For those of you who are confused about the title I have been gone from this wiki for a while but now im back and ready to do another game.I will need 26 tributes because district 13 will be apart of this.There will be reapings and interviews but no chariot rides.Good luck and may the odds ever be in your favor.


1.You may enter as many tributes as you want but the more you have the more likely one of yours will die in bloodbath.

2.Try to not make to many sibling/love pairs that gets kind of hard to write about.

3.lastly don't yell at me if your tribute dies not everyone can live.{Spolier there may be more then one victor.}

The tributes











Deano Tyrones



Rosalind Shimmer




timmy Liurty



Aletta Sifonios


Katniss Jane Mellark


Kevin Potter



Sherli Dewl




Baez Rocca


J McAtee

Seraphina Sage


Katniss Jane Mellark


Adron Phelan



Cabria Autumn




Olive Odessey

16 Everdeen7000

Madison Madson

16 Everdeen7000


Logn Waterson 18 IHeartHungerGames

Zanna Vinland




Brian Anglim



Kayla Kenmore




Banak Crane


Banak Crane

Feline Madir 12 Robin040197


Brian merchant



Alice Clar





Cress Thompson

18 Everdeen7000

Bluebell "Blue" Thompson

12 Everdeen7000


Leo Algieba



Jane Sybella

12 1/2

Katniss Jane Mellark


Spencer Holly 16 Brynn1999 Jessica Proper 16 Brynn1999

The arena

This year the tributes will be at the prison alcatraz fighting it out to survive.

The reapings

D1 Rosalind Shimmer pov

It is finally the year that I'm ready to enter the games I will win to get back my families fortune and and avenge Lila's death.I stop thinking to my self to watch the escort who seems a lot younger then last years finish his speech when he got done he asked for any male volunteers a tall dark skined eighteen year old guy named Deano Tyrones.It takes a group of ten peacekeepers to pull the four girls who have fighting for his affection the last few months.Next he calls for a female volunteer a girl who is closer to the stage raises her hand the only thing that is going through my head is no I leap at her tackle her and punch her in the eye this causes her to get angary at me she kicks me in the leg causing me to fall.The escort calls for some help seperating us what surprises me is who helps Deano Tyrones grabes the other girl by the neck and shoves her off the stage.A minute after this happened the train arived he got on then turned around and said well are you coming because i don't think that the other girls going to be the tribute.

D2 Aletta Sifonios pov

Why does the reaping have to be today its really sunny out now no one is going to be able to get to enjoy it do to the fear that some have about getting reaped.As soon as I left the house a peacekeeper took some blood from my finger which is stupid in my oppinion that they need to do that every year.When everyone was finally at the district square our brand new district escort walked on to the stage and did one of the most disrespectful in the hunger games history he pulled out a remote that when he pushed it it blew up the house that our victor of this years game was going to live in.He really is a jerk I think to my self I bet he is well liked by the capital.I'm not really surprised when no one volunteers no one would want to go with our escort. "Well lookes like im going to need to pick from the bowl boys first Timmy Liurty is this years district 2 tribute and for the girls Aletta sifonios.

3 Kevin Potter pov

Today is the worrest day every year do to the reaping it doesn't help that I know that some of the kids at school who bullie me really want me to get reaped even though I have never done anything to them.The district escort is a twenty year old lady who is always able to win lots of money do to always being able to bet on the correct person who wins. "Hello citizens of district three I would like you all to know that I belive that this year will be your turn to win So lets start with the girls." I watch as the escort puts her hand in the girls bowl waits a second then grabs a name "Sherli Dewl you are this years female tribute." A peacekeeper has to help her on the stage because she is blind.When the escort grabs from the guys bowl she calls out my name out of the corner of my eye I see the bullies laughing. "good luck to this years district 3 tributes Kevin Potter and Sherli Dewl."

D4 Baez Rocca pov

I'm a bit late for the reaping but that can wait because my grandfather wanted me to stop by his shop to pick up a necklace that he wanted to give me for luck incase i get reaped.When i get to the district square everyone seems to be in a good mood despite it being reaping day.Our escort for this year game is the same as the last few he is always kind to us district four citizens."I wish you all th best of luck but we must now pick our tributes.He grabs a name out of the girls bowl he calls a small 12 year old named Auroa but her older sister Seraphina Sage Voluteers for her. The escort tells her that see is very brave to take her sisters place in the games.He reaches into the boys bowl and calls a very special name did you guess it yep it was my name Baez Rocca.We both shake each others hand and get in the train.

D5 Cabria Autumn pov

I'm in the middle of a amazing dream when I get awoken by a very angary peacekeeper who seems like he just started working as a peacekeeper. "What are you dong sleeping in like this you do know that its reaping day your lucky that it wasn't one of the other peacekepers who came to check this house now get going." I quickly made my way to the district square everyone is wide awake but me because i hate mornings i'm more of a night owl.The escort is very important do to her being a previous gamesmaker but no one understands how she didn't get to be a escort for a career district.She askes for volunteers no one steps up for the girls but thats not the case for the guys Adron Phelan volunteers there are rumors that he has killed many people I feal bad for which ever girl ends up being his partner.What do you know I end up getting reaped hope he doesn't kill me.

D6 Olive Odessey pov

I ask Mariano Sanchez for any last minute tips just incase I get reaped for the gameshe tells me that he has given me all the advice that he can.When I get to the district square the reaping was already started some fourteen year old kid got reaped like he even has a chance so I quickly volunteer to take his place.What makes this even better is a girl named Madison Madson gets reaped I hate her and now I can kill her yay.She really likes me so it will be best to use her for my own goals for a little bit in the arena.

D7 Zanna Vinland pov

It is one of the most terrible days in district seven its reaping day everyone is getting in a few last minute laughs with there friends incase they get reaped. No one has ever been really good friends with me so i'm off in the corner of the crowed while the escort walks out on to the stage with no reaping bowls. "I'm sure that by now you have all noticed that the reaping bowls are not out here that is because I'm sorrey to tell you that the presedent has chossen your district to send two tributes that he has picked Zanna Vinland and Logn Waterson please get on the train. I very rairly talk to other people but I have to let out how I feal right now even if Logan Waterson isn't paying attention to me.

D8 Brian Anglim pov

My sister jenny is rushing me to get dressed for the reaping today our mom is already at the district square and she told us to meet her there.When we get there I'm surprised to see we have two escorts they are two very beautifull sisters how on earth could they work for the capital. "This Is my sister and I first year as escorts so please try to make this as enjoyable as possible for us now lets start with the females.All the girls in the crowed tenssion up do to being afraid of being reaped.A girl named Kayle Kenmore gets reaped I remember her from school she is really liked I feal really bad for what ever guy who gets reaped because no one will want to sponcer him over Kayle Kenmore.I end up fealing even worse when i'm the guy who gets reaped my sister Jenny is in tears I must win to return to her.We are on our way to the capital.

D9 Feline Madir pov

It is reaping day its my first year and I feal really calm my name is only in the bowl once this year so what are the odds of me being picked.The escort looks like he is not happy having our district but he doesn't have a choice.As always the escort askes for volunteers a seventeen year old male named Banak Crane raises his hand walkes onto the stage with a big grin on his face.No female volunteers so the escort tells Banak Crane to go grab a name from the bowl he doesn't even take his time he grabs the first paper he touches then hands it to the escort. " Feline Madir please come up her you are this years female tribute.We our on our way to the capital.

D10 Brian merchant pov

I wake up yelling my parents ask me whats wrong I tell them I was just remembering my sisters death last year I don't want to end up dieing like her it was a terrible trap made my a district three tribute. When I finally get the courage to go to the district square I'm concerned about the amount of peacekeepers that are here that seems a little bit to much.





{C}D1 male Deano Tyrones

{Caesar}Lets start the day of with one of the best tributes I have seen in years Mr Deano Tyrones.

{Deano Tyrones]Are you trying to suck up to me caesar you dont need to do that when I win I will gladley give you a autograph.

{Caesar]Yes a autograph would be nice but thats not why your out here right now is it you are here to awnser a quetion of mine.I as well as the rest of the viewers would like to know why you pushed that one girl of the stage at the reaping?

{Deano Tyrones}Why you ask its simple she didn't have the right training to be my district partner i need someone good to watch my back.

{Caesar}Wow looks like we are out of time good luck Mr Deano Tyrones.

D1 female Rosalind Shimmer

{Caesar}Lets see how well she can do compared to her distrci partner please welcome Ms Rosalind Shimmer.

{Rosalind Shimmer}Don't you look happy to see me Caesar you can't even get your leg to stop bouncing up and down

[Caesar}Who wouldn't be happy to see you especially when we have all been dieing to know the awnser to why you tackled the other girl at the reaping.

{Rosalind Shimmer}Do be honest I really felt like this is my year to win I didn't want to have to way another whole year.

{Caesar}Well good luck hope you do well Ms Rosalind Shimmer.

D2 male timmy Liurty

{Caesar}District one was immpressive lets see if district two can stand up to them please welcome Timmy lurty to the stage

{Timmy Liurty]Stand up to district one you say of course we are just as strong now whats your question Caesar?

{Caesar]You look like the kind of guy who would love to be in the games why didn't you volunteer at the reaping?

[Timmy Liurty]The escort mde me think twice he is not the kind of guy that likes us tributes.

{Caesar]good luck in the arena.

D2 female Aletta Sifonios

{Caesar]You got to see the d1 male now lets see how you like the female Please welcome Ms.Aletta Sifonios.

{Aletta Sifonios]Hey Caesar its nice to finally get this interview out of the way so ask your question.

{Caesar}If you don't mind me asking but how do you think you compare to the other career tributes?

{Aletta Sifonios]To be honest it's going to be very hard to stand out amongst the careers because we have a deadly group this year.

{Caesar]Good luck trying to stand out.

D3 male Kevin Potter

{Caesar}The district three escort seemed sure that one of her tributes lets see what Mr Kevinn Potter has to say about himsellf.

{Kevin Potter}Hello I know that your suppose to ask me a question but I have one for you how come your lucky enough to live here in the capital?

{Caesar}Luck has nothing to do with it but remember if you win you could move here yourself Mr Kevin Potter.Looks like your times up to bad I didn't get to ask my question. good luck.

D3 female Sherli Dewl

{Caesar}We had a nice talk with Kevin Potter now lets see how we like his district partner Ms Sherli Dewl.

{Sherli Dewl}Could you help me find my chair I'm blind after all,Thank you now I'm ready for your question.

{Caesar}Do you see your self at a disadvantage do to your blindness or are you fealing like you will be fine in the arena?

{Sherli Dewl}To be honest I think that any thing can happen I might get really far or I might get killed at the very start you just can't predict these things.

{Caesar}Well what ever happens good luck Ms Sherli Dewl.

D4 male Baez Rocca

{Ceasar} Lets see If Mr Baez Rocca can get you to like and sponcer him throught the games.

{Baez Rocca]Trust me Ceasar I'm already going to have a lot of sponcers might as well leave a few for the other tributes.Now Ceasar I have a question for you how far do you think I will get?

{Ceasar]If what you say is true about having good sponcers I would easily say top five.Good luck Mr Baez Rocca.

D4 female Seraphina Sage

{Ceasar]We are about to meet district fours female please welcome Seraphine sage.

{Seraphina Sage}Hi ceasar do you think that my dress looks ok or do you think it's a bit much.

{Ceasar]Don't worry your dress is fine anyways now to my question what are you plans for the arena?

{Seraphine Sage}Simple try to win and only allie if i'm in a life or death situation.

{Ceasar}Good luck.

D5 male Adron Phelan

{Ceasar]We are about to meet district fives male Adron Phelan.

{Adron Phelan}Carefull with what you say ceasar it could be your last because I'm sure you have heard the rumors about me.

{Ceasar]Yes I have now if you mind me asking a question you seem like you would fit in perfectly with the career tributes do you think you might allie with them.

{Adron Phelan]Me allie with them now that would be a deadly alliance.

{Ceasar]good luck.

D5 female Cabria Autumn

{Ceasar]I hope you give a warm welcome to district fives female Cabria Autumn because it took a lot of effort to wake her up she isn't much of a day person.

{Cabria Autumn]Why coudn't we do my interview last i'm tired?

{Caesar]You know the rules its orderd by district.good luck Ms Cabria Autumn.

D6 male Olive Odessey

{Ceasar]I'm sure that d6 male will have a lot to say please welcome Mr Olive Odessey.

{Olive Odessey]I do have a lot to say like have you ever seen a distict five tribute volunteer before?

{Ceasar]I can't say I have at least in a very long time anyways what made you want to volunteer?

{Olive Odessey]Simple I can win good bye.

D6 female Madison Madson

{Ceasar]We don't know much about the district six female its time to get to know her please welcome Madison Madson.

{Madison Madson]Thats right out of all the tributes you have interviewd you know the least about me so ask your question.

{Ceasar]I'm sorrey to say in my oppinion you don't look like the type of person who would be able to kill someone how are you going to survive in the arena.

{Madison Madson]I just need to seperate myself from all the tribuutes who would be willing to kill.

{Ceasar]Good luck.

D7 male Loagn Waterson

{Ceasar]Some people say that district seven was screwed this year lets see what the male has to say please welcome Logan Waterson.

{Loagn Wateson]I suppose you want to know how I feal about the presedent making me be in this years game right?

{Ceasar]Yes that would be great t know.

{Loagn Waterson]I think that he must have had his reasons for picking me.

{Ceasar]good luck.

D7 female Zanna Vinland

{Ceasar]It was a terrible year to be a district seven citizen do to our presedent picking them to not have a reaping lets see how the female Zanna Vinland feals.

{Zanna Vinland]Um your not going to hurt me in anyway are you.

{Ceasar]No i'm not this is just a interview sweetheart now we would like to know what your plans for the bloodbath are?

{Zanna Vinland]I'm not going to be around the cornucopia for long just grab a few things then run.

[Ceasar]good luck

D8 male Brian Anglim

{Ceasar]We are over half way done with the interviews lets continue please welcome District eights Male Brain Anglism.

{Brian Anglim]Do you think that you could give me a few pointers for the arena?

{Ceasar]You want a pointer all I can say is sleep only when you need to.By the way good luck.

D8 female Kayla Kenmore

{Ceasar]District eights Kayle Kenmore is up next please give her a warm welcome.

{Kayla Kenmore]Thank you for that very kind introduction you may now ask your question.

{Ceasar]Everyone in your district seemed to really like you do you feal that you will get more sponcers then your district partner?

{Kayla Kenmore]I feal that people will sponcer who every they want to.

{Ceasar]Good luck

training scores

D1 female Rosalind Shimmer 12/15

D1 male Deano Tyrones 10/15

D2 female Aletta Sifonios 8/15

D2 male timmy Liurty 9/15

D3 male Kevin Potter 7/15

D3 female Sherli Dewl 6/15

D4 male Baez Rocca 10/15

D4 female Seraphina Sage 9/15

D5 male Adron Phelan 9/15

D5 female Cabria Autumn 7/15

D6 male Olive Odessey 8/15

D6 female Madison Madson 6/15

D7 female 'Zanna Vinland 11/15

D7 male Logn Waterson 6/15

D8 male Brian Anglim 7/15

D8 female Kayla Kenmore 8/15

D9 male Banak Crane 9/15

D9 female Feline Madir 7/15

D10 male Brian merchant 6/15

D10 female Alice Clark 5/15

D11 Male Cress Thompson 8/15

D11 female Bluebell "Blue" Thompson 9/15

D12 female Jane Sybella 8/15

D12 male Leo Algieba 8/15

D13 female Jessica Proper 5/15

D13 male Spencer Holly 9/15

The games

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