Mrweare121 zombie survival game

Tributes will have to surive 10 days in a mall that is infested with zombies please send as many tributes as you want.{I aslo need tributes fo d0 and d13]Please give me as much info as possible if you want them to survive the intire ten days. I have the right to refuse tributes so make them as different as possible.

Info needed for tributes





other skills




The tributes

D0m=Brandon Blackfin

D0f=Aria Camelliston

D1m=Arran Harthorn

D1f=Emma Dazzle

D2m=Troy Ventura

D2f=Abbie Lennox

D3m=Joseph Anderson

D3f=Carnie Carrera

D4m=Hunter Aegean

D4f=Brianna Mason



D6m=Marson McKellen

D6f= Tamora Summers

D7m=Atlas dunnin













D13f=Lily Axelhurst


D0 Brandon Blackfin pov

This is the first time in years that our district has had to compete in the hunger games it took forever to find a person to be the district escort but when someone was finally chossen we were able to start the reaping. "I know that the confusion is still in effect but we must chosse our tributes now so good luck to you all."He reaches his hand into the bowl pulls out a name "Brandon Blackfin" when he calls my name I walk on to the stage give him a hand shake then await for the female tributeto get chossen.A girl named Aria Camelliston get reaped she walks on to the stage and dosen't even shake my hand when the escort tells her to wow she must not really like people not going to allie with her i think to my self.

d1 Emma Dazzles pov

The escort is already at the town square when I got there probably because I arived a bit late do to having a hard time picking which of my over one thousand dresses.Everyone is confused about why there are no reaping bowls how on earth are we going to pick our tributes with out it."Now im sure you are all aware that these last couple years the presednt has not been happy with the success of the games so this year he want's to have a special zombie survival in which he gets to pick the tributes for each district." Peackeepers show two posters one of me and the other of a guy Arran Harthorn who I had a crush on for a long time.We are now on our way to the capital.

D2 Troy Ventura pov

D3 Carnie Carrera pov

d4 Hunter Aegean pov

Its a typical day in d4 every one is at the reaping square ready for the chance to compeat in the hunger games as a tribute for our district. "Hello people of district four hopefully this year we dont get pushed aside by the district one and two tributes so are there any volunteers?"I watch as a girl rasies her hand she looked like she didnt want to but her parents look like they expected her to.The next thing that happens confuses us all five guys including me volunteer at the same time we end up having to swim across a lake to see who got the spot I won by a few inches now me and Brianna Mason are on our way to the capital.

D6 Marson McKellen pov

The games

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