tribute that kills another tribute will receive a huge reward that could be game changing.

Zelda’s pov= I must get a kill so that no one else gets what ever the special reward is before me.All of the other careers are still asleep which means that I could easily sneak off to make sure I have as many hours of hunting as possible. The other option I have is I could kill one of my fellow careers so I can receive a reward but the problem with that is that who ever I don’t kill will be alerted by the cannon fire they would surely kill me so I chose my first option thus meaning i’m no longer apart of the career alliance I bet that's going to end up bitting me in the butt.

Popo’s pov=Their was very little noise last night that made it so I was able to get a long rest i’m now fully energized. The first thing that is on my to do list is to set a defencive trap around the entrance of the security room so that no one can enter it while i’m searching the remotes in the T. V rental store next door for batteries to power the cameras. [Popo] Yes after searching twenty-five remotes I have finally found one that had the correct type of batteries to run the security cameras I swear sis we will be together soon just stay alive.

Yoshi’s pov=Last night was painfully exhausting I didn't get to sleep at all I was to worried that a group of tributes would attack me when I didn’t have any supplies that I could use to barter for my life. [Yoshi] I need to find food soon or their will be no way I will be able to survive what ever tonight's danger hazard is. My nose is able to pick up the scent of what seems to be a sweat-roll this could be a trap I know this but what choice do I have I need supplies. The smell suddenly goes away which leaves me clueless what do I do now but then I see the sweat-rolls the only thing that is stopping me from going to them is the fact that my district partner is holding them in her hand and God knows I hate her so much but I move closer just to see what she wants.

Fox’s pov=The announcement of the reward has Krystal and me determined but since she keeps telling me she had a hard time sleeping last night so we have stopped moving and chosen a matres store I tell her to rest as long as she likes and that it will be better when she is more focused. She thanks me and gently falls asleep on the largest matres in the store. I know that she will be angry with me for not letting her come investigate the underground maintenance tunnels that we found the location of by using our map of the mall. I close the chain door so that I know Krystal will be safe without me then I head to a door that leads to the underground maintenance tunnels.

Birdo’s pov= I’m surprised when Yoshi actually moves closer to me but then I realize the only reason he came any closer to me is the fact that his stomach has taken over for his mind typical men when they get hungry they do things they normally wouldn't. [Birdo] Would you look at this it seems when I have food you actually want to be around me so I think that I should cut to the chase Yoshi if you want to eat these sweat-rolls then you must let me join in a alliance with you and let me hold your hand for a little bit. [Yoshi] O.K you know what fine but don’t you be getting any ideas no touching anything other then my hands .I did it i’m now with my green hunk.

Link’s pov= I awake we careers have not even started hunting yet today the games makers are going to make tonight hell if someone doesn't die soon. I prepare to wake the other five careers but before I do I realize that there is not five to wake up because my district partner is not anywhere nearby. This thought makes me rush over to the supplies nothing seems to have been taken but my equipment seems to have been reorganized in a way that seems like it could be hiding some kind of object underneath it. I move my equipment piece by piece quietly as to not wake the others when all of it is moved I am able to pick up a piece of paper that has a stamp on it that can only be owned by a citizen of district two which means it is from Zelda. I unlatch the stamp and then proceed to read the note. [Zelda] I hope it’s you Link who is reading this right now and not one of the others that would really suck by now you can probably tell that I have decided to leave the career’s alliance you can ditch them to and try to get back with me but that’s your choice ps good luck Link. This choice takes me less then a second I decided to ditch the careers and hopefully meet up with Zelda. [Link] This will teach her to not leave me behind next time I am about to take the lead because as we speak i’m placing a motion sensor bomb in the middle of Bowser,Wendy koopa,Boom boom and Pom pom. I take almost all of their food and stuff it into a backpack I leave the soon to be site of a explosion.

Bowser’s pov= Their was nothing that could possibly stand in my way of getting a kill today I was full of rage I put a powerful throw into my spear it is the last thing I do a explosion occurs knocking me to the ground I hear my cannon fire as my soul moves on i’m the first death.

Wendy koopa’s pov=My body feels like shit at first I think that i’m having a terrible dream that thought does not last long because I open my eyes which allows me to get a sense of my surroundings. [Wendy koopa] I don’t understand how could this destruction have happened the marble statue is no longer in existence and where are the other careers I don’t hear any other sounds of life I still risk yelling to see if I can get in contact ‘Hello dad are you there I can’t move I need help my leg feels like it’s broken. When I see movement I tilt my head in the direction of it I’m relived that it’s the two tributes from district six Boom boom and Pom pom they move closer and prepare to say something to me I can tell by the look on their face they have bad news.

Link’s pov= I had really hoped that my bombs would have killed more then just one of the careers but at least i’m now ahead of Zelda she had better start bringing her very best if she wants to catch up to me. To my surprise not one but two parachutes are falling from the opening in the top wall. I open the small package and look strangely at a strange vial of liquid but a smile appears on my face as I read the word endurance booster on the bottle. [Link] This is great and all but they seemed to hype it up way to much. I take back everything I just said because in the second package is a large needle that says one prick will be able to heal any wound even if at the brink of death it has two uses which means I could use it both times or I could save one of them for Zelda but first I have to find her.

Boom boom’s pov= I just decide to show Wendy the bad news because it is way to hard to explain to her. [Wendy] No dad you can’t be the first one dead I need you as well as the fact that we can’t let our district down. Pom pom and myself jump on the opportunity to build on Wendy’s rage by informing her that the person who killed her dad was Link or Zelda thus we ensure that she stays apart of the careers.

Fox’s pov= How long ago did I leave Krystal i’m starting to think that I should have taken her with me. The underground tunnels are completely dark you would think that with a few extra cables it would be easy to get power down here. The games makers are the richest people on earth they would never build a location that doesn’t have lighting.[Fox] I got it the lights are voice activated lights on wow those lights are bright. My voice cracks as I realize I hit the jackpot because there are crates of food down here me and Krystal are set.

Zelda’s pov= I really should have brought Link with me because if I had I wouldn’t be laying here on the forest ground with my blood soaked dress. My body is not fit for climbing a tree I had to realize that the hard way by falling off a tree branch and nearly breaking my neck. I don’t have much to do but sit and wait for a sponsor gift or my district partner Link to arrive to help patch up my wound. Their is a sound that startles me from up above in the tree if it’s a wild mutt I don’t think that I will be able to fight it off. It’s a relief to me when it turns out to be the female tribute from district eleven I pretend to have a smile on my face so I don’t seem threatening to her.

Dixie kong’s pov=I realize that I could be making a huge mistake but I can’t help it I will not watch as someone is dieing I'm to kind of a person to allow it. [Dixie kong] um I don’t know your name but I was wondering if their is anything I can get you maybe something to stop your head from bleeding as well as a little bit of food I don’t have any with me but I think that I can find you here again. [Zelda] That’s very kind of you helping someone who isn't from your own district may I ask what your name is but I do know your from district eleven. I tell her it’s Dixie kong and that I will be back as soon as possible without my uncle of course he would not like this at all.

Krystal’s pov= My mind and body are fully rested I’m pist off because I was expecting some kind of food to be in front of me instead I found out that Foxs’ has locked me inside the matres store. I try to lift the gate that is blocking me from leaving the store but it will not budge. [Krystal] Why on earth did Fox lock me in here what could he be doing that he doesn’t want me to take part in? That bitch I know were he is at he went to check the underground maintenance tunnels without me. I’m going to slap Fox senseless but first I need to find away out of this store.

Yoshi’s pov= I have been scared for life because ever scenes I agreed to join into a alliance with my freak of a district partner Birdo she has not let my hand go not once and it is really getting to hurt she is squeezing really hard. I’m happy as can be as the gods have answered my pleads because right as we pass by the security room Popo smacks Birdo in the side of the head with a brick that has fish hooks on it which rips at the flesh on her face. I can tell by the amount of blood flowing out of her face that I’m now going to be free from her for the rest of my life. I turn to thank Popo for killing her but he is long gone.

Popo’s pov= I’m never going to be able to go back to my old life. I murdered someone who wasn’t even armed to defend herself. No I didn’t murder anyone I killed her to protect my sister Nana and to keep the games makers happy so they don’t trigger a death trap that could kill her. A silver parachute falls from the sky containing my reward for killing the female from district ten. I pull out a small disk that has a note attached to it. I then proceed to read the note. Dear tribute one day after you receive this you can use it to teleport to anywhere or anyone inside the arena. {Popo} stay safe Nana tomorrow we will be together.

Donkey Kong’s pov= I don’t know why Dixie Kong keeps telling me that it is urgent that she goes and scavenges by herself. She finally gets me to agree when she promises not to be out to0 long. I wait as she disappears into the vast amount of trees I only wait about a minute then I prceed to follow Dixie in hopes of finding out what she is hiding from me.

Wendy Koopa’s pov= I’m no longer a complete mess. I have accepted the fact that my dad is no longer alive. We careers have managed to get a hold of a map of the mall since we have left the area of the destroyed marble statues. With the map we have decided to go check out some underground maintenance tunnels. {Wendy Koopa} Why are we still walking Can’t we take a break My feet are getting cramped I stop complaining because the look on Boom Boom’s face is telling me to shut my mouth or else he is going to kill me.

Link’s pov= It’s official, I’m completely clueless as to where to find Zelda. I have searched everywhere I could possibly come up with. There is one place I have not checked which is outside of the park. This will be interesting. I have not left the mall since the games began. The main reason I’m trying to find her is to see if she is the other person who has gotten a kill.

Zelda’s pov= Maybe she has forgotten my location or just decided to blow off helping a injured tribute. A noise stops me from thinking about crawling away because what happens a moment after the sound happens as promised Dixie Kong the female of district 11 has returned to help. {Zelda} I was beginning to think that you had lost interest in helping me so what did you bring? {Dixie Kong} This might not be much but all I was able to bring was twenty oranges and a few leaves that you can use to wrap up your wounds. I hope this helps it is about time I got going. I hope you feel better, bye Zelda.

Donkey Kong’s pov= She never listens to anything I say even if what I am telling her is for her own good. Maybe it’s my fault for always informing her that it is best if you always lend a helping hand. I can save her I know I can with that in mind I run out of the bushes push Dixie kong with all my might thus saving her life but I’m not able to save my own I hear my cannon fire as Zelda laughs due to stabbing my heart with a sharp bamboo stick. My last thought is that hopefully Dixie is running away from where Zelda is.

Link’s pov= I see the hovercraft moving towards the sound of the most recent cannon shot I’m following it in hope of finding Zelda or another quick and easy kill. Before I go charging out of the bush I let out a laugh because I see that the person who got the kill is my district partner Zelda. We have a lot of catching up to do and a couple of rules to set like not leaving your partner behind.

Boom boom’s pov= We took a long time to get down here but by far this is the best thing that has happened to us careers since the games started. [Pom pom] I knew it was to good to be true one of the boxes is missing some other tributes have already been here they can’t have gotten far lets go hunt them down if we run we will catch up to them. I agree with Pom pom’s thought and as we prepare to run in the most likely direction of the tribute who had last been here we end up not having the chance.

Wendy koop’s pov= All hell breaks lose we careers scatter to find cover we have found out what the games makers have planed for tonight's death trap it is killer robots. By our luck their is only one robot down here it will be easy to destroy since their is three of us and one of it. [Wendy koopa] I know what you guys are going to think of this plan but if you two get the robots attention I will be able to sneak around behind it to figure out a way to deactivate it. The look on their faces is giving the impression that they are thinking about ditching me but after a few seconds of hesitation they move forward with my plan.

Pom pom’s pov= It’s really obvious that this robot has not been programed to be very smart because every time it tries to shoot at one of us we dodge it by moving in a zig zag pattern.[Boom boom] Don’t you wish that all the other tributes are as stupid as this robot Pom pom? I smile as a response to his question as well at the now lifeless body of the robot because Wendy's plan worked . We now own the underground maintenance tunnels.

Dixie Kong's pov= I’m a horrible person if only I had listened to my uncle he would still be alive and here with me. It’s all my fault my district will be very disappointed with me even if I win they will make me an outcast. [Dixie kong] I swear to the people back home that if I ever see Zelda I will make her feel deep pain she will regret her murderous act towards my family. I have decided to heed to the lake their will be fresh fish and possibly shelter from tonight's death trap. I quicken my pace because I want to get farther from the loud foot steps I hear that are coming from inside the mall.

Dry bone’s pov=Run faster Boo the three robots are going to catch up to us. A forth robot is standing beside the exit that’s it the robots can’t leave the mall it is safe outside at the forest. I yell back to inform Boo to follow me because I know how to safe us from the robots. The robots doesn’t move to stop me from charging right out of the door and into the safeness of the forest.

Boo’s pov= Dry bones was right he has already gotten through the exit door I’m about to join him in the safe outdoors but before I can get to him the robot that was standing next to the door closes the door then it proceeds to lock it shut. [Boo] Help Dry bones I can’t open the door I don’t want to die and to be alone on the other side.It’s hopeless no matter how hard Dry bones hits the door it will not budge.He can only sit in pain as he hears my screams of terror I’m no match as the robots kill me leaving Dry bones all alone.

Zelda’s pov=I was in the middle of apologizing to Link for leaving him but I end up noticing Dry bones looking at a door that must be where the most recent death has been. I smile because the score is now going to be two to one I throw one of my enchanted fireballs towards Dry bones. [Link] I don’t think so Zelda my arrow will hit him first it’s travailing at a far faster speed. It sucks because Link ends up being correct he gets the kill. I will not lose to you I tell him with a sly smile on my face.[Link] The results as of right now aren’t telling us that.. Zelda receives a spell book that will be explained later.

End of day two no more deaths happen

Day two death recap = Place 24 =Bowser was killed by Link

place 23=Birdo was killed by Popo

place 22=Donkey kong was killed by Zelda

place 21=Boo killed by Robots

place 20=Dry bones killed by link.

Alliances as of right now= 3 careers Wendy koopa, Boom boom and Pom pom

Link and Zelda of district 2

Fox and Krystal of district 8

Popo by himself

Yoshi by himself

Dixie Kong by herself

All others are unknown

Supplies as of right now= Careers have many boxes of food,water and weapons.

Krystal and Fox have a map of the mall and one box of food.

Link and Zelda have 10 oranges,a spell book, endurance potion and healing needle

Popo has a teleporting device.

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