hello everyone i have had a idea for a while and thought that i would share it with you so her we go

1.Two users will send a pre selected amount of tributes and the two teams will battle untill only 1 team has tributes left alive.

2.There will be always three judges one being me and i will chosse two other users to be judges.(note you cant be a judge if your tributes are involvedwith the battle.

3.I in the end will write the final out come do to it being written on my blog.

4. many factors will be included in the out come such as there skills,weakness,teamwork and over all survival ability.

5.There can be many different outcomes all members of a team can live or as few as one might survive.

6.If two users agree on a handicapted fight I can do so because its not impossible to win a so called handicapted fight.

7.Things like the arena,avialable weapons and any danger hasserds will be chossen by the three judges.

so i hope you like my idea and make sure to comment what you think

Tribute battle number 1




Team 1 user Milly N Hodgins.

tribute 1=Demetrius Flood

tribute 2=Ophelia Klein

tribute 3=Luther Conrad

Team 2 user Haybernathy

tribute 1=Serena Wolf

tribute 2=Ben Fire

tribute 3=Kakeru Satsuki

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