Hello this is going to be my first games in which I use tributes from actuall users so please submite up to two tributes. They can be from the same district but I would prefer if they are from different Districts so their is not a lot of love couples .The information I will need is their name,age ,gender,personality,weapon of choice ,weaknesses, strenghts and their stategy.I will not be having chariot rides but I will have training scores and reapinings.

District male age place user female age place user
one Sterking Silver 18 5th KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta Puhnk Pink 14 12th ~ilovepeeta~
two Mason Wells 16 13th KatnissEverdeenAndPeeta Kiera 13 winner ~ilovepeeta~
three Ben Fire 12 20th Moon Beam Serena Wolf 17 7th Moon Beam
four Wawa Lake 15 19th QuinnQuinn Poppy Tepelis 14 9th QuinnQuinn
five Rick Jones 13 3rd Nate77 Rose jones 16 11th illugale
six Cobra Cruise 18 14th Everdeen Lillian gardes 15 4th illugale
seven Conan Chan 12 23th Kwankwan44 Summer Liu 12 15th Kwankwan44
eight Carson Smith 13 22th Super.cute Kitten Eve cotten 13 21th Necterine411
nine Peter Malmark 16 10th Super.cute Kitten Amber Pike 12 17th Nate77
ten Ranch Xander 16 8th Necterine411 Summer Denim 16 24th Everdeen
eleven Max vaz 14 16th SkyandBray Lillith 12 18th SkyandBray
twelve Talon Faust 12 2nd firechatcher3 Kadzie Woods 15 6th firechatcher3

I will start as soon as all spots are filled.

The arena

As nomal the cornucopia will be in the middle with supplies scaterd around it for the tributes to fight for.Thier are five zones that the tributes can go to 1=forrest 2=desert 3=mountain 4=city 5=field.In each of these five areas their will be specific danger hazerds that will be present at the location.


The way that the sponsoring will work is each user will get $1000 dollers to start out with for each tribute that you put in.I wiil keep track of how much money you have you can request a item thay you want to send to your tributes you must tell me which one you want to send it to especialy when they are from two different Districts.Every time your tribute surrvives a death trap or kills a tribute you gain $500 dollers.

item costs
Type Item cost #in stock effect
food loaf of bread $500 infanite feeds tribute
food apple $300 for five 50 feeds tribute
food cheese $500 each infanite feeds tribute
food rice bowls $700 infanite feeds tribute
food curry sauce $500 10 cans good with rice
food sandwich $400 each 20 sanwiches feeds tribute
Drink water $500 each infanite Quenches thirst
Drink juice/coke $500 for two bottels infanite Quenches thirst
medicine healing potion $900 each 10 bottels scars=all gone
medicine burn medicine $700 each 15 bottels heals your burns
medicine Nightlock pill $800 infanite kills w/out pain
medicine super healer $900 for two doses 6 doses heal everything but broken bones
medicine steroids $700 each 3 doses makes tributes stronger
weapon knife $600 for 5 35 close range weapon
weapon sword $200 10 mid range weapon
weapon spear $150 for 2 10 mid range weapon
weapon ax $200 5 close range weapon
weapon bow and arrow $400 5 long range weapon
weapon blowgun $500 15 long range weapon
weapon trident $500 10 mid range weapon
weapon hammer $400 5 close range weapon
weapon mace $200 1 close range weapon
Luxury tent $600 5 good shelter
luxury torch/matches $500 infinite gives heat
luxury night goggles $500 5 see in the dark
anything else anything else ask for price ask for stock ask for effect
medicine antitoxin $100 20 heals you from poison.


Distrist 1:Sterking Silver

I can't belive it i'm in our district square during the reapings and our escort has just asked for any male tributes if they want to volunteer. This is my last chance to enter the games I'm eight-teen after all I think to my self with that in mind I stand up and shout as loud as I can that I volunteer.The escort has a confussed look on his face as if he is trying to solve a problem.I finally notice the reason to his confuseion another boy tribute had volunteerd at the same time I did and he is only four-teen. This boy is brave to stand in my way but after a minute of me nearly choking him to death he sits down. None of our females volunteer so a name gets drawn it ends up being some werid girl named Puhnk Pink. All i can tell about her is that she is very stuck up about herself that will change when we get in the arena.

District 2:Kiera

My brother won't let go of my hand even though I have already told him that I don't care about him at all but he keeps saying that he will not lose me. My mind relaxes as the escort asks for a male tribute before he draws a name. A boy who I think his name is Mason Wells volunteers but for some reason starts walking in the oppistite dirrection then where he is suppose to.Everyone in the crowed is laughing at him untill he finally gets to the correct spot but I can tell that if he wins a lot of people here are going to be in trouble.No female volunteers so we are all awaiting the escort to say the name that was drawn. In is usual pumped up voice he says a name that makes my brother sad Kiera.I'm going to get my perfect skin ruined I think as me and Mason Wells get on the train.

District 3:Serena Wolf

The urgency in my moms voice makes me run to catch up to her faster it's the day of the reaping after all the last time someone arrived late they were badly wiped for a intire night.The escort of our district is a good friend of my father so when he says the name Serena Wolf it takes me a minute to realize that it was me he just called.I ask the escort since he and my family have good history together if I can draw the name for the male tribute.He says yes so I reach into the cup and grab a name I then proceed to read the name Ben Fire.As we get on the train Ben gives me a complement saying that with his determind mindsit and my intellegence that one of us will win I'm glad he thinks that.

District 4:Wawa Lake

All of my friends enjoy my jokes I'm in the middle of telling one of them my most recent joke when our escort yells in a loud voice the name Wawa Lake. When I get on the stage I stand at attention to mock the way he is always acting like a drill instructer it gets the intire crowed to laugh.After a minute of the laughter stops a female volunteers whos name is Poppy Tepeils she is one year younger then me but she is always in trouble at school for saying hurtful coments to the teacher."just be a good boy and follow everything I say and you won't get hurt ok says Poppy. I nod even though it will be fun ticking her off with my jokes.

District 5:Rick Jones

I'm enraged at the comment my friend just made about my dead grandma foxface.I keep telling him to shut up but he won't stop insulting her for the way she died.When the escort calls for volunteers I jump straight up out of my seat.As I walk up to the stage I hear my friend shout the question why did I volunteer for the games.I don't respond out loud but in my mind I tell myself it's to prove how good my grandma's strategy was. A female gets drawn which makes everyone sigh because it ends up being the worrest possible choice her name is Rose jones. We bored the train as she asks me what I think of the color pink.

District 6:Cobra cruise

When the escort and the rest of the people who live here in district six arrive at the town square they are surpprised that half of the raping is over because i'm already on the stage in the male tributes spot no onw is going to take this chance from me I had benn up here all night.The escort has a big smile on his face he tells me that he is glad someone from our district has the guts to enter the games without being reaped.To no ones surprise a female has to be drawn it ends up being Lillian Gardes.She tells me that I shouldn't be so confident it could get me killed.I laugh at her to respond to her that she must know very little about me.

District 7:Summer Liu

Which drees should I wear I want to look good since everyone from the intire district will be their. This will have to do I hope that everyone becomes super jealous of me since this is great looking on someone as beautiful as me. It's weird when the escort that is our brand new one tells us that our tributes will be chossen by him throwing a knife at a spining wheel that has all of our faces on it.I end up being the female while the male is Cohan Chan.I punch him in the arm to see if he winces with pain but the only reaction I get from him is him punching me back in a playful maner..This is great he will make a great ally we are already getting along.

District 8:Eve cotten

My mind snaps back into reality I really am confussed when I look out into the crowed and realize i'm standing on the stage.I ask the escort how on earth I got up here he says don't you remember you volunteered for the games.I'm in deep panic mode what I don't remember doing that why would I put my life in danger wait I forgot to take my medecation this morning.The escort is already pushing me torwads the train with the male Carson Smith following close by.The escort sighs has he says how on eath did he end up with me and a eight-teen year old caring a Squirrel doll around.

District 9:Amber Pike

The escort is chewing on a chicken whing what a disgusting man he is he is hated by everyone in our district. He puts his big puffed up hands into both of the jars pulling out a male and a female name. "If I could get Amber Pike and Peter Malmark to please approach the stage.he says. The intire crowed starts to cry for us me because I'm always so nice to everyone and they do it for Peter because all the girls at school love him I don't know why he is not that good looking.

District 10:Ranch Xander

My pets are angary at me for leaving them but I tell them it's for the best I will volunteer so I can worship the different kinds of mutts by giving them freash meat to eat in the ways of tributes.I don't get any kind of responce from the crowed when I volunteer most likely because they are always questining my worship to the mutts .A perfect girl gets drawn her name is Summer Denim to bad she will have to be feed to the mutts.

District 11:Lilith

ewww is that a rat yes well it was a rat now it's dead it has a knife it it's body.I see movement in the crowed as the escort draws the male tributes name we are all hopping it's some one good we have not had good tributes represent us for a few years. A male walkes up when his name is called is name is Max vaz he seems to be in deep thought now I remember he is always studing about plantes.I then get called up I will throw a weapon at anything close to me I tell Max vaz.He dosen't talk to me much after my comment.

District 12:Talon Faust

My family is screaming my name because they think that it was a stupid choice for taking the place of a boy I don't even know. I keep trying to explaine to them that I did it because of the kindness in my heart.The girl ends up being a good friend of mine from school her name is Kedzie Woods it suckes because she is always telling me how she will never ever hurt someone on purpose,I tell her not to worry and that if we stay together she won't have to kill I will do it for her.The escort seems to be getting tired of waiting for us so we follow him on to the train.

Training scores

D1m Sterking Silver=10/12

D1f Puhnk Pink=8/12

D2m Mason Wells=9/12

D2f Kiera=7/12

D3m Ben Fire=7/12

D3f Serena Wolf=8/12

D4m Wawa Lake=6/12

D4f Poppy Tepelis=9/12

D5m Rick Jones=10/12

D5f Rose jones=3/12

D6m Cobra Cruise=10/12

D6f Lillian gardes=5/12

D7m Conan Chan=6/12

D7f Summer Liu=7/12

D8m Carson Smith=6/12

D8f Eve cotten=8/12

D9m Peter Malmark=5/12

D9f Amber Pike=9/12

D10m Ranch Xander=6/12

D10f Summer Denim=5/12

D11m Max vaz=10/12

D11f Lillith=7/12

D12m Talon Faust=8/12

D12f Kadzie Woods=5/12

The Games Begin!

Day one.The blood bath.

Roses Jone's pov

What on earth could be more beautiful then the color of my transport tube which happens to be by favorite color pink.When I'm finally able to see into the arena it's a dissapointment I was hooping for a big field of pink flowers but that is not the case because all I see is the curnucopia and what seem to be five other sections in the arena. The games maker gets on the speakers and announces that we had better grab what ever we can because it could provide us with leverage later in the games. The only thing that comes to mind is what does leverage mean?

Cobra Cruise's pov

How stupid do the games makers think we are of course I'm going to grab as many supplies as I can and then I'm going to kill a few tributes to prove to everyone that they are all just my pawns.I take a second to serch for Lillian even thought she said that she didn't want to be in a alliance with me I'm still trying to figure what her plan is. A few seconds are left before the gong will go off I still haven't gotten a for sure awnser if I can join the careers the reason they told me they were unsure was the fact that their was so many people who wanted into the alliance that they would have to think which of them to say no to.

Ranch Xander's pov

My mind is racing were could the mutts be hiding I will find them and deliver them a nice tasting tribute to eat.I start counting down five four three two one and I blast off of my tube I procead to rush torwads a nearby sword that also has a lasso laying next to it. I have the weapons I need now all I need is a sacrafice the problem is who should I chosse my eyes dart over to the action that is closer to the curnucopia.Not much is going on the only people I see are the two tributes from district one who have just decapatated the female from distict 10 but then I get my lucky break I am able to tie up the female from five her name is Rose Jones I belive I drag her behind me moving toward the giant mountain.

Amber Pike's pov

I don't need to worry about getting food right now I can gather some in the woods later all I need is that one silver bow with that no one will be able to come any where close to me. I manage to grab the bow along with 20 arrows with it im my hand I start to run towads the safety of the woods hopefully all of the others tributes will go to one of the other four areas.I hear a battle cry I'm able to turn around in time to block a for sure killing blow from the male from district 7 he manages to knock my bow out of my hand leaving me defenceless.

Peter Malmark's pov

Darn my stupid heart I can't let Amber Pike die because one she is my district partner and two I really like females.Luckily he is distracted by Amber he doesn't see me coming I'm able to stab Conan Chan in the back of the head thus saving her.She thanks me but still tells me not to follow her she doesn't want to be in a alliance.I finally get her to agree to be with me untill the end of day two we make it to the lower part of the forrest and start to make camp.

Lillian Garde's Pov

"Leave me alone I didn't do anything to you just take my supplies and go away"I yell this down to Poppy Tepils and her little obedient district partner Wawa Lake they are both careers which is why I'm up in this tree.I have a idea but I don't have to do it because something spokes them away I'm realifed I decide to sleep in the tree hopefully what ever it was that spoked them doesn't come any where near me.

Rick Jone's pov

This years career alliance members are so stupid it looks as if they are going to start killing each other because they are yelling fowl words at each other trying to figue out who ate more food then they were suppose to.I almost laugh out loud because I'm hiding in a bush munching on some bread that I stole from their camp how easy it was to take this they are always talking way to loud which helps cover up the sound of my foot steps.I have thought about going up to the mountain to go after that weird animal lover Ranch Xander one because he seems a little bit insane and two he could be as big as a threat as the careers.Next stop for me is the mountain so I can put a knife in his heart.

Carson Smith's pov

No one will hurt my precious Squirrel doll I will protect you whats that you want a nut of course I will get one for you but to do that we will need to dig for some. I set my doll down so that I have both hands free to dig it only takes me a minute to find the perfect nut for him I peal the outside skin off and put the inside in front of my squirrel.I have to jump back because a dart almost hits me in the eye I get up to prepare for a defencive stance I await for my attacker to so himself.

Max Vaz's pov

"I must give you a huge complement it was amazing how you managed to dodge my poisonous dart you must have quick reflexs to have done that no matter you won't be so lucky to do it a second time. Carson Smiths speed is greater then I thought it was because he manages to dodge another dart as well as punch my face knocking me to the ground.He leaps on to me and is about to grab my neck to choke me to death but I manage to put a dart though his chin straight to his brain his body goes limp.

Eve Cotton's pov

I need a alliance partner I know thats the girl from district twelve Kedzie woods she will be a perfect partner because she always seemed so nice in the training area."Hi my names Eve Cotton and I noticed that we are both short a friend so do you mind if we hangout together for awhile? The next thing that Kedzie does has me shocked she starts to sprint as fast as she can away from me well I guess that means I have to kill her since we aren't allies.

Kedzie Wood's pov

She won't leave me alone since I refused to be allies with her she is now chasing me trying to kill me and it's really bad do to the fact she got a much higher training score then me.I thank the heavens that she can't climb trees well because i'm out of the reach of her club safe but unsure what to do.I look down at her as she is picking though her backpack as if she is looking for something.Eve has a big smile when she pulls out a handfull of knives which she then takes a stance that makes me climb up the tree to a higher position.It doesn't matter that I'm about ten feet above her because her acuracy is spot on because the first knife she throws hits me in my ankle causing me to sream in pain.I can tell that she will kill me or I will have a bunch of knife wounds.

Talon Faust's pov

Well even though my training score was close to the careers they wouldn't let me join them i'm fine with that I think it's better that i'm not in a group that is that large because if I recall their is at least eight careers. "What the heck produced that scream who ever it was is probely laying down in a pool of their own blood or they are fine but are in a lot of pain. I would still be sitting down on my stump but thats not the case because right now i'm running towards the area where I heard the sceam it belonged to my district partner Kedzie woods.When I make my approach I have my speed at the max so the girl from eight doesn't have a chance she gets knocked out. "Thank you Talon I would have died had it not been for you not to be mean or anything but why did you come to save me? If you want me to tell you then you have to make it to the feast with me. We leave but before we do I choke out Eve make sure her heart stops.

Lilith's Pov

"Yes finally I have found something to put my spear into well here I go." I throw my spear and then turn around to run away who ever I didn't kill will be chasing after me. This doesn't matter I should be able to out run them hopefully they are to much in shock to start chasing me emedently. I don't here a cannon fire which means that I will soon hear one or I missed hitting a career.

Ben fire's Pov

The person who threw the spear was lucky that we careers were resting so close together because it was not possible for them to miss hitting one of us the thing that makes it worrest is I'm the one they hit my stomach is oozing blood and the other careers have left me as they ran into the forrest looking for the fleaing tribute. I'm almost sure that everyone is running on pure adrenaline so they probely aren't even sure which of us got hit.I lay down to await for my death or the others to come back.

Wawa Lake pov

We careers are in the forrest serching for who ever was brave enough to attack the eight of us this is stupid the others keep telling me their is no way that our attacker could have gotten much farther then this. "Listen up i,m sure that who ever it was is long gone and besides we need to go help who ever got hit by the way who got hit I was so involved in the action I didn't notice who got hit? We still don't know who it is but we do hear a cannon fire so we know that who ever it was is dead we still go back to see who it was.It turns out it was Ben from district 3 which makes it so that if we need to make our group smaller we will kill Serena Wolf.

Cobra Cruise's pov

I munching down on a piece of jerky that was the only thing I was able to get besides a hammer which I can use to break tributes bones with a swift blow to their body.I don't know why no one has found me yet because I'm in the plains out in easy eye site.The anthem starts playing which makes me sit up to look at all the faces off the dead tributes.I see the female from eight and ten while the male from three seven and eight I'm surprised that both from the same district are dead on the first day.

Day one death recap

24th place=Summer denim was decapitated by Puhnk Pink

23th place=Conan Chan was stabed in the head by Peter Malmark

22th place=Carson Smith was shot with poisonous dart by Max vaz

21th place=Eve cotten was chocked to death by Talon Faust

20th place=Ben Fire was killed by a spear in his stomach by Lillith

Day two. Bring on the blood

Lillian Garde's Pov

Five deathes their was yesterday I'm just glad I wasn't one of them the only thing that keeps from sleeping in longer is the terrible smell of smoke. My eyes move in the direction that the smell was coming from they qucikly open up because they see men with pyro suites on burning the trees that are only thirty yards away. I don't know who they are but they aren't tributes I can tell that the games makers has sent them in here to try and kill more of us tributes.I cimb down my tree desperet to find a safer place I run down to the deeper area of the forrest which will provide more cover.

Rose jone's pov

Wow the sun rise is so beautifull only if the sun was pink it would be even better.I want to continue to the pink flower patch that Ranch Xander keeps telling me that he is taking me to as a friend but to keep going first I have to wake him up.I'm stiil tied up for my safety so I have to crawel over to him to make sure he hears my voice.I'm just about to wispher in his ear but before I do a pink parachute falls out of the sky with two spears attached and a message from my sponsors.The message has me shocked it said that Ranch wasn't to be trusted do to the fact he was planing on sacrificing me to mutts. I could stab him with my spear but whats the fun in that I walk a few feet down the mountain and scream really loud "Hi Ranch how are you"I get the perfect reaction as Ranch wakes up with a confused look he sees me and realizes that he is about to get hit by a avalanche.

Rick Jone's pov

I am resting peacefully when the ground starts to shake I look farther up the mountin to see a huge amount of snow falling down the mountain. How did this happen I see my district partner run past me this has me think why was she up here in the first place. "Rose wait for me I got to ask you something can you wait up.When I finally catch up to her I see that she is in a defencive position. "What do you want Rick I can't talk long he will be after me if the snow doesn't kill him.My body can't understantd the story rose tole me she was able to escape from Ranch Xander.I tell Rose to get going I will go see if Ranch is dead.

Mason Well's pov

We careers did great yesterday we only lost Ben today will be even better I tell everyone else as I awake them. "Your just saying that because you want us to be in a good modd so we do as you say Mason". said Serena Wolf.I'm about to shove Serena for her out burst against me but Three patachutes fall out of the sky with name tags on each of them.

Poppy Tepeli"s pov

My sponsors actually do care because I just recived a nice bow and a big supply of arrows I happy and so are Mason and Sterking they got a spear and a bow and arrow from their sponsors."It's not fair why do you three get supplies and the rest of us don't".said Wawa Lake.The whole career group breakes out into a huge argument about who deserves supplies all because of one comment made by my own district partner.

Kiera's pov

After a hour of heated argument between Wawa lake from district four and Mason wells from district two they finally tell the rest of us careers to chosse a side because they refuse to stay with each other.Everyone is so distracted by trying to decide to chosse sides that they don't see the dark outline off a animal laying down fifty feet away.Shut up everyone you are going to scare away our free meal some one go catch what ever it his it looks to have enough meat for all of us.

Max vaz's pov

How stupid are this years careers they can't tell the differences between a animal and a person that sad. The careers start to whisper in a hushed voice coem here want a treat. Serena wolf is telling the others to go get the animal with out her she doesn't want any but when they turn their back to her she mouths my name and the words make your shot count.This one is smart I think to my self the careers are now only twenty feet away I put my lips to the blowdart gun and let a dart fly jumping up not wanting to be around when the careers realize they were just tricked.

Sterking silver's pov

"What the he** was that it moved way to fast to be a human what do tribute do you think it was"Poppy is about to respond to my question but she is cut of my a deeep moan instantly I think i'm going to get a chance to use my spear on weak injured tribute who was unlucky to stumble upon our camp but thats not the case because Wawa Lake stands up and yells were did we put our supply of antitoxin.He is quickley surching through the supplies I finally realize why he has a dart that hit right on is arm that was covered with poison.The rest of us help him search but we give up on finding it after we get tirred.

Wawa Lake's pov

I'm going to die I know it so I just stop wasting energy I sit down and think of a last request to ask one of my fellow careers.I ask Poppy if she can make sure to keep our district full of a good joke or two then the venom slowly makes my heart to a complete stop for my last breath I let out a big loud laugh so that all the people at the capital can here.*Boom Boom* my cannon fires

Lillith's pov

Since I have remained hidden in the woods that are near the careers camp I easily see the hover craft take the dead body of wawa lake the boy from district four.I notice that their is a dark shape resting down near a bush perfect I bet that is who ever just killed wawa I decide to get down from my tree to kill them or gain a new ally.I whisper real softley when I get as far down the tree as I feal safe"Hi um hello I was woundering if you might want to be allies with me. My body moves faster then my mind does which allows me to dodge a lethal dart fired by my district partner Max vaz I in the heat of the moment let out a surprised scream. The look on his face tells me that I might have doomed us both because the sound of the careers running can be heard Max starts running in the opposite direction and I jump from tree to tree to get away.

Mason Well's

We careers have to make a quick decision we are so close to two tributes but we can only kill one of them because they are both fleeing in different derections.Both sterking silver and me fire our bows at the girl jumping from tree to tree we miss but we make her miss her next jump she falls down to the ground splating blood all over she is dead.

Lillian garde's pov

I think that the men in pyrosuites have stoped burning down the forrest but thats not the case as they are now right behind me by about twenty yards. "Sh** they are fast I'm still just a bit out of range of their flamthrowers I'm going to need a mericale to keep this speed up. I hear the smallest echo of two voices that are ahead of me thats my best chance who ever they are can help me kill the pyros or I can use them as bait to get one or both of them killed.

Peter Malmark's pov

Amber and I have been making our camp really comfertable we have spent at least a entire hour on this masterpiece it's almost as good as being home we feel safe. "Um Peter I know that we only agreed to stay with each each other until the end of today but I feal safe here with you can we stay together longer?" I let out a sigh followed by me telling her sure even though I recall she didn't want to even be with me I had to persuade her. We stand up when we see the girl from six get into view of our camp. "Um I don't know if you remember me but I'm the female from district six and I hate to bother you but their are some men in pyrosuites coming this way." The three of us run as the pyromen start to burn down our camp at least I was able to grab my loaf of bread and trident that I got from my sponsors earlyer today.

Amber Pike's pov

We shoudn't have made our camp down in the lower part of the forrest because we are now having to run up at a incline away from the men in pyrosuites. I yell at the other two to see were they think we can go to escape them but it's clear that me an Peter were right not to trust Lillian because she tripped me and I'm not able to avoid the flame I burn as I yell Peter to win for our district. My cannon fires.

Talon Faust's pov

Three deaths thats how many there has been so far today both Kedzie and I have decided that we need to go look for supplies in the city because we need to find medicine for her wounds that she recived from Eve Cotton on day one. This will be the first time that we have left the woods what will we find in the city will it be set full of traps or will the entire city have been loated by someone else already.

Ranch xander's pov

'I'm fuc#### freezing there is at least a few pounds of snow that has me trapped all because of that stupid girl Rose Jones who had caused a avalanche which allowed her to escape. I have had enough I use my strength to move the snow off of me. The one place that will guarantee I have some action is the area around the curnucopia since their is only sixteen of us tributes left someone should be hiding around there waiting for the start of the feast they won't make it I will kill them.'

Serena Wolf's Pov

I left the careers shortly after the boy from district four Wawa Lake died. I can outsmart the five of them and I almost guarantee that next time I meet one of them they will be fighting for blood. I'm glad that I choose to go to the city in there I found a entire civilization I have managed to bargin my way into a blacksmith's house the only thing that is required from me was to give him the antitoxin I had for him to give to his son. Yes thats right I'm the person who took the antitoxin so Wawa Lake would die.

Summer Liu's pov

It's so hot here in the desert the only good thing that has happened to me so far is that I haven't run into any of the other tributes. My body feals really bad I haven't had any thing to drink if I don't get water soon I will need to risk going back to one of the other areas. I stumble upon a cave that has a candle light inside the cave I find a whole chicken leg along with a awsome ax next to it. I decide to stay in the cave when ever the owner comes back that will be a easy kill for me.

Cobra Cruise's pov

"Yes hello Max Vaz you will be my first kill in this entire games. I swing my hammer down on to his foot since he was unable to block with his blowdart gun. I can tell that his foot is now broken but I'm not done with him yet as I smash his spine which in turn causes his cannon to fire.

Rose Jone's pov

This is just great I escape from the boy from district ten Ranch Xander only to get captured and threatned by the career tributes. I'm happy they let me live but it sucks that they are making me hunt with them. "This is amazing we are almost to the feast and I haven't damaged my beautiful face."says Kiera.

Peter Malmark's pov

Why can't I find Lillian she will pay for leading the men in pyrosuites to my camp it's her fault that my district partner Amber Pike is dead. I will hunt for her tommrow now I rest as the anthem starts to play only four faces appear in the sky they are the males from four and eleven as well as the females from eleven and Amber.

Day two death recap

19th place=Wawa Lake was shot with poisonus dart by Max Vaz

18th place=Lillith was hit by a arrow from Mason wells

17th place=Amber Pike was burned to beath due to Lillian gardes tripping her

16th place=Max Vaz had his spine smashed by Cobra Cruise

Day three. One day till the feast

Lillian Garde's pov

You would think that I would feal a little bad for killing the twelve year old Amber Pike yesterday but I actually feal really good I think that when I get home I will paint a picture of her so that at least I'm honering her. The one person that might be able to prevent me from reaching home is Peter Malmark I did kill his district partner after all. The time has come I will find and kill him today or tommrow at the feast. All I know for sure is that a winner will be nammed in a few days.

Ranch Xander's pov

I have managed to get a group of ten dog mutts to follow me. The advantage that I now have is their sence of hearing and smell. I say two words which are lets kill and with the dog mutts in the lead we moveout into a all out tribute killing hunt. "No tribute will escape me now they will be sacrificed to the all powerfull mutts especially Rose Jones she made a fool of me once it wont happen again.

Mason Well's pov

I have had enough of being thirsty we careers ran out of water late last night and I'm now the only one who is awake . "Wake up everyone we need to send a few of us to go get water because without it our bodies will not be fit to defend our selves." In the end Sterking Silver and myself get stuck watching Rose Jones while Kiera, Puhnk Pink and Poppy Tepils go look for water.

Serena wolf's pov

The blacksmith shakes me awake he informs me that two teens have entered the city and are asking around if any other visoters have arrived recently. My body doesn't show it but my mind is in panick mode I need to come up with a quick lie I decide to tell the blacksmith that the two new visoters are dangerors. A huge group of citizens are sent to go intercept the tributes this is perfect I have a entire city full of people to do as I say.

Summer Liu's pov

I hear multiple foot steps coming closer to my cave perfect the previous owners are coming back some quick easy kills for me. As the first dog mutt comes charging in I swing my ax cutting the mutt in half but it's no use the mutts keep entering the cave. "How dare you hurt a animal like that even if it is a mutt you will pay for that I will kill you!" yells Ranch Xander. I'm surprised that for the first few minutes of the fight I have the upper hand my ax is able to block his sword each time he swings at me. Yes I am strong enough to kill Ranch he must be tired. A mutt bites my arm which makes me drop my ax in pain. Ranch Xander stabs me straight through the rib cage stopping my heart the cannon fires shortly after my heart stops.

Kedzie wood's pov

It's very obvious that one of our fellow tributes told the people of the city to kick us out Talon and me will just need to wait to the feast then we will need to kill who ever doesn't want us to rest in the city. "Hey Talon I forgot besides us who is left?" He tells me that he is unsure since there has already been a cannon shot today it could have been any one who died.

Rose Jone's pov

"I got a idea if you want water quicker you should go search for it since it's taking the others so long." I smile as the boy from district two Mason Wells actually starts to walk away but then he stops realizing that he almost made a stupid mistake. I really badly hope that the female careers return soon because Sterking Silver and Mason wells are going to get angary if they do then they are more likely to kill me.

Poppy Tepil's pov

The other female careers don't question me when I tell them to follow me because I am from district four if we want to find water I would be the one to locate it.The sound of a running stream can be heard up ahead this gets the three of us to break into a run we arrive at it with in a few minutes.Yay me since I'm the only one in the career alliance who doesn't still have their district partner alive so when ever I'm given the chance to prove my worth I take it. We start the process of filling up all of our water bottels.

Cobra Cruise's pov

Maybe I have been wrong about thinking that the careers are my biggest compition because I still can't belive what I saw Ranch Xander do to the female from district seven. How great would it be if I killed him when it's just the two of us. "Your not who I was looking for but that doesn't matter prepare to die." said Rick Jones. This will be interesting unlike Max Vaz this fight will be a challange.

Rick Jone's pov

It's obvious that he hasn't had anything to eat in awhile I'm easily dodge rolling from getting hit by his giant hammer. "Whats wrong Cobra Cruise getting little frustrated that you can't hit me I must inform you that I think you are the luckiest person alive to have made it this far." I get tired of messing around with him I use my quick speed to throw a knife at his throat his cannon fires. He didn't have much but at least I got a few new supplies.

Peter mallmark's pov

I have heard two cannons fire so far I hope that one of them belonged to Lillian Gardes but thats sort of a long shot she will die though by my hand. It's getting late time to rest up tommrow will be a great day. I will win these games I must do it for my district and to avenge Ambers death.

Sterking Silver's pov

Whats taking them so long it's getting late something could happen to them that would be terrible because we won't get any water. I don't feal like staying awake while waiting for the female careers to return so I tell Mason Wells to watch Rose Jones while I rest my body and mind. "Nigh night Sterking have a nice sleep hope nothing bad happens while you are asleep." says Rose Jones with a slight chuckel.

Mason Well's pov

There isn't much to do since Sterking Silver is asleep and the females aren't back. Rose Jones keeps smiling at me every time I shoot a tree with a arrow as if she is enjoying watching me practice. I walk over to her so I can smack that stupid smile off her face it really makes me angary that she knows she is in trouble but she still manages to have a smile. I'm about to smack her face but something she says makes me stop in a puzzeled motion.

Rose Jone's pov

I knew that telling Mason Wells that I had a message for him from his district partner Kiera would get him to not hit me. "What do you mean you have a message from Kiera why would she leave me a message?" I tell Mason wells that she told me that if she didn't get back by nightfall to tell him that she decided to ditch the careers and that she wants him to do so as well. I open my mouth as if I have more to say but I instead headbutt him knocking Mason Wells to the ground. I pull at my ropes that I have managed to now break free from the tree. I grab my two spears and procead to stab Mason Wells who was just getting back to his feet. Yay one less career to worry about.

Puhnk Pink's pov

We have finished filling up our bottels full of water but it's much later then we thought we would need to do it. It's really late so we decide to quickly go back to our camp before the guys start to wondier where we are. I start to tell Poppy Tepelis and Kiera to follow me because I know the way back to camp. Kiera calls me a stupid who** and that she knows the way back to camp. Her remark makes me angary so I grab a handfull of dirt which I then procead to fling it at her face. We are on the ground trying to kill each other in the end we are evenly matched we both call Poppy Tepils to help kill the other.

Poppy Tepeli's pov

"Who to chosse both Kiera and Puhnk Pink have asked me to help them kill the other?" I aim my bow and shoot the female from district one Puhnk Pink straight between her eyes she doesn't even have a chance to react her body dies with a angerd face. Kiera asks for a hand getting up and then thanks me for the assist we run back to camp. I have never belived that someone could curse as much as Kiera and Sterking Silver are right know. "How could you fall asleep making him have to watch Rose Jones now he is probebly dead!" Yells Kiera. Enentually they both calmed down but our unite is now in question.

Serena wolf's pov

I'm not really good at acting weak and innocent but was it worth trying heck yes it was. I was able to convince a few people of the city to be my escort to the statue that they worship which just so happens to be the area that the feast will be. The anthem starts to play four faces appear in the sky they are the female from seven,the male from six and the male career from two as well as the female career from one. Eleven of us left ten people for me to kill tommrow at the feast.

Day three death recap

15th place=Summer Liu was stabed by Ranch Xander

14th place=Cobra Cruise had knife throwen at his neck by Rick Jones

13th place=Mason wells killed by spear from Rose Jones

12th place=Puhnk Pink got shot by a arrow between the eyes from Poppy Tepils.


Talon Faust's pov

Kedzie woods is still asleep I'm fine with that she will need as much energy as possible. I can tell that the head games maker will announce that the feast will begin any moment so I wake Kedzie so we can go over our last minute strategy.It's as if the games maker has the ability to read minds because right as we are about to start to talk about our strategy the speakers around the arena come to life. "I would like to give my respect to the final eleven as you all must know today there will be a feast at the curnucopia you can show up if you wan't but you don't have to may the odds be in your favour."

Lillian Garde's pov

Yes what my luck I'm the first one to arrive at the feast there are eleven backpacks lined up on a table one of our faces are on each. When I lift my backpack I notice that it is really light I open it to find a handfull of explosive powder. What use is this to me I ask myself but then I realize how usefull this wil be I spread out the powder around the base of the curnucopia. I will get a kill or two with this amazing trap I now have a much better chance of winning. I hide in the forrest looking at the curnucopia I'm waiting for a good amount of tributes to be around it before I set it off.

Ranch Xander's pov

This is odd only one of the bags are missing which belongs to the girl from district six Lillian Gardes. I'm sensing that something is wrong so I have one of my mutts go grab my backpack. The mutt lifts it with his mouth and starts coming back to me but drops it to chase a bright pink object. A cannon fires followed by the mutt returning with what is left of Rose Jones head. Now I have nine victims left to feed to the all powerfull mutts and then I will get to go home.

Rick Jone's pov

Thanks to my grandma foxface I have become very observent my eye site is much better then most I had spotted three of my fellow tributes one of them is already dead who was my district partner Rose Jones. I really want what ever is in my backpack but there are two problems with me getting to it. The first is Ranch and his pack of wild mutts and the other is a trap that Lillian Gardes set with black powder.I know that my grandma wouldn't want me to ally with anyone but I need to convince Lillian to not set off her trap while I grab my pack. I locate her laying down in a bush I wisper to her loud enough so she can hear but soft enough so no one elce can hear.

Lillian Garde's pov

I nearly screamed when I heard Rick Jones voice but I was able to hold it in. I'm relieved when he tells me that all he wants from me is to promise not to set off the black powder while he grabs his backpack. "Ya sure go ahead Rick I want to kill Ranch,Peter or one of the remaning careers not you.

Sterking Silver' pov

We woke up much later then we said we wanted to now we are having to run to make sure no one takes our backpacks. "OK lisiten up Kiera and Poppy Tepelis you two run to the curnucopia grab all of the three of us our bags while I cover you from a far with my bow and arrows." They both complain about my plan because they think it's unfair that I get to sit back while they have to grab the bags. I'm finally able to get them to agree to my plan by giving them a complement about how they are faster runers then me. They start to move forwards in the direction of the table with our bags on it.

Peter Malmark's pov

Wow I must be one of the slowest tributes left because two of the eleven bags have already been grabed. I must get my backpack before anyone thinks about taking mine. There are four of us who reach the table at the same time who are Rick Jones,Kiera,Poppy Tepelis and myself. A two vs two fight is about to begin but the four of us look up as a flaming arrow is shot over our heads we have one second in which we look to the forrest Lillian Gardes is standing up with a huge smile on her face. The curnucopia gets knocked over do to the size of the blast it lands on me crushing me to the death I failed Amber Pike I didn't win for our district.

Kiera's pov

Who ever Lillian Gardes sponsors are really smart for giving her black powder because one cannon has already fired meaning she did kill at least one person with her trap. "I will kill her she destroyd my beautifull face it's now coverd with cuts and blood I'm no longer perfect." I hear a cry of pain followed by a shot from the cannon I don't have to wonder long who died in the trap because I see Rick Jones crawling away.

Serena Wolf's pov

I don't know what happened at the feast but I clearly heard the sound of a large explosion which was followed by two cannon shots. Who ever set these rope traps might have actually saved my life but they must have been really bad at making a strong rope trap because my escorts and me have freed our selves. One of my escorts gets burned by a moving force field now I know that the games maker wants the game today the final battle will happen soon someone will be home tommrow.

Ranch Xander's pov

All of my mutts have left me so I now have to kill the other remaning seven tributes by myself.The obvious fact is that something is making the arena smaller because all eight of us are now in a big circle around the destroyd ruins of the curnucopia. "Hey Talon how sad is the fact your the only twelve year old that is still alive." I say in a hurtfull voice. I end up getting the reaction that I want from him he charges at me we clash our swords to a stalemate.I notice that he is starting to let up but that all changes when he kicks me in the nuts. As I move back in pain Talon cuts my body in half my cannon fires how could I die to a twelve year old.

Rick Jone's pov

One would think I would be trying to kill Lillian Gardes for nearly crushing me with the curnucopia but in my mind she is not as big of a threat as Sterking Silver,Kiera and Serena Wolf. For some reason beyond my knoledge Serena Wolf is getting double teamed by Sterking and Kiera it's not my problem but I do have a chance to get a kill I throw one of my knifes at the back of Serena Wolfs head she dies. There are now six of us left three males and three females.

Sterking Silver's pov

It's pointless for the others to continue I will win the games I'm about to turn on Kiera but she points out something that makes me want to wait on doing so. We realized that some how both the district twelve tributes have made it to the final six. "Hey Sterking you fire a few of your arrows at the girl Kedzie woods while I close the distance on her so I can finish her." We agree on the plan we then procead to put it into action.

Kedzie Wood's pov

Yay Talon killed Ranch now there is a 1/3 chance that him or me will be the one going home. I'm so buesy thinking about going home I don't see the arrow that ends up going through my left arm. I dodge roll causing Sterking Silver to miss his next shot I get to my feet and prepare a defence position. Sterking doesn't fire another arrow which confuces me why isn't he continuing his attack. "You have done well Kedzie but your time has come." says Sterking. I'm so focused on him I'm not prepared for Kiera who had snuck behind me she headbutts me with the bronze helment she got from her pack my skull is dented I die.

Lillian Garde's pov

Five of us left I'm gonna win and I'm not having to do a single thing because all the other tributes are busy with one thing or another. Talon Faust is in tears as he watches a hovercraft takes away Kedzie Woods dead body. Kiera and Sterking Silver are getting that every time they try to hit or shoot Rick Jones he easily dodges which he follows up with a confident remark.

Rick Jone's pov

It's fun making the careers mad it is helping me hurt their awarness. I stop and ask them if they are surprised they made it this far. "Well what do you think Rick do I look surprised the awnser to that is no everyone else are weak compared to me!" says Sterking Silver. As he is about to continue his attack I get the reaction I want from Kiera she feels angary at Sterking for calling her weak she cuts off his head from behind. Four left including me.

Talon Faut's pov

What could I have done maybe if I had been closer to her I could have saved her. I could of used what ever we had in our backpack but it was destroyd in the explosin that was caused by Lillian Gardes I must kill her it's her fault that Kedzie Woods died. I'm not surprised when I see Lillian just watching Kiera and Rick Jones fighting. When I reach her I'm at a full sprint I tackle her to the ground. In a quick motion I stomp down on her neck preventing her from breathing she dies.

Kiera's pov

I'm the only girl left alive thats sad all the other girls were really pathetic. It would be simple for both the boys Rick Jones and Talon Faust to double team me but I can tell that Talon wants to kill me in the final two. I now get to rest my body as the two boys are throwing daggers at each other. I don't really care who wins between the two of them in the end I will kill the winner.

Rick Jone's pov

Wow if I had a chance to have meet Talon Faust before the games I would have done so. We both have at least five daggers sticking out of each our bodies. I'm so tired compared to Talon because he is younger then me. He throws a knife at me which I dodge but I get burned do to walking into the invisible force field. I was so close to winning but I die my grandma would still be proud of me.

Talon Faut's pov

I must admit had it not been for the force field I woudn't have had such a easy time killing the boy from district five Rick Jones. With it down to the final two I turn my attention back to Kiera who now seems fully rested which puts me at a disadvantage because I'm a little tired do to the long fight with Rick Jones. "How is it Kiera that your the only career left alive you must have had a sad bunch of careers this year." The ground starts to shake both Kiera and me fall into a hole that was created but we manage to grab onto the edge. Why would the games maker do this they want to have a winner based on how well they can hold on to a edge thats lame. I have one knife left I fling it at Kiera it goes completely through her hand almost causing her to lose her grip. She takes off her helement throws it at me it's so hard of a impact I fall and die.


congratulation to our winner Kiera from district two and to her maker ~ilovepeeta~.

Kiera's first pov from home.

"Yes I did it I won the hunger games I was the dominete career and I now have enough money to fix the damage that was done to my face. Many of my friends think that it was weird that the person who was in the final two with me was from district twelve. When I'm asked who I wan't to let into the victors circle with me I tell them not my brother I hate him.

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